When Circe Is In Leo

Asteroid Circe entered Leo on Monday, August 30, and stays until November 18.  If you’re indifferent to this influence, perhaps because you’re seeking something more definitive, consider this: Have you had any sudden healing crises or remedial insights since late August?

Felt drawn to a specific plant or more aware of animal magic and the presence of a familiar spirit? Psychic scent sorcery and refined, intricate gossamer layers of rapport or attraction. These are all Circe-themes.

The child of the Sun God Apollo and either a Sea Witch or Hekate herself, Circe is naturally potent in Leo. She’s more fond of solitude, animals, and formulating magic potions than she is of most human company unless…something extraordinary materializes.

If you want to develop your consciousness or a metaphysical craft, chances are that you already picked up on the Circe frequency between August 28 and September 3. Rituals or dreams are dramatic and informative enough for you to transmit tranquility and solve more or less anything. Involved with a Leo? They’re automatically tuned into the Circe frequency, wowed by witchery, nothing less. Idea: Make your own scent, with intent.


FYI, in ancient Egypt, the term for dreams was “night oracles.”

*”Witches are not so delicate,” is from the sublime Circe, by Madeline Miller.

8 thoughts on “When Circe Is In Leo”

  1. i seem to be a cat and kitten magnet currently. My two new babies were feral and the tiny Tom so nervous but his eyes just kept saying I want to adore you but I’m terrified. He’s now literally my fur stole. I can’t put him down. He’s utterly glorious and I’m in love. His kid sister is jet black and cheeky and of course I’ve got my fuzzy fluff ball and a couple of other village cats who just hang out. But the Tom is special. Circe and bast combined I feel.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      So cute. And lucky to be surrounded by wildness. I envy you in my body corporate: no pets allowed environment. But hey I can play with my neighbours companion cat.

  2. Is it Circe in lovely Leo since Spring responsible for me having attractive men in my night movies?If they are a type of oracle then i’m in trouble!
    Circe is it you that had me painting my nails the darkest ruby red in creation instead of the usual ballet pink?
    Witches are never delicate, that a Faery thing. Do witches turn into faeries after a certain age?

  3. I normally have potent dreams but lately they are off the chart. Last night was a massive breakthrough dream and I’m sure I will never be the same again (a good thing). I’m reading Madeline Miller’s Circe at the moment. Fabulous. I even dreamt a cat jumped through my window and into my bed so I am expecting my familiar any minute…very Circe no?

  4. Mmmmmm think I’m going to adopt the ancient Egypt terminology, love the reference of dreams as “night oracles” 🤗 thanks for this insight ❤️

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