The Christmas Rebel Manifesto

Okay, I was going to announce that I’m grinching Christmas, but that’s not accurate – I am the Christmas Rebel. Without a nanogram of hate in my heart for the Xmas Lovers, here is my manifesto. 

Capricorn Season Does Not Suit Xmas

Due to it being a Stolen Pagan Festival (once was Saturnalia), Xmas is scheduled for the time of Capricorn. That is the most astrologically ludicrous time of the year for a thing that involves downing tools, over-indulging, and mindless materialism.

Capricorn Season is cold showers & kettlebells or spreadsheets to plan the hustle. It’s not naturally aligned with guzzling warm champagne and mind-muffling small talk. And the aisle of naff, over-priced Christmas crap is un-Capricorn. Even if you’re talking about one of the Dionysian Capricorns, they’re never vulgar and sorry, but Xmas is. Besides, Jesus was probably not a Capricorn.

Compulsory Present-Giving Is Unpleasant

Isn’t it 1000x more fulfilling to get gifts for people when you feel like it, they extra-need a dose of something beautiful or you see something perfectly apt for them? As opposed to being dragooned into a retail bender/debt frenzy in the Pluto in Capricorn economy? Oh, and despite the tone of some of the media nonsense this time of year, it is not our personal, civic responsibility to ensure certain dinosaur department stores stay afloat. 

Christmas Trees Are Ecologically Repulsive

Christmas Trees  – especially in hot Summer-Xmas countries like Australia that don’t need an evergreen reminder in the depths of Winter that Spring will return – are terrible for the environment. Picture all those plantations of pine trees grown as fast as possible and then killed to become Xmas trees. Before they’re bulldozed up for next year’s celebratory tree-sacrifice, the hills are full of stumps – it’s like The Lorax. A young tree sitting in your living room with its life-force slowly ebbing away is not exactly fantastic Feng Shui or good energy.

Forced Convivialty Is Stressful

* It is the time of year that’s meant to be about everyone chilling out & reconnecting with family/friends etc. But such a festival should be timed for the time of Taurus or Cancer. For SO many people, it becomes a series of ever more dutiful obligations that have little to do with real relaxation. Here at Christmas Rebel H.Q, we do precisely what at want chez Xmas btw. 

Christmas IS Cognitive Dissonance

Maybe I have this slightly wrong but was not Santa Claus an invention by Coke?  As in the sugary kilojoule additive imperialist bomb drink – not Space Dust? So there was once some revolting Xmas Demon who would home-invade via the chimney?  The demon got sanctified into the more kindly Saint Nicholas, and then Coca Cola turned that character into a sort of obese old guy with lollies? Is it Saturn, Santa, the Xmas Monster or Jesus? If you’re not Christian, what precisely is being commemorated. Mid-Winter Yule makes some sense as does Saturnalia – a harvest festival. But if so, why all the tinsel and expectations?

Christmas Is Cultural Hegemony

Christmas seems to involve sanctimonious messages from Archbishops and the like, all about how we should repent, remember our mortality amid our drunken cavorting and try to be less promiscuous, greedy or gay in the new year.  This – from a mob who seem to side with child sex abusers on a regular basis, not to mention the Madonna-Whore complex – is a bit much. Given that a large percentage of the world are Pagan, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, etc., why is this particular celebration so often presented as the Everything?

Would you like to join my Christmas Rebel group? 

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  1. “Oh and despite the tone of some of the media drivel this time of year, it is not actually our personal civic responsibility to ensure certain dinosaur department stores or other businesses stay afloat.”


  2. Me and my daughter had a talk about zombies the other day. I told her they were real. She said how. I said any person – living or dead – who holds onto the feeling of anger or depression for so long they no longer remember why they are angry or depressed is a zombie. She said she was going to make it her mission to make a zombie happy. She would learn about them and figure it out. I told her its impossible to understand a zombie and the more you try the more you become like them. That’s how they eat your brains.

    Its amazing how deeply you can cut to the truth with a child. And Christmas celebrates the grown-up liar. I hate it. There’s real magic at play in this world, not just costuming and tricks.

  3. It is the right time of year for a holiday, but not the right tradition has been put on it. We’re sooooooo detached from our agrarian roots.

    My daughter asked me if Santa was real and I don’t lie to her about anything. I told her “do you really think a fat white man flies through the sky to break into our house and give us stuff?” We laughed about it but she’s only 7 and she still wants to play make believe. I make it a pain in the ass for her Dad and the friends kids who are all into the charade. Fuck it. If shes ask me about Santa now, I tell her “do you really want to talk to me about this?” And she says no. So be it. We still laugh about the truth together.

  4. My clients are from various countries that are not Christian, so I explain it all and then we’ll go and celebrate our meeting and being together with some international art. We are super excited!!! I thought it was just me, but i guess i talked it up and showed them some little tasters of what we’d see. It’s pretty lovely how many of my Muslim clients have wished me Merry Christmas over the years. Anyway, i’ll be talking up Chinese Lunar New Year when it comes and they’re going to be super excited about that too, since many are from there.

    1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

      That sounds spiffy, Mill! 🙂 And sounds to me it’s lovely it’s about honoring each other’s events, esp. in this world of ours.

    2. My ex (Muslim) is really into making sure everyone gets gifts (teachers, friends, etc) and now that we are divorced, he is still the one to do it. I think its because he values the tradition and “principal” somehow although its taken him years to finally buy Xmas decorations for his house (my girl demanded them).

  5. I think you’re bang on…. One year I went out only once to the pharmacy/postal outlet only to look at the line up and turn back around and buy a book of stamps at the cash desk instead. I think I would be more into the season if there were little kids around, My friend goes to the 24/7 gym on Christmas day, lol…. I believe Jesus was a Leo anyways. Ho hum…

    1. And the whole thing about people having to have a real live tree because it can’t be fake, while they toss it out on it’s side on boxing day to let it die really gets me….

  6. Having a very rough time this holiday season because it is overshadowed by this insanity with my housemate who I am evicting.
    It’s getting worse by the day. The lawyers are handling the ‘negotiations’ right now for a settlement, but it is getting very ugly and my housemate is pulling all sorts of punches in this.
    I’m really just blown away by it all, how diabolical one person can be.
    It’s seriously affecting me financially, too, and if it goes to court I’ll have to miss time from work, so losing more money. My housemate is like an energy sink-hole, and is sucking my money by not paying rent and forcing me, through the situation, to have paid a lawyer and now possibly spending time in court…………and to what end?!?! It’s pure evil…she is pure evil. When I say that, I am not exaggerating.

    Anyway, yeah, there will be no Christmas for me and it’s possible that could be another horrible day in my house if the housemate is home that day, because she has taken to actively harassing me. I did have the police come last Friday and talk to her after she freaked out yelling at me, but it did no good. She just retaliated worse. She really went off the rails on me with verbal abuse on Sunday……it just goes on and on….
    I am getting counseling from an agency that deals with domestic violence, because that is basically what this is. Same dynamic.

    No Christmas, no rest, no respite……I wonder if this situation will EVER end?! The current astro does not seem to be on my side…. 🙁

    1. Thanks! At this point, I’d like to take you up on that. It’s looking more and more like drastic measures need to be taken.
      This girl is so litigious, though, I’m afraid to even LOOK at her as she would construe it into something she would try to sue me for……she, and this situation are completely over the top.
      I am a tenacious person and have inner strength but I’m extremely sensitive, too. This whole thing is just killing me inside…. I’m so angry about it and afraid of her at the same time….at least I have a lawyer, and he seems to be a good one. I just hope I prevail at the end of it all and that justice is on my side……….would everyone please pray for me and send me good vibes? Thanks a million!

      I’m hoping for a happier New Year!

      1. Me too. Hang in there! Don’t give her your sanity.

        Or play christmas carols and cds ALL day if she’s home 😉

    2. Stick heaps of rose quartz and clear quartz tumbled stones (not expensive) around your home where they can’t be seen (under cushions or in the covers, etc), Anonymous, but first sit with them, hold them to your heart, ask for the highest good for both of you, then send love to your housemate, however hard that is. Not love at the physical level, asking too much, but love at the spiritual level asking for a resolution of this conflict. Listen to where your crystals tell you to place them (pointing out it has to be unobtrusive otherwise your fruitcake tenant might hurl them at you!). Then let it go, TREAT yourself to something lovely, even if it’s just a big self-hug or a single rosebud. Or go to a funny movie (not a weepie, for god’s sake) and have a damned good laugh. Alternatively when you’re housemate goes off her rocker, laugh, shrug, turn your back and let her get on with it. Now THAT will her drive her nutso but screw her sanity, it’ll save yours.

    3. I like Aphrodite’s advice. Whatever you do, try to make time to do something nice for yourself. A movie, some treat, something to remind yourself of your ability to enjoy life and care for yourself. I hope this conflict resolves for you soon. This person seems really attached to you. I know that’s odd since they’re toxic and mean, but…I picture that you are kind. And perhaps that’s the attachment. I don’t know. Its muddy and certainly not under your control. But, if you can recognize and consider the bond between you two, (the conflict keeps her bound to you and she apparently knows no other way to bond) is real although unpleasant, perhaps you can help to release it on the energetic level and wish her well on her way to her new crazytown? Visualize the bond (no judgement), and visualize the dissolution of it. Maybe that will help?

      1. Anon, i sympathise and yes only vibing love to her
        no matter how bizarre that sounds, it works to make YOU feel better. It’s an untenable situ and is it evil or mentally deranged?The symptoms are the same and It brings out your shadow self, in fact she IS your shadow and in a way it is a cleansing of your soul because you will rise above it and do not engage verbally as it adds fuel to the fire. Not a word. Mantra that: do not engage.
        Just think how fantastic you will feel when she is finally gone, focus on that fresh future when you will be as light as a feather after closure.
        My legal bill for neighbour crap was 5K but i won so court had to pay it.
        You are also running the gamut of heavy emotions anger, frustration and the ‘why me’ but it will make you stronger & wiser, believe it.
        Put a rose quartz crystal in your bra to remind you
        to send her love.

        1. Thanks, everyone. I am trying to do nice things for myself. Last night I did watch a movie on my computer, and it was a feel-good comedy. Little things like that do uplift me, temporarily, but this court date and all the intimidation that is going along with it is just looming over my head and my daily life is a nightmare..

          Interesting you say that, because I have felt like she is ‘attached’ to me, more like fixated on me, or attached like a leech or a barnacle. She is sucking me dry of my money, my energy, my joy, my sanity. I don’t get it. I feel the energy of it, though, it’s almost like a physical feeling like she’s stuck on me like a suction cup. It’s so weird.. But what’s worse is it feels like she’s entrenched and stuck in the house, like she’s never going to leave.

          But yeah, I really never engage her. I never speak to her, and I try not to be in the same room at the same time or even pass in the hallway.

          I have been trying to ‘release’ her, in that neutral way. It’s difficult to be more positive than that, but what I try to do is pull back my energy, my anger, and just get neutral or indifferent. I never show her my anger, but I try to work on it within myself. It’s kind of the best I can do right now.
          I have been burning my St. Michael candle and have some rose quartz around it in a little altar.

          I’m just doing the best I can. I’m in survival mode and barely hanging on. In the past week, I have felt like I have had a few times where I was really breaking down within myself, like a nervous breakdown, all internal. I’m just not functioning very well..

          thanks for listening.. 🙂

  7. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Do your own thing and be content with it, is my take on it, as I said above replying to Virgo Earth Monkey.

    Just as there are plenty of peeps who make retailers happy, there are plenty who do their own thing and make Christmas about connecting genuinely with others. I’m not gonna crap on that.

    For me around this time of year is a spiritual time, remembering the good Christmases I had when I was a wee thing, with the best Opa in the whole world. He’s a Capricorn incidentally, one of the funniest, kindest, warmest, loving spirits I’ve had the honor to meet in this lifetime.
    And as it turned out my maternal Oma too, who was a Pisces, absolute honor to have her as one of my Guides now (she made one of my fave dresses ever when I little, and I was/still am an honorary boy).

    If it’s about being together with people you love and it’s done not out of a sense of chore, and out of genuine love, then go for it.
    If it’s about helping many others who are less fortunate, in any way possible, fuq yeah, spread the generosity around.
    So long as there’s no proselytizing by door-knocking people of certain religions, it’s ok.

    Consumerism isn’t just limited to Christmas in societies. And here’s a pun: we don’t have to buy into it. Ba dum tiss… 😉

    Whatever you choose to do, be loved and be safe.

    1. Well there was client a doctor who looked like Clooney, and Aqua. Started to see me weekly, by the 5th session when i got to his peachy gluteus i said, i’m losing it’.
      He was thrilled and so we had a sweet non-commital affair for a few years til he went O/S.
      The only other time was the current Sagg Adonis who’s body was the most amazing i had ever had under my hands, actually he felt ‘divine’ & now he offers me a massage every month. It was his reply to my ‘no’ that got me as he said ‘life’s too short to deny ourselves’.
      So much more to sex than sex.
      ‘Those that massage together stay together’ i say as you DO become each other’s healers.
      A massage and apple every day keeps the medicos away 🙂

  8. I can retain myself during the massage cuz that’s what I do five days a week at work..

    No ass (in some 20yrs) has ever inspired me to jump it…It’s like your a nurse sorta and they all look the same…heehee

  9. Come to sunny North Cyprus which is a tolerant, Islamic state. No hoop-la, no hype, no-one looking frazzled, I forgot it was Christmas – how good is that??? We have never celebrated Xmas, mainly because it has bad memories for my husband whose father used to get drunk and dish out a bit of biffo to him. Years ago, when I was on my own, I dreaded the idea of being alone on Xmas Day but now it doesn’t bother me one iota. We enjoy the freedom from Christmas hypocrisy, and on Xmas Day I’m going to cook our favourite nosh – moussaka, rich, heavy, and wonderful to be in a cold climate again for Christmas, just feels right as I was born in the Northern Hemisphere, We went to the Dark Side yesterday, South Cyprus, where the Greek Orthodox Church holds sway and even there we didn’t find any hysteria about Christmas – usual decorations, generic singer squawking carols in the Mall of Cyprus plus a sheepish looking choir in elves’ costumes looking highly embarrassed and self-conscious, some decorations, but the Mall was pretty empty, not crowded with manic shoppers like it used to be in Australia. “Oh, come all ye faithful, Grinches, Scrooges, and so on” to little old North Cyprus for peace and quiet. But, aha, apparently they go bonkers here for New Year and as they can really party when they get going, it’ll be interesting to see the festivities. Turks and Turkish-Cypriots are incredibly friendly and hospitable and are happy to extend the hand of friendship all the time but particularly during the festivals. Aphrodite rules, okay????

    1. Is there much buzz about the possibility of them leaving the Euro Union on the ground? Sorry, Mars in Virgo/ex-journalist here.

      1. Hate to sound smug, but North Cyprus ain’t part of the European Union, it’s allied with Turkey which is going gangbusters so the TRNC isn’t in the same leaky boat as the south. A while back there was a referendum to reunite Greek and Turkish Cyprus which the Turkish Cypriots approved and the Greek Cypriots turned down. T.C.’s now profoundly thankful they were rejected as they watch the South Cyprus economy go down the gurgler, courtesy of its exposure to Greek banks, and there’s been a bit of crowing from T.C.s kindly offering to bail out the south IF they recognise the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Very tongue in cheek but gets up the Greek Cypriot noses no end. Seriously, what is being imposed on South Cyprus is appalling, it’s ferocious and humiliating. I think there could well be a backlash but it doesn’t seem to have quite sunk in yet. Meanwhile, in sunny North Cyprus…… still enjoying the move with – now – our 2 dogs and 4 cats, all rescue animals. Now known as Noah’s Ark, lol.

    2. Greetings Mo, all copacetic in your world. Love your white cats and that sweet dog. Dislike Facebook but have wanted to email you, so consider this that.
      Wishing you all the happiness for you & hubby for 2013.

    3. You’re rousing the green monster Mo. I loved Turkey. The Turkish word for friend is akadash. Which says it all for me.

      My ideal lifestyle would be to spend 3 months of the year in Turkey, 2 months in the UK and the rest of the time . . . here . . . though not for the Australian (ahem) ‘culture’ but for the ancient land. I understood Australia a lot better from Bodrum with the help of pom Bruce Chatwin.

      1. Pegs – Happy Christmas to you too, but Pegs, Darl, it ain’t dog any more, it’s DOGS! And since we spend all our time clearing up after them, tidying up their mess, mopping up Ziggy’s puddles, cleaning up the 10 or so poos that Sadie does in the garden each day, we don’t have much time for ho-ho-hos, lol. Wouldn’t be without ’em though.

        And Link,I too read Bruce Chatwin The Songlines and it explained so much to me. I’ve lived in rural Australia since 1994 and I think it opens you up to the mystery of the land which you miss in cities. You get time to listen, to watch the wonder of the birds, the creatures (yes, even snakes, amazing creatures) and admire the beautiful plants and nature.

          1. And if that sounds a bit tribal may i say we’ve changed a s a nation since i was a little girl. When i read this i was young and living in a land that still had too much english mentality about who and where we are.

            1. Millie, it’s funny you know about this great southern land that i have never felt comfortable here
              since did aboriginal art when 7 years old, perhaps the reason i was always leaving apart from the Sagginess that is, like ‘this is not my country’.

              1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

                Pegs, I share that with you, that this is not my country. (apart from other things)
                And Mille, that’s beautifully expressed, thanks for that.

  10. AGREED.

    My eldest son got Winter Solstice presents from his dad and I when he was really little. Other family members sent Christmas presents. Eventually Christmas won out, but we do still aknowledge the Solstice.

    Hope all are well. My computer broke and I haven’t dealt with it. I peak in now and then.

    Thinks in the swamp of my life are going really good. Have had a string of broken things… phone, computer, car motor, my son’s IPod, and my washer has to be hit like Fonzie hitting the jukebox. Mercury Retrograde hit hard.

    Have tons of work, family is great.
    Happy Holidays.

  11. I could take or leave christmas, but my partner and I have adopted the utilitarian and self-reflective aspects of the time of year and stay up all night for the solstice, being together, finishing hand-made gifts for the kids, wrapping presents, watching bollywood movies, watching the snow, drinking coffee, and watching the sun rise in AWE the next morning. I’ve come to love it, really.

    After this, the christmas festivities are seen for what they are – general excuses for gift-giving, eating special foods, fun, and sharing extras unconditionally.

    We do nothing with extended family during December. It’s better that way.

  12. Thrilled Sweetie, my heart was in my mouth wondering his reaction, instead he responded 🙂
    Shall throw away the safety i had ready to catch you now
    as i know it will be A Very Good Meeting.

  13. well well well, first time i have ever read my very point of view about xmas. and so Well Put! A view I have held since aged 12, sed fuq to the hypocritical family bitching & bewailing & went to Balmoral Beach on my own, noting how difficult it was hitch-hiking xmas day. Noel chaque jour a la Rimbaud!

  14. “Xmas is scheduled for the time of Capricorn, the most astrologically ludicrous time of the year . . .”

    Oh you’ve nailed it Mystic, but this is so obvious once put into so many words.

    And the excuse that Xmas is for children? (eyeroll) I’m not sure what the rejoinder is for this in the company of careworn parents, but something in me rebels against spoilt brats with lists of expensive presents. I went off at the exes offspring when last year she said that if she didn’t get a 16 gig Iphone she wasn’t going to like anything less. Exactly like the meme getting around facebook. I was gobsmaked, and boy did she get ‘what for’ from the evil girlfriend! I couldn’t help myself. The expectation that hundreds of dollars be forked out to assuage parent’s guilt sent me straight into censorious Saturn mode.

    I’ve done several Xmas’s on my tod and usually I eat something indulgent so I won’t feel sorry for myself–I suppose. But actually feeling sorry for myself is the furthest thing from my mind as I enjoy the P&Q of Christmas Day and could forgo the gourmet food. I’m in complete agreement –it’s really dumb time of year astrologically to expect people to be feeling ‘jolly’ –FFS.

  15. I agree with you on all points. However, it feels liberating to make my own traditions, bake what cookies I am craving and watching beautiful classics like It’s a Wonderful Life. What do you think George Bailey’s astro sign is? I think this movie is very Pluto in Capricorn. Love, friendship and everyday simple good deeds outweigh all the riches Mr. Potter has.

  16. hahaah i was definitely running around my house screaming that i was the grinch yesterday!! probably with more excitement and laughter than anyone in a mall taking santie photos. completely agree with this rant and agree that it could go on lol

  17. Hi Mystic – interesting thoughts, however the origin of this festival goes way beyond Saturnalia…Apols for length…

    Firstly – here is the origin of Santa –

    BTW Santa is Odin! (Or St Nicholas the Greek, or some ancient god).. Coca Cola invented the red and white furry uniform in an ad campaign, but gifts and partying have been part of the winter solstice celebrations for millenia.

    This winter solstice stuff originates in the Northern hemisphere – and I think this is important (especially for you hot, sunny Antipodeans). In days of yore this is the gnarliest, coldest, boringest time of the year.

    Your subsistence farmers were knackered, there was little to do in the fields, its always dark – so – to make sure the sun returns let’s set fire to stuff and have a damn good party (for a fortnight) to cheer ourselves up. Could the Capricon/Saturn?party time thing be the reward for the years labour, no? This tradition is ancient, so…..

    If you are in the UK, go see the sunset at Avebury rings on the 21st of december. Talk about incredible – it’s 6000 years old and produces one of the best celestial conjuring tricks ever the world has ever seen. You have the chief druid talking you through it all. Christian/Commercial Xmas can piss off. But Super chilled pagan yule – it rocks!

  18. MM,

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Unfortunately, my partner LOOOOVES Christmas. He’s a Capricorn moon, Leo sun, Libra ascendant so I gather it makes sense sort of.

    He loves to celebrate an occasion, tradition, and of course gift giving (and receiving, the more expensive the better, though he’ll say otherwise).

    If it weren’t for him I would forget this day even existed. Well, with all the commercial hoopla, I doubt I’d forget but I would definitely shoulder shrug the whole thing and keep it moving. The men in my life have always cared a great deal about the holidays. Like A Lot! I have no idea what that’s about …

  19. Yes to all of the above! It’s the pressure to be someone I’m not and going through with it just to be polite.

    I’m so feeling the drive to reinvent, finding work, about to head o/s to study, and even typical xmas activities such as doing the garden, that I want everything to stay open. Pools, like gyms, are shut on the big day. The one time you can get to a lot of yoga its also shut. Bunnings is probably open tho.

    I don’t mind xmas day and the family get together, that’s generally nice. But when family return from o/s to take a big holiday and expect me to be on holiday, I get pretty stressed. Same with trying to find my nieces and nephews something that they haven’t already got/would hold their attention for 5 seconds in the shadow of the humungous presents their parents get them.

    And as the family vego, I’ve been instructed to cook the fuquing ham!

  20. esp astrologically, logically being the operative word here. Holiday in Capricorn? (sounds like a jello biafra B side.) Here I am trying to diligently follow my astro/lifepath mission and I have to shelve it to do xmas, which feels like an operation in need of deploy under this astro. Yes to toro or kataka break and feed, nurture, nest with loved ones, sound much more sane.

    1. But isn’t Capricorn all about traditions, not in a Kataka sense, but in a sense of duty?

      I always thought Christmas made sense in that respect, in that this date was originally Pagan but after the rise of Christianity became Christmas. I look at it is as a sense of duty to continue a pre-existing tradition.

      Capricorn is stubborn (and tradition and family oriented) enough and set enough in it’s way that it doesn’t care what things are called, the show must go on. My $.02.

      1. You know duty doesn’t sound restrictive to an actual Capricorn. I think there’s a respect and love for the benefits of honouring duty for Capricorn.

  21. The Leo Socialite

    such a relief to read mystic! Every 2nd year my girls are with their father so i just do exactly what i want and it has been quite instructive! What i apparently want is to frock up & go to lunch with my girlfriends in similar situations or ‘wagging’ their family/marriage obligations. At some point in the evening i am always found sitting there drunk and shaking my fist at the queens xmas message, pope too.

    Retail i disagree with – i love shopping and buying beautiful things for loved ones BUT i try to buy things that are local artisan – to support ethical business people, the so-called real economy. I also need new CHRISSIE make up. But yes to celebrate obesity and home invasion AND willy-nilly destruction of trees is ridiculous.

  22. Yes,

    Thank you for reading my mind, I love what you’ve articulated. I’ve tried to be polite about christmas for others sake, can’t find any authenticity in it.

    This year loved ones are away I am going so ‘off the hook’, will celebrate with a peaceful silent non observance, embracing with cuddles any thoughts of less than delight/shadows.

    We totally need to reclaim or celebrations and cultural mechanisms

  23. Mystic: According to SBS news, scientists have found 5 new planets relatively close to earth. My question is: what does tis mean for my astrology chart?

    1. If Astrodienst validate them I’ll definitely chuck them into charts and horoscopes – it would be hilarious if they were the same orbit as the uranian hypothetical planets
      Can’t paste the link for some reason but the post is called Uranian Astro Bats

    2. Yes but they are like interstellar, 12.light years away, aside from galactic centre stuff not sure if I’ve ever seen intergalactic astro

  24. YAY to the rebells! l couldn’t agree more! it’s just another way to make money of people 🙁 l don’t care much about any of the commercialized festive days anyhow.

    My parents just want to be left ‘allone’ and chill out because they are free and it’s winter here, which l think is great! They should do whatever they feel like doing! l will too. 🙂
    first day l will be watching films as l always do in the winter and the next day l will be going to a friends (not dinner) party 🙂

    The 29th l will be flying to an island to ride the ocean waves that’s my real X-mas :)THE HOLY SUN! l so miss it here in Europe now ..pheeew! we are bathing in darkness at least it’s not cold anymore.

    MM you were right this month does not feel festive at all!!
    l couldn’t care less about it all, thank Ra for Uranus opp. Mercury here 🙂

  25. Virgo Earth Monkey

    Christmas happens whether you want it to, like it, resent it, etc. For me the whole month of December is marked with anniversaries of deaths of both parents, and a close uncle and aunt.

    Maybe its my Sun Virgo need for ritual, or my Moon in Cancer and it’s need for some sort of tradition, but I worked through my intense dislike of this whole season and now embrace it in my own way as a time to remember the past and those gone, and rejoice at the beginning of the new with the rebirth of the Sun (hey, I live in Scotland and it is very dark here at this time of year, so excuse me Antipodeans)

    Make it your own celebration and do it in your own way rather than bleat about it. (Saggi ascendant speaking, with large stellium in Virgo ninth house including Jupiter conjunct Sun/Pluto/Uranus)

    1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

      VEM, I’m sorry to hear about these losses. I’m heartened that you’ve made it your own, and have your own ritual.

      Btw, I absolutely agree about making it one’s own celebration, “rather than bleat about it”. 🙂

      Blessings for the Solstice

    2. I like this, Virgo Earth Monkey. I like to rejoice. It’s going to be hilarious and wonderful. None of my gifts or even wrapping come from a department store. The sister who normally wants a Red Cross donation (a Virgo) has asked for something for herself – first time! The other sisters have new men, and it’ll be great to celebrate their love. The tinies are incredible and are going to be showered with love and their gifts will be divine, not naff. The food will be gourmet, not as a money thing but as a gift of love to all of us gathering from all around the country.

      I think often of my parents’ demise even though they’re young and vibrant. I don’t know why. Maybe because we were so at odds, at loggerheads, the closeness feels new. One sis nearly died recently…i can’t imagine living after that. Quietly, in Piscean mind, i will honour our mortality with appreciation and love. I like that you make it your own, and for your family. Noone needs to be swept up in anything.

      Blessings on your rituals xx

  26. “…it is not actually our personal civic responsibility to ensure certain dinosaur department stores or other businesses stay afloat.”

    Yes. Wholeheartedly concur. Can’t wait to get out of this sinking ship.

  27. my friend and i each live away from our family and to be honest can’t stand them anyway (damaging dysfunctional). so we are going to an amazing buffet at a swank hotel on christmas eve!! then i am gonna spend christmas day with my two furballs. have already started recording and saving special shows and movies to watch for the day. plus am gonna cook myself something special and get some ben&jerry’s. looking forward to it!!! have also recently started a new workout routine and got some notebooks for goal setting. might spend some time on xmas strategising for next year.

    i wish everyone here a happy holiday season!!!!!!!!

  28. Yes, totes agree Mystic.

    I like a carol or two and people are nicer to each other this time of year which is nice.

    But being forced to buy lots of presents for lots of people? Used to be stressful, now that I’m a student it’s nearly impossible. Ridiculous. I can’t afford anything meaningful and I don’t like small useless crap.

    The other day I stayed at an older friends house. She confided being appalled that her daughter is not bringing her child up to know the reason for Xmas is Jesus.

    I laughed and told her the reason for Xmas is to keep the Roman people quiet while Christianity’s powers-that-be outlawed their religions. “Let them still have Sauturnalia, we’ll call it Jesus’ birth”. Nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.

    The table went really quiet but I’m sick of the imagined moral superiority of people who have not investigated anything outside their own religion.

    Earlier that day at a morning tea another older lady tut tutted christmas celebrations not recognising jesus. I said for a lot of people Christmas is about family and Santa and being kind, and that is a perfectly valid tradition.

  29. Argh I feel kind of torn though… while I totally abhor busy shopping centres and piles of presents of useless shit, I also think my mum will be totally devo’d if I don’t give her anything! So I can’t decide right now that, apart from buying some nice biodynamic wine, if I haven’t gotten my parents something yet because I really don’t like the ultra-consumerism around Xmas, or if I’m just stingy! Yes I can make something I guess… yes perhaps that is the answer. Shit not many days to do that though! Ugh yes this really IS the most stressful time of year (family, gift buying, money) and for this Sagittarius I think it’s unreasonable to place such high expectations on us to not only BE AROUND but buy presents too! OK enough whinging, off to the craft desk…

  30. I love my friends and family but I don’t want to be forced into buying mindless crap plus I hate shopping centres any time of the year and all that cacky Xmas music. eeek! So this year everybody is getting a part share in a largish donation to the Red Cross for the Japanese and Phillipines and now Fiji aid programme.
    Did the Oxfam one year that was great too.

    1. My Piscean Mum has been doing this for a couple of years now. This year I’ve purchased a goat and some health care in lieu of gift for her. Of course I’m still getting her something 🙄 She’s v generous all year so of course.

      I’m part in agreement with you Mystic, but still love fairy lights and giving gifts to those closest to my heart. Cannot stand the crappy decs, shopping centres, radio/tv/media, forced fauxness at this time of year. We’ll be eating Christmas lunch in a Thai restaurant on the water within walking distance this year – finally everyone agrees that the traditional lunch/dinner is too much in the heat – too much work and kilojoules.

  31. Saturnalia Retreat great idea i reckon hold it near a beach so
    that cleaning rituals be part of it and ofcourse have bout 12
    different therapist/healers etc the world needs it i know i do.

  32. This Pagan Cancerian hasn’t done the Xmas thing for quite a few years now! I celebrate the Summer Solstice here in Australia and use the fact that my work (and my partner’s work) shuts down and that we have time off, to rent a house near the water and commune with the gorgeousness that is the Australian summer. We don’t do presents for each other at all, and so avoid having to shlep around hideous shopping centres, deal with Christmas crowds or get sucked in to what I think is an absolutely obscene frenzy of crap buying, guilt tripping and senseless overconsumption.

    It is a totally delicious feeling to have chosen not to opt in to the whole catastrophe. Rebel I say! Rebel! Do what most makes you thrive and get your awesome on. The sad thing is that so many people don’t seem to be aware that they actually have a choice about what they do, or don’t do. I’m all for rebelling and reinventing this time of the year 🙂

  33. My parents are jewish so we never did anything for xmas or for any jewish celebrations either!! i remember kids riding their new bikes and laughter in the street as i looked down at the coloured pencils i got. Luckily i spent a lot of my time with this greek family, they were jehovah witnesses. I remember they did greek celebrations smetimes and we ate biscuits shaped like the half moon and i ate pomegrantes that grew in their garden.

  34. Oh my god yes. Yes, YES, YES!! Bless you Mystic.

    Here’s to rebelliousness whenever, and wherever, it takes one’s fancy!

      1. yeah, I’ve been reading your updates. I don’t always have the time or the inclination to respond. Uranus transiting my 3rd house = erratic communication.

        “MY” Saggo (with moon in Toro) has gone silent / AWOL. Designed a little electronic card for his birthday the other day and his response was that he was “momentarily speechless”. Quite an achievement to do that to a Sadge. He still hasn’t replied to my text from last Saturday though. Bit annoyed!! I’m often in two minds about a lot of things (venus in Libra). One half of me thinks “Whatevs – I have to take care of business – hello Saturn transiting my natal sun 10th house!” and the other part of me is sad. Because whenever something looks close to becoming something, the bloody Universe puts the kibosh on my hopes 🙁

        Oh well, what else does a Cap riser do but soldier on…. 😐

  35. Genius. The Capricorn thing does rather explain why I always seem to go ‘off’ loads of food and alcohol every time Christmas comes along. I have always presumed that it was just that I didn’t like the ‘pressure’ of being expected to overindulge. I prefer to do that according to my own clock. And that clock seldom chimes when it’s almost 40 degrees celcius outside.

    1. Yeah. My friend complained of all the bad christmas eating they’ve been doing.

      I just blinked blankly.

      I’ve been business as usual and have actually vastly improved my diet and exercise lately.

  36. Obviously a topic for Plutonians, Uranians and Neptunians (a la Donna Cunningham). Hilarious.

    I would love to see NEW kinds of family / community celebrations and rituals to mark the period from Solstice to New Year.

    Really, this should be a ten day cultural festival that extends across all communities, with a focus on closing the year and preparing for the next one. With time for silence, reflection, resting and giving – of course.

    1. THAT makes sense – it’s the Outer Planet Peeps getting the shits with all this.

      Okay what if i hire out a resort next year and we have some kind of Pagan Festivity – meditation & yoga/pilates for the peeps who want it, champagne etc if you like, conviviality but also fine to be left the fuq alone by the pool if you want.

      Will call it the Saturnalia Retreat.

      1. In keeping with the “strong emotion / highly opinionated” astro for today …

        This has to be post-Pagan, post-Hippy, post-New Age, post-Digital, post-Everything.


        Simple, clear, fresh.

        The kind of vibe that is so utterly refreshing that peeps of all ages and walks of life will feel completely at ease.

        The real deal.

        ART as the theme.


        PS: What about on a farm on the coast or in a bush setting?

      2. I’m so there!!! I have always done my own solstice version of Xmas and happily rocked up for a token moment of genuine love where appropriate with my fam. I’m all over fairy lights and festivity in general but this extends to all occasions all year… Not the forced version you so accurately describe! Xx

      3. I don’t know if it’s just outer planet peeps, Mystic. I feel it’s got to do with Taurus and Kataka, for me this year – as it’s the first time I’ve strongly rebelled form the fam xmas events. The fam insist and have gone as far as paid for and booked my flights and a hire car so they could see me. I’ve Mars-Jupiter in Kataka in 12th and my ascendant is early Leo and on the cusp (2degree Leo) could actually be Kataka and I feel strongly that it’s related to my 12th-1st house wanting a change in family/community (Kataka) events which may have something to do with Pluto opposing my Asc/12th cusp. It’s a weird reaction for me to have rebelled this year because I have taurus moon in the mix and I think anyone with a taurus moon or Taurus mars or venus perhaps while loves a leisurely relaxing time with family also has saturn opposing and may be questioning the structure of it. That’s how it feels for me anyways. And all I just really want to do is continue to work on my new projects.

  37. like, demon worship, essentially, for corporate purposes, sound like a novel plot or something, why hasnt anyone made santa a villain yet?

  38. i knew a lot of that stuff but a retooled demon? AND done by a corporation, metaphysically how could that possibly go right geez

  39. Yep I’m totally on this at the moment. Ive not bought one present not even for my youngest son. Cash will do at his age lol. I ambled down one Target aisle last week & got into some low sugar hypo from all the work & swimming lane love I’ve been doing & aborted mission, not to return. I am going away because I do need to rest or a least soak in the sea but I see myself doing some running & surf distance swimming in it lol.
    Urgh real trees its sad. Yanking out my 1970’s aqua & blue funky relic fling on some lights & ta-da! That’s it. Dreading the dynamics of friends & family so for once it might be me being badly behaved with a paper hat on.

  40. ha ha, let it rip Mystic. I am a also a non-conformist this time of year but am trying to be polite to those who want more trad style christmases.

  41. Yep, it is an annoying western anachronism but at least it is tucked away at the end of the year so we can get on with the new one.

    My kids want to disown me for my insistence that its not ALL about presents but in fact a celebration of Baby Cheeses.

    As ‘Revealed’ by Kath Day….
    I showed them googled nativity pics with little edams to prove it.
    Not happy.

      1. 🙂
        Its tricky when ya start joking around with such big issues to a 4 & 6 year old.
        Because at that age they are BIG issues.

  42. I LOVED Christmas when I was rich! Crystal ornaments waiting to be broken, 3am gift wrapping fiascos, gorging on wine, cheese and meat. Now that I’m broke (relatively speaking) I think I’ll spend Jaysus’s b-day watching Bill Murray as FDR, or Denzel fly a plan upside down and drunk. This year everyone’s getting a copy of Hans Silvester’s Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa. Inspired imagery, rather uninspiring title.

    So though I do live in the capital of Christmas (Rockettes, ice-skating, giant trees, the usual gaggle of religious leader-divas and snow) I’m down for the Cause MM! And to prove I’m not a Grinch, I’ll still be making my famous holiday drunk-nog.

    I’m drinking an early batch of it right now actually. Does anyone have a Stolen Pagan Festival calendar?

      1. Tweak to your liking. I had a vegan egg-not recipe but lost it during a move : ( and haven’t had a sub I’ve liked since. This recipe makes 1-2 cups, I’m pretty shit w/the metric system so sorry….

        1/3 cup milk (full fat or less is fine)
        1 egg
        1.5 tablespoons sugar (scale back if you like)
        1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
        1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
        1/4-1/2 cup of dark rum or bourbon or both (scale to your tolerance)
        A tad grated cinnamon or nutmeg

        Blend egg, then add in the sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, booze, milk and cream. I keep the ingredients nice and frosty until it’s time to mix. Enjoy!

  43. 😯

    Christmas… Rebel?

    *Looks down*

    Er… I can totally explain the Mrs Claus outfit I’m wearing…sort of…um.

    What’s that behind you???


    1. Why would anyone even try and stop a Gemmie from an excuse to get dressed up ?
      You go you wild sexy thing you ! xxx
      Is new pup wearing something Christmassy too ?

    2. THose Gemmies are so inhibition free. Love it.’ If it’s fun-do it’ they say.
      Instant gratification is great trait. Where would Mr. Claus be w/o Mrs. Claus.

    3. 😯

      No not yet, but she will be!

      Btw Fleecy, when are you joining twitter?! 😯

      So true pegs! Which reminds me I owe you – in fact we all do – a…


      ( . Y . )


      I hope you had a Happy Birthday Pegs! xx

  44. Argh the amount of paradoxes I’m engaging in is getting a bit much…. But its all just to keep relationships mother of my adored nephews is a taurean Xmas consumer, ran away one year, which was great but did miss my boys, I plan to practice peace which will probably mean suppression of what I really think just so I get to play…. Will need to rethink for the future…

  45. I rebelled against xmas decades ago. I used to work every year at my family’s retail store, selling xmas trees and xmas ornaments and xmas crap. My parents bought it wholesale, they traveled to trade shows to place orders, so my mom always got the pick of the best, most exotic ornaments for our family tree, and kept accumulating them for decades. But I got put off by xmas forever, one year when I was about 17 years old, in my first year of college, when I came home for xmas. My family played a cruel prank on me, my sister hid all the presents for me and somehow conned everyone into playing along. There was nothing under the tree for me. On xmas morning, they all made a big show of opening their presents (including the ones I gave them), and said they didn’t get me anything. About an hour later, after reducing me to tears, I packed up to leave and go back to campus. They realized they had gone too far, so they finally pulled out their presents for me. I said they could keep them, and I left. The End of xmas forever. I have never participated in xmas since them. I won’t even use the full name, it’s just X mas. Emphasis on a big black X blotting it out on the calendar.

    When my mom died a few years ago, my siblings descended on the estate, and basically raided everything of value, fighting over the most valuable things. One of the hottest items was my mom’s xmas ornament collection. I could see a big fight brewing about how the six of them would split it up, so I decided to throw fuel on the fire. I had seen some articles online about on how those old xmas ornaments were now collectables. Particularly valuable were the exact type of ornaments my siblings were about to fight over: vintage 1950s handmade glass ornaments from Czechoslovakia and Germany. Some of them were worth thousands of dollars. I told them about how fantastically expensive the ornaments were, and that they could take them all, I don’t want any, I don’t celebrate xmas, I converted to buddhism 20 years earlier. They could not believe I would voluntarily give up my share of the expensive heirlooms that they would fight over. They could not believe I had no sentiment for them, or that they were even so valuable. But they checked online, and it was true. One of my sisters asked, don’t I even want ONE? I could sell it on eBay just for the money, and I sure could use it since I was so poor. Or maybe if I had kids someday I would want an heirloom to give them, maybe they would celebrate xmas someday. I said I absolutely do not want any. You can have them all, and I especially don’t want to take any part in splitting them up. So they took them away and I never heard about them again. Now every xmas, they can hang them on their tree and remember that I said they should take them all, because their most prized sentimental keepsakes are worthless to me.

    1. Bah humbug always hated Christmas.

      This happened to me for secret santa at work this year. No trick or joke. Everyone got a present but me. All standing around the tree with their presents. I felt publicly humiliated. All I can say is it is the sign I needed to get my arse into gear and leave. Wheels are in motion.

      Ps. What were your parents thinking!

      1. ouch. It does sting. had the same thing happen to me too and it wasn’t by accident it was on purpose by an Office Queen Bee who fancied herself Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. We worked at a non-profit art college but in our office she and her group of friends would take leisurely long liquid booze fueled lunches leave the work to us and took credit for the work we did. The funny thing was those in Admin/Admission weren’t vaguely interested in the arts in any shape or form and would mock the artists’ audition tapes and portfolios. It was sick. I ended up quitting.

    2. O Charles, that is such an off ‘prank’, totally humourless if a prank is meant to be funny. Heartbreakingly off.
      We heart Buddha better.

    3. I think you cut off your nose to spite your face giving up the
      antique european (divine) decorations to the others when they really were yours if you chose.
      We know you Taureans love quality as do Capricorns
      but i also understand the dreadful divisions after death of a patriarch-matriach of the family.
      It was in Zorba the Greek i think, the desperate greed when a person is dying. The gimme gimme game that divides.
      The beautiful saying ‘ i desire-want nothing’ is liberating beyond.

      1. Expensive, beautiful things often come with a challenge of learning to detach from material possessions. To me, they are just an impractical burden, boxes of fragile glass taking up space in storage. Perhaps my siblings learned about detachment when they split them up, but I doubt it.

  46. Thank you MM – poetic and spot on. My Dutch family celebrated the tradition of St. Nicholas; I always had the image of this man helping the poor children. So Christmas is a reminder for us to help those less fortunate; and to count our blessings.
    The wanton materialism/consumerism is nauseating. We’re a small family and we’ve done away with the mindless, duty-bound crapola. As we live in different parts of the world, on Christmas Day we’re reuniting at a restaurant on the beach and enjoying each other’s company. Saturn/Capricorn is also about time … taking time out to be grateful for what we have; making time for the people we love.

  47. Love it. Totally agree with all of it. If anything, in Australia I’d celebrate the Summer Solstice with lots of fruit, salads and healthy joviality. Screw the pine trees and Northern cultural imperialism. Here in Japan Christmas is a huge “lover’s festival” (making lots of baby Librans no doubt) but the 25th is still business as usual and lo, the gyms will probably be open. Guess its as good a time as any to get my gym goddess back on!

  48. I wonder if it wasn’t timed for the “end” of the year would it be so big – I personally celebrate this time as one of gratitude and reflection for those who have been a part of my life and the ups, downs and roundabouts of a year passing.

  49. Grinch much?
    It depends on your perception. I think that living in Australia, the traditions associated with a white Christmas seem awkward. Oui, since ‘Christmas’ has its roots in a pagan festival, it incorporates the sentiments and signs of nature, and the life force around it. Therefore, in the Northern hemisphere, the joy of a green tree at a time when it is the ‘hibernation’ of plant life form, the (heavy rich) food, the symbolic gestures of being with others whilst the weather is inclement outside – all make sense. It is a reflection of the climate and historical traditions. This juxtaposed in the Southern hemisphere seems dépassé… even garish and ‘fake’! People can immediately sense what is fake, even though they will go along with it – and the commercial aspect of Christmas (the department stores and spending etc.), adds another ‘un-glossy’ coat to the fakery. (Bonjour Grinchie!!)
    Perhaps ‘Christmas’ should borrow from the Olympic opening ceremonies (pardon, for using this example to illustrate) – each country should celebrate it according to their traditions and culture. Think of all the different variations and interpretations of uniforms (in an Olympic ceremony) that reflect each countries culture. If Christmas is the ‘Olympic event’ for Christians world-wide, then they should participate in it in a more truthful manner, putting the joy of their culture into it. This way the spiritual side of Christmas would ring more true…

    P.s. what colour is your Grinch? Hopefully not green… but sun-tanned in a bikini/trunk shorts with zinc!

  50. Disagree. Christmas even if invented by the church as an anti-pagan swipe can be used for the same pagan purpose of celebration, feasting, quality family time, etc. Capricorn is all about tradition as well as earthly delights so I think it’s the perfect place in the zodiac for it to take place.

  51. I’m not fussed about Christmas, and the Chrissie we will be escaping to the beach for a week, down the coast. Although i must admit when the Piscean asked this year if i wanted anything in particular i was a little too quick to answer ”a heavy duty sewing machine-i can pick it up on thursday”…Also get the kids books as they dig any rhyming books.

    Besties and i do a little ickle gift for each others kiddliewinks.
    Besties also get birthda gifts and random things spotted throughout the year.

    I also get a real kick out of taking a six pack / case depending on $$’s avail ! of posh beer up to the Garbo’s (Garbage bin collectors), a bottle of red left at the local booze store for our Motorcycling Postie who we call ‘The Stig”,
    And doing this gives me a massive buzz as i remember my Leo Grandfather getting me to run out to the garbos when i was a kid and take beer or cash in a card .. i that feeling comes over me again, like my Pop would be looking down and giving me a wink.

    I love the thought of the receiver, going home and showing their gift to their other family members, teachers dont get great pay, and i love letting the good ones know they are muchly appreciated, with posh blue devil hoochie juice.

    Which ever way you rock,
    I wish everyone here a safe, happy healthy, and prosperous New Year,
    with much spiritual growth, and a kick arse year ahead for dreams coming true.

      1. Oui Oui Monsieur Ram,
        Manyana, 1 turnoff before Sussex.
        Been Manyana-ing since was a wee 5 year old.
        Started off at Don Hearns cabins (he was the dude who hid the surfers who didnt want to go to Vietnam), Moved into a rented place when the Leo Grandfather and Piscean Grandmother had enough of ”roughing it” and still love it.. lots of family memories, and good fun making new ones … have a beautiful time David (and your Fam too of course!)

      1. Oui Oui Pegs Sexy Legs,
        An Aqua-Naut, Scorp Moon, Leo Rising.
        And an Aries Gemmie Moon, Leo Rising.
        Needless to say they both love their ‘mirror time”

        1. Goldie O lalala i like those combinations, they both sound like fun and their Mother has their number and is so forewarned & prepared already.

  52. No gyms open xmas day?

    Now that gives me an idea :-)!
    Flying to Adders Mystical One, we shall open for you and those of same
    sane mind set.

  53. Christmas is when i say i’m Buddhist to avoid the whole shmozzle & stress that it usually brings.
    Have noticed peeps becoming very agitated. For of some of them i really wish it was the end of the world as they are taking up breathing space.

    MM i totally agree with all you have written, espesh about the dying trees.
    The guru asked me to but xmas decorations so i bought butterfly lights, white. he said ‘that’s not xmas-ie’. So i then bought a glittering ‘peace’ & a ‘joy’ lettering sign. he said ‘that’s for tantra’.
    Guess what i said next :-/

  54. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I’m all for re-interpretation!

    I’m making an altar out of (real) reindeer antlers, and decorating with twinkly gold sun-type stuff , candles and summer flowers (the summer solstice is approaching, no?).

    Celebrate the light of the blazing sun? By keeping cool and eating a lot of mangoes.

    I think there is something astrologically going on that’s making people rebel this year. I am not doing cards, trees or any of that stuff this year. I’m only giving (thoughtful) gifts to my nearest and dearest. Thankyou Saturn in Scorp?

    1. As you (cept for the decorations-like none at all but for a lone small star above door) i am on strike about anything to do with xmas.
      This is because last xmas i set fire to the oven roasting the duck & smoked the house out.
      Scalded my palms of hand to blisters with boiling fruit mince pie that fell apart taking it out of the dreaded micro-wave.
      Split a full cup of coffee onto the macbook & had to buy new one.
      Lessons learned painfully, so this year am not acknowledging it at all.

  55. Santa Claus was not invented by Coca-cola. The image of him in a red and white suit was, but I’m pretty sure he’s an old tradition, possibly with pagan roots as well. (Scandinavian folklore for sure.) He’s basically some kind of winter elf. In the Hispanic culture, we do the three wise kings, which is obviously more religious.

    Either way, all my Pisces love the “magic of Christmas,” including the astro, even if it seems off. Think of all the xmas stories/movies out there and look how they mostly have to do with career/money. (A Christmas Carol.) Way Cappy, if you ask me.

    1. The 3 Magi. YES! The 3 wiseman (where was the woman-directing it all?) make sense, astro wise as well. From Out of Egypt to following the amazing conjunctions occurring at the time.
      PLUS essential oils x 3 as gifts.
      Something i DO do is go thro’ 10 mls of Frankinsence in the burner and Myrhh, Sandlewood being too expensive to diffuse.
      A small but meaningful concession.

      Draped 2 silver ankle chains gifted to me from Mumbai a few days ago around the neck of my Shakti-Shiva statues.

      Thank you for reminding me of the parts i love of Christmas.

      1. Oh yes, Frankincense…Seabird who posts on here, sometimes links to her store, she has the most gorgeous resin she picks up somewhere exotic she lived once….and holders too…hopefully she’ll be back soon…or maybe she’s away on other adventures…

        1. Seabird yes I remember. Truly the only way to get what you want is thro’ dealers who spend time seeking out the Real Thing’.
          Shopping locally in Adders is always settling for what is there not what is actually available world wide now.
          Have found a supplier of exotic essential oil blend perfumes at last called Kismet Jardin that i have made overdures to for promotion of.

          That old Libran Moon leads by the nose 🙂

          1. Here I am! I haven’t gone anywhere, and thankyou for the mention Cosmic, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I do still stock the resin, I have an Omani partner and used to live there so I have access to the real stuff. I don’t mean to shamelessly plug on this post, but if you want Omani resin or essential oil, I have it. And should have myrrh again soon. And have stuck my links up above although am currently not running the business as such, gearing up to do so again in the New Year insh’Allah. But I have stock. Drop me an email if you so desire, it is beautiful (I also stock chemical-free charcoal now too)…
            Apologies Mystic, but you know I don’t come here to do plugs for my business normally!!

            1. Sounds delightful! When you start selling resins again can you drop a note on the site with MM’s permission of course?

              1. Hello! I do sell the resins now, it’s just you have to email me through link Bove. And David, I have some soft Amber perfume, not sure if this is what you mean, as amber in the natural world of perfumes is ambergris, whale vomit, which is illegal to trade in here in Australia. But send me an email and we can discuss. Apologies again, Myst!

    2. I heard a version that Vikings when they went to war, in their longboats – took reindeer with them. This is because reindeer can eat Fly Agaric mushrooms ( the pretty red ones with white spots – highly poisonous…) and process them in such away that if you drink their urine you get high ( as in LSD) without dying. So the Vikings would go into battle after drinking reindeer urine spiked with Fly Agaric and then return home bearing the gifts from their conquests.
      Not quite as soft & cuddly as Santa…..

    3. My favorite male fertility god is Enki, Ea, or whatever: He helped Inanna in her myth.

      But Santa done these days just doesn’t remind me of him.

      I’m trying to keep stars a part of my season ritual and teach them to my girl. But its hard to cut through all the trappings of the season.

      1. Holy fuck – I just went back to the article. Enki is the symbol of Capricorn. His animals were the goat and the fish. How bad ass is that?

        1. “His symbols included a goat and a fish, which later combined into a single beast, the goat Capricorn, recognised as the Zodiacal constellation Capricornus. He was accompanied by an attendant Isimud. He was also associated with the planet Mercury in the Sumerian astrological system.”

  56. Well jingle bells mystic ,I agree whole heartedly , I feel your rebel cause and no we’re not grinches , Year after year I rant the same arguments ,only to be called a sour old crinch but I’m not old , crikey, the stuff seems to start earlier every year ,there were xmas junk on the shelves back in October and you watch there will be easter eggs available before the end of January,. Reminds me abit (sort of ) of the emperors new cloths ,good on you for yelling its a freud , Let birthdays be the annual event to spoil children and celebrate living . and yes let everyday be a day we might do something special . Aleast please please lets barr carols until xmas eve

    1. MermaidinMelbourne

      Markus, let’s ban carols indefinitely!

      MM, I am THE Christmas rebel. Love the post. What gets to me is the superficial cheer and how everyone (except me) feels pressured to feel/act/be a certain supposed way. I am hiding in my cave with an enviable stack of good books, music (no carols whatsoever), dark chocolate, coffee, olives, and the beach a block away for contemplative strolls and energetic runs.

      The only gifts I am buying this year is for the brilliant hard-working and super-productive cleaners in my apartment building – I am giving it anonymously which I find more fun 🙂

      Here’s to Christmas reinvented the way we want/see/like it.

    1. True, there is an archetypal/mythical Father Nature spirit. Santa echos that, but only faintly. The costuming and overall visual concept of Santa is from Coca-Cola to soothed the post-war-depression Pluto in Cancer generation and – as I see it – kind of gave them permission to be materially OK after some really hard times. Its unfortunate that now we celebrate the excess to such extremes, and that the legacy of a generation who fought for peace is continued war.

      1. I was told (by my father) CocaCola made an agreement with NewYork council to decorate& take over NY for Xmas 1933 (my dob. 12/1933). Prior to this father xmas/st nicholas was GREEN. Coke’s colour is red.

  57. Mystic!!! Thank you so much!!! I have ALWAYS been a rebel but have never ever been able to articulate it so aptly. Not only that but when recently having a heart to heart wth current love interest I failed terribly at explaining my point of view concerning xmas and worry he may think me the ultimate grinch … but my Phoenix doesn’t reallllly care. You rock.

  58. I am absolutely 100% with you!! Thank god someone else feels the same. On your recommendation, I am hunkered down reading Goddess versus the Alphabet, juice fasting and working out (working on interval training using skipping – amazing results!). I get so depressed when I have to go to the shopping centre to buy meat for the dogs and there are all these people going beserk with trolleys filled with CRAP! Last year I sent my nieces an Oxfam card telling them that their Xmas money had been donated to buy a goat for an African village. I don’t think they got it………

    1. You probably should have sent a picture of the goat with a santa cap on, or started a facebook page for the goat. If they are under 20 they need images and ‘like’ devices 😉

    2. Total agree with your view of christmass, what a waste. The best thing i have done this christmass was to give a friends daughter household goods, like curtains and containers and real food.
      She has finally received a house from the housing department after 18 months, single parent, and didn’t even have the money to fill the pantry.
      I remembered how tough it was when i was in the same situation, so wnet the practial option.
      That’s what christmass should be about!!! All year!!

  59. Electric Eel Libran

    (unprotected or poorly protected) “Christmas (and New Years) Sex” makes more Libras.

    Just think about it you naughty revellers…… =)

    1. I would love to (and plan to, as much as one can plan these things) have a Libra baby!

      No, I’m not knocked up yet but hope to be around this time next year. A Scorp or Virgo baby wouldn’t be bad either.

      1. I kinda want one too…and this from someone who has ALWAYS been on the fence about having kids. But my Libran boyfriend is an angel, straight-up, and he has this crazy lineage of Libras in his family (him, dad, sister, maternal grandmother, etc) so I think it would be pretty cool to carry that on. Plus, I’m a Gem with Aqua rising…so compatible!

    2. I am an unplanned Virgo.

      Libran lover and I are on opposite sides of Earth, visiting our own families, doing the ra ra and la la. Reconvening shortly before NYE. “Christmas” for us will be romantic dinner followed by unplanned evening sometime in January.

      No forced gifts. No tree sacrifice. No gluttonous overeating. We’re buying contraception for Christmas.

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