Full Moon In Scorpio Briefing

This Plutonic Full Moon fracas is quite something but guess what? I just posted a complimentary Astro Rave on the Mega Mystic members page that you can listen to right now.* Candid and with the raw, hyper-scorped authenticity that comes from broadcasting out of an apres-midnight kitchen that reeks of sage and cats piss, it is 18 minutes of 8th house vibe-check. *It is for Mega Mystic members only, sorry. …

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The Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Mp3 Is Here

Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini are extra-potent but they amplify the genius quotient as well as the zany mix-ups. This year’s version is particularly intricate due to a number of unusual factors but fortunately, I’ve parsed them for you in an Astro-Rave Mp3!

DNA artifical consciousness

Pluto In Aquarius Trend Forecasts

How To Trend Forecast Pluto In Aquarius Trends are tricky. Even the most informed people extrapolate from whatever is already happening. X is trending up, down or forking into a new version of itself but it's still X. Aquarius anything defies the trajectory. Pluto reaches Aquarius on March 24 2023 and remains until January 2044. If you're befuddled by mainstream culture or wondering why others don't feel the same urgency …

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The Piscean Teenager Who Invented Purple

The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction In Pisces? Check Out What Happened During The Last One Easter 1856, London: A Pisces teenager invents the first synthetic purple dye by mistake. He becomes fabulously wealthy and the industrial chemical complex is born. It changes everything. Jupiter transits always go over the top and this one was amped by Neptune. William Perkin was a quintuple Pisces, with the Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus, Mars, and …

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Eclipses and numerology

Eclipses Are A Numbers Game

Eclipse Cycles Run On Time Eclipse cycles run on time, far more than trains or periods. For an astro-phenom that evokes so much apprehension, they're predictable. You can time them down to the minute, at least you can if you want to geek out over the NASA Eclipse database.  They're super-exact and they even explain the perennial Nine-year cycle in numerology. Historically, it was so difficult to predict them that …

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