Focus And Space Clearing Mp3

Tired of energy-sapping space-clearing music? Grab this fantastic Space Clearing Mp3, professionally sound-engineered to Mystic’s direction. The funky, 105 to 130 BPM electric bass grooves and disco drums are interspersed with four different Nepalese singing bowls to ground the energy. If you’re after some sustained focus for writing or decluttering motivation, this is everything.

Format: MP3 – Download and/or stream it. Duration: One hour.

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35 reviews for Focus And Space Clearing Mp3

  1. Lifestyle.Alchemist.byIleanaXO (verified owner)

    OMG I am loving it so much! I’ve been listening to it and decluttering like a mad person aka Virgo-style since I got this track! It’s funny cause first time I listened to it I had to take a break and do bedtime with my daughter, and instead of falling asleep I got up and went straight for the kitchen junk drawer, I swear :-))) been playing it every day now but in small bits to help me move and keep decluttering. The music is so positive and upbeat its contagious!

  2. nikishi (verified owner)

    Is it bad to put this on every damn work day? So helpful when you need to smash something out without losing energy to distractions for an hour.

  3. Scorpleocap (verified owner)

    Perfect for helping you out of a funk or low mood. An instant qi boost. was pleasantly surprised by this. I’ve been struggling a lot with low mood and motivation this year due to unhealed trauma from an abusive relationship combined with trauma from the bushfires, cancer in the family and then the Covid situation. I was having a very gloomy day when I purchased this and it gave me an instant pep to my step. You just can’t help it. I finally did house work that I’d been avoiding for days. It really is a potent qi boost.

  4. tdq (verified owner)

    Delightful and zoomy, like gliding on a hovering pad…

  5. M88 (verified owner)

    I listen to this ‘focus and space clearing’ to get motivated to start cleaning and de-cluttering, and also when my mind is busy and gets a bit erratic!!

  6. Dizla (verified owner)

    Very upbeat energizer which l listened to on the way to work the other day as I’d had a big night the night before! It really upped my energy and mood and l got stacks done. I just felt so much lighter!

  7. Agstar (verified owner)

    Love it! As it claims ‘seriously motivational’! I’ve been listening to it when I have to cook yet another family meal and it totally transforms this ‘chore’ into an absolute joy. I’m a Virgo who hates cleaning but this incredible track is helping me Marie Kondo my clutter, at times feeling like I’m back at Earthcore in my 20’s, having a thoroughly fun time. It’s a Virgo suns bargain dream (seriously it’s cheap for the value!) and my Leo planets have me selling my stuff on Ebay to buy yet another brilliant Mystic product. Highly Recommend!

  8. Riffrachel (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! All you have to lose is one big pile – o – junk that has been hiding in plain sight in every room of your abode.

  9. A Starry Seer (verified owner)

    This fab tool aligns you to the work needing doing and completing, with lightness and joy! Like the pick up and thrust caffeine gives you but without the depleted nervous energy and crash come down afterward.

  10. flashfire (verified owner)

    Snappy and Astr-o-delic! I have to admit I was totally skeptical although the reviews have been stellar. Wow. Am I glad I purchased this. It really does make you feel like cleaning and yet somehow it makes domestic activities super fun, super snazzy, super powered. And I’m a Sagittarian. I do not enjoy cleaning. I do not enjoy domesticity. Normally I just kick stuff into the closet, sweep it out of sight and run for the hills. But this track? I’m telling you… I really got into the groove of it. It’s not just hype!

    It’s retro and yet somehow completely modern. It’s like you’re zipping along the electric highway (AKA the internet) on one of those cycles from the movie Tron (with the most fabulously Leonic hair I have to add and sequins to there! ) only on an high performance, futuristic model that has yet to be introduced to the public. 5 stars from this Astro-fiend.

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