Full Moon Trippers, Unite

The Full Moon is not exact for another 30 hours or so* but how trippy is it already?

It’s because its signature alignment – the Aries Sun conjunct Eris-Persephone and square Pluto – is already in play.  Cue recognition of power-plays/prejudice and the audacity to call people out on it.

If this is you, it’s not theatrical assertion because you’re full-mooned up and feisty – this is transition-astrology. Eris-Pluto is a broad, long-running cultural confrontation/evolution but the Sun and – soon – Full Moon in the config means more or less everyone gets to channel their own personal micro version of it.

Double-Digit Inflation, Eris-Pluto Revelations

Think about the last 12 hours: has your thought process been energetically like a flurry of bats before you settled on one succinct conclusion? And the lucidity was essentially that you were accepting or trying to ‘process’ certain conduct because you felt you deserved it?

Or you tolerated it as the dynamic had somehow become that the other person’s convenience/complacency was some kind of vital asset?

It’s immaterial whether the revelation regards a micro or macro issue, business or personal – the recognition is the point.

At the same time, Mercury + Venus and Uranus in sync are flippy and fun, although they also favor shrugging off the status-quo. I had a ridiculously Uranian moment. I was snipping some nettle under the nearly Full Moon for an aspirational botanical cuisine experiment. Naturally I mused on the medieval astro-physician’s thoughts on nettle as a Mars tonic, whether or not you could purchase druidic silver sickles and more diffuse neo-hippy sensations.

Inside, I blanched the leaves with boiling water to take out the sting and added the leaves to the meal: Noticing flashes of yellow, I thought they were flowers but no -they were caterpillars, still semi-alive after their ordeal. This totally killed my Gaia buzz.

Failed-Buddhist-style guilt gave way to a fleeting fantasy of a lifestyle sans plants: I was a concrete heiress living on the 11th floor with just one plant, an orchid so valuable it was cared for by my investment team – no dust, algae or caterpillars.

Mars In Virgo Power Googling

I spun out of that pretty quickly and did some Mars-in-Virgo power-googling and briefly obsessed on that the fact these caterpillars were destined to become moths, not butterflies, was symbolically significant. I posed a pathetic question to the algorithm – something like “are moths considered inferior to butterflies for mythological reasons or butterflies better looking” and got appropriately flaccid results.

Then I realized that the meaning was clear – new rule: never harvest anything in the dark, not even with moonlight. My cuisine experiment was done for the evening but I had the insight.

Never Harvest Anything In The Dark

Speaking of experiment, did you see the very Jupiter-Neptune news that arrived with that alignment? Scientists announced that they’ve found the pivotal W-Bosun particle was heavier than they thought, contradicting their fundamental theory of how the universe works. Jupiter anything always has more heft than you think it should and the discovery speaks to both the Jupiterian knowledge-quest and the fathomless mysteries of Neptune.

So how has your Jupiter-Neptune experience been? Did you discover something was bigger than you’d thought and while it’s up-ended your pet theories, it’s led you into a more profound line of thought? Or are you Moon-tripping?

*18.55 UTC Saturday – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

Image: Pater Sato

42 thoughts on “Full Moon Trippers, Unite”

  1. For my Full Moon experience, an old family feud regarding worst-kept secrets reared its head. Even though the main characters involved are long gone, their legacy remains through bullying behavior from people who can’t let things go (or stay stuck on certain details of the secrets). I’m figuring out how to broach the topic with those who have been bullied, those who bully and am very ready to do my own version of cancelling. My natal Libra Moon was not a close opposition, but the energy was stirring enough!

  2. My natal moon in Libra at 26 degrees, the same as this full moon has had me emotionally overwrought 😭
    sure I am navigating a separation 6.5 months in after 31 years together & 4 teens.
    Trying to rediscover who I am after being single for the first time since I was 18 & grieving our family dynamic, whilst pleased to be in the midst of new beginnings.
    Hoping the Venus & Neptune conjunction on my birthday on 27th & the Venus & Jupiter conjunction & new moon on the day I celebrate will bring happy moments & some much needed joy again.
    Full on headache after that full moon & emotional overload!

    1. Happy Birthday for the 27th Kat, getting in early here to wish you the happiest of days!
      Your “birthday week” starts now, so it’s a perfect time to be kind to yourself.
      Sounds like you would have clocked up some happy memories in all those years of family life, be proud of yourself, and hope the new beginnings bring you some peace and contentment.

  3. Happy Easter everyone
    Loving that rule ‘never harvest anything in the dark’
    Im back in my home town as my dad is over here from Oz briefly…very South node conj North node…memories, visiting places i used to play as a child…nodal opposition…

  4. This totally killed my Gaia buzz.
    Failed-Buddhist-style guilt gave way to a fleeting fantasy of a lifestyle sans plants: I was a concrete heiress living on the 11th floor with just one plant, an orchid so valuable it was cared for by my investment team – no dust, algae or caterpillars.

    i. Can not. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Happy Luna Rosa on the Eve of Easter,

    Today we will eat eggs, give the gift of chocolate bunnies and eggs, a curious blend of Christianity, Judaism, and paganism, really a celebration of Spring.

    Your post was humorous but so on-point! “Never harvest anything in the dark!”

    Mars entered Pisces, and I’ll have a “Mars return” soon. With Mars in my 12th, the Pink full moon in my 7th, and the Jup-Nep conjuction in my 1st, I feel the inner drive to create a kind of balance of power in relationships (the need to set things straight – Eris?) that I am releasing or have released, my body has a “mind of its own” and decided to heal itself, forcing me to exercise even if it hurts, the compulsion to complete old projects, especially those connected to relationships.

    I had a dream that I was speaking to three exes, making sure that they understood that we were done. One of them was going through the papers with an incredulous smirk on his face, really pissed off!

    Planting, teaching, spirituality, etc., photography, art, music, cooking, giving a voice to those without one, is sort of my modus operandi. No difference there, but going public through publishing, or even talking about is completely new. That would be the Jup-Nep conjunction in my first.

    I have a tendency to procrastinate going public, that’s part of my nature, but a part of me is pushing hard to just get on with it, almost the drive to leave a lot behind.

      1. Yes. Instead of bunnies and eggs, it would seem squirrels should bring chocolate-covered chestnuts.

  6. Well. Spent an hour with the elbows of a Libran remedial massage in my glutes. I managed to breath through it. And whatever she did, she certainly freed up something. Two days later, after hearing something repeated for the third time, I then ended up in a one and a half hour healing session. Not something I would normally do so soon after such deep tissue work but there you are. And I am not knocked flat which is amazing in itself.

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    I was just checking out this calendar yesterday. I used to use it for the beauty guide. Best day for waxing, haircuts etc. But it also has a gardening guide. Being the day before a full moon I thought it would be the best day for watering vegies. But alas no. To water would encourage pests.

    It is an Australian guide.

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    Coincidence: I just took down my basil and 🍅 hanging basket. The basil is flourishing so I picked the big ones to give the tomatoes a chance.

    Full moon basil. Then my neighbours came home so I gave them some. It felt good. The smell is strong.

    Then I read this post.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi speedy Gonzales. Yes the sun was still up.

        I have also planted lettuce and eaten it in salad. And I’m noticing for the first time in my life that my nails are getting stronger. OMG! I have taken good quality calcium but no cigar.

        Nature knows best.

      2. Home-grown and NATURE are sooo the best!! xx Have you read ABC gardener, Hannah Moloney’s book “The Good Life”?? She is a home-grown, DIY, permaculture queen. And I love her pink hair. Happy FM in Libra! Xoo

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        I just googled that book. I like the ABC gardening show on Friday nite.
        I have seen her on it. Thank you.

        When I was having radiology for my breast cancer early last year I got one of those kiddie gifts from Woolies. Spend $30 get a gift. It was a little pot with soil and seed. It just sat in my cupboard for a year.

        So a week ago I added water to the soil and it expanded then I planted the seeds. 2 days ago it sprouted. I was so happy.

        When I initially got it I felt like a little kid with a mysterious gift. That was special feeling during treatment.

        Happy Full Moon and Easter to you and your precious family.


  9. So: my Jupiter-Neptune trip started the minute Jupiter entered Pisces just before NYE (before hitting up my Mars-MC). I had a pre-cognition of some dire event (undescribed) before my husband and I took a 5 min drive to the local shops, and I had a terrible feeling, so I went back inside the house from the car and wrote down some family numbers for our (teen) children to call if anything happened. We then narrowly avoided (by a hands-width) a terrible car accident, down the road.
    Jup-Nep conjunction felt like being up in a hot-air balloon with amazing (internal) views, but I really, really just wanted to land on solid ground for five mins, every five mins. T’was intense, but (still) amazing (sorry for over-used epithet). A lot of reminders about how temporal this whole life is.
    Pre-full moon, my net searches have always been amplified Scanning The Universe For Leitmotifs (just like MM), but now even more so, and more esoterically. Feel like putting on sequined disco hotpants a la Miss Minogue at turn of the millennium, plus roller-skates, and singing Funkytown by Lipps Inc “Gotta make a move to a [metaphorical] town that’s right, for me…” BUT – then, Saturn in Aqua pipes up “Girl, you can’t skate, AND you don’t have sequinned hotpants. And you don’t feel so great health-wise, soo”..
    I’m trying to listen a lot to the Divine Feminine, which has meant tuning out of the mundane world. I hope I’m humble enough to accept the message. LOVE. Xoo

  10. From “aspirational botanical cuisine experiment” through “flashes of yellow” to “appropriately flaccid results”, I snortled and chortled though this entire piece. Thanks, Mystic, you’re an absolute Pleiades constellation in your own right XOO

  11. Your Mars in Virgo googling example has so utterly validated my relationship to google, yet I do not have Mars in Virgo. I have aqua merc square natal pluto and just today was scrolling down pages of “Emperor penguin metaphysics” then watching the inner brain scroll through psychic pages of references pinging off of my google finds. Lawd.

    The flurry of bats is very apt. Also these very palpable visits by my unfiltered never expressed teenage rage which has been consistently directed (projected) towards my roommate – we are legitimately the worst combo to live together + Goddess help me I’m doing my best to sit with my teen vs staying in this godforsaken power struggle.

    Full moon also on my MC, opposing my Jupiter and squaring my moon. ooooooo maybe I’ll try and sit down for inner tea with at least the later two + the current luminaries.

    1. I can relate. I’m constantly catching myself mentally venting unexpressed teenage rage and projecting at my roommate.
      sitting with the teen vs staying in this power struggle is literally the nugget I came here to find. 🙌

  12. I grew broccoli and it was infested with cabbage moth caterpillars. Didn’t grow them again, need poisons to grow? no thank you
    i was up early yesterday and saw the pre dawn Aqua Pisces line up after a week of clouds- magik. Full moons always excite me

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      Try draping the plants with tulle. Keeps the butterflies off and toxin free.
      MM blog has become a gardening club.

  13. Concrete heiress lol! Two words I never imagined together, so heavy, so light! As Sun/Merc in the 2nd House, I feel like a concrete heiress, where I should be fleet, there is weight. No gardening in the dark seems a very deep metaphor? When you brandish your shears in the depths of your unconsciousness you hurt others so very much, etc. Life seems to thrive on hurt though. It’s the mud in which our consciousness evolves a la Thich Naht Hahn, and other such excuses of the flesh eater I am. Lots of dreams at the moment, successful quests, heroes at the summit, the eagles nest full of eggs, reaching the point where there is no mud beneath the snow – just compacted purity. Or throwing a ball of woven evil off the edge of the known universe while the Tech Groke howls.

  14. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I addressed some long-standing issues that I had been keeping under wraps.
    It felt great.
    Insight wise? hmm, “when they know you’re prepared to walk is when change happens”.

  15. Penelope Darling

    I have finally decided it is time to address the trauma I am carrying around from what was a catastrophic time in my life, have contacted both a shaman and a somatic therapist. I’m ready to move on without this open wound on one side of my heart.

    1. Best of luck internet friend! Your multipronged approach will give you the result you’re seeking. I’m somewhat of a therapy skeptic (probably the inverse of most who are shaman skeptics lol) but it’s honestly helped my energy medicine/shamanic style work along quite a bit.

  16. My past was difficult. My present is fine (ish). Giving me time to shed tears about what I have been through. At last. Teary dreary full moon for me. Need to get my Mars Jupiter on in Leo.

    1. I’m so sorry the full moon is dredging up sadness, but you know what the full moon eats up? Releasing the past with fire. It’s very powerful to write down parts/people of your past you’re ready to release on paper and burn it under the full moon 🌕….Leo’s love that visual. You sound like you’re ready to 🤍

  17. I keep having heavy plummets in energy, foggy vision, an overall slump in my demeanor, mixed in with fading attention span, high levels of trance (which is normal for me, I’m so susceptible to hypnosis lol) and memories from my past swirling around my mind as a reminder that they have lived.
    Full Moon in my 1st house is evoking my natal Saturn & Pluto (conjunct both), so cue the heaviness….. those are two of my hardest placements, which I’m learning to work through their energies without fighting them. Hope everyone’s full moon (or lead up) is conjuring up magical lessons that you can understand & harness ✨

  18. wow this is great thanks mystic. Writing to you from the middle of SA as I decided to take my family on a last minute camping trip and forgot all the essentials including formula for my little one. So am currently driving around in the dark at 4am in Mannum – greetings 😀😂

    my biggest aha moment is that I am a complete control freak and push myself way too hard (Capricorn moon) and my spontaneous sun (Aries) is it’s biggest downfall to my moon (hence my current position sitting in the dark without formula for my bubs)

    ive had so many comments and situations blow up in my face that’s made me realise I am the one stressing me out. I have achieved almost everything I’ve set out to do (house, kids, marriage, career $$$ that I love) and I am insanely discontent with this.

    going to throw myself into yoga and meditation and learning to enjoy the now – no projects. Nothing. Just be in the moment. Sorry for the long post but obviously I have the time right now lol

  19. Cue recognition of power-plays/prejudice and the audacity to call people out on it.” Oh man, you have no idea.

    My partner and I were talking about how everything seems to be collapsing into one thing, if that makes sense. Like every facet of our lives (work, romantic relationships, business relationship, money, creativity, psychological and spiritual matters) is a hologram of a constant theme or lesson. That’s my sense of Jupiter-Neptune at the moment… it’s like surreal, dreamy, but also like you said Jupiter anything has more heft or maybe more dimension than you think it should. I’m not explaining this well.

  20. Thanks for these insights Mystic. Illuminating as always. Well, Saturn must still be amped for me as I’m up at 1.40am with toothache. I wanted to be asleep early for my last shift at work. Even without the toothache, my neighbour’s dogs got through the fence and I had to shepherd them home. The full moon is bright. I am restless. It is my last shift at my new job because I am moving interstate (though luckily I’ve been offered a transfer with the job!). I have a week to pack and clean, get the removalist to arrive in time to pick up my stuff, then four days to drive with my cat and my mum. I have adhd, and the reason for the move is traumatic, in addition to compacted trauma of the last five years. Somehow I will bring it together. I will try to sleep again, remembering MM’s fantastic take on Leo’s astro for this weekend.

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