When The Void Moon Is In Leo

This is a Void Moon in Leo alert!  The precise time in your zone for this Lunar Mood Disorder is on the Moon Calendar.

But it’s a lengthy one, with approximately 16 hours to go as I type this.  It is not the optimal time for a shopping bender. The only people it’s not going to affect are those with a Leo Moon sign.

If you make even one impulse ‘special purchase’ with a Moon like this, you could be buying something for a parallel life version of yourself. I am not joking.

Can you recall your top three idiotic, personality delusion fuelled purchases?  I betcha they would have all been during a Void Moon in Leo.

You can buy anything you want for the parallel life version of yourself. Music you listen to once. A fragrance sold to you by a Qi Vampire who fuqed your aura.

A pet that needs dirt to dig in when you live in a penthouse. Memorabilia for something you want to forget. A device that will irritate more than it delights.

Dud Fashion Choices Go With The Void Moon In Leo

But fashion is the chief dud purchase for a Void Moon in Leo.

Other prospective purchases? A cocktail dress when you don’t drink cocktails. Or you do but in seclusion with your animals at your haunted mansion.

Alternatively, shoes for the parallel-reality-galaxy you who gets driven everywhere or can fly.

A color that is so unflattering you get “are you okay?” rather than any version of a compliment.

Something so tight, itchy and synthetic it causes a scary rash, but you did not care because your parallel-reality-galaxy lover would think it was HOT.

A jacket you cannot raise your arms in, but you did not care because you wanted it — fuq unsuitability.

This Void Moon in Leo alert is for real.  Why are Leo Moon signs immune? Because they might be able to stage an inspired purchase/style statement during this weird vortex.

Image: Ellen Von Unwerth

56 thoughts on “When The Void Moon Is In Leo”

  1. saturnplutoflux

    oh no, is that what was going on?? I impulsively took to my hair with scissors….its not sooooo bad that Ill be calling in sick for a week, but it would have been better if i had read this post first. Bummer.

    1. saturnplutoflux

      and I also impulsively paid for a traditional Sicilian trance/drumming workshop in Italy in August (kinda in the same vein as the impulsive booking of a holiday/somatics workshop in Egypt in November a few months ago) Im justifying all this spending on dance related tourism as catching up on all the years missed under Saturn academy induced illness, just gotta figure out how to pay for it…

      1. saturnplutoflux

        (looks like I learned nothing at the S.A….hope I dont get recalled for a refresher course)

      2. That sounds so amazing. I am dying to get to Italy, Sardinia, Cyprus.. my parallel selves are all calling from there it feels this last few weeks. How was Egypt? I heard it is a great time to go as there are few tourists and you can meditate in the temple of Osiris with a tour group without being disturbed at all. *sigh*

        1. saturnplutoflux

          Haha sorry I worded that wrong, the Egypt workshop is coming up this November, but yes I’ve heard things have settled down politically but the tourism has yet to pick up, so great time to visit especially for a sphinx!

  2. Yikes! I’m glad I missed this… in that nothing irreversably bad happened.

    I’m just glad the moon is now at 0 Virgo as I type this, and will be in Virgo on Wednesday when I get my hair cut……even if it’s in Libra by then, still good!
    I have had such a time with my hair the last few times. Not happy with the cut or color and trying out a new stylist on Wednesday! Leo issues, right? Except I’m Aqua Sun…. 😉

  3. Saw a leopard print dress I wanted LMAO. Very Leonine. Resisted caz I remembered this timely post. Thanks MM!

  4. Not sure if receiving a shipment confirmation email counts..for some extra wide black stretch sequins from LA?? And hopefully this was NOT a preempt of the Void Leo Moon Disorder when ordered online a couple of days ago…??? (and it’s cursed somehow)…
    But have been staggered instead during last 24 hours by disjointed memories of my past jazz career..full of Sagittarians ..and, of course, a memorable Leo???? What the hell is THAT supposed to mean??? …

  5. Oops. Read this and then forgot and bought a bunch of clothes and some furniture at the second-hand shop. I still feel good about all of them, but the moon isn’t in Virgo for another hour…

    Most had been planned well in advance, though. Less romantic fantasy and more “this is pretty much exactly like that one that I stained last week.” So we’ll see, I guess. Can’t say I wasn’t warned.

  6. The moon wasn’t void on the 20th right? Cause I bought Dr. shols shoe inserts, and a Beauty blender on a stick. Is just me? But do some beauty blenders look like @nal bead bu++ plugs? XD can I even say that on this blog??

    One time I bought a rabbit fur Russian hat, and then I yellow fishing hat that was broken.oh man what was I thinking?!
    Curious about this moon void. It’s an interesting theory.

  7. I read this was like ah noted delay trip to store to buy pillow until Virgo moon, slept in instead

    Did not factor in sneaky Pisces moon hijinks found self convinced of needing flower remedies then remembered my ban on spiritual materialism.

  8. I just spent way too much money on an Irish tweed trench coat on ebay… but whew! it was about 9 hours before the moon went void!

  9. Okay so its my birthday today Gem Sun/Moon, Virgo rising, now thinking about holding off spending my bday $$ on some new fashion purchases, so glad I read this before pondering a shopping trip. Thanks for the tip MM

  10. Uuuuhhhg
    All I wanted today was to pick up a futon, which had been planned since Friday. Doing it over online trading, cost=a bottle of gin, futon cover purchased and completely ready to walk away in case the futon’s use looked or felt suspicious.
    Wake up today and the first thought into my head – it’s a long weekend holiday, you can’t get booze! Arghhh I just want a decent couch!! A futon is literally luxury for me and a step up from what I have now:'(
    …Then again both my mom and a fri MD mentioned they’d help buy me a non used futon if this fell through…To me it seems unnecessary (if indeed it is in fine shape)..But on the other hand…Peace of mind?

    First quarter square has me up the past two nights til 4 am, watching transparent and flowing tears and quivering that feel like my baby self coming in looking for real reassuring connection. 8th house Leo, this void moon meeting up with my late Leo Lilith.
    Mebbe today need be just a primal scream I to a pillow and a bath

  11. I just LOVED this blog! Thank you. I love the concept of parallel life purchases.

    I recall a pair of shoes that I wanted to buy. I had no where to wear them and I said aloud “I will change my life for you “.

    Must have been void moon in Leo

    Alas they did not have my size so my life stayed the same ! ; )

  12. Holy crap.. I just adopted a dog yesterday lol.
    But she is very quiet and loving… kinda like me… wow

    1. Dogs are like kids, never a bad time to adopt a sweet doggie and I think a void moon in Leo is like mystic said, igniting inner fire and heart chakra vibrations in a gentle way. Enjoy your baby girl! What kind of breed is she?

  13. Hydrangearanger

    Funny that. I have been convinced in the last day that I need a puppy (chihuahua whippet) which would not be v cool in the view of my old lady dog. Also the fact I’m working from home now but waiting confirmation on a new contract… Hm.

  14. Is there truly no other positive spin around this? Read this too late, a few hours into purchasing a pre-Full Moon bamboo bicycle/sunset cocktail tour in my megalopolis’ old romantic Spanish city this weekend. It’s for a catch up with a fab friend visiting town, one of those few reunions in years! Or lol, could it be historically metaphorically accurate afterall with her being a Spaniard coming into the walled city that served as her ancestors’ base when they colonized my country couple of centuries back

    Anyway taking comfort in going beyond **canvassing** for intercontinental plane ticket soon after said purchase (or going further into discussing sharing company shares with another friend). The itch was real!

  15. Is there truly no other positive spin around this? Read this too late, a few hours into a bamboo bicycle/sunset cocktail tour in my megalopolis’ romantic old Spanish city for a catch up with a fab friend visiting town, one of those few reunions in years!

    Or lol, could it be historically metaphorically accurate afterall with her being a Spaniard coming into the walled city that served as her ancestors’ base when they colonized my country couple of centuries back

  16. Actually I could do with some retail therapy..lift up the mood a bit. Venus in Leo.

    Read somewhere that this week is connected to Aug eclipse in Leo.

  17. Soo…. That’s a no to the $00’s on the European lingerie? I’ve made a wishlist instead, for now haha
    And the product descriptions <3 : .."for the Woman who wants unparalleled comfort without diminishing her seductive power" I mean if that's not Pluto Saturn and Lilith in capricorn, hahahaha
    the French just do it better.

  18. As I’m reading this a women is walking by talking on her phone: ‘Let’s meet at the nice Italian place, i really need a Carbonara’

  19. Really wanted to snap up some new makeup and jewellery, but I’ll cool my jets until the sensible Virgo moon kicks in.

    1. Same here. No make up but PJ and underwear. I’ll stick to my choice but wait my savvy Moon over my Rising Virgo to proceed.

    2. Same! My mom just left after her annual spring visit and I have been telling myself I could buy myself a special something to soothe myself after her nonsense.

      Welp. I guess I’m stuck waiting till tomorrow if I actually want to enjoy the purchase. 🙁

      BTW, that photo is a perfect representation of wan and wistful Leo. (Leo sun here.)

  20. Hmm…. I just decided to make an offer for buying an apartment. Uranus in my 4-th house, you know…

  21. Haha, I love this! It explains so many random purchases I always thought were just my Asc in Gemini being fickle. Parallel Self urges explains so much. Totally can imagine food hoarding for my other self who hasn’t got access to enough food; I adore a well stocked larder but I do have Venus/Sat/Merc in Cancer.
    Anyway past lives are really just parallel or alt lives on the loom of life, as time is a complex animal, no? I find it really hard deciding on a design ideas as I love everything. Even my Pinterest page is a chaos of of extremes, minimalism and maximalism, florals to Industrial etc. my vehicle needs to limit the impulse by multiple friendly drivers!

    1. Same here. It’s made me laugh at myself somewhat. And yes to the well stocked cupboard. The world could hit the nuclear winter and I would have enough to last me through. I once married a chap who had only 1 jar of marmite in his huge larder. Not kidding. A jar of marmite. He would shop that day for his evening meal and it would be left over breakfast. Made me shudder. He had two huge freezers in his butlers pantry and a walk in larder and just one jar of marmite. That is Virgo for you.

      1. Has “Parwil” become some sort of slang for “naff” since? I feel like I have heard it used as such from an aussie friend….

      2. Eek! Well I don’t know that is Virgo alone, what is the Moon & Rising? Parallel Selves theory implies that there is severe need to declutter and deny though. Perhaps a monkish existence elsewhere?

  22. Thoughts!? Oh my!! I am going to Cornwall UK at the end of June and was thinking I might need a wetsuit in case the water is too cold. So started to browse online before I read you!
    It might wait a bit and I better try one in a shop then. Haha

  23. Hahaha….

    Killing some time in DJs waiting for a client in a class this afternoon. Saw a fab jacket. Colour was good, style really funky. Fit was fine and price was acceptable. Washable…surprisingly for the fabric. So many ticks. Tried it….twice. Stared at it long and hard and put it back on the rack. Um. Nup that would have been a dud purchase. That was definitely a parallel universe look I’m glad the emerging me saw fit to ignore.

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