Focus And Space Clearing Mp3

Tired of energy-sapping space-clearing music? Grab this fantastic Space Clearing Mp3, professionally sound-engineered to Mystic’s direction. The funky, 105 to 130 BPM electric bass grooves and disco drums are interspersed with four different Nepalese singing bowls to ground the energy. If you’re after some sustained focus for writing or decluttering motivation, this is everything.

Format: MP3 – Instant Download and/or Listen Straight From The Site. Duration: One hour.

(Once purchased, your Mp3 is stored in the Downloads area of your Mystic dashboard and you can listen at any time or re-download if you lose the original download.)

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36 reviews for Focus And Space Clearing Mp3

  1. jeskile

    I bought this ages ago when Mystic first put it out. I use it all the time. I could not live without it. It is by far the most Powerful Witchery around. I turn this on AND MY KIDS start cleaning their rooms. But be forewarned, if you are not careful you will turn it on in order to “tidy the house” and end up an hour later behind your refrigerator with a box of baking soda and a toothbrush wondering what just happened. Nevertheless, Highly Recommended.

  2. Venus After Dark

    OMG I am loving it so much! I’ve been listening to it and decluttering like a mad person aka Virgo-style since I got this track! It’s funny cause first time I listened to it I had to take a break and do bedtime with my daughter, and instead of falling asleep I got up and went straight for the kitchen junk drawer, I swear :-))) been playing it every day now but in small bits to help me move and keep decluttering. The music is so positive and upbeat its contagious!

  3. nikishi

    Is it bad to put this on every damn work day? So helpful when you need to smash something out without losing energy to distractions for an hour.

  4. Scorpleocap

    Perfect for helping you out of a funk or low mood. An instant qi boost. was pleasantly surprised by this. I’ve been struggling a lot with low mood and motivation this year due to unhealed trauma from an abusive relationship combined with trauma from the bushfires, cancer in the family and then the Covid situation. I was having a very gloomy day when I purchased this and it gave me an instant pep to my step. You just can’t help it. I finally did house work that I’d been avoiding for days. It really is a potent qi boost.

  5. tdq

    Delightful and zoomy, like gliding on a hovering pad…

  6. M88

    I listen to this ‘focus and space clearing’ to get motivated to start cleaning and de-cluttering, and also when my mind is busy and gets a bit erratic!!

  7. Dizla

    Very upbeat energizer which l listened to on the way to work the other day as I’d had a big night the night before! It really upped my energy and mood and l got stacks done. I just felt so much lighter!

  8. Agstar

    Love it! As it claims ‘seriously motivational’! I’ve been listening to it when I have to cook yet another family meal and it totally transforms this ‘chore’ into an absolute joy. I’m a Virgo who hates cleaning but this incredible track is helping me Marie Kondo my clutter, at times feeling like I’m back at Earthcore in my 20’s, having a thoroughly fun time. It’s a Virgo suns bargain dream (seriously it’s cheap for the value!) and my Leo planets have me selling my stuff on Ebay to buy yet another brilliant Mystic product. Highly Recommend!

  9. Riffrachel

    Highly recommend! All you have to lose is one big pile – o – junk that has been hiding in plain sight in every room of your abode.

  10. A Starry Seer

    This fab tool aligns you to the work needing doing and completing, with lightness and joy! Like the pick up and thrust caffeine gives you but without the depleted nervous energy and crash come down afterward.

  11. flashfire

    Snappy and Astr-o-delic! I have to admit I was totally skeptical although the reviews have been stellar. Wow. Am I glad I purchased this. It really does make you feel like cleaning and yet somehow it makes domestic activities super fun, super snazzy, super powered. And I’m a Sagittarian. I do not enjoy cleaning. I do not enjoy domesticity. Normally I just kick stuff into the closet, sweep it out of sight and run for the hills. But this track? I’m telling you… I really got into the groove of it. It’s not just hype!

    It’s retro and yet somehow completely modern. It’s like you’re zipping along the electric highway (AKA the internet) on one of those cycles from the movie Tron (with the most fabulously Leonic hair I have to add and sequins to there! ) only on an high performance, futuristic model that has yet to be introduced to the public. 5 stars from this Astro-fiend.

  12. Domini

    This is incredible. The focus and clarity I feel while listening is unparalleled. The first time I listened I got such a jolt of creative flow that I was in the zone for hours. The second time I cleaned my space like never before. I absolutely love it!

  13. dark star

    i use this to get my plutonic ass out of bed, cleaning, working…whatever you need it’s uncanny 😉

  14. AstroGeek

    Perfect background music for getting my write on. I am not sure that I felt the “space clearing” aspect (but it may be subtle and what enabled me to power through an article that I’d been stalled on for a few days). Definitely energizing, and yet really unobtrusive. I listened to it for like three hours straight!

  15. Pepseh

    Instantly changed the colour of my day in a really good way. Thank you.

  16. Fireandwater

    Delightful, bob-along beats to layer behind housework, reading/online studies, creation, conversation, or simple chill. It somehow seems to fit almost every mood. Love it.

  17. SusanE

    Loved this. Put it on for editing my novel and powered through. Had a break when it finished then sat down for another hour. Then repeated twice more.

  18. redmagnolia

    I loved this. It was exactly what I needed. I found myself dancing around my house and truly getting creative on a couple of what had previously been stuck projects. Thank you!

  19. melc

    This is SO MAGIC! OK. So first day listening, I was sitting on my sofa and a hummingbird flew up to my seventh-floor balcony and in through the open sliding door. She hovered in my face, looked me in the eyes, and chirped two times before flying out. FOR REAL. I downloaded this track during the last dark moon with the intention of releasing whatever I needed to release. What came up was the ex-boyfriend. We split six months ago because I thought he’d been unfaithful. He told me I was crazy (Yep, the cliché guy go to when we’re not bumbling along with their lies.) After blasting this track on repeat for hours, in what was a total coincidence, my ex reached out and invited me over to his place. We were having the best time hanging out and just when I thought maybe we could get back together, I had a feeling…anyway long story short…I found out that since we split, he’s been hooking up with an actress on his show (he says it’s not serious – whatevs) AND get this, she has pictures of herself on her Instagram (I snooped) AT HIS HOUSE posted here and there throughout the time he and I were together. I basically lived at his house but he’d had her there at times I was not around. I never knew they were even friends! He told me he kept their friendship a secret to protect me from thinking something might be going on between them. I might have believed his motive, but he has a history of hooking up with actresses on his shows. ANYWAY, I’m free of the dude now. Well and truly. No way am I interested in going back. AND, what a revelation to be shown that me thinking he was unfaithful was not so crazy after all. Hey, whether he slept with her when we were together or not, he still had secret women coming over to his place and it was a vibe I picked up on. To be shown the truth is incredibly empowering. We don’t always get closure like this. THANK YOU SPACE CLEARING! I think this track is a POWERFUL releasing tool. We always need to clear what blocks us to make space for all that we want to call in. I also love that it makes you want to dance and get to whatever it is that needs doing. Whoop whoop, Mystic! Thank you for your magic and genius!!!

  20. EdgeofJupiter

    I would say it clears my head. I cannot verify this scientifically but Mystic’s Spoace Clearing would also be great shopping music for people experiencing budget restraint. You’d whip through exotic apparel and gourmet outlets smiling, confident and free of merchandise and Doctor Angst. Thanks Mystic

  21. Orchid888

    This is absolutely genius for Creative Flow…and Focus, it’s completely absorbing! My new go-to music for my home studio work week…
    Thanks Mystic, you’re a Star, darling!
    Xxx ♥️

  22. Original Scorpsta

    As well as being upbeat and lovely to listen to, it actually works. Within five minutes I’d started cleaning the grout in the bathroom and shimmied through all the household chores, joyfully and in record time.

  23. redondo.bleach

    Love the upbeat music. Always puts a little wiggle in my step. But the “audio amphetamine” part is TRUE! Caffeine not required if you have this.

  24. RityRu

    I love this. It definitely powers me up, motivates me.. I’m clearing spaces in my home that have be stagnant for years, letting go of so much I no longer need, and bopping around with a grin on my face whilst doing so!

  25. Blaircarol

    I put on to motivate myself to get in my closet in order. My goal was just to tidy it up, but I was enthusiastic I ended organizing the whole space. I had new ideas that completely reinvented the space, and more practical for my everyday use!!! I love the funkiness to it, I was dancing and folding clothes!!!

  26. Jenny

    When I bought this I was a little skeptical as other outlets offer similar “motivational frequency?” type downloadable’s but I trust Mystic Medusa and was experiencing grief, funk, no go-ness AND shingles! The first listen got me out of bed, showered and puttering between wellness naps. Second listen on day 2 and I managed to get the house clean and laundry done. After one week listening I’m back on track and actually finishing my lists! No more shingles, too! Thanks Mystic!

  27. lou

    Its great for clearing my neptunian foggy brain. I like to listen to it while getting ready for work in the morning. Clears my head for the day snd uplifting too. Thanks Mystic.

  28. suzannemarjorie

    How did I ever do my housework before??? Now housewichery I am inspired on another level by the Focus & Clearing music by Mystic’s crew, to create an divine environment in which to build my loving energy & take it out into the world.

  29. kmichael

    Who needs caffeine – I get tons done with the MP# to motivate me and keep the vibe in my office high! Keep these sound files coming, Mystic!

  30. smalmberg242

    A great motivator; a lot of cleaning and organizing has been done to this background soundscape! Thanks!

  31. Queen of Disks

    As always, MM creates tremendous things! My body responded to this instantly and my mind followed. Thanks for this!

  32. psyche

    Space and mind clearing – a grooving, Shamanic jive with modulations and spiritual breathing breaks from the spheres. Love, love, love it – amazed at the uplifting drive that never becomes leaden or repetitive – Bewitching!!

  33. cck

    Joyful! My body kept doing a little disco Hustle…Thanks!

  34. Nady

    This is amazing – did mega clearing and cleaning today listening to this – a couple of times over. I am still buzzing hours later. It’s very powerful and motivating and clearing

  35. Eclipse Tripper

    A magical musical motivator and groovy procrastination buster. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Mystic Medusa – love your work!

  36. Eclipse Tripper

    Perfect timing for me – thank you!

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