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Happy New Moon in Gemini, purveyor of clarity in a Mercury Retrograde so weird it should have its own timezone. I loved the UFO summit, magnetic field irregularities, malfunctioning space probes and peak Daily Mail moments like “My Posh Warzone” the most. How about you?

This New Moon is short-lived but ultra-potent, amped by Jupiter for extra ebullience and at the significant 9° point of Gemini. Why, you may wonder, is nine so important? Is this really the time to digress into numerology? Is there a spell to banish Mercury Retrograde or condense it to five minutes? A Compressed Knowledge study notes version that you can put under your pillow?

Nine degrees of Gemini is vital because action planet Mars is about to spend nearly eight months in Gemini and from Xmas Eve 2022 until January 30 2023, it will be within one degree of 9°.

This Specific New Moon Point Is A Portal

That is, five weeks of Mars at this specific New Moon point. The 12 hours either side of it feature vital, future-pertinent ideas, dialogue and breakthrough insights. To put it another way, this N.M, is practically a portal for transition tools.

We know the zeitgeist has drastically altered since January 2020’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the pandemic et al and that we’re in a transition phase between two Pluto eras.

It’s just difficult to pivot, evolve or even form a lucid picture of the terrain when snark, gaslighting, suspicion and narrative warfare are at an all-time high.

But so are primal ingenuity, alt-consciousness, spiritual awareness and incipient Pluto in Aquarius cultural cues. Believe it. They’re not exactly undercover but many of us are sharing less for self-protective reasons, friendships have fractured and people are polarizing. While careful word selection has some advantages, it slows conversation flow and stupifies spontaneity.

We Need Raw, Unprocessed Information

It can result in an atmosphere where nobody is offended or informed. And at a time when most information is heavily processed, we need raw intel more than ever. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re trying to maneuver through a time that will one day be one of those what-the-fuq eras that befuddle teenagers made to study it in history class.

However, you are (a) not alone and (b) about to extract a cool clue toward a maximal future. The lengthy Gemini Mars runs nearly all the way until Pluto in Aquarius from late March: it’s a fantastic astro-phenom for clever, agile repositioning. And this New Moon is an early indicator for it.

A Mercury Retro Spell?

As for the Mercury Retrograde spell concept – lol, I wish. It’s always most vexatious in the days before it turns Direct and now that it’s backed into Taurus, food, money, sex and/or certainty are in ludicrously short supply.

But you can outwit even that by tapping into the cool-concept factor of this New Moon and remembering that, with Mercury trine Pluto, the deep-psyche paradigms stirred by the various vexations are the most important. In fact, confront those and there is your end-Mercury-Retro-early spell.

Image: Bob Peak – Gemini

61 thoughts on “Transition Revamp”

  1. Slipped off the structure wagon a few times (blaming Mercury turning direct with Saturn in the mix bc for me these are the days I struggle with- especially if an outer planet is somehow involved) and it’s identical in neurological terms to an alcoholic or drug addiction recovery slip. (Imo obviously not an expert) but it does feel that way to me. The pavement smacking me in the face as a gentle reminder is made more gentle than it otherwise would be by the support of others who also strive for neurological recovery from chaos/trauma and my awareness that staying in the unstructured gutter of compulsive behaviour. I’m still very much figuring out what this process is and what language to use but… yeah.

    1. You can use whatever language resonates with you, after all this is your experience! Saturn is about to go into retrograde on the 4th,…. at least it’s in Aquarius tho, but this can definitely be the cause of impending heaviness and restrictions. But it’s not all bad, it’s the cosmic push to organize ourselves and introduce structure to our most chaotic areas (that’s the pain part) that are untamed. Challenges are tough but the areas we have experienced the most trauma are the areas that we can have the most transformations & growth…… RISE UP PHOENIX LADY 🔥

    2. Corduroy jeans

      Just wanted you to know I read (& like) all your comments (even if belatedly, and even if half the time i cannot find the word to express, on any near parity to your level of sublime articulation, how much “I get it”, or just agree. And care. So there you have it – I am also so in awe of your bravery, to have actual, IRL social dates !!😄🙌 (again!!) Am not there yet myself (in my little quark and corner of Planet Earth), but am working on it – just have to parse this particularly interesting couple of astro phases recently. They have been exhausting but breathtakingly clarifying. Am going to go off screens for a bit to gather my wits. ❤ x

  2. JUNO is up and running Everything in the month of June for Saggo seems to have happened in the last 24 hours. ALL OF IT! If not physically, then the manifest being written as it being The Makes Moon, all of it thought about and planned whikst emptying 15 yar old mung beans ono the garden hoping they haven’t turned to stone or could be a problem for local mouses and doves but prob ok for the ecosystem.
    A month where sexuality is mentioned, went there 3 hours ago listening to Michael McDonalds singing Love TKO, then writing list of singers whose voices go straight to the heart then make a bee line directly down to the others chakras….zap. THAT fast and only 3 of them worldwide, hence the singularity.
    Seems religious somehow and thrill, excitement and vibrations always came with an ‘access all areas’ pass.
    Neptunian nights, thanks to my usual suspects, Moon and Neptune hugging midheavens. and it all turns to dust at daylight.
    Happily the Cap rising finances the fantasies.
    Going to make this a fun month to show myself it can be the opposite of what the winters blues can bring with a fitness strength building program set by physio to do at home. Starting biking on the bike that goes nowhere in front of A Discovery of Witches DVD series 1 & 2 with the angelic etherealTeresa Palmer learning how to weave threads of the universe while i’m pedalling wondering how to weave strength into me and wishing her luck with the rearrangements to the world’s hearts and minds while my legs are getting toned.
    Luv y’all.
    A squillion kisses deep.

  3. I’m finding an entirely new community here and the authentic tribe vibe is giving me life. Meeting a new friend for coffee tomorrow- something I haven’t done in forever. She gave me her number and I called her. I know right?
    What a crazy idea. I’m going out for coffee / tea / cake etc in soho every single day now.. best part is, boundaries and structure. Limits rule. Structure is everything.
    Hallelujah 🙌

    1. I mean it’s revolutionary to me that I limit my excursions to a few hours and stick to an area, a topic or theme for the friendship and adhere religiously to the rules I set. As someone who is pathologically high in trait openness to experience I have found structure and limitations to be my salvation.

      1. These boundaries and knowing them is something you have claimed tamed and gained for yourself the last 4 years. Now reap the rewards. I insist 🙂

    2. Nice one Invicta.
      Same same with the peoples at the lease free dog ovals and reserves parks around me. They all love animals and nature. It’s elemental and earthy.
      We chat we walk we laugh at the dog’s antics, some have besties (the dogs) who swap spit
      chase bound and have rolling rollicking good fun.
      Structure: there seems to be an unwritten rule that we have no more intimacy than that, it works out to be sufficient unto itself, so it’s spontaneous meet-cute with each other sans any obligation.
      Isolations fine but we need an energy exchanges elsewhere from we make ourselves, and we sure can make energy when we want or need it 🙂 x

      1. This sounds almost exactly what I’m experiencing in terms of the social world rebirth. It’s contained within its sphere of safety and uncommonly this suits me just fine thank you. There’s a definite code of conduct which is hugely permissive but depends on honestly and the spirit of integrity. No one is expected to share their entire life story- spare us the gory deets I Insist. But in a general way tell me everything- openness is a pre-requisite for belonging. My phone has never rung this much and I always pick up when it does now. Texting is okay but a quick call is better. Meeting for coffee is a thing again. And I love it. I’m having kind of a hard day (Saturn doing it’s thing with Mercury turning direct I guess? 🤷‍♀️) and it’s been completely revivifying to receive hang in there emoji’s from people whose WhatsApp profiles I need to check before answering to jog my memory because I got so many phone numbers last night. I’m experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening but it’s happening in a social context and that is truly humbling and I am so grateful.

  4. You know I didn’t believe I’d been pinched by this Mercury Rx, but on further contemplation and discussion with a phenomenal mentor I have my North node & Chiron in Gemini which has been… hhmmm different. Ordinarily having Mercury direct on Chiron and track back & forth over the past few weeks would’ve been very triggering, but the way that I have been able to express the childhood wounds (Chiron 8th house in Gem specifically is an early would that stifled growth) swirling around me was to channel that through journaling and writing, and moving to a place were it’s time to share my story.
    New moon in Gemini feels energizing to me, it feels so empowering to look at your life and be in the place that is conducive to growth, and not be at effect at everything and everyone around you ✨

      1. Life isn’t meant to be just pain, (a very familiar feeling) there’s a whole other life out there for us! Hello growth 👋🏼

      2. I mean, it’s so true. I’ve gotten so used to tolerating the pain and numbing out and hanging in there. I’m such a expert now at sticking with uncomfortable situations and not looking outside of myself for validation or excitement or even guidance. I’m feeling this Gemini / Saturn sixth house energy and I LOVE IT. When I structure my day using the wisdom of my 12th house and prioritising spiritual principles everything flows. Opening my day with prayer and then pausing to check in throughout the day and asking “am I doing this right? Or is this what I should be doing ? “
        Kind of a Thy will being done rn?
        my Virgo stellium loves it and my Sagittarius side is happier than ever too. At blooming last mate.
        this works

      3. YAYEEEE! I’m honestly so happy to read that you’ve entered a new chapter 😬😬…. Hhmm no wonder you’re introducing structure with Saturn in the 6th, the house of service. Our 12th house defines us, and really needs to be nurtured first before any other element. Spiritual wounds are felt deeper when our 12th is so packed, especially with the moon being our emotions…… your higher self has all the answers, it always did but we really made a lot of excuses or chose distractions over listening to ourselves. Don’t you think it’s mad that extremely intuitive ppl often don’t listen themselves? lol… 🤔
        i am so looking fwd to your growth and your next steps my love! 💞

      4. A wise man said exactly that: Life is meant to be a sweet walk from one place to another and he didn’t mean life is a field of daisies.
        Stuart Wilde (RIP) you may be interested in his body of work, a kind hearted trippy magician who was a prolific writer.
        Whispering Winds of Change was prophetic and Weight Loss for the Mind is a handy little go thats wallet size.

      5. Thank you so much Pegs for the recommendation!! Trippy magician is VERY on trend for my current mindset lol. I will definitely look into anyone that dares to question reality. I already purchased the book ‘Breath’ you mentioned on another thread and it honestly made such a difference to my energy levels and power of my workouts. Like some legal performance substance, who knew?? 🤔😂

      6. O yes James Nestor’s Breath book is VERY useful info, everyone can benefit from.
        One can get very high with breathwork which was part of my transforming bodywork biz before retired and saw first hand the magic effect on a person.
        To have it scientifically validated had me wishing it was done so 20 years ago instead of it being a secret and people wondering what the fuq i was doing with this ‘in & out’ thing 🙂
        Have begun using a surgical tape of a night over lips to prevent mouth breathing which causes dry lips and a susceptibility to throat infections.
        Have found using pure lanolin, it’s colourless in boring jar, applied with a cotton tip throughout my nose when going for walks in very cold air prevents that icy ‘sting’, and works a treat as a nose warmer :-).
        Stuart Wilde is a hero of mine as he sent up many of the holier than thou new age gurus, although he became a bit weird in ‘God’s Gladiators’ his last book before dying on a road trip in Ireland. His blogs are still up, huge body of work.
        You always find what you need xx

      7. I did the tape across the mouth at night too but it was so hard to fall asleep comfortably…. I’ve got to figure out another way *ponders 🤔🤔
        haha you was in the know before science caught up with you! I’m not familiar with Stuart Wilde but I will add it to my ever growing book list…. learning is a superpower! Ask and you shall receive ✨

      8. I kept ripping the tape off too. Moisturiser also not the best with taping. I am an oil slick at night facially

    1. journaling has been so helpful for me too. Documenting your memories and reflections, feelings and such regularly is brilliant. I’ve made massive progress doing it too. Listing stuff my inner child never got to tell anyone and ways we were transgressed upon, unacknowledged pain, unmet needs, getting all that stuff down on paper has helped those parts of me feel heard and it’s meant I’ve had more energy for getting on with my life

      1. It really works doesn’t it?!….. when you’re used to suppressing parts of yourself regularly or for a lifetime in my case, that part becomes wild either by imploding or exploding I’ve found, I definitely dabbled in both lol none of them honoring the work that truly needed to be done. Giving my inner voice a safe place to express whatever it is that needed to come out on the day. Its mad to see how cyclical our lives really are…..

      2. Journaling has been ground breaking for me too. Packed 3rd house. I thought I needed a psychologist but no, I just needed to let it out and re read it until the penny dropped. Absolutely amazing therapy for the Gemini type. Dream journaling in particular for me. So affirming to hear Invicta. And same re the tribe vibe here. I love it and appreciate it. Not that many ‘others’ can talk astro talk. It is another language after all. Thanks to you all and to MM in particular.

      3. Yes I second the thx to Mystic for giving this tribe the platform to express ourselves in Astro ways!!
        I’ve got Neptune in my 3rd right next to my South node both in Sagg, so the themes of communication is basically my whole life story/struggle! I definitely understand the struggle of a blocked power in the 3rd only too well..

  5. Mercury transits though the 12th house, then Mars sooon enough, and Neptune around mercury, I’ve just realised that this could translate to spiritual communication. Another commenter here mentioned contacting their guides and that’s when the possibility landed. I’ve also read that one way to do a transit is to work on the house opposite. Which is my houses of words, language, communication, routines and daily effort. There is also a strong sadge/Jupiter theme alongside. Ok. Research, learning from the ancients, and alt-communication, hmm. Practice, of course. Diligence and rituals… what’s the word I am looking for? Sanctity.. Devotion.?
    Via Jung? Mediumship? Write a novel Don quixote style? Befriend aliens and earth spirits?

    1. Sam this makes so much sense to me. These two houses inform each other and have a macro micro kind of relationship imo. This is pure hunch and wild guesswork but the as above so below adage comes to mind.

    1. Designed a name reggae tune called it Primal Lovers. At the beginning of the 12 inch vinyls.
      Sleeve was the inside a Weetbix box inside out and flattened out
      DYI music from Jamaica 🙂 x

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I love Reggae. It’s so relaxing !


        I was thinking about you early this week. Wondering where you were?

        Glad to hear from you.


  6. Penelope Darling

    This Mercury Retro has been the worst I have ever experienced. Just on the technology side I have had: zoom constantly updating and each time messing with my computer’s sound mix settings, my PhD somehow totally disappeared including all backups and the recovery copy as well only to mysteriously reappear, scroll lock stuck on, internet went down for three days, function keys stopped working and then started again, insert override was switched on for a day, excel only likes to open in the tiniest window. I have indeed been attempting a Mercury placation spell while counting down the days…

  7. Hello I am having a merc retro shit storm – usual things fuqing up tech, orders, timing but everyone seems to have gone agro nuts – over reactions, tensions and tantrums! I am like a kid rocking in a corner saying “Please let it be over, please let it be over! ” LOL

  8. They’re not exactly undercover but many of us are sharing less for self-protective reasons” This is so true!!! My uncertainty is plagued by impatience, hard to go with the flow when your so confused and feel like you’re paddling upstream blindfolded. Meh we’ll see, eventually 🫣

  9. Happy New Moon in Gemini!

    I love observing everyone during this mercurial time.

    Triple conjunct Moon, Sun & Venus in Gemini

  10. I don’t like my past instructor who I now suspect was rather mercenary.
    Treating my life and family like we are an open mining pit to ruthlessly excavate publicly with selected community folk recruited to cook up a POSH WARZONE indeed. Boundaries invisibly transgressed with the help of an overseas martial arts group?
    Problem is the tacit trolling from comments on sites (as clues) is also very stressful and is not helping either especially with my child a creative “target” for enacted adolescent themes.

  11. This Mercurial landscape seems to have made me speak the truth loud and clear. No fear around being completely honest without worries of offending. I am diplomatic normally (Venus Conj Merc in Cancer) but seriously can’t not blurt out the obvious. I feel super empowered. It’s FANTASTIC. Maybe Uranus in the 1st and my natal Uranus and Sun being opposed by Pluto are assisting. Absolutely liberating. I don’t even care if people know how old I am which is normally protected info.

  12. I lost my car on the very first day of Mercury Retrograde. Totalled by a kangaroo. Poor things. Which was super weird as I’ve always been hyper aware of these beautiful creatures on the road. One of my greatest fears has always been buying a second hand car by myself. My dad bought my first car when I was young and it was a total lemon (happily the universe arranged for it to be stolen in a Frankston carpark soon after, so I could collect the insurance, lol). However, I’ve come to really appreciate the journey that this Merc Rec is sending me on. I’ve learnt to let go of my car reliance. Slow down. Re-discovered public transport and the joy of walking places. Even found a fairy godmother in the industry to guide me through the pitfalls of car shopping as a woman. Mercury Retrograde always offers gifts if you look for them. That’s what I love about it (despite the hassle!)

  13. Happy New Moon in Gemini
    I feel tangibly better and grateful for the lessons and shifts in perspective

  14. Hello! —- My deep psyche paradigms around “shame” have been stirred AND shaken.

    Two days ago I saw this post on FB that opened a “WOW Portal” for me, as it clarified, connected, consolidated —- and illuminated —- longtime shame-based issues that are now transforming into positive ‘soul contract’ deliverables. The post also gave me mantra words to work with —- affirming that I am joyful, intense, mischievous, that I show up and I connect.

    I started truly feeling some zing around this as we entered this New Moon portal. This was all following some serious despair around “stuff”. So, I asked my guides and inner self for help, and of course it had to show up via FB of all places. At least it was the first thing I saw in my feed, a repost by a magical guru I haven’t seen in person for many years.

    With my Cap ASC @ 9 and Virgo Sun @ 9 (and Saturn @11 Aries) —- the opportunities and the challenges are POTENT and deeply interconnected. They’re present in a lot of areas of my life. With Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto also in Virgo, I’m up for sorting through this maze. Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio at the eclipse degree, I will take action informed by magic. Jupiter conjunct Moon in Leo — I need to share this and appreciate this synched-up opportunity to do so.

    Thank you as always Mystic.

    Love & sparkling high vibes!

    1. I have a Virgo line up similar to yours…and realized last night I needed to start addressing shame. It’s the next step.

  15. Thank you for these practical tips as always Mystic! I am feeling so amped by the new moon! Yesterday I made a beautiful connection and finally found a sponsor. I didn’t even want to go to the meeting and then the person I had been searching for was right there, waiting. Also went on a date with a gentle man who knows how to help me grow and care for the herb garden I just planted-very Taurean. Doors might not be opening, but I’m feeling a breeze come into the transit Saturn conjunct Venus/Sun bunker that I’ve been living in for months <3

    1. Congratulations on finding a sponsor 🌟
      Loving the recovery trope of
      I didn’t even feel like (insert the effort / commitment here) but I did it anyway and then received this cool present from the universe 🌈
      date with gentle man sounds lovely too.

      1. Thank you for your kind and supportive words Invicta! And you’re totally right–the universe does seem to move or reward me when I do the hard thing I don’t want to do. I hope you’re having a lovely new moon <3

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