The 12 Card Tarot Revamp Is Rad

I am delighted to announce that the 12 Card Tarot Revamp is finally here and it’s rad!

The interpretations are all totally new, the Waite deck pics are back and so is the Save As Pdf option! Everything is better as I finally scored time to properly focus on it. If you’re not a Mega Mystic member, you can check out a sample here.

I hope you find it fun and accurate; to paraphrase Hunter S Thompson, when the going gets weird, the weird get witchier.

Also happy New Moon in Pisces! If you were weirding in and out for the last 24 hours, the Moon has been adjacent to Saturn.  The mind-fuqery was – is still? – two-fold.

First there is/was the standard Saturn slump – additional focus on one’s failures or regrettable incidents, topped off with some creative hypochondriac googling or grim calculations.

Then, as always, if you push through that Saturn’s platinum lining appears – the mind detritus and soggy, not-so-fond memories reassemble into something resembling wisdom and then you steel yourself with new resolve.

This New Moon is where Saturn will be in mid-March – it’s in Pisces from March 7/8.  Today’s slightly outre solutions or hypotheses are tomorrow’s New Paradigm. Really.

Image: Kyle Richards – Halloween Ends

62 thoughts on “The 12 Card Tarot Revamp Is Rad”

  1. MM I love this new Tarot.
    Especially as I have no idea where my physical Ryder Waite deck is…the small deck where the writing on the instructional page is so small it bleeds through to the other side. I do have two other decks on rotation, aka analog backup. But it’s not the same without the traditional format of the Ryder Waite Tarot.

    I finally saw an MM IG post. What’s up with the techno algorithms? I have personal electromagnetic waves from my limbs that fuq up bank computers, study computers and retail banking machines. And an ex that stalked and hacked my entire existence…fuq my life. Not my first rodeo but Toro tool you best be backing up from this Girl’s terrain. Next stop Feng Shui thy Soul with some Housewitchery.

    Sure I’m adjusting to the whole process of detachment and coolness around the outcome. So in usual fashion I had PDFs galore going on. Then a few cards continue to appear in the same sequence repeatedly and I knew…this is the magick. Now take the navigational intel being provided or not. Here is the additional bonus: Observe you interactions with others, there might be indications of keywords in your life that reference back to the reading. Like the key words in the House/Card placement. Blooding genius MM. ❤️

    P.S I was still buying The Weekend Aussie just for MM. Knowing it will last me an entire week to read the remaining broadsheet, after I’ve pulled it apart and put it back together.

  2. Mystic this upgrade feels very pre-Pluto in Aqua vibes, with you reaching into the future and articulating through beautifully illustrated cards and equally powerful words to somehow describe my current situation accurately! Was definitely worth the wait, and I LOVE the save to pdf feature. It serves such a purpose to reflect at the end of the week or moon cycle on exactly how your vision and our energy creates a space for divination! ✨

  3. Well, it’s certainly been a bit tough and have been pushing away ‘ it’s not really as good as you thought’. Type of thinking!
    Reassuring…thanks Mystic X

  4. Hi Mystic, tried the new RW 12-card tarot twice in the past week. The first time sort of accidentally by clicking on the link for sampling (got many Swords cards and also a lovely page of cups which I always find enchanting, somehow). The second time I drew the cards with more intent, which gave me many pentacles cards and also a slightly disturbing Tower for the second house. I love the Ryder Waite deck. And the 12-card spread with a card for each of the houses feels very rich… and the proces of reflecting on them is interesting and valuable

  5. MM I love the new tarot readings, especially the headings that come with every house//card. So. Good -thank you !!! Xxxxx

  6. Is the 3 of swords always a betrayal? It’s been popping up lately and I think is my least favourite card in the whole deck. It sets off all my anxieties 🙁

    likewise – but to a lesser extent – the 5 and 7 swords. In fact I don’t really like swords at all lol. I just have the measure of some better than others. There’s nothing airy about them lmao

    Edit . Sorry to sound uptight and grinchy. Gremlins

    1. Going to answer the question with a question. Is a betrayal always a betrayal? It could be the idea of… perception of…not actual. It could even be us betraying our heart.

      That said 3-swords does invoke a distinct response eh and tends to draw doom thinking eg acute and painful endings and outcomes. I dont think it is always that. Swords have an edgy energy that always feels active to me, even the 4. The ace is ok though. Different vibe.

      1. Yes and also, I see the three of Swords as sequential to the Two of Swords, where something/oneself is glacial, poised – strategically? Or not wanting to face/feel something. The Three of Swords is more the moment when you go ‘aha, that is what this is…’ It is an evocative image, for sure, but remember that the heart did not necessarily mean ‘love’ until relatively recently. There is a case for saying this card represents the completion of a thought – Swords – that cuts through one’s ego/momentum/vitality – a pause for a significant thought. So many coats of arms have ‘pierced hearts’ imagery and it often symbolized union. The betrayal vibe is relevant in some contexts but even then you could see it as that moment of discovery…

      2. See.. now that’s why you write tarot 💫 Genius and agree wholeheartedly. This is where some of my feeling went but not the language. And they do follow on and tell a bigger story. Something I neglected to consider in this response and in fact recently. Might be time to do another tarot read with that thinking incorporated.

        Edit – I was also having a crack at being a bit more succinct 🤭

      3. Oh so mystic I can see how relating the sequence of cards can help with a kind of narrative line . E.g. after the 3 swords is the 4 swords- regrouping after the revelation/ cut-through.

    2. Thank you very much Mystic and Centaurus I deeply appreciate these insights.

      I also had not thought about the possibility that it could mean not being true… to myself.

      I will reflect, google and journal my way around this card this weekend.

      1. Hey.. my pleasure x

        My reading presented me with this card – ironically. So I get to walk my talk. I2th position + description is almost comforting and definitely suits recent conversations.

        The way we think about the card and experience it can both distort the message and offer clues. Open us to the magical dimensions of the message or keep us in a 3d kind of thinking and everyday shadow speak.

      2. Yes. And that is ironic! I hope that that reading / placement is a response that makes sense for you .

        I’ve been able to shift my interpretation of the 8,9 and 10 of swords the way that you and mm are noting. So the 3 could now get a similar revision. The illustrations for these cards (8 9 and 10) on the deck that I have are awful lol – so I’ve had to work hard to not take it at face value and instead reframe the card into the context of my reading. So now, 10 swords to me means that the confusing time or difficulty has now peaked and the worst is over, e.g. a disagreement or frustrating situation is on its way out, one way or another. Whereas in the past I saw the scribbly black grey drawing and grim-reaper clad people , someone with 10 swords in their back lmao and think “wtf?! I guess I need to leave the country then”. Gawd

      3. Yes it is and more has emerged and Im quite at peace with it. I think Mystic made a solid point about the older symbolism. Hearts are also linked to courage and the card could just as easily depict a courage that can endure attack. Just riffing…

        Good strategies! And I dont know what your deck is but maybe its time for an update? I have had a few over the years and still return to the old RW deck but that said I dont always appreciate the initial feel of some swords. It is about moving past our own barriers to access the message but with cards as old as this and collective consciousness I feel its also about being able to move beyond the meanings that have been collectively agreed upon and finding your own. Often they align anyway and are just personalised. Exactly what you’ve done.

        Last sentence made me lol but I also think I felt it filter through my lunar landscape and I want to say nurture your moon…the axe is not going to fall so to speak x

  7. Thanks for the revamp, Mystic! I’ve always been a huge fan of your tarot and this might sound strange, but it had felt like it had stopped working for me for me for awhile, as if it had gotten a bit worn out (exhausted from overuse?! 😂)… but it’s feeling nicely fresh and potent now with the revamp! My daughter and I keep getting the Knight of Pentacles in our readings. Will be interesting to see how that plays out…I also got the page of pentacles for the first time. Hrrmm.

  8. Wow, amazing Mystic!
    I did the Tarot reading yesterday and still revel in the beautiful energies of the spread and meaning.
    Can I make it last for a week or is there a cut off time?

    1. Thanks! This is a really good question – I usually try to set the time frame in my mind when asking the question and it seems to work. I am going to do a post with suggestions to fine tune it as well.

  9. Thank you so much for these wonderful words! I am actually opening the Tarot to everyone for the next two days, to facilitate browser testing – so if you know any non-members who might like a peek, let them know!

    1. My 12 Card Tarot readings since you have released the Revamp have held pinpoint accuracy in regards to my specific interest.
      After 12 months of consideration, I am now embarking on a new venture and feel supported, the time is right. Thank you for this!

  10. Thanks MM, love the new Tarot. And great timing – moon in Pisces here and not a good new moon for me – more a heavy ‘what am I going to do with my life feeling’ hanging over me.

  11. Pisces New Moon. I had a dream last night. My abode was on the edge of the sea. I went for a walk but the sea swelled up my path. Deep undercurrents. So I flew low over the water. I glided and absorbed the smell, coolness and the wind. Visceral calm.

    Pisces Rising I am.

    1. p.s. Just did my 12 card Tarot. I booked an appointment with a local herbalist yesterday. And yes she came up for my sixth card house.

      You benefit from an ambitious, incredibly grounded healer,
      trainer or advisor – most likely physically but with an emotional

      She is also a life coach of sorts.

      Thanks Mystic.

    2. Sounds like a potent new moon for your, Wish! That’s quite some dream. At the risk of sounding creepy, can I ask if you have the small or delicate hands/feet? I’ve found it uncanny just how many pisces rising I met have exactly that.

      1. LOL! Quite the opposite. Size 9 feet for a 162 cm height. A friend who was a dancer loved my toes. Hers were all misshapen due to dance.

        And my hands are earthy. I love my hands. They do so much. But I can’t bear to wear rings. Good thing I’m not married. And I like to keep my nails short.

        I read somewhere that a Pisces feet can be either small and delicate or quite the opposite.

        Mine are the opposite. All the better to ground me I feel.

        p.s. You don’t sound creepy.

  12. If anybody’s interested, there is a great write-up in The Guardian (British & Oz pages) about Goth sub-culture and its resurgence – entitled (somewhat self-deprecatingly) “Goth’s undead! The dark return of Britain’s spookiest subculture.” – by Sylvia Patterson.
    A great read – Gothic art and architecture feels very Saturn in Pisces, does it not..? 🙂
    Am scanning through music releases in last Saturn-in-Pisces cycles and it is Nothing. Short. Of Iconic! E.g.:

    1966 Saturn in Pisces – David adopted surname Bowie in January; John Lennon said the Beatles are “bigger than Jesus”; Nancy Sinatra released “These Boots are Made for Walking”; The Animals sing “We Gotta Get Outta this Place” on the Ed Sullivan show; Rolling Stones release “Paint it Black”. All enduring. icons

    1994 Saturn in Pisces – I was in grade 12 and going through my art-goth phase (LOL). Holy Ka-moly, the music.
    Tori Amos releases Under the Pink. Hole – Live Through This. Blur – Parklife. Stone Temple Pilots – Purple. JEFF BUCKLEY – GRACE. Pearl Jam – Vitalogy, Soundgarden – SuperUnknown, The Cranberries – No Need to argue, Massive Attack – Protection, Portishead – Dummy. And Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral…
    Can’t wait to see this cycle’s iconography.

    1. (Forgot to add Smashing Pumpkins in 1995, The Offspring, and Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged, but 1994 was a very sad year for the latter. Hoping for a high vibe, transcendent Saturn in Pisces cycle for everybody 🔔🎼🎵🪗🎸🎹).

      1. Hi Virgoan angel, hope you find at least one song that resonates!!😘 It’s strange because all these bands/albums have intensely personal meanings – yet for so many different people. And they are timeless, but also, contextual ? (E.g. grunge/indie rock/britpop was a straight out reaction to the big bang corporate narcissism/hedonism of the eighties, I think). Anyway there are some that I just can’t listen to any more, and other songs that I will always turn up and belt out in the car when they come on the radio, and yet others that will also reduce me to tears, midsong. Even on their Sat return -cringe!! XOO

    2. Don’t forget smashing pumpkins! Prolific in the mid 90s. Pisces Iscariot was their 1994 release, a compilation of b sides & out takes. That concept is Pisces af let alone the music. also it went platinum.
      Edit: just saw your other comment! Ok. 🙂

      1. Hi Sam -i forgot to add The Bends by Radiohead (!!), Different Class by Pulp, and The Edges of Twilight by The Tea Party..!! Do you remember them?? (Splendor Solis by Tea Party also good, but technically a Saturn-in-Aqua production – alongside Absolutely Fabulous, and The X Files..(And I do wonder if the release date, or date of “composition”, gives the “flavour”..?
        Also, movies – my husband also shares this love of this Saturn in Pisces music/movies, and he flicked on Three Colours Blue the other night – do you remember the trilogy..? Blue was a Saturn in Aqua release (plot studied “liberty” from emotions), but “White” (egality) and “Red” (fraternity) were Saturn in Pisces filming and release dates.. Interesting times.)Xx

      2. Saw the Tea Party in their gig days and have a signed cd from a gig somewhere. Twice I think.

        Not sure about release date influence broadly because some albums take years and then there’s the song themselves when the idea or riff was born v when it was completed. Art work and names of songs and albums etc. Idea inception date would interest me bit there wouldn’t be one date. Release date and the way it lands in the public makes sense and perhaps…success and longevity. Just another thought and not one I put any pondering into.

        I could list a bunch but phone typing is tedious…. Depeche Mode, Songs of faith and devotion….Cruel Sea Honeymoon is over, Baby Animals Shaved and Dangerous, PJ Harvey, Dream Theatre Alive. The Cult self titled. A change in sound and not as popular. Defryme Pure Killer. Ok…doing what I said i wouldn’t do….type 😆

        I wouldnt listen to all of my music now but I still have it and had to refrain from going through it and knocking up a quick spreadsheet hahaha – but yes some will endure. Dummy was refreshingly different (but specific mood required) and will still get an occassional run but I draw the line at smashing pumpkins lol. Old housemate used to play them ad-nauseam and I never really dug em.

        Thanks for the 🎵 memories. So much good music 💜

    3. after all the noisy egoism of the past decade(?) or so, the idea of Saturn in Pisces with its disinterested, un-monetisable ambitions does feel coolly refreshing in comparison.

      1. as a saturn in pisces person I can testify to the ‘unmonetisable ambitions’ *sigh*. finding the wealth within is my life’s work. in theory having jupiter in the 12th should help, but in reality not so much. hopefully my second saturn return coming up soon will solve the conundrum :).

      2. Maybe un-monetisable is the wrong word – more like things that don’t prioritise authority or the one over the many. Rather, things that are more soulful than many others or that aren’t as easy to rip off. There’s only so much that the drooling maw of capitalism can slurp up and eject in the form of commodities and brands… Right?? I hope so anyway. I hope Saturn in Pisces gives us cancellation of status anxiety and the cult of personality. Might be rambling now so will stop.

      3. Also this location of Saturn , would it ‘translate’ the last year or so of Pluto in cap? A peaceful and more humane outro for an interesting 15 years or so

      4. Also (gawd set I always do this): Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in 12th is kind of amazing. I remember Jupiter in my 12th transit as just so .. intensely ‘interior’, imaginatively speaking – there was just do much happening in my heart-mind that I really didn’t have a lot to offer as a regular person. Depending on your astro surely you’re aligned with creative, community or spiritual work. Finding the Wealth Within sounds like a book title xo

      5. Hi Isa, agree with everything Sam said!! Hang in there. Am now firmly convinced that Saturn in Pisces brings a special kind of art magic – check out this poem by a fellow Saturn-in-Pisces 1905-born person, Advice to a Young Poet (sorry for length, but it is so good!):

        Don’t spend yourself in the small copper coins
        of complaint and accusation.
        Don’t answer those in authority, those who fancy
        themselves all-powerful,
        with grubby, fingered words
        for which you’ll be picked up at three in the morning.
        Answer with pictures that no one has ever painted,
        answer with thoughts which no one has ever thought,
        answer with verses which no one has ever fashioned,
        answer with a language which no one has ever uttered.
        Not with the sword, poet, will you sly tyranny
        but with the freshness of spring and autumn’s maturity.
        Beaten and blood-stained, strike your gold coins,
        heavy with the destiny of your age,
        heavy with your own destiny,
        golden coins bearing your own likeness,
        reflecting mankind’s suffering
        against the background
        of man’s two million years upon our planet.
        Such coins
        shall stay in circulation even after ten thousand years,
        valid like life’s rebellious spring,
        like life repeating itself, ever-youthful—
        while the coins 
        with the theatrical, proud and imperial gestures—
        the measure of pride reflecting stupidity—
        will long have lain dead in the museum show-cases
        under artificial light,
        shunning the sun,
        dead for a thousand years. 
        — Ondra Lysohorsky

      6. Oh I hear you, Poet Sam !!!
        That is exactly what the Saturn in Pisces vibe felt like (to me anyways) – what the “real gold” is !! XOO (I wonder if grunge/alt rock could have happened in an age of social media? (Probably would have found a way, lol! But not the same)) xx

    4. I adore all songs and albums you mention from both 60s and 90s. How inspiring! After being so underwhelmed by music for a while now – I too am excited to see what happens next. Thank you for posting this x

      1. Hi Getsomebalance, am so glad!! Yep I have been feeling a bit apprehensive about all the new astro, given previous years’ squares -so decided to check on the “human coping mechanisms” (ie. Music!) of last cycles. Tingles and goosebumps, when I saw all the lyrical treasures!! I just remembered a few others, and mentioned them to Sam up above. Nice to know art and magic can come from Saturn, too.🤗🥰

    5. The upcoming Pisces Astro weather sounds very promising musically speaking, based on your research Corduroy! I still love ‘Weatherstorm’ and ‘Protection’ by Massive Attack and always will 💫

      1. ‘protection’ is an absolute masterpiece. even though it reminds me of very painful times it’s still sublime

      2. Ah Calcifer. I saw Massive Attack live in 1998, in a (now) long demolished music venue. Still remains the best live show I have ever seen (the lighting!!! The lighting..!) Ah the soundtrack to life – so glad those songs are eternal!😇🙌

      3. Hi Corduroy Jeans,
        I went to Massive Attack in 2003 – Worst experience. I had good memories of them but there was controversy going on with a certain member and their internet usage and UK investigation etc. So I felt sicken to see my own name appear across the screen. That felt like a violation of my privacy and rights as a person wanting to feel safe in a large venue. I felt so disgusted I threw away my merch stall bought tshirt.

  13. I love the tarot, mystic! I do a new and full moon reading religiously, and it’s so accurate and helpful. Thanks for the pdf function, I like to save it and check in.

  14. It will be great to have Saturn out of Aquarius, only if just to get rid of the exasperating fixed grind between Saturn and Uranus :-). Now there is just Mercury in Aquarius left to trigger that square this February – and then all of us will be blessed to be free of that particular intense influence for a long time 🙂

  15. So appreciate all you do for us subscribers MM. Xx
    And hope Saturn brings rock-solid people and supportive blessings for this next part of the way – for all.🙏💫

    1. Agree with you so much Corduroy jeans! May Saturn in Pisces work out for the best for all of us! 🐠
      Something else, I replied late to your posts on the Pluto in Aquarius post. Hope you noticed that I did read and appreciate them 😊

      1. Hi dear C, I always, always read & appreciate your posts – just replied to your Pluto-in-Aqua comments just now! 💫🛸 Been a busy week or two – as you’ll see! So, so hoping this Spring equinox brings just the right kind of magic for you, Lovely Lady. xx

  16. Shittiest (and most watery) dark moon in recent memory. Ah well, the wells of wisdom overflowed for me.
    Off to try the 12 card Tarot. Missed it acutely yesterday.

  17. ✨Hurray for the new Tarot, I can’t wait to try it✨
    Woooow this Saturnine weekend was intense, filled with regrets and the road not taken, hopefully Saturn in Pisces will help me ge some distance.
    Once again you’re on top of this Mystic 🤩
    Have a wonderful day

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