Tarot To Tell If Someone Is “Taken.”

Okay, by “taken” I mean married or similar, not possessed lol. In ideal world, potential lovers would transmit a clear message regarding their availability or intentions but this is, well, not always the case. In an era of future-fakers, ambiguity and people who deliberately scramble their signals, sometimes magic is faster.

The cards are always correct – it’s the interpretations that can be off. Asking an original, sincere question in a clear space both atmospherically and mind-wise will sharpen the accuracy of any reading. Neediness is off-putting.

I got the idea for this post when I noticed how often the Justice card comes up in relationship readings. When I’d get it, I’d hit the roof – What? We’re going to court together? He’s not calling me because he is in jail? What?ย  Justice has many beautiful meaningsย  – think Lady Justice – and yet it’s not a naturally desirable component in an answer to a love/lust query.

However, I have found that this card appears in a reading about a possible lover/suitor/character of interest when in fact the person is married.

Or intending to be married to someone not the querent, more enmeshed with their ex than they let on, quasi-married to a ‘close friend’ and so on.

I found this SO much the rule that if Justice popped up when someone was enquiring about their Ex/cute guy at gym/person who seems interested but is acting weird I would confidently email back that she/he was married. And then sit back to wait for (a) the response that it was a poor take etc and then (b) the “o.m.f.g how did you know?” response.

If you’re just curious about whether someone attractive is available a not, do a quick five card reading (past-present-major influence, the ‘advice’ card and outcome – real easy) and see if Justice appears.

If person is actually married but would prefer that this not be known, look for the Seven Of Swords and while I am banging on about this, if you get the Devil card in a romance reading, you might want to slow things down a bit and/or do some sleuthing. Seriously.

An Example: I did a reading for someone about whether or not X was going to commit to her and got ALL THREE of these cards. Unwilling to convey such give her such crappy tidings so I maniacally shuffled, did it all again and got exactly the same cards.

After I emailed her this unpleasant news, she got back to me with a “no, no he’s just really busy with complicated business dealings at the moment, import-export and his mood disorder, right…?”

Three weeks later she got in touch to say that Mr Devil-Seven-Swords-Justice was not only married but on space dust and embezzling his biz partner/wife.


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  1. The Justice card in a love reading can also mean a lover returning or paired up with the Hierophant, or even 3 of Cups that marriage is in your own future with your lover. So to tell people that if it pops up in a love spread means the other is married is so false. Always look at the surrounding cards not just one card. What if a person who is engaged to someone get’s the Justice card. Does that mean that their fiance is married? No. Just thought I would point this out, since this can be a bit misleading to eager people wanting to know the fate of their love/possible love affair with someone.

  2. Thank you everyone.

    I got it.

    I will get back to fousing on work.

    There’s something else better in the future with relationships.

  3. Some questions:

    You haven’t had sex with him, he’s “immature” with money problems and his feelings for you are flimsy enough that this “other woman” can talk him out of coming after you?

    Also, how can you reconcile if you have never been together?

    How do you know so much about this Other Woman and has this schizz honestly been going on for six years already?

    When you say “finally commit” to you in an “open relationship” do you mean finally actually go on a date with you or that you want to be married to him but you each have other lovers?

    Has it occurred to you that this person may not be the best candidate for the “normal adult relationship” with children that you say you want?

    Have you also considered that generally speaking, when an adult male who is single wants to have sex with you and you are available, he generally speaking just attempts it?

    This is not a Tarot Reading – it is a Love Zombie Intervention. And it is being done with kindness.

    Anyone else out there who cares to comment peeps?

    1. oh god you’ve wasted six years of your emotional life stuck in a holding pattern and you think the cards are telling you it’s a green light, so does it really matter what anyone else says? you need to invest in yourself not imprison yourself, sister

      1. It is a difficult day when you realise the love you have to give is not wanted by that person. When the love you’ve given them for years is not acknowledged, and you realise they don’t respect you. Sometimes too much sand has passed between the next chapters and then you know it was the ending all along. May you find peace in your heart.

      2. Yep totally agreed – and I would be asking WHY I was allowing myself to be stuck on this man – what’s it really about? Give yourself some space, get some perspective and really look at it like’s it’s a weird thing – cos that’s how it looks from the outside…..again, with your best interests in mind and at heart (Mars SQ Mercury – just gonna sound a bit blunt, I know).

        1. Take the time to understand you have a vast and deep response to this man but you have to ask yourself if your investment is reaping any reward for you just now? Seems like it is not and that means you need to file this chap and take life on for all it can bring you. I have spent years living in hope but I have changed address and now live in Reality. It doesn’t mean you have to stop loving or even wanting but it does mean you need to file it under unresolved for the time being. Go out, buy a coffee and kick start your life…

  4. For a very long time I have been in what I could not even term a relationship with a man. Another woman who wants him has rpeatedly and successfully persuaded hm to not act on his feelings for me..althugh she fails at getting him to have a relatioship with her. He has gone thorugh some bad (financial-social-emotional things these last few yers as a result of his immaturity and a big blow recently. Again, it seemed he might get straight and finally come forth to me and reconcile. I want a normal adult relaitonship (we’ve neer had sex yet!) to be married and have children. I wanted to know if he would finally commit to me now, after all this time, and it so happens this third-party woman has returned to town (every 6-8 months fo the last 6 years, to seek a job here so she can at the very least prevent him from being with me, if not marry her. I have not talked to/communicated with him in a very long time and as far as he knows I have moved on to a life without him.

    Is he going to finally commit to me this year in an open relationship and marry me? I think so:

    9 Wands-6 Cups-Ace Wands
    4 Swords-Ace Pentacles

    1. May I offer an alternative interpretation of your card reading? (For more interesting comments on your question see below).

      Well, the “Nine of Wands shows a weary, injured man who holds a staff as though in a posture of final defence” This is you and winning or losing this person is shattered. And you are losing right now, because you asked this question.

      Ace of Wands:
      This Ace is not about success.

      “Something to keep in mind with the Ace of Wands, and any Ace for that matter, is that it is but a seed that is yet to grow into something more solid or sustainable”.

      “You are being offered an opportunity here that shows great promise but it will be up to you to make the most of it and to maximise the potential for the longer-term.

      The energy of the Ace of Wands can also signify a restlessness or uncertainty as to how to proceed. You may have energy and passion but not yet have a clear outlet for its expression”. It isn’t written in stone…

      In other words – you may decide to let go of this situation for a different seed or promise. Like FREEDOM.

      Four of Swords:
      “Four of Swords is a guarantee that challenges will return to your life – as soon as you are ready to face them.

      So make the most of the stillness and quiet you have earned. The battle is not yet over, and that there is still work to be done.

      This card suggests that now is the time to rest from some difficult times, perhaps the trauma of breakup or stress and conflict”.
      Ok, well that is pretty clear?

      Ace of Pentacles:
      “On a broader level, this Ace indicates abundance in all areas of your life and a general feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way”.
      Think about how you are being treated in this relationship and ask yourself if you really want to manifest MORE of that?

      “The Ace of Pentacles is about manifestation of your goals, and that you are moving into a more positive state of mind about what you are capable of achieving”.

      If that is true, then you won’t be wanting this sorry version of a relationship. You deserve better!

      “The Ace of Pentacles can suggest that we need to introduce something new into the equation. Rather than let things remain as they are, and hope they work themselves out, the Ace of Pentacles suggests you throw something new into the mix.

      Consider something that is out-of-character or something you might not ordinarily do, or get around to doing”.

      Please do! Consider YOU!!! This person cannot give you what you need. But you can.
      Ace of Pentacles here is the idea that you successfully manifest the best situation for YOU. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Elskede I wish you all the very best for a joyful, peaceful, successful, loving relationship with all your dear ones, but most of all, with yourself! Xx.

  5. Good morning! I had asked about a set of cards that I drew yesterday and I just wanted to say that I am very grateful for the responses. You’ll helped me understand what they meant. For some reason this morning I was compelled to ask my tarot cards the exact same question again (if he was married) and my cards revealed –Queen of Cups, The Fool, King of Cups, Death and Ten of Wands….What surprises me is that these cards look exactly like the very first set of cards that I drew the first time. That was the set I had failed to show you’ll to begin with. I just wish I knew what these cards meant. If someone doesn’t mind telling me what these mean that would be so awesome and I would really appreciate it. And I promise I won’t ask about another set. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the reply. This set of cards shown to you was actually my second set. The first set did not have the Justice ,seven of swords or devil card appearing. And i had asked the same question. But anyways I was still intrigued and curious to know so I drew another set (asking the same question) So the second set is the set that I showed you. I just wanted to see if the Justice would come out.. Well anyways, i understand your post. And the guy that I was asking about tells me that he is indeed married but is in the process of getting a divorce. I am not seeing him or anything…

        1. Domistic Triffid, lol! Thanks for your comment. For some reason I kinda figured she was the one who wanted the divorce. I’m just not sure if that’s what he wants too. But anyways, he’s probably a player and has cheated on her many times before. smh.

  6. Can anyone tell me what the Judgement card in the outcome position would mean? I’m having such a hard time trying to interpret it.

  7. Wow! I love this and I loved reading all the comments. I just pulled cards for a guy I met a couple of week ago who was acting WEIRD and disappeared. He seemed normal. Lol. I dont expect I’ll see or hear from him again, but I was curious whether married/attached was what caused the issue.
    7 of Cups Rx, King of Wands Rx, King of Cups Rx, Temperance and 9 of Cups Rx.
    Looks like I was right on the not seeing him again thing and its a good thing. Not married, just unbalanced!

  8. Oh freaky, I just did the reading and the Justice card came up in the past position. Could that mean he was in a relationship in the past or still dealing with some past lover. Or could it represent myself as I’m still living with my ex whilst I wait for my new place with our kids?

  9. LOL, Justice pulled up for me in a Spread for my “Coming Love Interest”. Now I know its talking about my celebrity crush, because alot of the spread sounded eerily like him. For a minute, I thought I’d conjured up the perfect guy. In my dreams, I guess. ::D

  10. I love other interps on cards here, impressed with others skill. I love tarot & aim to be good at it by 60 lol.
    I pulled
    1. Two of Swords
    2. Wheel of Fortune
    3. Ten of Cups
    4. Nine of Cups
    5. Two of Cups

    Sounds like another long term relationship to me, I’m not looking for that just yet. Busy just having fun (playing the field).

    1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

      best let that one alone, was my first thought purlpeta… unless you’re the one married to him…? (check the astro of infidelity post?)

      1. I don’t mess around with married men but it comes in handy with co-workers that you don’t know whether they’re making a sexual advance or not… I have had plenty of bad experiences in that department but still end up being naive (and professional).

  11. I just bought a bunch of new books on Tarot and the herbal deck by Micheal Tierra..
    it seems timely that i should study this again.
    I am going to the Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley Michigan today to get something a little more rare on the subject..it should be good for me as it has been 30 years since i have entered my original astro haunt!

  12. Piscean Closed For Renovation

    my tarot cards are in storage…under a pile of science textbooks and no doubt taking a breather from me.

    I didn’t ever get around to buying a good tarot book to help my inexperienced interps, so i think i kind of went off them, also wanted to ‘let go’ and rely on my own introspection and intuition (lol, or common sense) a bit/lot more.

    although crikey there are a couple of questions i wouldn’t mind putting out there right now. love related, of course. the rest of my life i can handle no worries. bah humbug!

    1. I like Nancy Garen’s book on tarot, but there are sooo many other good books out there. Plus I like making an experience journal for my cards where I collect experiences of what the cards mean.

      1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

        hi yotf, yes i was talking to a virgo pal once and she suggested spending a day with the card around me, like in handbag and contemplate while on way to work, lunch break, write down thoughts etc. i had all but forgotten that advice. i do seem to work better with runes, too.

        1. I have a friend who is into runes and she says runes are more primal and instinctual whereas tarot requires a certain amount of intellectual finesse. I have a hard time with runes so i envy you!

          1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

            but i do love the artistry and complex imagery of the tarot (phoenix tarot is my favourite). runes i love the simplicity – symbols carved into wood or stones. I think I’d like to make my own one day..special

  13. Wow what an excellent idea I will do this later or tomorrow when I get half the chance. I think my cards are probably sick and tired of hearing my questions about a particular guy, just to shut me up probably give me the cards I want to read lol.

    So I have a question peeps. When you do a spread do you pick out the top cards, or kind of fan them out and pick whichever card you feel drawn too? I don’t know the right way?

  14. did the 5 card for someone i know is married/who i think is hot….. yep, the fourth card was indeed Justice herself. love how this shiz works.

  15. I began an affair which quickly turned all hot and heavy after six weeks.

    She then left for a month long Mediterranean trip.

    Daily contact. Maybe too much contact. Both sides.

    Anyway I gave the five card spread a go about it.

    1. Temperance
    2. The Star
    3. The Hanged Man
    4. 3 Swords
    5. 9 Cups

    I pulled an extra card after for “outcome” and got 10 Cups.

    My take on this spread is that delays and further separation will follow.

    But it is an important relationship.

    Could anyone else shed light?

  16. I love reading for myself. It opens up new doorways into the interps for me if I do readings often, I get some odd things, like today.
    Very much like Christopher Walkens trivial psychic. lol.

    Tower= found a purse left in the ladies room (oh no !)
    Moon= full of feminine hygiene products (eh, replaceable)
    Knight of Wands= escape from difficulty (leave it, not taking to lost & found)

  17. yep in my head Mystic too – guess its in the air at the moment, all the loving connections and declarations..
    Didnt get a Justice card – did get the Knight of swords! And kinda expected to – this is a very fun sag man I am talking about…maybe I can just stay half dressed and beat him out the door??!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Whats the zombie significator ? I think its pretty important to know if they are a zombie or a living soul. Any help here ?

      1. sure , laugh, haha, right, but don’t come crying to me when your next love interest turns out to be the living dead…

        1. I am serious. There *is* a Halloween Deck but i don’t know if there is a zombie in there. There is a Frankenstein and Dracula in there.

    1. looking within, a wise old man, searching for something else, taking time away from everything… you are the most important person.

  19. arrggh, I wish I had taught myself some basic tarot now, because I would kill to see if any of that comes up about the Leo who I just met who is impossible to read. His most recent cryptic message was that he wasn’t feeling well emotionally so couldn’t meet me tonight. Then he wouldn’t return my text. I see Saturn is squaring his Mars/Jupiter conjunction, so I believe him when he says he’s not feeling well, but what is behind that? Is there some other relationship scenario he has going on?

  20. My tarot today was spot on, confirming my intuition and filling in the blanks on some ‘unknown’ aspects. I’ll remember this for the next Aqua-moon, ta, MM!

  21. ooh, haven’t played with mine for a while – cards that is, not Knight of Swords!
    Though I do get a lot of that card coming up and I’d have to agree with you sassy!

  22. Very interesting discovery Mystic!! I think it is right.

    I’m very wary of the Knight of Swords when i do readings for females. He is the one who will get his rocks off and be gone before you pull your pants up. It has shown me time and time again that this is the case.. A booty call man!!

  23. Scorpio Sun/Rising

    ok.. I am not talented in this at all. I have a deck and everything usually turns up reversed and I walk away feeling sad so I never use them. However, in light of the topic I dusted them off and of course I got the usual reversed stuff, especially in talking about “him of the past.” After all THAT frustration, I got to the point.. Fine! Then tell me about the next man that will be coming into my life! No games… tell it like it is! (prolly so wrong way to do it but I was pissed)
    I put down 3 cards … Eight of Pentacles, The Hermit, and The Lovers. No reversing.

    So I feel a little better.

    1. I try not to ask the cards anything important if i am emotionally distraught. It reflects your own energy back at you. :/

      1. Scorpio Sun/Rising

        Well I wasn’t distraught when I started. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I purchased the cards for myself. Big no no I just read.
        OUT they go!

  24. This is another one of those moments where you are in my head as well Mystic. Was concerned enough to want to send you one of those despairing emails (I didn’t lol) you talk of sometimes. Could you do the same thing for a non-romantic relationship? Did a reading a couple of months back re direction and path I was on. Lots of cards about biz stuff which was great (and true) but the outcome card – 3 of swords ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Couldn’t see what that was all about. Well I got the same card – on its own – after a relationship I was having just disappeared. Unfortunately I know what the card is and yes I’ve been feeling ALL of it. Have been wanting to know what was at the crux of it (wanting to learn the lesson and move on even though I’m upset) but have not been game to do my own cards since (yes I reshuffled, yes it came up again).

    Okay – the temperance card came up as advice. I get all the others except this one. 10 of cups, wheel of fortune, the hermit, temperance and the death card as outcome.

    *pondering with a dash of google*

    1. Hey, I know youre comment/question was directed to M, but is it possible the 3 of swords card symbolises the ‘reason’ (as well as outcome) for relationship disappearance? Shorthand: other person was hurt (reason), you are hurt (outcome), death card (outcome=relationship disappeared).

    2. Piscean Closed For Renovation

      I used to get the 3 of swords a lot during a really shit long relationship (now long gone).

      your other cards,
      10 of cups, wheel of fortune, the hermit, temperance and the death card as outcome.

      temperance to me was always PATIENCE. Just wait. Things are changing, the wheel of fortune is turning. Stop and contemplate life, go within, use your alone time to grow, change, be stronger, gain insight. Breathe. xx

  25. Sometimes your posts are so completely relevant to my life that it’s a bit eerie.
    I def have an ex bf who’s acting weird right now… we have this game we play where we don’t talk to each other for months for no reason, then we start talking again, and it’s like nothing ever happen.
    Plus, I was just getting ready to do a reading… MYSTIC, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Nope, Sag.

        I got the King of Pentacles as my Potential card. I don’t think it represents him, but I’ll take King of Pentacles any day.

        No Justice or Seven of Swords to be seen, just advice to be bold and confident… easier said than done lol

        1. Argh, Sag was my other guess – the float in float out factor, as if connected by a time-loop portal.
          King o Pents definitely not the Sag, think more Saturn than Jupiter, a Capricorn or Aquarius perhaps?

          1. See, I can’t think of any potential Caps or Aquas right now. Unless somebody completely new enters my life in the near future, I can’t imagine who it’d be.

            The Sag’s chart is pretty heavy on Aqua, and Cap, though…

            1. New would be nice, no?
              Fingers crossed.
              And from a quick glance at your spread below – sounds like maybe you’re moving towards a time of greater independence and autonomy, and you may currently be in the process of un-entwining some shared life logistics with another person.
              Perhaps the re-appearance tricks of the Sag make you feel as if you are still in a relationship with him, when perhaps you’d be better off seeing yourself as sailing solo… towards a new king…

          2. lol. time-loop portal. So true….In the same week I had the saggy stellium ex and saggy moon ex reappear. Lovely. They shall return.

      1. I did a five card spread.
        1st card is present/general theme–I got King of Cups.
        2nd card is recent past still having effect–I got Ace of Pentacles.
        3rd card is future–I got Ace of Wands.
        4th card is reason behind the reading–I got two of Wands.
        5th card is potential within the situation–I got King of Pentacles.

        So. Two aces and two kings. Sheesh.

  26. By the way, I recently had a proper reading (ie not online) done for me by my sister (new tarot enthusiast), how would you interpret the king of pentacles card as the outcome card? Am rather hoping it’s a fab man with a yacht, but just checking as my optimism has been known to run away with me…

  27. This is spot on. A while back I was dating a man who was ‘separated’. I was an online tarot addict for the entire of our relationship and always got Justice and the Devil (although I don’t recall whether or not I got 7 of swords). Turns out he was going home to his ‘estranged’ wife every weekend and begging her to stay with him whilst spending his weeks with me and talking about our ‘future’. Fabulous experience all round.

  28. That’s really neat! I will remember this and try it out!

    The only problem is when I do it for myself, Justice is one of my Significator cards. ๐Ÿ™ It eeez me so I can’t see it for myself.

    But yes I see 7 of swords often for taken/complicated scenario.
    And the Devil is for people with drug problems as well.

    I also see a lot of 9 of swords and The Moon for people with mental/problems/depression that you can’t help with.

    1. Have you ever thought of not using Significator cards? It seems to me to be an intellectual decision about oneself, and that using the whole pack for divination opens up all aspects of yourself. Although I know it’s everybody’s choice how they work with the Tarot, I’ve never used the Significator myself and my readings for others have always been very accurate.

      1. Sometimes I don’t use a significator.

        I just tried to use Mystic’s spread to ask about jogging flirtation guy.

        My advice was Q of wands and the outcome was The Hermit. :/ geez. no luck.
        Past was 10 of cups
        Present was King of swords
        major influence was Q of Pents (REVERSED)

          1. LOL! Pants indeed! I certainly suspect he’s trying to get away from some earth mama type who is the Q of Pents.

  29. Recently got a lovely tarot deck, my first. Good thing the astros are being friendly to my practice with them. And thank you, Miss Mystic, for the insight into this card re relationship potential!

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