What is a Love Zombie?

Love Zombie is a term used by Mystic for when people go into full-on delusional autopilot mindset around a love interest, especially in scenarios where they know better. When in Love Zombie mode people abandon rationality, creativity, and good judgment to spend hours stalking someone on the internet. Or they let their current love obsessions get away with all kinds of crap. E.g., He’s married, the sex is terrible and he owes me $20,000 but I feel like he is my past life karmic soul mate and I need to stick it out. Love Zombie conditions induce thoughts and behavior that we later are aghast at. As Mystic says, “it’s karmic” is just as bad as the old “it’s complicated.”  “Complicated” is usually actually quite simple. “Karmic” is not necessarily an indicator that you should be together.

Being a Mystic Medusa subscriber has created deep and profound shifts in my own art-making, fashion, relationships, and spiritual evolution; not only are her horoscopes incredibly wise and effortlessly on-point, they also invite you to step into a worldview where we are all powerful magicians, visionaries and witches co-creating our own magic in our own lives with the energetic currents of the universe. 
Yumi Sakugawa


Last Update: May 1, 2019  

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