Aurum Metallicum

Saturn is approaching my natal Venus and I’m trialling an anti-Saturn remedy. Yes I know there are benefits to Saturn transits there is only so much maturity and self-reckoning one can take. Besides, I spent my last lucky Jupiter-Venus transit in pandemic lockdown.

So I’ve just ordered some Aurum Metallicum – homeopathic gold – drops. Whether or not you rate homeopathy, it’s at least not going to cause weird side effects, right? And besides, this is a metaphysical experiment.

You see in magic and renaissance astrology, gold antidotes Saturn but who has the budget to traipse around in heavy-duty bling all day? I wouldn’t like it even if I could afford it.

Gold has long been prized as an immortality tonic and cultures from the Mesopotamians to the Chinese Taoists concocted incredible formulas for it.

The ancient Roman aristocracy drank from pure gold goblets partly for performative ostentation but also because they believed it would boost vitality.

The renowned philospher/physician Avicenna recommended all pills – for anything – be coated with gold foil to increase their efficacy and an 8th Century predecessor recommended gold tincture for ‘every ailment of people, animal and plants.’

It’s always waxed and waned as a cult health thing – the influential French courtier Diane De Poiters apparently attributed her freakishly youthful beauty to her daily consumption of a gold chloride-ether concoction. Yes, that’s ether as in chloroform and it likely also killed her, according to historians.

Then again, her ageless vibe could well have come from being a quadruple Capricorn – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune conjunct in the sign of the Sea-Goat. An aside – her intriguing personal motto: “He who inflames me has the power to extinguish me.”

There is actually a Swiss cinnamon schnapps containing flakes of 24-karat gold – it’s called Goldschlager (meaning ‘goldbeater’) and while each litre has 14mgs of gold, it’s also 44% alcohol which would presumably cancel out the desired benefits.

Has anyone tried this and if so, did it fend off Saturn merde?

One of the apparent side effects of consuming gold is that your skin becomes blue – note that Ancient Egyptian deities like Amun-Ra and Isis were often depicted with blue skin – and you get a golden ring around the cornea of your eye.

These days it’s the subject of clinical research for what may be extraordinary opthalmology benefits. (When I had conjunctivitis as a child, my other would rub her gold wedding ring on my eyes – scoff if you like but it seemed to work!)

Gold is the core of pharmaceutical drugs like Auranofin or Aurothioglucose  and medtech start-ups like Nanospectra Life Sciences are researching gold nanoparticles to potentially treat conditions from alzheimers to rheumatism.

If you were able to combat either of those two in the olden days, you can see how the precious metal would gain a reputation for ‘immortality.’

The renowned Paracelsus said gold was essential for all “affectations of the heart” but it’s unclear if he meant alchemical gold and if he was referring to the physical heart or a more magical version.

He also agreed with multiple others that gold was the ‘antidote’ to Saturn or at least its gloomier effects. I’m taking the super-diluted (to the point that technically it’s not there) homeopathic version because (a) I am not sure I’d suit blue skin, (b) this is a metaphysical experiment so the gold being in the potion purely in some quantum sense works just fine.

The British Homeopathic Society poetically describes the remedy thus: “Aurum is the sage, the wise coun­sellor, who has experienced all things and attained wisdom.”

I will update you on the results! Thoughts?

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  1. I had weekly gold injections (sodium aurothiomalate) for several years as a child, for rheumatoid arthritis. They were quite painful, intramuscular. They didn’t help my arthritis at all. Just made me feel worse. Pretty sure they haven’t made me immortal, or turned me blue 🙂. A side effect was breaking out in a scaly rash if I was in the sun. That lasted for years, but eventually stopped.

  2. Mystic I love the theory behind attempting to offset the doom & gloom heaviness from Saturn! I think I’ve grown to love Saturn (after a lot of healing as Kronos is in my 1st house = daddy issues) as his structures underpin our whole life process. I’m thinking using gold leaf on food may be an option so you have both a visual and edible/sensual experience which may speak to both Saturn AND Venus in Taurus 💛

  3. not gold relate but saturn/cap, I was reminded today that bones are ALIVE. our skeleton is not a static entity made from chalk. our bones are the place where we manufacture blood cells red and white, they are connected at the most microscopic level with our circulatory system. as well as our bones there are the ligaments, basically the soft components of our skeletons. these grow as a gradient from bone into the soft tissue. of course we need a reason to move and an animating force (the gold? iron?) that makes Saturn (skeleton) do something, but it gives us what we need to get started. maybe Saturn is gravity and brick walls and opposing forces. Also our bones get stronger from higher impact movement. having an enemy or facing a difficulty can make us work harder, do better, become wiser, hone our skills. Even skeletons need to be cared for and re-aligned sometimes. maybe caring for the bones of things within their fundamental form (a body, a system) is ‘how’ we can keep moving for longer. and gold-ness is the ‘why’ . hope this makes sense, or not, it doesn’t matter. I am a bit fuzzy. I too wouldn’t mind some gold vibrations

    1. Sam my Doc told me the cheapest easiest way to top up your calcium is Rennies, those indigestion tabs. One 3 times a week is good for bones.

      1. Well they do have calcium carbonate, but a quick look at the ingredients list reveals some nasties as well!!

    2. Penelope Darling

      So weird, I just woke up this morning thinking about the same thing! Hurrah to the skeleton!

      1. the foot bone connects to the leg bone. yay skeletons! ohh and have you read about the bones that become opalised. so beautiful. I’m not into skull / bones as an aesthetic (I leave that to scorpio moons) but that just really made an impression

  4. One of the things that Vedic astrology has over Western is that it has various kinds of “cures” to counter the difficult influences in our natal charts and of course in the transits.
    You can pay to have yagyas/pujas performed for you personally or participate in those rituals as part of a group.
    Also good ole youtube has many vids with all sorts of HIndu mantras including ones for Saturn.
    I use some of my hair and a pic of me as “witnesses” of me…. place them in front of the speakers of my pc, set the intention
    of the benefits of the mantra passing through the witnesses to me and set the thing running. I can be elsewhere which is the beauty of this method.
    Listen to several and choose one that you like. Play it daily when needed. Put it on a loop if you like.
    Very effective.

  5. love your depth of research and knowledge Mystic. This is what I need for Saturn in Pisces, I’m fighting major duress. Will try wearing some gold jewellery and see if that helps. Almost bought some emeralds today, but realised I already have some at home …. not sure if that is at all relevant or a segue. Fighting denial and have to step into reality. I just wish Saturn wasn’t in Pisces for so long…. can’t see the end in sight…..❤

  6. This is a bit freaky, but yesterday I ordered a bottle of Aurum homeopathic remedy on a hunch. We’re riding the same wavelength!

  7. woman w multiple hoofs

    Goldshlager: a dusty, oily bottle in the back of our baking cupboard for all of my childhood. On special occasions, we would have a dash of it on vanilla ice cream!

  8. redondo.bleach

    The first time I got drunk was on Goldschlager but I would hav been too young to pick up on Saturn influences

    1. Indeed. Here in the States, getting hammered off of Goldschlager was a right of passage for college freshman off a certain generation (aka mine).

      It was so novel, people would brag about there being “real gold in the bottle” before proceeding to do shots. Most likely chased by terrible beer from a keg. Lol.

      Definitely think none of us had a clue about potential metaphysical benefits!

  9. I visited a local handsome and flirty (in a good way) jeweller, with my 12yo son, to ask about resizing a gold ring. He chatted away and I noticed his hand was covered in gold dust. I swiped his fingers and said to my son, “look gold.” And then thought GOLD and licked my finger tips. The jeweller stared fascinated, and started telling me about a buck show he went to that visited dancing bars on the Gold Coast (coded so my son wouldn’t understand he meant strippers). He said the women were covered in coloured glitter which transferred to the patrons so the taxi drivers could tell which venue they had visited. He then said he had never seen anyone consume it, wide eyed and interested. Hot. I blushed and blurted out something about its benefits and history. I giggled and left. Phew imagine if my son wasn’t there.
    I am going to find a gold ring to wear on my middle/Saturn finger as an antidote for my creaking knees. Natal Saturn 27’ Pisces

    1. I wonder if jewellers and gold metallurgists (post-refinement, at least) have particular resilience against the ailments that gold is said to protect from 🙂

  10. Feathered Fish

    Between Saturn in Pisces AND second Saturn return I’ve had enough with the never ending reminders of age and knee pain. I’m going to drag out every piece of gold I have!

  11. interesting that you have posted this Mystic. I am half German and that side of the family always have their homeopathic as well as allopathic remedies on hand. it was a natural part of my childhood continuing into adulthood along with a nature cure lifestyle. My English partner also had conjunctivitis cured by rubbing with a gold wedding ring. These are not old wive’s tales.
    What intrigues me though is yesterday I pulled out an old gold ring which I bought over 20 years ago. I intuitively popped it on my left little finger and it sat loosely but well there on the mercury finger. As a Capricorn, even though Pluto is nearly gone from influencing my sign I feel the need for lightening up. Why not antidote Saturn. It’s not as if you shirk the Saturn work when it needs to be faced. I think it’s time for the gold. We have done enough of the “other”.

  12. Other gold remedy alternatives that have sprung to mind as I read this are literal food-grade gold leaf, which you should be able to get from a decent cooks’ store. I don’t think it’s crazy expensive, or wasn’t last time I looked, which admittedly was a long time ago now. I’m pretty sure the great cooks’ shop in Crows Nest, assuming it’s still there, used to have it, Mystic. Also Cymbiotica shilajit, which I’ve just started to use and I’m finding really lovely. That particular brand contains three times the gold particles of regular shilajits and is, according to what I’ve read, a very good quality one. I’m just using it for general health benefits rather than for any Saturn antidote, but it’s good to know it might help with that too! 😀

  13. Penelope Darling

    Wondering if you (Mystic) or anyone else uses Sphere + Sundry materia? I’ve started working with some of their tinctures and they’re really amazing. I’m going through a lot of Saturn transit stuff at the moment and I’m trying to be a good student and learn His lessons (so I don’t have to repeat them later!!!) but the materia is helping lift the heaviness.

    1. No! I’m intrigued. Thank you. These comments are fascinating. I was a reluctant convert to homeopathy because everything about it triggered my ‘quack alert’ and I have doctors in my extended family who denounce it in no uncertain terms. But about ten years ago it cured a long-term chronic, debilitating condition that I’d decided was just my lot in life. I was a cynic so this was not the placebo effect and it worked almost instantaneously. The Virgo in me also relished the detailed questioning that helped to find the remedy.

      1. Penelope Darling

        Interesting! To my understanding, S+S are not homeopathic. The tinctures I have have actual herbs and other ingredients visible (just in case anyone is scanning through these comments.)

      1. Penelope Darling

        Yes! I’d been interested in how to use astrology in a more practical way for a while so I was excited to find them.

    2. I’ve used their ’Oil of Regulus’ and it didn’t resonate with me. I do love their ceremony and how it’s done in ritual. I was apart of their online community for awhile which was an interesting look into their practices and others on their own magical journeys. I’ve definitely found other healing tools since then, that I found resonated with a noticeable confirmation. Happy it worked for you! 🤍🔱✨

      1. Penelope Darling

        Thanks for sharing! Magic for sure has its own intelligence and not all tools suit everyone.

  14. Thanks for the tips re: gold, I’ve got Saturn all up in my business right now including conduct to Mercury and about to square my midheaven and conjunct my ascendant. The comment about the Swiss schnapps made me laugh and reminisce back to my Contiki tour days in my early 20’s and a visit to a schnapps maker in Austria. We were all given individual shots of various flavours to sample but when the super star gold schnapps with very high alcohol % was rolled out, only one little glass was poured for everyone to share due its potency. My new tour friend and I were the last ones in line to sample and we were both very dusty from the night before and chatting/not paying close attention to instructions. After I’d taken a sip and passed it to my friend she promptly poured the rest of the shot down her throat, got a scolding from the Austrian gentleman giving us the tour and promptly worsening her hangover. Bet she didn’t have any Saturn nonsense to deal with for some time though 😀.

  15. Ha! Goldschlagger. My 2000s-era boyfriend said the following about me on Goldschlagger: “Hello, Alternate Universe! I’ve come to conquer!”

    Dangerous stuff — more so than Jaegermeister. Don’t know how the gold played into it, but it was much, much smoother to go down than Jaeger, so easier to get to the Alternate Universe, and quicker.

    1. A man (actually, more like a boy at that point) that I once had a brief internet relationship with over consumed Goldschlager when we finally met in person. He was a big guy and acted like he could drink, but shortly into the evening, he was vomiting out the window of the car as we sped down the Houston freeway (he was not driving). Needless to say, that was the end of that, but I never forgot about what it would do to a person!

  16. So Mutable It Hurts

    Ooooh interested to hear the results! This instantly made me think of that mother god person who was v into gold and did turn blue…there’s at at least one documentary out about it

    1. Highly spiritual sages can turn blue. A mystical god-man in Singapore that i use to visit for blessings once turned blue in front of me. There was once a ghost plane that took up space in their airport that he banished.
      Thanks for the reminder Mutable..

  17. Mystic I would recommend Alexis Smart’s flower remedies “Sunshine” or “Ganesh” for this state, they are seriously the thing getting me through this Saturn transit as a pisc stellium ✨

  18. As I cannot afford gold I decided to buy 3 rings, gold plated. 2 are identical the third is different and I wear the 3 of them on the left middle finger as if they were Saturn rings. It feels good doing it and I feel protected.

  19. common but dangerous misunderstanding — no negative. side-effects from homeopathic remedies…for context, i have ~6 years of formal training as a homeopath, and also have been under treatment for 14+ years. i have experienced weird effects from wrong. and also. well-chosen remedies; in the latter. instance they’re fleeting and occur within an overall. improvement with many specific ameliorations. in the. former instance, the. nature of the downturn is determined by the depth of the remedy. as well as how susceptible you are to it. as aurum is very attractive to folks, I’ve observed others on their self-prescribing journey experience a variety of intense new symptoms including auditory hallucinations. it covers deep mental disturbances and this picture of it is more robustly represented than its other aspects if you look into the repertories of symptoms which is classical methodolgy. coincidentally this was the first remedy prescribed for me and it was profoundly helpful, as its selection was based upon depression so extensive that i had no idea i was depressed, with a feeling of doom that taken together, was most of my personality. i did have one weird prickling hear kind of symptom that came and went, but otherwise just 4.5 yrs of deep emotional healing, transformative encounters in my dreams, lots of improvement. by contrast, the 2nd remedy produced violent aggravations on all levels and honestly, I’ve had worsening arthritis ever since, as in, degeneration that is observable on MRIs and presents a day challenge. i took that remedy once or twice in a 8 month period, so the effects are explained by how deep-acting it is and how susceptible i was to it. i would not suggest self-prescribing with homeopathy,.other than for not-too-severe injuries and illnesses. unlike allopathic drugs, the effects go extremely deep into your energy, and are not so easily removed. sorry for the novelesque comment!

    1. Strongly agree. Another homeopath here with 20 years in practice. Self-prescribing, especially without consulting a repertory, is most ill-advised. Please consider just holding the bottle in your hands for that metaphysical experiment Mystic.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I love homoeopathy. When I was in my early 20s a pap smear test showed abnormal cells, the stage before stage 1 cancer. I went to a homeopath in Melbourne. She gave me a constitutional remedy. I had a discharge and I could feel good sacral energy again. I had another pap smear test and all was well. I forgot the remedy but it might have been Nat Mur?
        I have tried others but they did not hit the mark like the first one did. And intuitively I knew they wouldn’t.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Quasarina,
        I have gained valuable knowledge from you and Aqualola. Most notably I will not stick with a homeopath that doesn’t hit the mark. Because I don’t know what the incorrect remedy is doing to my system
        I really wish I wrote down my conditional remedy and strength. Does that change as you get older. I will be 57 in June. A Gemini.
        I get the feeling that it is easier to treat a younger person homeopathically as they are less complex. In your experience is that true?
        Feel free to chime in Aqualola or any other homeopath for that matter.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Are cell salts safe? I respond very well emotionally to calcium flouride. I use my intuition with the others.
      And when I had a sore throat I took Ferr phos and 20 mins later Calc phos and fell asleep. When I woke up I was well.
      I think they are great. Did a deep dive into them and realised that they are profound not simplistic like they are made out to be.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Can I also add that I read that in America a cell salt company makes a generic baby teething cell salts remedy with arsenic homoeopathic. Sensitive babies have died from this. This is disturbing and heart breaking because the product is still on the market.

      2. terrible about the ars., that is indeed beyond disturbing…v happy to hear you self-treated w/ success in an acute! such a great thing. i do think the cell salts are safe, as much as anything is before being put to the test in your own bioindividual systems.

      3. so heartened to read this, and. all of your other comments as well. so jronic that of all. the alternative medicine that exists, this is the one that inspired laypeople to dabble in. self-prescribing when, as the most energetic, it stands to wreak the most profound havoc on a person’s. economy. personally have never heard of anyone. saying they’re intuiting a course of acupuncture + herbs but somehow this feels greenlit for the uneducated…?

      4. Wish, it is. definitely easier to treat a younger person! More years of. suppressed symptoms = more complex layered reactions. to. remedies that can be confusing to evaluate as either positive or negative direction. Sometimes aggravation means you’ll be feeling amazing soon, but this should not be prolonged without solid reasons for thinking such is inevitable, like when there is advanced pathjology. And the indicated remedy definitely changes over time. We’re dynamic. beings😊 I’ve so enjoyed this convo, really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    3. Wish Upon a Star

      Thanks Q. That does make sense.
      Yes we are dynamic beings.
      I have enjoyed this conversation too.
      Go Well.

  20. My mother used to get what she called “gold shots” (injections of some liquid form of gold) as a treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis, and she also had to have regular blood tests to make sure that her the level of gold building up in her system was not too high. Eventually, another treatment was developed, and gold shots were no longer the standard.

  21. Wish Upon a Star

    So I should not take my natal Jupiter Venus conjunction for granted then?
    Thanks Mystic.
    I do feel good when I wear real gold. Like I am protected.

  22. “there is only so much maturity and self-reckoning one can take.” hhaha – please report back incase I need it for incoming Saturn-moon xx
    Omg distinct memories of being a teen in the 90s and thinking Goldschlager must be a very chic drink, lol

  23. Please keep us posted, so curious about the results 👀

    The timing of your post is eerily synchronistic for me as I’ve been experimenting with something similar myself! I’m currently experiencing transit Saturn conjunct my Sun and a couple of weeks ago I’ve started to experience dread to an extent I never have before. Just the thought of having to take action towards certain tasks was paralyzing me.

    Having a natal Mars/Saturn conjunction as part of a stellium with my MC and Venus in the mix, too, this was very foreign to me.

    One day, while meditating, I suddenly remembered your “wear gold” Saturn antidote and as I looked up, I saw my new Abel perfume on my vanity, as if it was calling out to me. It’s called Golden Neroli and yes, it’s an instant moodlifter. I’ve been putting it on daily only since last Friday and not only is the dreadful feeling gone, I’ve been making heaps of progress with the tasks that seemed so insurmountable to me only a week ago. I can actually barely remember why I was so freaked about them in the first place.

    Hope your experiment will be just as fruitful ✨

      1. Neroli and Ylang Ylang are my go-to mood lifters. I have both in a rosehip/jojoba oil blend with frankincense and Rosa damascena that i use as a facial oil, but also just for aromatherapeutic boost. Definitely lifts my morning mood… If i ever stop drinking Earl Grey tea in the mornings, i’ll add bergamot to that blend also 😊 🌸

  24. I am struck by this quote:
    The British Homeopathic Society poetically describes the remedy thus: “Aurum is the sage, the wise coun­sellor, who has experienced all things and attained wisdom.”
    and how much that sounds like Saturn. So it is certainly in resonance with Saturn and could well help keep you on the wisdom side of his transit!

  25. I can definitely confirm that the alcohol content of Goldschlager outweighs any possible gold content benefits. Also, don’t wash down shots of it with cheap bubbly. Learn from my youthful mistakes.

  26. My one and only time drinking Goldschlager was a large number of shots of it (tastes strongly of cinnamon) on midnight of my 21st birthday after eating ostrich steaks. Not sure it antidotes Saturn or maybe it does – I had to go to work the next day very hungover and my boss’s mother (was a family-owned business, an office making a very niche tech product in the early 00’s) was like ‘oh honey you look awful!’ and I had to tell her that her son, my boss, had refused to give me the day after my 21st birthday off work. I think I was then allowed to go home early after all? Haven’t touched it since, even catching a whiff of the extremely alchohol-cinnamon scent makes me want to throw up almost 25 years later.

  27. Oooh! I want to try this! I’m only finding pellets in a tube, not a liquid. Who did you purchase it from?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      On the subject of homoeopathy. Can anyone recommend a good female homeopath. I live in Qld, Australia.
      I know of one in Noosa Heads but don’t know what she is like.

      1. Pauline Ashford in Witta is mine. I’ve been seeing her for 16 years. Before that, I was seeing Trish Hatherly in Brisbane. Also brilliant.

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