Inconvenient Truths Of The Zodiac

Twelve Vital Zodiac Facts Because barely anyone wants to acknowledge them, the inconvenient truths of the zodiac get very little air-time.  Let's change that. *Aries are irritating - the pushiness, their self-centered anecdotes - but they're practically always courageous. * Virgos outnumber every other sign.  September 9 -  when the Sun is 16 degrees of Virgo -  is the most popular birth date on the planet. *People saying they're Ophichius …

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Jupiter In Pisces 2021

Jupiter in Pisces: oceanic surge of opportunity or high tide of hubris? Potentially, like anything in Pisces, it's both - a cryptic convergence of the two. Jupiter is now in Pisces for 75 days, previewing 2022's more substantial offering: Jupiter in Pisces for 26 weeks all up. Although the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is only exact in April 2022, their mere proximity makes both planetary influences more potent. It will …

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Taurus New Moon Briefing

Happy New Moon in Taurus! I uploaded a free-styling rave about it on the Mega Mystic members page - it's 19 mins long, just click play. Additionally, the Venus Retrograde post below now links to this epic resource: all of the Venus Retrograde dates between 1900 and 2098. Mega Mystic Members Area Listen To The Taurus New Moon Rave


The New Moon is ten hours away as I write*- this is the Dark Moon in Taurus. Dark Moons are always fab for relinquishing whatever you don't need, whether you're clearing out a clutter magnet of a cupboard detoxing your email folders** or dropping a grudge. But we're talking about a Taurus Dark Moon here. If you're Taurean or you've ever encountered a Taurus, you know their relationship with things …

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Your Natal Venus Retrograde Is An Asset

Natal Venus Retrograde Is A Super Venus Don't believe the negative hype about natal Venus Retrograde. It does not have anything to do with money problems, 'bad love karma', or relationship difficulties.  The logic that says it does is not legit. Yet some of the standard takes on it make this placement seem more like a mood disorder or niche diagnosis. They're only missing the "how to tell people you've …

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The Oracle, Mercury Transcript & May Scopes

Welcome to May, a month named after Maia, an original Earth Goddess and Queen Star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are not only an aspirational home address for ambitious star-seeders, they're the most esoterically significant zone of Taurus. I could go on but this is a practical post and I am doing something really cool on the Pleiades and Maia soon. So, the May Monthly Horoscopes are posted, complete with …

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