Dating The Zodiac: Cancer

Once I worked for – not dated – a Cancerian who was a doctor and the maddest modelizer/womanizer you’ve ever heard of. But it wasn’t some cynical pick-up artist thing – god no.

Dr. Crab fell in love – or felt he did – every time. He could go from being like a wilted flower drooping down in the heat of all his legal fees and angry exes into something more like green, vibrant bamboo. The mere sight of a beautiful woman – or perhaps more girl in his case – would have render him witty, euphoric and glowing with cosmic zeal.

There were dramas, Love Zombie escapades (yes, men too), much quoting of Rumi and midnight punch-ups. He often expressed opinions such as “her husband does not understand her – she is a magical instrument in the hands of a barbarian.”

He liked Evian water, money ( obsessively counting whatever currency was in his wallet) and watches that the SAS would evidently wear should they need to call in an airstrike. He never believed in the moon landing but it wasn’t because he bought into conspiracy theory – he preferred to think of Luna as a literal magical place or even a goddess. True.

‘My cancer boyfriend (my now most recent ex) and I dated for two years, and it was an INSANE relationship. Smoldering sexy, musically brilliant, EXTREMELY emotionally abusive but so manipulative that I couldn’t see it until it was too late,’ Archerette reports.

But what about the time The Leo Socialite dated a Cancer?

‘Once i dated a Cancerian who slept with all my friends and then called me “selfish” and even “ignoble” when i objected. I thought at the time he might want to have a different lady friend for each moon sign because he had about 12 of us on rotation. My Scorpio friend thinks he’s gay but that having a lot of women action is the best “beard.”’

Have you any of you date/mated a Crab person?

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  1. My first love was a crab! Fell in love with how emotionally deep and understanding he was. But he must’ve had Sagg in his chart because he would blurt out things (once called me fat!) that weren’t very nice. Could have been his protective shell also.
    We broke up but stayed friends for a little while. One time I snooped through his phone (taboo but I was curious) and saw his texts to his mom calling her “mommy” and weirdly childish is his way of talking to her. He was 28. Creeped me out.

  2. I’m actually married to a Kataka. He is very intense emotionally. I’m a Virgo and tend to keep the reins on my emotions and keep the ups and downs to a minimum if it at all possible, whereas he has pretty large swings one way or the other. He loves something or he loathes it. It works out alright for us because he helps me break out of my overly self-controlledness, and I help anchor him. Otherwise, very, very loyal. He has an inner circle that is nearly impossible to get on, but once you’re on, you are there for life (unless you cross him in a big way).

  3. had a one night stand with a crab musician that’s playing on radio stations right here in the isa to this day. no names though…. and it wash’t really a one night stand because we kept in contact after, in a indirect way. god the sex was so goodn& the best i ever had but i refuse to be with him after he lied about the many children he had.

  4. Ah yes, more reports on low vibe crabs—grist for the mill of self-reflection as a Kataka. Re: falling in love quickly—although I am serial monogamist and tend to date someone for a couple of years at a time, I do fall into the relationship so quickly and hard, I’m practically living with someone after the first date. This is fun at the time (so wrapped up in appreciating the newness and interestingness of the other person, plus awesome sex), but later I inevitably think it was way too fast and I should have held back. Thing is, I never think I am “in love”, I’m really not romantic like that at all, and I think this could be related to my other Air/Fire placements? When I first meet someone I come off as very Air-type, but then when a partner gets close the more watery crab becomes apparent. Yes the Sun is the Sun, but all the other placements make it way more complex, multifaceted, or whatevs. I asked my Triple Gem boyfriend his thoughts on dating a Kataka: he appreciates the focus on comfort/coziness in the home (grounding for him), obviously the tough outer shell exists and only lets a few select people underneath into the emotional home, passionate about interests like art, film, music, psychology or whatever the crab is interested in, and yes, when moodiness strikes others cannot reach the crab—game over, just wait it out. However, I disagree over this strategy in my particular case, my Aries moon usually wants to resolve things quickly because I detest stewing, it feels horrible, I just need help to initiate conversation about the issue, as I can be trapped and speechless by a bad mood—but always understand if partner isn’t up for immediate convo either. Triple Gem boy has Gem moon on AC, so he gets the crab vibe, thankfully. We have some crazy psychic stuff between us too…I think a random thought and 30 seconds later he says it out loud.

  5. Rebound relationship with a young Kataka who was difficult, insane, devoted, creative, sensitive, psychotic, tender etc. but mainly I remember having sex for 3 days in a row only stopping for food & a little sleep.
    No recreational anything involved. My Mars on his Lilith.

    1. oh wow. You must have Toro in your chart somewhere?
      I’d get cabin fever after a day. Haha… Mars in Sadge has got to get outta da house at least once a day

  6. My cancer boyfriend (my now most recent ex) and I dated for two years and it was a TOTALLY INSANE relationship. He-smoldering sexy, musically brilliant, EXTREMELY emotionally abusive but so manipulative that I couldn’t see it until it was too late.
    Me-Saggo with many friendly exes still in my life, it drove his jealousy CRAZY and made me feel trapped to all hell. Screaming matches, wall punching… I am a gentle soul, most definitely NOT a person who screams and shouts all around but so help me god…
    Never. Again.

    1. I am anon below, ugh so relate to this, if the lad hadn’t been quite bit younger he would have tried pass agg ( he had moon in Virgo ) but I was having none of it. So instead he went agg agg! With his Mars on my Asc everyone thought he was beating me up.

      It was like being a cow girl, I hogtied him in cords of love that were his own creation, gentled him by helping him realise that HIS feelings would choke him if he struggled in my embrace.

      Dark Moon Children can’t mess with my home brand cancer Venus.

  7. Interesting the posts on Libra/Leo and Kataka combo. Im in a similar relationship but he has cancer rising and venus in Cancer. He is very influenced by the moon and women and thankfully has a lovely mum and sister. We always hang out when the full moon is on and get a nice moon tan. Moody yes so thats time to give him space. he has relaxed with me over the years after being cheated on by many ex’s and he has learnt to trust me which has also taken years. I’ve just stayed true to him accepting his moods et al -that being my Venus crabby style. Always loyal to him and now he is to me. Still makes me swoon

  8. Ex is a crab. We were together for 20+ years. We are friends again after a tough break-up. Two teenage children. Generous and loyal.

  9. o god this resonates, I quoted rumi to my partner this morning. I do love being a moonchild & crying at Thai life insurance commercials & particularly sweet three-year-olds…I cry probably 50% of the time during sex which my hot hot haute Aquarius bf loves me thru without fail.

    1. You do sound very fragile, I hope you don’t mind me suggesting you think about dealing with your tears during sex. Perhaps a good kinaesiologist, flower essences etc? I have had two bf’s who carried much shame & distress after relationships with girls who cried during sex. Good luck moon child!

      1. Thank you for the insight! That’s very interesting–obv it is me working thru trauma as well but kinesthesiology etc def sound like conscious ways to work thru it without imparting it to others!

  10. once i dated a cancerian who slept with all my friends and then called me “selfish” and even “ignoble” when i objected. I thought at the time he might want to have a different lady friend for each moon sign because he had about 12 of us on rotation. my scorpio friend thinks he gay but that having a lot of women action is the best “beard.”

    hey does anyone else feel better now that pluto is direct? Who would have thunk it?

    1. No, not yet still can’t get over this cancer man.. sob.
      Disappearing and reappearing.. As soon as I feel safe he rips my heart out… yet again.

  11. Strangely, I have attracted a lot of Cancer men over the years. Despite the attraction, though, it never ends well. I find their brand of love clammy, moist and suffocating. Entirely too yin for my fire. Also, I require a lot of s p a c e, and this offends them.

    My longest friendship from childhood was with a Cancer. It took me 22 years to realize that she was mean and manipulative, two things totally foreign to my temperament. The problem was that we fell into that classic Cancer/Aries dynamic, Mother and Child. I was the guileless, flighty, irresponsible one, and she took care of me and subjected me to all manner of pass-agg head games.

    When I finally stood up for myself, it all fell apart.

    We are talking again after many years, but I feel unable to trust her. Cancer love seems to come with too many strings attached.

  12. Taurus sun here, just now after years finally connecting with the Cancer man I’ve been wanting. He first started appearing in my dreams while I was still with an Icey Virgo who I would eventually leave commencing the break up from hell. kataka and I met at the park. Our dogs had an affinity for eachother, so much so that my dog could smell his before they were in sight and would freak out whenever we saw eachother. Instant chemistry – not just the dogs lol. I’ve never had so many dreams about a man before. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. It’s deep and enduring. And yes he is classic cancer – has his fortress of solitude, moody, close with mom, always on the $$ hustle, collector to the point of eccentricity. I’ll have to get back to you on the sexual tip – I look forward to further investigation.

  13. Literally reeling today from the end of a 7 month situation with one, a ‘feel like I’m going to die’ heartbreak, the likes of which I have not experienced in a long time. It was doomed from the start with synastry and distance and the rest but oh how hard we both fell anyway. Totally selfish, prone to crying, drinking too much, deffo Mama issues, sad sloping eyes, amazingness in bed, total classic Cancer in all the ways. Moon and Rising in Scorpio, just didn’t get each other in the end despite the love. I dated one for 8 years in my 20’s, also Scorpio moon, he was utterly typical too, perhaps even more so, I’m not sure it’s the best energy for me personally – squares all of my Libra stuff – but they tug at my heartstrings like no other.

  14. I had a long running relationship with a Crab and now I am married to another… The first Crab had an absent mother due to alcoholism (which killed her) but idealized memories of her. He is still very much a treasured part of my life and is a quality human being. He kind and generous to a fault, has a highly successful career but is extremely humble, maintains a childlike enthusiasm for life and is highly principled. However as my lover, he had the ability to extremely self contained emotionally and distant, sexually was generous but exceedingly shy. I was often very lonely and longed for a deep, passionate connection and communication. So I left and he was devestated but moved on painfully fast, and then I was devastated. I love my husband but our relationship has been a trial. We were engaged within six weeks, married within seven months and fell pregnant that week. My twins are now 6 weeks old. Yes, nutty on my behalf I recognize. I love him dearly however and I suppose my venus, pluto, Lillith and sun in the fifth house is fed by that passion. His Sag rising is conjunct my Sun too. He is extremely affectionate, passionate and can be tender and kind. He is also moody, defensive, dependent and has a cruel and vicious temper. It seems we are in a constant state of flux (Gemini Venus). His adored Mother has protected, nurtured and enabled him to his detriment. He is financially screwed and I know this messes with his Crab sensibility but he states he cannot be trusted with money. He takes to bed for hours and days on end when life becomes overwhelming to emerge a different man. I left him during my pregnancy but the truth is I love him dearly and came back after 3 months. That said I constantly feel like I am walking a tightrope and it is debilitating. Love to you all x

  15. The week after Mystic posted about ”something coming up from the 80’s”’ my very first boyfriend passed away. He went in his sleep – alcohol related.

    He was sun conjunct moon in Kataka in the second house.
    He was sweet as, and moon faced, hair down to his backside.
    Gemini rising, Saturn conjunct ascendent – a serious talker.
    Became a famous muso, but it was the plonk, that seeped in and stole his essence away.
    I sent his Mum a card with the moon on it when i read of his passing, sharing some stories with her – what my memories would always be….she got in touch and said i was one of the lucky ones to have lovely memories of him and would it be ok to share them with everyone ?
    (She’s Aries).
    It was the most beautiful send off i had ever been too. There was a massive circular crochet rainbow blanket over him with his instrument on top.. the track that played at the end was Iggy and The Stooges – Dirt … There were 5 people sharing stories (including 2 of his 5 brothers) it was not a religious send off (he was quite a spiritual fellow, on the Buddhist path before spirit of the bottle took him over) .. I will never forget his send off…I had that Stooges song in my head for weeks..
    He would have loved it.

  16. I’m Leo (Virg-cusp) woman dating a Cancer man, for about a year now. My Cancer moon and Cap rising helps me out a lot, I think. He’s so so slow, he’s more like a snail than a crab. I suspect he’s saving “I love you” until marriage, ha!

    He’s so so so typically Cancerian in so so many ways, I can’t even grasp it fully. The sex is wonderful, his giant eyes drive me insane, ahh! He is not well with words, he tends to admit feelings and show vulnerability only when very drunk, but I am patient. Geez, I’m so head-over-heels for this guy.

    My mother embodies all low-side Cancer though, so I’m familiar…

    1. I’ve put him on a high pedestal (so Leonine of me, I know) and simply adore him but I do wish he would verbally affirm me more. However, I am learning to speak the language of eye contact. It’s entirely new for me!

      1. Sounds lovely. So romantic, if maddening! And it sounds like you really DO understand his language 🙂 Having that Cancer moon and mama will def help. I’m Libra w a Cancerian mama and I do have a ‘thing’ for Cancerian men. I just feel so nurtured and seen and, well, placed on a pedestal too. Yummm. Loving like no other! I hope you do get to that end of the aisle moment, whether you decide to put a ring on it or not! x

  17. Just recently ended things with a french cancer. I don’t think he represents the typical cancer…he had a lot of fire in his chart (Leo rising, Aries moon). VERY charming and charismatic individual. He was a hairdresser and also a womanizer (he certainly womanized me). I never really experienced his moods (I think he stayed away when he was going through them…or he was with another girl). AMAZING in bed…best I ever had but he gave a lot of mixed signals. One minute he would go on about how he doesn’t want a relationship/commitment–the next minute he would tell me he loves me and that of course I’m the only girl he’s seeing right now, he’s so busy with work he doesn’t have time to fuq around, etc. he could be such a girl about things (I.e so stressed out about decorating his apartment…Virgo mars perhaps?). SO HOMEY (but maybe just with me to keep out activities limited to the bedroom). Loved to smoke weed…was always high when I saw him. Personally I found him to be very manipulative and selfish. He disappeared for a little while because he “felt like I was getting too attached to him.” Once accused me of beig addicted to him (very full of himself) All in all probably not for me though it was nice ride while it lasted.

      1. Lol! Sprung! What French men have in common with their cars are their good looks. They look so sexy, (I mean who can resist a citroen ds cabriolet?) and so playful (2cv); and i’ve already mentioned the charms of the renault 4. But as far as performance goes, I wouldn’t know – i’ve only driven the cars. The citroen ds was seductive as hell and gave a smooth ride – tho it was highly strung, but the other two could handle rough treatment even off road.
        I better stop now.

        1. Really? yeah, ok …..they’re kinda no-nonsense, jaunty looking with attitude… i dig.

          Had an old 604 in London. Everybody used to get the hell outta the way with that beasty. Used to call it The Lion. It brought out my Mars in Leo attitude the minute i got in it.. Was actually a bit embarrassed at first (not really into big exec cars) – but soon got used to the preferential treatment from smaller cars.

          1. Yeah, i noticed …weird shiite goin on.
            i sometimes press key too soon. or sometimes if it’s a silly one liner don’t bother.
            BUT i have to say that the 604 was/is the most popular car in Nigeria (and other African countries) – renowned for their amazing durability.. therefore very popular with the Nigerian minicab drivers in London.

            1. I can see your attraction for them don’t worry, you are not compromising your rugged hetero persona. I still have a thing about them too…. though mermen don’t really do it for me…and meremen?? just doesn’t sound right. have to go work. and no more room…

  18. I suspect the Taurus is Cancer rising. Never had an over night snuggle date before. I didn’t even know that was possible. Mom issues for sure.

    1. Was the second date. Funny. I never imagined it possible either. He wasn’t even poking me with a boner all night long. As far as sleeping with guys, that’s only happened with my husband, who wasn’t touching me at all.

      1. I’m fine with taking time, but its been hard to tell if he’s interested or not. I wrote in to Mystic about dating a Taurus and while the majority of the advice was he wasn’t worth the time past Mars in Scorpio, it really helped to hear other Taurus peeps saying they take their time and other Taurus lovers saying they experienced the same feeling of “are you into me or not?” at early days. These astro dating articles are a good public service!

  19. Spent the last 15 years with crabs, plus raised by one. Happy to be free of them! They are selfish, moody fuqers, though they think they’re the most acting people in the world. And perhaps this is true… but you’ve gotta appreciate them. Over the top appreciation. If they’re not being fawned over, they’re creating drama to get attention. Unconscious qi vamps. Don’t criticize them in the first 6 months of a relationship, or they will disappear. And reappear a month later. Actually don’t criticize them ever. They take it personally and the subsequent butthurt (and total ignoring of whatever the issue was) will make your life hell. Not worth it. Yes perfect cast iron. Yes mommy issues (wicked witch of the west or idolized saint). Yes screaming addictions rule their lives. Yes excellent in bed. Yes beautiful eyes…
    NOT worth it.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      You sound like you are describing my boss! Hahaha

      she is a cashed up bogan who states she is living “at St Vinnies” because her million $$$ house has no “wow” factor

      She engineers dramas ie 2nd round speed IVF after 7 miscarriages to leave on Thai holiday Dr says shouldn’t be on a plane so sure she is up # 8

      Believes she is Psycic and probably is

      Massive mother issues and is quite brutal verbally with 6yo daughter

      Is very entertaining but extremely self involved

      1. Year of the Phoenix

        Her mum has passed away Katman, sadly, but my boss is 6ft and built like a front row forward so pretty good possibility she wasn’t a lilltle moppet

    2. Yeah…I’ve had this BS pulled on me…and my Goat-Waterman soul just full-on ignores their calls and/or listens to them whine in complete stony silence. And then lawyer Libra rising comes out to play with reason and logic! THEY HATE IT! But I hate their behaviour even more…

      Mum is double Goat with Kataka Mars-Saturn conjunct 🙁
      Ex-best friend is Waterman with Kataka Moon and Fish Mars…..she projected ALL of her emotions and anger onto everyone else. I grew tired and hurt from the “But I only bribed you with a wonderful trip to London because I need somewhere to live the next 3 months…because you’re a cow I couldn’t just ask you like a normal human.” Hence the ex nature of our relationship 😉

  20. I’m a libra dating a cancer man for 3 and a half years and its the best relationship ive ever had.. after dating geminis exclusively for years and years…i have finally seen the light.. I am also very moody so we understand each other.. sometimes I get crushes on other people, but those crushes fade because ultimately, no one can compare to my wonderful crab. he cooks and he cleans and spoils me . I can only recommend katakas.. even though my mother is a kataka and we dont get along very well… Being a libra with leo rising, i find dating a double kataka kinda irrational, and yet he balances me out, we travel together, make music together, cook together and are very similar.. they are very nurturing and romantic…. although they suck at arguments and I want to help them with a good comeback against mine, cuz they just struggle with it and try to change the subject…. my logic comes across as “lawyering” to my kataka.. but the fights fade away fast and make things exciting…they love water, are possessive and constantly check up on you like where are you who are you with etc. they wanna make sure you are always going to come home and you are thinking of them… its a bit much sometimes, but you take the good with the bad…

    1. I can understand why you as a Libra/Leo combo would do well with a crab … I think I would get along with one as long as they were fairly well grounded and had a healthy self esteem. Being a Sun/Venus crab I do love to spoil the object of my affection – they are pretty much the only one’s that get to see this lavishly affectionate side of me – and a healthy Libra/Leo does enjoy being spoiled. I’ve noticed that they can also be pretty devotional in return …

      My scopes always say Scorp, Scorp, Pisces, Pisces as my ideal match but it’s way too watery for me. Scorp seethes, manipulates, controls and witholds emotions. I know this is the lower expression of it but I still can’t stand that uber reserve of the Scorp – especially found in the men. Pisces are just too vague. Love them as friends. But unless they’ve got a fair whack of fire in their chart I just get impatient with them.

      1. I think its because cancers need strong people around them to soothe them as well… and if both signs do that for each other… like when im too firey and crazy passionately upset about something my kataka soothes me so good, and when he gets anxiety and is nervous i also calm him and reassure him… for me as a libra, im supposedly compatible with other air and fire signs, but i tried them all and never had a more stable relationship as i do with my kataka.. you can really make it work if you respect each others differences.. and bond over the similarities… but too similar is really not that exciting anyway.

        oh and when pisces fall in love with me, which they do alot, I find them so annoying…. whiney and weak and overwhelming.. they are always secretly crushing and writing poetry and whatever.. which is cute , but its just not sexy.

        scorpios are too secretive i cant stand it. but they are very very sexy.

        crabs are sexy, and nurturing and like to travel. so that works for me.

        oh and geminis always think im cheating on them.. even though we have mad chemistry and get a long incredible.. they are so insecure.

        other libras (men only).. bore me to death.. so maybe certain signs are just not balanced in a same sign relationship.. but i know so many double aries couples who are perfect for each other.

        I have heard of successful couples who are both cancers too….but i find it hard to imagine.

        1. I am Kataka/AquaRising/AriesMoon and dated a Libra/KatakaRising/AquaMoon for 4 years. His prior love and other relationships had all been Geminis, but according to him, I was his best. We bonded over art, food, comforts, intellectual talk, especially philosophy, and travel—we moved to Japan together to teach English. He did have the “lawyering” bit, had already formed opinions on most things in life and it was reaaaaallly hard to get him to budge on those, but I totally got this vibe as I have Mars and a bunch of other planets in Libra. He was so so eloquent in the way that he talked about high ideas and art—with my Merc in Cancer I always felt short of his speech-making but really respected this quality of his. He def had a serious problem with my anger/rage—we would bicker or fight over silly things and he would walk out of the house and return once he was sure I was “over it”, which I never was when that happened…DO NOT walk out in the middle of something, Kataka/Aries Moon may rage but it’s usually over quickly and I want the person there to hash things out and make up and stuff (plus he had anger issues himself with a 12th house Mars in Gem with the Libra balance Aqua calm obsession, he would do as much as possible to prevent getting to the point where he was actually angry). He was ready to commit and marry (even after claiming no marriage no kids up front) but my Gem Venus leads me away from total commitment so I said no. He was ready to become the spiritual ascetic with no career living in the countryside, and I wanted to be out and about in the world, working on a burgeoning career, probably close to a major city for biz opps. It was heart-breaking to break up, we were connected at the hip, very codependent LZs. I do love me some Libras and Leos—have tons of friends in these signs. I love complimenting Libra and Leo, and I can talk Leo down from any kind of drama, even though the drama is way entertaining to me. And I do love to party with all of the Fire and Air signs, wooohooooo!

          1. wow, that is really funny! WE always joke about how we are attached at the hip!!! and yes im the one to walk out or get mad if he starts to rage and then we have a bit of war and then we make up..its pretty much predictable now.. hahah but i dont usually walk out, i wanna work it out too.. just sometimes if he sulks too much I say you know what im not gonna participate or put up with this.. so sulk away.. but dont bother me with it….. (like when we missed a flight and he had to throw down another1000 bucks.. i thought it was no big deal and I paid my share and he basically sulked the whole flight back from london .. I just put my headphones on and listened to music.. haha)

            1. Yes I think Kataka and Libra can go together very well—Libra wants a partner, and the crab is so willing to be that. I would date another good-hearted Libra in a heartbeat. And that calm and cool side of Libra can teach Kataka to let go and relax…if the crab is willing to work on the moods (they can feel weirdly good in a self-destructive kind of way…so not all Katakas perhaps want to give up their moods.) I was quite young when I dated my Libra, and he quite a bit older so kind of like a teacher, and I had only just started learning about astrology, so I wasn’t quite self-aware around my own emotional patterns. But it would have been difficult not to learn from him and the way he walked through the world. One big lesson: that one could simply choose to roll with inevitable scary change, and trust that things will be ok. One holiday season we were out of town, and came back to find our house broken into, and Libra’s tool bag stolen. This was his means of income at the time—custom woodworking and small home projects. Thus, stolen tool bag = no money. I started freaking out, but Libra was as calm as could be. He said, “It’ll work out, I’ll find something else”…2 days later a good friend offered him a contracting job for a new restaurant being built…and he turned it down because he didn’t want the work. He got something else more to his liking soon after that, and all was good. At some point Kataka benefits from asking, are my moods and anxiety really serving me?…and not banishing them, because that will never happen, but not clinging to them, which is the hardest part as they can be so encompassing.

  21. I dated a triple crab for a few months (sun, moon and mars). We had a blast together. He was funny, sarcastic, and always ready to party. I am thinking he has Gem or Sag as a rising sign. Very into his family (had 5 kids and 2 ex wives). However … he was rich as hell, total womanizer, very much into having arm candy about 15 years younger than him. Probably dumped my ass for the next hot 29 year old blonde. Not sure about the Mommy issues, but his first wife left him with 2 girls to raise alone when he was 19 … so I think he never really got over that …

  22. I am also a Cancer sun in the 7th house. I have dated three of them. Loved them all. My first love was a Cancer and he couldn’t have been better for a first love. He was romantic, sensitive, gentle and creative. The other two were great too but ended in sadder ways – both had trouble with loyalty/commitment. Now Sag seems to be the one.

  23. I dated a Cancer once. He was the most boring human being I have ever encountered. Dull in the sack. Dull conversationalist. Just dull. Drank too much. Just so dreary … Scorp moon? Who woulda thunk!?

    I am a Cancer and have no idea what it is like for “them” to date me …

  24. I know! A kataka boy I went out with about a million yrs ago had one. And i think the car itself was about two million years old, but just kept on keeping on. I loved, loved, loved …. good, basic, dependable, very cute, hardy as a goat… a bit loud on the fast lane – but that was fun too….. And the car was fun as well. To this day when i see a Renault 4 it always reminds me of that kataka boy.

    Seriously, i have fond memories of both. It was a summer romance, we were both babies and lived continents apart. There was passion, laughter and tears as I parted….. passionate letters for a year and then we both met other people.

    That was my only kataka romance. It’s been all air-signs since then.

  25. YEP. And he’s got the typical “chez crab” complex. HATES when people drop by unannounced. (not because of the clean factor, just because he preps himself for people coming over, energetically). Dude is hugely influenced by the moon phases. (Dark moon is about to kill him, I think.)

    In a related note, someone did our natal charts and said that laid over each other, they mirror each other. I also heard that we have multiple past lives together, and that we are meant to have some sort of relationship on this plane, this time.

    He’s the one I can’t get away from. LOL. Thoughts? :p

    PS – if anyone wants to look at the charts to see what I mean, I’m happy to provide natal info. he’s 7/16/85, born around 9:30am in Scarborough, Ontario. I’m 2/24/89, born at 3:40am in Denver, Colorado.

    Have fun with that. LOL

  26. My moon’s in the 4th so they like me. I’ve seriously dated three of them. One of those relationships eventually became abusive. They have their good sides but I’m never going back again.

    The Cancers I know think that feelings (theirs, mostly) excuse behavior. I do not agree, and once that attitude becomes apparent I pretty much close my legs. Let’s call it an aversion. Or, you know, PTSD.

    1. sun mars Pisces ex (Saturn in kataka I guess) had this effect on me too. ptsd of sorts. Power sulks, temper tantrums? door’s that way buddy. Homie don’t play that.

  27. I was raised by an Iraqi born jewish kataka mum. That description by the way fits her perfectly. She is still beautiful at 75, perfect olive skin, impeccably dressed, speaks 8 languages, plays the piano like a pro, and if you, like me, fancy cross Mediterranean Arabic food you’d be pleading for a dinner invite. My dad ,the Aqua Aussie ex dairy farmer and her are still married and live in the same house they bought 55 years ago. She refused to not have a career and got to a high position in an American multinational. She is the boss of all of us. In fact some of her bosses , very influential corporate leaders know also that she is their boss too. She was always very ambitious for me and if we fight it’s because she believes in me more than I do ! She is the perfect example of an individual who has been empowered and enriched by basically helping and caring for other people.
    The difficult traits ? She has achieved a 6th dan black belt mastery in guilt attack. Her specialty being cage guilting. At last years world championships in Berlin she guilted the younger finals contender into submission by repeatedly reminding her of things she had done and not done for and to her own mother. The poor woman had to admit that she had been a cruel heartless daughter who would never amount to much.
    I mean, missing a coffee appt with her is akin to “driving a dagger into her chest”. Her other mastery is a field event called Emotional Display. At the legends meet in Argentina earlier this year, her Display was considered the most over the top seen in South America for years. She received a perfect score for total embarrassment of close family members while displaying for a huge audience of friends and other family.
    God I hope she doesn’t read this !

    Then I married a kataka, who is just as beautiful ( sorry mum) but sooo much the other type of kataka. Artist, hippy, home births, free spirit, always calm and absolutely no skill in either guilt attack or Emotional display.
    They clash at times … Mum and Wifey. It’s not pretty at times. The last time it happened wifey sprung a surprise pass agg comment that pretty much acted “like a dagger into my mums chest”. I know, it’s my fault right ?

    I love kataka women. They usually top my best of lists. Kataka or Cap usually have me sitting up straight in class.

  28. Being a cancer… I have yet to date another cancer. They always turn me off totally. Pisces on the other hand…..woah. Mind blowing

    1. Agree completely Emg! I’ve got sun: kataka, moon: kataka, mercury: kataka . SO much kataka. I went on a few dates with a kataka gent- One of the best/funnest dates I’ve ever been on but it made me realize – actually, we talked about this- can’t deal with so much crab.

  29. Are you describing my ex? Mommy issues up the kazoo. Thinks now he is a Don Juan with his watches and money now chasing 19 year olds. Trying to buy spirituality by repeated trips to India and roaming the planet like a nomad. Has no use for ties but yearning for the one undying love to control for the rest of her life. Received an email while he was in Europe over wanting a divorce ( classy ) and hasn’t talked basically at all to our daughter in the last 10 years. Refuses to let her know where he lives and doesn’t care where she lives. Scary to live with and his mean mouth and mood swings..25 years of thank you. He’s Cancer sun, Scorpio moon and Leo rising..Now with an Aquarius ( thank God ) for this Gemini sun, Cancer moon and Sag rising. I have been smiling now for years..

  30. I’ve dated a Kataka/Aries rising for six months. Both Pluto in Scorp too.
    Most epic mood swings I have ever witnessed from man or beast. Shoots off from the mouth, charges about and reacts like an Aries… with the unpredictability of the scuttly crab. Always turns out to be some extreme repressed fear. Secretly scared of most things.
    Divine with children, SUCH a homebody, barely drinks (not even water)… confused Crab methinks?

    1. My sister’s a Kataka, and your reference to ‘epic mood swings’ has to be the one major theme in what I’ve heard consistently from all her past boyfriends and now from her husband (they’ve been together for well over 10 years, so it can’t be too bad). Seriously, I’m the one with the stellium in Aries, and she’s the unpredictable one with the most irrational temper in the world – so, yeah, I’d say unpredictability is probably that of the scuttly crab rather than the ram (Aries has a temper too, but it’s more directed and competitive; it almost always gets deployed for a purpose rather than because of some perceived slight).

      Of course, when she’s good, she’s very very good – and she’s fantastic with children – but when she’s horrid, it’s best to save yourself…

      1. Kataka- Unpredictable in the sense of – there’s no telling what will bounce off the shell no worries, what will have him evading neatly sideways or disappearing into stony hermitism, and what will have him raging claws out! The Aries manifests more in determination, innovativeness, and tantrums that blow over as soon as they started. I’m a Cap/ Taurus Rising so I was always more of a slow burner.
        Some of the specific dislikes or triggers include- full length mirrors, appetisers, being called big, being called slim, not taking a joke, taking a joke too much, planning holidays (too much pressure), not taking holidays (boring), spontaneous holidays(alarming). Um.

    1. Mars in Cancer…*shudder* my ex husband had Mars exact conjunct Lilith in Cancer and he was a piece of work. (Obvs not all M in C peeps are like this, he was clearly low manifestation). His Mars-Lilith in Cancer was exact opp his Cap sun-Saturn-Jupe-Merc stellium.
      Mother issues up the wazoo. Pass-agg with a capital F. Torrents of unexpressed rage. Total boob man. He also had sexuality issues – seriously unable to reconcile the feminine within himself. When describing his perfect woman it was basically a pair of F cups on legs, nothing else. I found myself wondering, ‘but what about the talking, what about the sex?’ He was very probably gay and loathed himself for it. Despised and feared my sexuality. Ugggggh

  31. I have had two long term relationships with Cancerian men. Both cried a lot. One lost it at the end of Thelma and Louise, and the other often in restaurants or in public about lost loves and the well spring of pain that often came up after possibly too many drinks. Incidentally, both drank excessively, so I’ve come to be very wary of the water sign/Cancer sunsters or blokes with personal planets in them.

    An astrology pal of mine said that Cancer didn’t sit well with the male of the species because it was such an inherently feminine sign. I found the tears disconcerting, even more so because I couldn’t emote at that level – and I have a Scorpio moon! Made me feel like a heartless sod really.

    Sorry fellas. Maybe there’s a crabby type out there who can change my mind?

    1. Mine cried excessively too! And drank to excess! One day while making breakfast (sober)!he started crying at a John Lennon song playing because John ‘didn’t get to live his life’ or something like that..
      I was appalled. But god was the sex mind blowing..he would read stories to me afterwards…

  32. Well was sort of dating a cancer man for the last 5 months and im still recovering.. not sure what happened he is Leo moon,Gemini mars and Venus, plus a fire snake.. So probably didn’t stand a chance, but goodness what a ride. Can anyone tell me how to catch one and keep them? He said after chasing me for 3 months that he was still in love with his x and needed time. He still randomly texts and the last date (4weeks ago.) he spent a lot of money on but then said afterwards he wasn’t ready to be giving of himself? WTF? I’ve been hiding how I feel for so long it’s hurts as he also announced recently he is dating other women. Wasn’t sure if he said this to find out if I wasn’t seeing other people.. He certainly has wandering eyes when we are out..

    1. He is doing everything shit except outright asking you to dump him . Pas agg breakup technique lol. Do yourself a favour and bin him. Why torture yourself? For serious.

  33. My experience was what you certainly was lasted a year..and then he dumped me for a previous romantic friends hate him…and I am moving on…but can’t help but wonder? His wordy letter trying to explain his actions was laughable…and meant to keep me as an option..and I never responded…but still wonder sometimes? If anyone will ever compare with our Cancer/Scorpio lovemaking? He is a Mars in Pisces and I am a Mars in Libra….will I ever get over him?

    1. I’m a Scorp too, and yes, the sex was phenomenal, never to be repeated. Anyway, I’ve waxed plenty lyrical about that here before. But yeah, difficult maternal relationship, so I had to cut my losses *sigh*

      1. Don’t say that! ): it can’t be..,not even with a Picses? Shouldn’t that be better? (: the a Cancer in question had no issues that I know of with parents (deceased) but his divorce from a double Sag did him in…and he is dominated by a borderline Capricorn daughter….notwithstanding such baggage…the memory remains. Oh yes he did tell me after a night of drinking heavily that he was not emotionally available! Duh.

        1. lol, ah, sorry. emotionally unavailability, perhaps that’s the key ingredient!…I’ll try a Pisces on and get back to ya 😉

          1. Me too! Let’s compare notes! Seriously, a Pisces has expressed interest in me. But he has a Libra Moon. Sigh. That could be very bad. On the other hand Mars is in Cancer.

            1. OK, although given my current circs coming up with a man, let alone of a particular sign, might take a while. In any case, I’ll put it out there 🙂

              Mars in Cancer? 😯 worst Cancer placement for a man I would say….yep, I definitely want a report on that!

              1. I know..that’s why Mars in Pisces was the best for me..A scorpio sun with Mars in libra….and I think Mars in Aquarius was the worst for me..ugh. Worse than Mars in Virgo…

              2. i can confirm Mars in Cancer not an ideal placement.
                Passive aggressive BS!!

                Met someone recently – a Leo – with amazing synastry and then I got to the Mars in Cancer part. 😯 So disappointed. No thanks!!!

                And sure enough I’m getting the silent treatment. Doesn’t even have the balls to speak up.

              3. Hi. Um Mars in cancer turns out to be um impotent. So…that’s too bad. Apart from that…everything else wa great? ????

  34. Um, I know the stereotype is that they’re breast men but working from my sample of two, I wonder does anyone else think that of all the signs Katakan men demonstrate the most dedicated practical worship of our maps of Tassie?

  35. Yes.

    Got sucked in by brown googoo eyes at a gig at The Zoo in Brisbane.

    Year and a half in he didn’t end up coming over one afternoon and I got some convoluted story about him leaving his wallet on the bus after work and having to make calls and collect it etc… The next day, his friend asked me how he was after being stung by that bee? Seemed he’d made multiple stories for the previous day – the bee was his excuse for not going to work in the first place. And when interrogated he said
    He just wasn’t in a good mood, and felt like staying home.

    Scorpio Psyche shudder drop.

    1. I loved The Zoo! God the melancholy just the name of that wonderful institution brings up in me! Don’t live in Brisbane anymore but that place was like a second home to me throughout Uni…how awesome was it when you used to get a meal with your entry ticket? Mmmm I might lol around reminiscing for a while now 🙂

  36. I had 10 yrs of only dating cancerians… I love them… But ivevbeen single for a long time since the last, if that says anything… I have kataka midheaven and south node so they are my day and my night…

    Im much more attracted to Virgos now in all there analytical accuracy and creative cleanliness… I don’t need Luna Cray Cray anymore…

  37. My college BF Kataka- became a banker- bought a boat- very devoted dad and mate. Always GREAT at math!!!! Used to solve calculus problems in his sleep! LOL!!

    Mega loyal, kind. But no wandering eye.Très spoiled by sisters and mum. Idealizes and protects women. Has great bemusement. Awesome watches- check.

    Husband is Kataka Venus- 4th. Gourmet chef, wine lover/collector/hoarder. Ditto watches and all cooking implements. Low Kataka: too much mismatched Tupperware!!! High Kataka: perfectly seasoned cast iron!!

    Another ex is Gem/Kataka rising. Also a doc, loyal beyond, great mate and dad. Zero wandering eye. Takes kids to concerts. And dauntlessly cares for invalid wife. Lives near water, takes cures in local hot springs to rejuv.

    MM could serial monogamy be more Leo/Gem/Libra?

    Bravo to Phoenix!!!


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