An Aquarius Full Moon Moment

Want to hear a surreal, snappy little Aquarius Full Moon anecdote? Here it is. It is SO astrologically apt.

Dear Mystic,
I thought you might appreciate this story:I am a Cancerian and during the Eclipse of mid-July, I discovered that my fiance has been cheating on me for months. One month later, I was traveling back home after an extended vacation on the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius. It was also the Sun and Venus conjunct in Leo.

I was looking for an outlet to charge my phone and eventually found one. There was a good looking, charismatic guy also charging his phone. He was the type of guy I notice but automatically ignore under the belief he would never look at me. And I had woken up at 4 am, wearing black clothes covered in dirt and cat fur, unbrushed hair, no make up.

I sat down next to him on the bank across from the charging outlets. A very pretty well-dressed blonde walked by and I remember thinking ‘bet she is his type.’Then I caught him turning his head to look at me. But it reminded me of the night I met my cheating ex-fiance. I was thinking how much better off I’d be if I had trusted my initial instinct about him. 

While  I was lost in these thoughts of my ex, the hot airport guy struck up conversation unnecessarily. He was asking about gate numbers; they were right there and obvious. We talked about flights, mishaps at airports and our predictions for the future. I’m rooting for full AI take over, he’s betting on nuclear armageddon. Both our flights were starting to board, so we finally introduced ourselves and we learned each other’s names.

Then he asked me the loaded question of how my holiday was. I told him the truth: that I was trying to heal after discovering the betrayal. He said I looked good despite the awful situation. Then he handed me his electronic cigarette and told me to take a drag so that “we could remember this moment forever.” It was weed!

I laughed so hard from the shock – having an electronic joint in the middle of the departures lounge. We said goodbye, and that was the fleeting, unusual moment that this Aquarius Full Moon gave me. I smiled all the way back home. 

Hope you are well.
Much love,
– A Cancerian with a Leo’s heart. 

I love this so much! I hope you gave each other info to track one another down on social media? Or was the fleeting nature of it the whole point? The symbolism is fabulous. Airports are transition and obviously, you are in transition from a full-frontal assault on your trust and expectations.

The Sun conjunct Venus is symbolically an affirmation. Flirting with this guy (his sign?) is a fabulous, Leo-style cure for the flaky fiance. Cheating counts as a passive-aggressive break-up. And an Aquarius Full Moon often evokes sudden, surreal scenarios like that.

Having fleeting, high-vibe cognitive conversations with strangers is super-Uranian. Sagittarians are brilliant at it too. That, plus Dream Weed before a flight and liking you in your no-makeup, cat-furred glory makes me think he was Sagittarius. Can we please found out?!

What does everyone else think?

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  1. Not gonna lie, I’m feeling super down right now – I’m also a cancer who found out that my Virgo has been creeping with a chick he works with (found out early July) — at first I genuinely just wanted to improve my relationship with him because there were a lot of things on my end that I needed to work on anyway. But either way, my trust was shattered and it’s been hard — he broke up with me but said be still loves me, etc… and unfortunately I didn’t just up and leave. However, after wallowing in my sorrows tonight, I started packing my shit up while he has been out and am gonna peace from this shit. If he wants it to be, it’ll work out. I cheated on him in the past because I was emotionally unfulfilled, then he truly did try for a long time, but once again, we’re back where we were and I just can’t do it to myself anymore. After 5 years, I’m nervous about dating again, but your story made me smile because as a cancer, I know exactly how you feel! Love those random connections with people that still make you believe…

    Side note:
    I know that if I don’t go, my boyfriend/ex boyfriend will never truly respect or understand me — and there’s a chance that I might never look back.

  2. PERFECT! Love it!
    I was down with a flu and spent weekend helping my son writing a dystopian short story for his English assignment. He is Cancer rising and Leo Moon.

  3. LOL I’m a Uranian Sadge and I love this story. Went out the other night for the first time in ages and had a blast. Yay for flirting as a Leo style cure!

  4. All I can say is I hope your paths cross again, or maybe not. That’s the prob with Acqua magic moments, they stun you with awe, leave you befuddled about the way it happened, then slowly fade. But life after that is never the same, you’ve opened a portal of possibilities, what else is possible?!

  5. So Aquarian! Doomsday predictions of the future, AI, charging phones and smoking electronic weed … my people …

  6. Oh I looove this. I love the random encounters that make you smile.
    I had a strange encounter on the weekend as well. Decided I am done with a lover man who was ignoring my messages this weekend, and as I had recently left my husband it was feeling all a bit hopeless relationship wise- would I ever have sex again??
    Anyway was invited out by my friends who have their own best love story ever. They dated when we were all young and at Uni then because he wasn’t ready they drifted apart and he married a girl who really was quite nasty to him and she married someone who wasn’t quite right for her. Long story short after both of their marriages were ending they reconnected through me on Facebook and now are so happily and madly in love.. they just make me smile when I see them. Anyway back to the night out and I noticed a tall guy looking over my way (A LOT) so I went up and said Hello.. turns out he is actually a nice ordinary guy who really was happy to get to know me. He has been texting me and it’s sweet. He may not be my future but he is a nice reminder that anything can happen in life we just have to keep moving and stay open to the possibility.

  7. omg I LOVE THIS! yes, sag for sure!
    This story put a huge grin on my face, which considering my current mood is amazing.
    I met some wonderful men at airports during my frequent flyer life shift. That moment before boarding is genuinely magical. I was in love with the whole airport experience and thoroughly UNjaded about travelling. Okay about everything…but what a cool Aquarius full moon airport moment. Gorgeous xx

  8. How likely is it that romantic affirmations under this full moon are false or zombie-ish? The horoscopes are telling me it’s all fab, but the pragmatist in me is freaking.

    I’ve had this intimate friendship with a Libra who is engaged to someone else. I know, I know, not fantastic, and I’ve been as boundaried as I possibly can about the whole thing but I guess when people are intensely attracted to each other there’s only so much you can do, and I was probably quite naive to think we could spend all this time together without something happening. Stupid.

    I think it all built up like a pressure cooker, until I told him I had feelings for him, and he couldn’t keep flirting with me or being tactile as it was driving me mad. He was surprised, he had no idea, he told me he had feelings for me too. We talked it all out for a few hours, kissed a bit, and I made it super clear that I didn’t want to mess with his relationship in any way (lol) and we could just continue being really close pals. Wow, feels so good to get that off our chests, doesn’t it? Yes, so great we had this conversation pal, thanks so much for raising it. More kissing.

    I mean, obviously, obviously not.

    I haven’t heard from him since, but of course, any semblance of platonic friendship is completely ruined forever. I can’t just continue being his friend, I’ve had to perform far too many emotional acrobatics to legitimise this whole thing. The only person that would benefit is him. I feel horrifically guilty about the whole thing. I have no idea if he’s in the middle of telling his fiance or if he will tell her at all.

    I guess only time will tell.

    1. Aw sounds are being strong and big props on mental clarity and efforts to maintain boundaries for yourself. Heartache is a toughie. Sending sympathy hugs xxx

  9. A pretty face isn’t enough to make up for the irresponsibility of giving someone drugs without consent (and before anyone tells me to lighten up, imagine you thought a guy was buying a nice glass of Shiraz only to find yourself roofied and legless). That guy is just as much a douche as your ex fiancé. And he was probably too high to have the guts to talk to the blonde.

    1. This is a really good point. I was going with the whimsical and validating angle of this encounter but I see this too.

    2. As you can see from my reaction, I was not offended at being offered two puffs of an electronic joint. We were actually still in the departures lounge (surrounded by people, and technically breaking no-smoking rules – which again felt very Aquarius to me) when he offered it. He was not smoking when I sat down – he could not, he was charging his phone. It’s harsh (even a bit cruel) of you to suggest that he only found me attractive/worthy of striking up conservation because he was high (which he was not, he was very much sober).

      The interaction made me feel good, I came away from it bemused and smiling. Maybe you would have freaked and called security; each to their own.

      1. Initially I was also a bit shocked about the whole rohep-vape situ but your telling of the tale was lighthearted and joyous so I decided to focus on the fun part. Obviously I’m assuming you didn’t inhale 🙂

      2. All I said is maybe he didn’t have the guts to talk to the blonde – literally no reference or comment on your attractiveness/worthiness, or even why he chose to talk to you. Maybe he doesn’t even like blondes! Own your attractiveness and worthiness!

        Maybe you need to identify if you’re giving yourself comparative traits. You chose to highlight and compare yourself to the blonde in this story. The whole story could’ve been told without her at all.
        Maybe he doesn’t even like blondes! Own your attractiveness and worthiness! Don’t hinge your value on whether a good looking man talks to you. You’re better than that!

        I wouldn’t have freaked out – but I get random drug tested by my employer so, for me, someone duping me like that would have serious implications and could leave me jobless. But then again, I would ask first.

        No matter how good looking and charismatic a man is, small encounters can turn into relationships. Better to see red flags immediately. A person who isn’t upfront about what they’re giving you is a red flag to me on that persons character. You’re already leaving one dodgy guy, don’t go finding another one to replace him!

        New you!

  10. Love this story fellow crab with lion’s heart! Random connections & happenings in travel/transit zones like these is music to my 9th House. Especially when Trickster hands you a gift.

    My partner and i had our Aquarius Full Moon moment when the alternator in our car played up while driving through the Pyrenees (at FM) and it finally cracked at Lourdes of all places. Ended up joining hundreds of pilgrims from all over the planet taking the healing waters while waiting to get it fixed.

    My FM astro: FM opposite my Mars-Uranus-Merc – plus Mercury on my MC-Moon
    Partner’s FM astro: FM opposite his Mars plus Mercury conjunct MC sextile his Jupiter

  11. Definitely Saggo, overlooking the well dressed blonde and betting on the future doomsday of humanity with lighthearted, yet deeply philosophical cheer.

  12. I am an aquarian and 2 years ago I had an eclipse exact on my birthday. That week i had an important meeting with USA meeting about a product I had been working on. The meeting went well but the manufacturers and distributors stuffed me around and around. WE ended up manufacturing in Australia blah de blah. On the day of the recent full moon, we received a government export grant reimbursing me for that frustrating travel tot he USA, the USA company and an English company emailed us to resume discussions,, and we received a massive order from Buddhist nuns in a convent wanting to buy our product to help them relieve their aching joints from daily meditation practice of 9 hours a day.

    It was like the last two years I have been in the transition lounge or limbo and the doors opened on this full moon.

    1. Love this. Great astro cycle pickup.
      “Massive order from Buddhist nuns….” haha, it has such a 9th H/Jupiter/Sagg flavour too.
      And now i’m very curious as to what your product is?!

      1. Oh sorry I did not mean to promote a product on this site, I will write to mystic separately and check if it is OK to answer that. I feel it would be disrespectful to self promote like this, if she is Ok I will answer.

  13. I love this! I had something lovely happen night of the eclipse – I went on my own to Boy and Bear. I was late BUT somehow got the most amazing view of the stage – aircon and great people all around me just amazing cool friendly women and we all bonded and had THE best girl power time. I was in the bathroom and the girl behind me was totally bitching to her friend how hot she was at her spot, how everyone was pushing and shoving and squashing each other being a bit agro. It was like we were at two different concerts. Also breezed our and got Uber straight home.

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