Venus in Virgo House Cleaning Tips

Breakthrough insights and ideas are far more likely to occur when you’re on the move, putting everything in order. And with Venus now in Virgo, you’re more likely to be motivated.

With few exceptions, natal Venus in Virgo people are fantastic at cleaning house. It’s their zen zone.

“I have a problem with cabinets being messy and people just shoving things in cabinets then closing the door,” says Charlize Theron, born with Venus in Virgo Retrograde and in the clandestine 12th house. “I will literally lie in bed and not be able to sleep because I’ll be like, ‘I think I saw something in that cabinet that just shouldn’t be there.”

Isabella Rossellini wrote about her mother, the actor Ingrid Bergman (Venus conjunct the Sun in Virgo), in her autobiography:

“Second to acting, Mother loved cleaning, which is not to say she loved even that above me. I’m sure she loved me more than cleaning, but what made her happiest was combining the two. We cleaned together.

“Never leave a room empty-handed,” she would often say to me, meaning that there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to the kitchen sink, a magazine in the bedroom that has to be returned to the living room, and so on. She taught me how to be orderly and how to clean house efficiently.”

This extract here contains more of Ms Bergman’s cleaning concepts and below, to honor Venus now in Virgo, are some of mine!

*Cleaning is a form of meditation or mind-alignment – your consciousness can make it more or less potent.

*If you have hair to put up, put it up.

*Set your cleaning music – It doesn’t matter whether you listen to the William Tell Overture, Nineties Club Anthems, the MM Space-Clearing Music, Tibetan monks chanting or Disco Inferno. As power-cleaning is best performed alone, you don’t need to explain your soundtrack.

*Set your intent – to shift heavy energy, dissipate stagnation, find things a better home, clean the air, improve your living environment, beautify a bedroom etc.

*If it is not an actual heavy weather warning in your area that day, open all your doors and windows.

*Strip every sheet for laundering, sprinkle essential oil of your preference on the mattress while it airs and discard any pillows with discoloration. Google-Image search “pillow mites” if you require inspiration. (Trigger Warning for the mite phobic.) Vacuum the mattress if you have the right machine and attachments.

*Prepare yourself to abandon permanently single socks. Accept that they will never be matched and that it’s not personal. You will also find the mate shortly after you’ve discarded the other one, probably behind the washing machine or simply materializing from the parallel universe of socks.

*Remove all rubbish, dust and wipe before vacuuming. Your vacuum cleaner should be as close to a particle collider as you can afford. You are not sucking up grot; you are rearranging molecules. Dark Matter is a thing.

*Seek out hidden areas of psychic stagnation – the corners of a couch under a cushion, behind the fridge and in drawers where you put things that “might come in handy.” Deal with them ruthlessly.

*Mop with the most incredible smelling floor cleanser you can obtain – for some people this is Lemon Pledge, for others, it’s something more herbal. If you’re just using boiling water with essential oils, citrus or eucalyptus is wonderful.

*Optional: Sage smudge, light a candle or incense at the end of it.

You don’t have to wait until Venus in Virgo to attain a cleaning high but it is a phase when it’ll seem more sensual.

Image: Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle

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  1. Yes!! This Virgo Sun, Venus and Mars did that today, so spot on! I smudged today after an intense cleaning session and will do another smudge session tommorow on the Full Moon, I always feel so calm doing housework and recently went through ALL my clutter, got rid of garbage and organised everything!

  2. lol I have Venus, Mars, and Moon in 4th house Virgo, and this post is like housewitch porn. Absolutely makes me want to do a full cleaning ritual on everything right now.

    Fortunately, we’re moving to a new place at the end of the month, so I get to use all of my Virgo Venus skills to kondo unnecessary items, organize packing, find out if anything was hiding in the corners/under the couch, smudge the energy in the new place, and have everything feel fresh. (!!!) I am as excited about this as I imagine other people get about rollercoasters.

  3. The strangest things are happening.
    My 12th house in at 9 ° Leo and it ends at 8° Virgo where my ascendant is.
    So Venus has been transiting my 12th house for a while.
    Ever since it entered Virgo though – the whole high vibe has played.
    First I hit the food stash and the fridge and threw away tons of stuff that had been sitting there a while even though expired.
    Then while sitting at the beauty parlor getting a pedicure I saw a box fool of nail polish.
    Went home and nothing happened.
    Then yesterday morning I had go to there again to wax my legs (sorry for the too many infos here) and then I got a light bulb over my head about the nail polish.
    Went through the stash and realized that among the 55 bazillion shades of reds I still had tonnes of shades I hadn’t been wearing in ages.
    Point is: each of that shade was attached to an ex-boyfriend memory.
    A comment in the lifter while we were leaving my home to go to the office separately in the morning. A compliment during a dinner with another bf. A snarky remark on how loud that red was from an ex boss (yes, I know).

    I went through all of them and though there was a shade that I particularly liked and I know I won’t find again, I realized I hadn’t been wearing it for ages too.
    It reminded me of how much I needed (instead of wanting) someone in my life, how much I needed to be seen by a man in order to see my self.
    So I grabbed them and brought them to my beautician.
    When she saw all those nail polish bottles she said “Seriously? I mean ALL these? Are you sure?” and I said “Yes, I don’t want then anymore”.
    I’ll find new shades when Venus hits my first house or – even better – when on September 1st the Eclipse will take place exactly on my Ascendant.

  4. Virgo Lilith trine Taurus Moon and Capricorn Saturn/Uranus. Less obsessed about cleanliness than I was as a child (Thank goodness!), but still get a real high off having a good scrub down…

  5. I went to work on the bathroom grouting today, it was orange. This transit is extreme, man, extreme. I always assumed that it was the fake tan of the previous tenant, as she did look a bit like she’d been tangoed, and it didn’t come off when I steam cleaned it a few months ago. I love the internets, I googled “fake tan in grout”. Turns out it is a bacteria that grows on lime scale. Bleurgh! It came off with a paste made of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda and some toothbrush action. Gleaming white! Now I might even want to have a bath in there without cursing some woman whose fault it wasn’t. Sorry Lady.

  6. I love any and all of your housewitchery posts, Mystic. I can feel the energy calming down as soon as I begin to clean and de-clutter, and few things put me in a better mood.

    Recently I found out about thieves oil (a formula made up of the essential oils of lemon, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary) and have been diffusing it regularly. I’m going to try using it next for washing the floors, and just generally wiping down surfaces.

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      Oooh, I love the sound of Thieves oil!

      This Virgo pretty much only cleans on the Dark Moon, with salt and magic herbs and oils in my dusting water. Love it. And yes, music is good!

      1. Apparently thieves during the bubonic plague would loot graves and not get sick because they’d wear a covering with these oils over their mouth/nose. When caught they gave up their formula for lesser sentencing! Fascinating.

  7. Mystic, I think this might be my favourite thing you’ve ever written. Since I got my own flat, cleaning it – like, REALLY cleaning it – has become one of the best things I can do for my mental state. I can actually feel the vibration rising. Having said that I definitely have a drawer full of “things that might come in handy” (and what’s worse is that due to severe lack of storage it’s also my “drawer where all my tarot decks, incense, spare candles, generally witchy supplies live” which I’m guessing is…not ideal) SO that’s my new project.

  8. Actual fleas,actual cockroaches. Throws out the last tschotchke.

    Virgo ascendant hands in the domestic servitude card. Thank you saturn and neptune, thank you pluto. I serve with words, not to do lists. Now if I could write and use my own to do lists.

    Part of fortune north node mercury conjunction 12th house

    So that’s all I can say. But it’s good.

  9. I’m chiming in late on this but anyone in the Sthrn hemisphere will have woken up to a new vibe this morning. .. if you’re not already aware of the ye olde festival of Imbolc ( old Gaelic for in-the-belly,as in the seed of life forming for Spring’s arrival soon) , otherwise called Candlemas, have a google and it really puts magic to the cleaning for Spring vibe and it is live now! .

    It’s also honouring the fiery and creative potency of your life so inspiration especially via poetry is ripe.. upon feeling the damp Earth let off a lil more steam and the birds going nutso with song this.morn I found myself searching for the best cover I could find of that Bangles tune, Eternal Flame… cos it’s also about the passion of lovers.And all that creates 😉

    There are better ones but here’s one in Spanish..

  10. I’m obsessed with cleaning, for this very reason: ‘Cleaning Is Meditation. Be high conscious about it.’

    I think Mystic said that washing is an art form? I’m very particular about making sure washing is sun dried and try not to use the dryer if I can help it. Even vacuuming is a must daily. I don’t like clutter and have clean surfaces; it’s easier to clean.

    Working in commercial kitchens is unreal for someone like me & a bit of pain in the ass for my staff. Random annual inspections by the local council means that cleaning is top priority everyday. We always receive top marks and raised eye brows from our inspectors, we impress them. I started in restaurants where I learned how to clean and polish commercial kitchens. It’s hard work but I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house; I thrive in these conditions. .

    1. Washing is a real meditation and self love ritual for me.. maybe cos of my Cancer planets?? Anyway. ..good to hear that ONE commercial kitchen is cleaned excellently .

  11. I cleaned the oven. Took 3 hours. I have a four year old girl who is an ‘arsist’. (Neptune rising in Aqua). Her room (studio) is unbelievabley messy. I did a thorough clean out after a nasty rash incident from glitter glue. She didn’t do a painting or a drawing for over a week.
    I have decided to just come to terms with the fact that I may never have a tidy home again! (her ‘studio’ manages to spread itself all over the house, the mess is like some freaky living organism. )

    am coming to terms with the fact


    My Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo are quite pleased to have Venus (and Mercury!) join them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when planets are in Virgo.

  13. My Psyche is in Virgo, so cleanliness calms me and being in the cleaning zone is like meditation. My Virgo sun husband is unfortunately a mess but I think it makes me more balanced, to learn not to obsess over a bit of clutter.

    This Saturn square Neptune biz has been 2nd house Sag to 4th house Pisces for me. So we’re working on structures that will help the overall flow and organization of the house. Replacement of a leaky sink, new bedroom furniture with more storage, and a kitchen remodel in the works. It will be much easier to keep up with some solid structure.

  14. YES. Cleaning is the only spiritual ritual I’ve kept from my childhood. Not Mass, not prayers at bedtime, only tidying. Listening to Ride Of The Valkyries is a *fab* suggestion & I’m going to give that a go under this Mars in Sagittarius/Neo Leo Moon fierce freshness vibe. (Historically I’ve tranced out with Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn.)

    Ah my childhood/days of yore: so many references to with Neptune (my chart ruler) touching upon the South Node in my 1st house– as I’m simultaneously working the opposite Mercury-North Node vibe in Virgo! Take yesterday: my son & I are in the new town where he’ll start his new school (in 2 weeks) at a Back To School carnival (games, prizes, free school supplies) for said new school, & I meet this guy, a cop, who is from my home county where I grew up. You know that feeling where you’re a stranger in a strange land & happen to meet someone from back home? But I’m not visiting this place: it is my future, & I made a new friend from my old place. This would happen with the current energy in Virgo/my 7th: most all of my family are Earthy &/or Virgo. Clandestine.

    And then at this same carnival, I met two women with a therapeutic riding farm nearby: they were trotting around a real Little Pony for the kids– and me lol. So as I’m loving on the horse, I get to talking to them about my previous volunteer work with a similar facility, gushing about horses & equine-assited therapies– they invite me out to their farm to ride & exercise the horses in between therapy sessions *on the spot*! Holy fuq it was like everything I’ve ever wanted my whole life was instantly served up to me on one plate–

    But– can I really go there? I’m not supposed to be anywhere near horses, let alone riding them, with my spine problems. I’m in a lot of pain 24/7 thanks to my errant structure: could I even keep up? Was it wrong of me to not volunteer my health info: “hey btw I’ve got metal hardware in my vertebrae & what hasn’t been nailed down is going to shit fast”? Liability?

    Fuq I’ve wanted this (to ride, work with horses) so badly since forever; my North Node is in Sagittarius conjunct my MC ferchrissakes! But you know what else is in my Sag NN-MC mashup: Neptune. So I want to do this, but I don’t know how realistic it is (given my spine); at any rate, it would definitely be a big risk to my physical health. But my Heart, my spiritual health… ah I want to do this so badly!

    Soz for inserting a book chapter into the thread lol. It’s just that I’m so feeling these mutable North Node vibes!!

    1. Yes I could totally say that, if I wanted to be a client. Being a client isn’t really where I’m at. Either way, if I spill the beans on my back problems, they won’t let me ride. Nobody will. Believe me: I’ve tried.

      I was watching a trapeze artist on tv. She had done a particularly dangerous stunt, fell & broke her back in three places. After she healed she got back up there & did it again, this time wearing a blindfold. Is she crazy? Heroic? An adrenaline junky, or following her passion? I don’t know. But I get it.

    2. Aww the temptation!! Maybe this is a message confirming you are in the right place, rather than that you have to take on the physical challenge itself??

      So happy for you that the universe is conspiring to make you feel welcome in your new town. Hope the pain is manageable and more power to your little man bet he thrives at his new school, xoxo.

      1. Yes, the new school/town vibe is so fresh! Funky fresh 🙂 We found out today that my lil one got into the class he was hoping to make it into; teacher is described as a math guru– just what this kid needs/wants. Huzzah!

        So a good sign, then… like a cosmic green light– not to ride/do ground work, but a confirmation that I’m generally moving in the right direction. Ok. I see that. Will take that.

        But goddammit. *surly pout*

        Yes there’s a part of me that says, “Hey Einstein: how you gonna take care of your boy, Priority #1, if you get hurt & have your torso in a cast for 6 months? Huh?”

        But there’s another, louder part of me. The one that says, “Omg don’t be in a wheelchair 10-15 years from now & look back to this time & think, ‘Fuq wish I woulda when I coulda.'” Ugh.

        I came to terms with having to say goodbye to my roller derby dreams; it was a grief process, lengthy & nonlinear. But this horsey biz… Can’t shake it out of my mane! Maybe I need to get thrown & fuqed up: maybe that would scratch this itch. Omg is this Pluto’s number on the caller id??

      2. Grief is like an ocean, it rolls over you periodically, storms blow up and assault your consciousness and blow over again…

        Don’t shake it out of your mane! Talk to the horses and do some horse riding visualisations. I have done a couple that, well I might have well as lived them…

        Get Pluto off speed dial NOW! You are Saturn’s Girl until further Chironic intervention, surely. Channel the voice of your spine into automatic writing..

      3. So happy for your little guy, he is going absorb all that knowledge and fun like a sponge, so cool that you are feeling that aire fresca!

      4. Lol Pluto keeps ringing me! I’d get a restraining order but it only strengthens his stalker resolve. Ring ring, I know you’re home: pick up, pick up.

        Saturn’s Girl until– yes, until! 😉 Saturn blinders for now. Ok. Focused. Thanks, Sphinx xx

  15. I am quite surprised that my Venus is in 6th house but actually conjunct my descendant Sun in Taurus so is it in Aries or Taurus technically…its very late degrees of Aries,
    My fourth house in Chiron conjunct witchy cleaning, and if I want it doing properly I ask my Virgo son cause he loves cleaning. And ironing…I don’t own one

  16. Supposedly I’m Virgo Rising but this natural inclination toward cleaning with a lot of agency is lost in me, normally. Last night I was doing a bunch of stuff because the chaos was driving me insane but my attitude toward cleaning is more “gotta get the job done because no one will do it for you” rather than something I anticipate with excitement. Not at all -it takes from time I could be making projects! Add to that a bit of rebellion against being raised in a very sort of patriarchal and misogynistic culture and people in your family from previous generations being very critical about women and what their roles were. And I’ve always HATED the smell of regular household cleaners, so irritating, I would rather coexist with dust bunnies than smell a whiff of really bad, strong floor cleaning solution or bleach. I just hate it. Cleaning has only gotten more bearable with more natural cleaning products while listening to weird records back to back. I was feeling mega accomplished a couple of weeks ago when I cleared my shower drain pipe with baking soda and vinegar -especially because I didn’t have to buy/use Drano which is harmful and just awful. My 4th house is in Sagittarius with natal Neptune hanging around. When I was a small child the pipe on my grandmother’s washing machine snapped or something and flooded the living and dining room and I took excellent care of that jumping on a towel to soak up water and then squeezing the excess on the thing that came with the mop bucket. Only cleaning job I’ve ever truly had fun doing.

  17. I have Mars in Virgo and a Virgo 4th House.

    The fact remains I can have a washing basket on the piano seat next near the front door for 4 days at a time.

    Regularly clear my crystals and wash them though – ha! Dirty energy is more off putting than casual mess to me.

    1. Hehe… dirty energy – yes! And washing baskets with clean clothes in them… yes again! I can just pull stuff out as I need and have often done this though am in the process of breaking that habit as my SO takes my casual and ups the stakes 😉

  18. Hilarious! And so true! When will people understand that we Virgos are here to help others access their inner goddess power??? xo

  19. Highlight of my week was going to the “community shred” yesterday: once a month the city lets you bring your papers to their industrial shredders for obliteration. cars line up outside the place, like it’s a festival. SHREDFEST WOOT

  20. Mars in Virgo here and I swear I became a little, erm, hot under the collar reading all that, Mystic – haute zen cleaning, my favourite way to do it! I plan cleaning projects like other people plan dates – it might be exquisitely organising a single drawer or a grand purge of entire rooms. I can’t stand it if my home isn’t clean and ordered, it seriously affects my mental wellbeing.
    My cleaning music is Suzi Quatro turned up to eleven: “I’m a red hot fox/ I can take the knocks/I’m a hammer from Hell/honey can’t you tell/I’m the wild one” LOL

  21. Mommy Dearest. Who read it.

    Read it circa 1980. Quite sad really.

    As Virgo is most of my 4th you’d think I’d be all over this. I’ve been pottering if/when the mood strikes. I have Saturn shoulder and that Sunday feeling going on and in a self nurturing sloth kind of mood today but ok, I did do some extra detailed cleaning but dedicating my whole day today… no way!

    1. I suspect 4th house vibe is more aligned with the stay under doona, eat deep fried cambembert, read Joan didion kind of Venus rather than play Napalm Death at volume 11 and mop the floor with hydrofluoric acid and stuff. Hehehe

      1. Thanks for the much needed chuckle Pi. You’re absolutely right, that was the vibe and I need to read some Joan but this morning feels more like Napalm!?

        Is it Mercury? .. whatever it is, it’s got a bite.

    2. I own the movie, lol. Virgo in 4th too. I am OCD with mine, but I am tired of it. Takes me 10 days to do a 2 bedroom apartment because I clean every. Damn. Thing. Wipe every book, every frame, the doorframes – everything. Over it!

      1. I have got myself a bit of a dilemma that has made me volatile whilst having to manage a diplomatic façade. Not easy holding those 2 polarities…

        We moved a couple of months ago. I suspected the carpets weren’t steam cleaned but there was a receipt for them so unable to argue that.

        There was one mark on the carpet I wanted to have a go at cleaning as I suspected it would clean and would also indicate whether the carpets were done or not…. well….

        The stain came out, the carpet was fookin filthy in this patch and now it seems to be drying a slightly different (cleaner?) colour in this obvious patch. Just mad… several kinds of mad actually.

        Oh yes, I can lean toward an OCD frame of mind on a cleaning bender.. Toro riser likes a *zen den but Saggi thankfully will allow me the casual clean days too.

        *zen – clean, beautifully smelling, smudged, ordered and serenely yet warmly inviting me participate in it’s vibe.

    3. Did it? Ah that’s unfortunate.

      I’ve known a few folk who are adopted and have had reasonably good experiences. Didn’t want to know their history mostly. But.. in the reverse unless it’s resolved perhaps the search for where one comes from constantly lingers? Or the absence of a sense of belonging but.. y’know people with strong Aqua can have that and we all come from someplace else and can feel like we don’t belong on this spinning ball.. I’m not personalising this reply, is just a generalisation not an assumption of what it’s like for you.

      1. No apology necessary Jupiter!

        Yes each experience is different and valid in it’s own right of course.

    4. Clean windows = clean vision, yes both in reality and metaphorically. My thing is my car… windows MUST be clean. I loathe driving with dirty ones. I like to see the crazy’s comin’.

  22. This brings up all sorts of mixed feelings for me. My mother was an Aries and a cleaning fanatic, who worked herself up into rages cleaning and doing the laundry which then often involved me being hit with something, One time it was the iron (which was hot) I left home at that point. She did look rather like Joan Crawford too, those eyebrows and nose…so cleaning for me is not quite the kind of therapy it is for some people…I do it in a gentler quieter way, usually whilst stopping to arrange flowers, sprinkle salt, burn smudge. I love clean bed linen too, but as a Taurus I don’t feel like a bit of muck is going to kill me.I lived in vehicles a for a long time, beautiful old buses and Roma caravans and showman’s…slept outside a lot. The candles and bells work if someone or something you can sense has been hanging around, person or spirit…I think Joan Crawford was a rather cruel woman to her daughter and son. No wire coat hangers! Was her cry I seem to remember

      1. sorry being a bit dim here but what does the -3 type symbol mean? Can’t even find it on my computer..not very techy

  23. Given cleaning has to occur more frequently in a year than Venus into Virgo, perhaps there’s scope to add another category to the Scheduler – I was going to suggest Domestic Goddess vibe but that could be confused with a Nigella Lawson-inspired cooking spree. Perhaps Marie Kondo Moment?

    1. Good idea…i think i have the Moon in Virgo marked already but if not – i will for sure. I am having a good look at the Scheduler tomorrow so any other requests for new categories please put in these comments and i check back!

      1. It used to be able to be exported to ical yes, perhaps other calenders? Can’t recall. Outlook would be great 🙂 if that functionality is still on the table.

  24. For those who can’t do a sage smudge due to smoke alarms etc I find a sage spray is good (I’m currently using a Frankincense and Sage spray) and it leaves a nice smell in each room.

  25. I put the iPod on shuffle as I like to be pleasantly surprised. And I have to vacuum before AND after I wash the floors.

    Virgo rules my 4th. I can’t front, I am sick of cleaning but this is it – the final declutter. I am about to pay off my final bill. Saving money is my new favorite hobby.

  26. WoW so on point! I woke up this morning and thought “THAT”S IT!!! I need to clean this joint!” (Not that I’ve done much yet , but I actually took the vacuum apart and cleaned it’s innards in preparation… I hate dirty vacuum cleaners lol)

  27. sounds just like my Saturday morning ritual even down to the incense at the end. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. sun in T…feels like therapy for the week ahead.

      1. OMG. That’s Joan Crawford? I thought it was Tim Curry in drag ala The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  28. My friend gave me a time-saving bathroom-cleaning tip. Clean it when it’s steamy, after you have had a shower. Keep the windows closed and wipe everything down then, the dust sticks to your cloth without blowing around.

  29. Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

    This vibe actually hit me (hard) on Wednesday and has continued through to now.

    I finally emptied the last boxes left over from moving in APRIL. I gleefully flouted rental rules about picture nails to hang a clock in the PERFECT place.

    I also found that there was not a blown bulb in my range hood, but NO BULB (this infuriated me as a signal of utter stinginess on behalf of the landlords).

    Also had a very satisfying moment fixing the piano hinge on a corner cupboard.

    Oh, and jars with labels for all my new, healthy breakfast fare — organic nuts and seeds, cocoa, good salt, exceptional tea… I stood back and really LOOKED at my shelves their afternoon. Very fine.

  30. I love cleaning. It chills me out. Venus conjunct Neptune in 4th, and now Venus rising for a little bit. I start work at 10 am, so I do all my cleaning before work, it doesn’t mess with my time off. I am endlessly grateful for this piece of luck. I get really twitchy and I feel unsettled if it looks grotty (triple Libra), but I’m not one to go shouting around the house if mugs aren’t put back in the cupboard right or anything like that. I am fairly messy but clean. Big fan of turning the mattress, and airing out duvets over the banister with the windows open. Big fan of honouring the stuff I buy and making sure it has a long life (libra pluto in second).

    Mystic did you know you can use borax to whiten pillows, rather than have to chuck them? There’s recipes online. 🙂

  31. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Virgo is my 4th house cusp! I resonate with ALL of this, ALL of the time! Especially right now! It feels so good to have a clean and de-cluttered house.

    With Jupiter just entering my 4th and Venus will be there within the next couple weeks, I look forward to enjoying the cleanliness, minimalism, and austere beauty of my home. I wish I could post photos of it for you all, a very humble, clean Virgoean home….

      1. Will do tomorrow…. I like to do instagram-type close ups….. I am so into cleaning my house, it’s a ‘control’ issue, for sure, but with brilliant, positive results! I have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in the 4th as well!

      2. Didn’t get very exciting photos of my place, but I’ll send one or two over…..kind of boring-looking, tbh! Haha!

        Also wanted to say: Meyer’s Clean Day all purpose cleaner, Lavender scent is amazing on the floors! Try it!

  32. oh gawd… not more cleaning tips.

    I’m not even a Virgo but i adore them and there’s more to them than cleaning!!

  33. Call me Lazy Jen Scorpio, but I think this year, I’m going to pay someone to spring clean my house for me. I almost feel like I’m going against the grain with this particular thread i.e., the cathartic benefits of a good spring clean. But I just don’t have the time, can’t face it etc. And I’m sure I’ll still get the vicarious cathartic benefits from someone else doing it.

    As for the decluttering, this is something I do reasonably regularly anyway. It’s almost like maintaining good gut health. I regularly empty out drawers and cupboards as well as ensuring I feed my gut microbes with lots of yoghurt, buttermilk, sauerkraut and a daily dose of apple cider vinegar. You have to keep things moving through your system otherwise it gets all jammed up! I think of my house as a metaphor for my gastrointestinal tract.

    1. Totes with you! Declutering is personal but cleaning can be farmed. After years of agonising over the ‘extravagance’ and feeling bad about someone else taking it on I have a cleaner and it’s changed my life! So good to come home to a clean house and someone who wants the cash is getting it.

    2. My goal within the next 5 years is to be able to afford a cleaner. I never want to scrub my shower or oven again.

      I left home at 15 – tres over these friggin’ declutter and purge sessions. They’ve been constant over the last 2 years and enough is enough!

    3. seawitchmermaid

      I was literally just thinking how I want to hire someone to do my floors and wiping down of surfaces, lol. Goals.

      1. I wish I could pay someone to clean my apartment. I would not demand for the person to do my bathroom but everything else. I live in a small apartment and I’d still like for someone to come around every once in a while to help me clean it.

      2. If I had oodles of moolah I would have someone slip into my house at 5 am and go over every surface with a hot, damp cloth perfumed with basil, orange, lemon, jasmine ..etc.

        And you know the rest too!

    4. One of my dreams is to afford a cleaner. One day…

      I worked as a house- and office-cleaner when in my 20s- loved that job. I only have Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo, but I think my Virgo moon mother was the influence that made me love cleaning.

  34. This is bizarre. This has been my day today (four planets in Virgo, but not Venus), right down to the stuff about odd socks.

  35. I kind of like the smell of chlorine. I think it’s the swimming pool fish in me. If I could use a cleaner that was actually made of negative ions and sea spray, I’d do that. /inhale/ all that salt and iodine.
    As long as the high is of the visual-organisational kind and not an oxygen-deprivation or cleaning product volatilisation kind, then excellent hahaah

  36. This explains why have cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, decluttered my wardrobe, washed or discarded all my bed linen and why I’ve just plucked my eyebrows to perfection and turned my wax pots on ??

  37. Just checked your blog in search of some inspiration before getting down to it on the domestic front. Found! Thanks so much as always Mystic, for always being such a reliable source of synchronicity, soul sustenance, sage wisdom, spookily accurate insights and support. X

  38. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!! This is how i clean! Although i prefer pop music to Tibetan bells (makes you move quicker) and smudge PRE vacuum (means you get to zoom up any ashes). I actually think cleaning house is mental self-care. Like going for a run or exercising, it just clears out the cobwebs of stuff you haven’t been noticing…

    If you have polished floorboards it can help to do a last rinse of basil oil, hot water and white vinegar – I read that in a witchcraft book, it’s supposed to bring in wealth. Smells nice and earthy too.

    1. I wash the furniture first with water/white vinegar than again with water and vanilla essence.

      Different rooms get different oiks for the water wash. The bedrooms get ylang ylang. The Oracle suggested Basil but I loathe the smell – I upgraded to bergamot.

    2. I clean this way too!!! Virgo Rising child over here. Cleaning, skin care & breathing are meditation to me!!! People wonder how I do it… This is how!!

    3. I love it I want to try it. How much water and vinegar and oil? I don’t mean exact amount but the proportion? I don’t have basil oil. I have lavender and mint. I think I’ll go lavender.

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