Electro-Sensitivity & Astrology

Electrical sensitivity is not just some random thing that weird people get. It’s legit and growing. Uranian people may be more prone to it. Aquarius, Aquarius Rising, and Moon in Aquarius people routinely, after all, kill watches and scramble the read-outs from electrical equipment.

If you are Uranian, lights often flicker or surge when you’re around, and you’re more likely to be zapped by items that don’t give others even a tingle. Or maybe there is another factor at work? An extra-electro-sensory gene or druidic blood?

Synchronicity has compelled me to be more aware of electrical sensitivity. It began a few weeks ago when my wearable fitness tracker started zapping my forearm. It had taken a while to work out what the tingling, hot spots, and other scary symptoms were from, but once I realized it was that thing, I switched focus.

My Mars in Virgo Vision turned from measuring steps to calculating electro-magnetic-frequencies and the radiation potential in various household appliances. I worked out that I may as well have been walking around, step by measured step, with a microwave oven strapped to my wrist. The radiation was the same, only unlike microwaves, my device was never turned off.

I was getting unprecedented heart palpitations, zaps, little burn marks, and a suddenly itchy scalp with falling hair. Our bodies were not designed to live in an electrical field, if you think about it. We are electric and will naturally be influenced by heightened electricity/radiation around us. To what extent? We’re finding out.

E.M.F.s are like household and beauty product chemicals. Anything you can buy in a first-world country will be legal and proven not to kill you. It’s not like your shampoo or hairdryer on their own will do anything horrendous.

The wearable fitness device that caused problems for me (and many others, as attested in numerous comments online) has radiation/electromagnetism well within the legal limits. I asked some staff at Apple about non-Bluetooth enabled mice, and they legit stared at me as if I were in there asking whether the Illuminati could see me through my iMac. I may as well have been wearing a tin foil burka.

Maybe the affected people have electrical sensitivity, or perhaps they’re early-adopters. Another possibility: the legislation has yet to catch up with the technology or, as with so many things since the Neptune in Capricorn era, the manufacturers provide all the safety data to the regulatory bodies charged with protecting us and they also mostly fund these ‘vigilant watchdogs.’

But it’s the cumulative effect that concerns some people. The hairdryer EMFs and the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth, and the electric toothbrush. We all have to find our happy level. Let’s take a scale of Zero to a Hundred. Zero would be living off-grid, bathing in mountain streams, and eating only your hand-harvested spirulina.

One hundred would be sleeping on top of a sub-station and spray tanning twice daily. Nobody does either extreme. We all need to find our version of the middle. I am an urban creature – North Node in Gemini/Mercury in the 3rd house – who likes super-fast cable internet and being able to walk everywhere.

Still, the zapping experience freaked me, and I’m now devoutly into electro-house-witching.

Most of my information came from obsessive googling, exhaustively quizzing a quite surprised electrician, noticing what worked for me and speed-reading (via my Kindle in airplane mode) Zapped and The Non-Tin-Foil Guide To EMFs. I recommend them both.

And, these are my electro-house-witching suggestions and thoughts, make of them what you will.

* Smart Meters are supposed to be amazing as in they don’t require a “meter man” to come to your place and read the meter. They connect to appliances like your fridge, so you will be notified if it is using more power than usual or is inefficient. They also tend to emit a strong radio frequency, which proponents of Smart Meters say is irrelevant.

They’re like LED street lighting in that there are evidently significant ecological advances, but they’re often less pleasant for the user. I loathe LED streetlights, and so do nocturnal animals, yet they’re more energy-efficient. I’m not sure that there are government bodies with super well-funded scientists parsing the whole 360° picture.

Additionally, some people have privacy concerns as the info they can gather is potentially beyond the household energy use stats, and if it’s networked, it may not be cyber-secure. You can request to have your smart meter turned into a ‘non-communicating’ meter – that is, it is not networked back to electro-corp HQ and thus (probably) won’t emf pulse your house all the time for the power read.

It’s not an option in some places, so you would need to hire an aware electrician to help you assess the situation. But in many places, you can do as I did and contact the electrical distributor to request the dumb meter – they act like you’re nuts and make out like sending out a meter reader to your place is an extreme event for the company and that you will need to pay for it etc but eventually, you should get what you want.

*Getting A Wind-Up Alarm Clock. I know, this sounds Luddite. But an electro-free sleeping room is rejuvenating and fantastic for you. The Aries Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse has a heap of info on his site about hormones, sunlight, mitochondria and – well- everything. He’s quite out-there but ultra-informative. This and this are some of his takes but most of them are behind a paywall on his site. I always get useful info from there.

Anyway, the clock I got is this one and it’s great! It also helps to delineate the bedroom as a sanctuary, not a place where you go to ‘set your wake-up alarm and then maniacally decide to embark on a ‘research project’. You don’t have to be a tin-foil hat person – actually, it’s silver infused cotton or nylon these days – to want to limit electro-smog or take back more of your consciousness.

* Check out or be aware that household appliances may emit way more EMFs than you would think, whether you’re using them or not. You can pay a person to come around and check them all with a gadget that measures radiation (building biologists do this, for example) or get a device to detect energy – as it is the same one they used in Ghostbusters, I am SO tempted to do this. Apparently, ghosts mess with EMF fields.

Also, while we are at it, electricity is Fire in Feng Shui. Top Suspects in things you would not think were super high in frequency: electric toothbrushes, vibrators and hair dryers. My electrician said that they routinely see electric toothbrushes that have just melted and that you’re supposed to unplug them after each use, FYI. So if you are not absolutely in love with the device and its usefulness, consider discarding it.

* Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Although it used to be my personal wow-factor technology, I’ve developed the revolting ability to be able to hear it, as well as some LED signal noise. So if you’re not using it, try to switch it off – it’s harder than it should be as devices are constantly trying to pair and some won’t go off even if it is technically ‘off.’

One tip that is incredibly easy to do once you get into the habit is to either turn off the Wi-Fi where you live and use shielded cable instead or at least unplug it when you go to sleep at night. Try it and be amazed at how different the atmosphere is. You can go a step further and switch off the mains lights for your bedroom, if possible.

Otherwise, even if you switch it off at the wall, power for the lighting circuit swirls around, looking for an outlet. Taking it out of your sleeping environment helps limit your exposure to dirty electricity at the very time that you are supposed to be replenishing.

Of course, we could embrace this and see it as a new style of being, complete with its electronic spirit guides,  and decide that even if there are health problems associated, the benefits of the technology and convenience outweigh the risks.

Personally, I have such keen electrical sensitivity (and Radio Frequency) that I’m devoting significant effort to minimizing my exposure and feel better for it. The first thing I noticed is that my dreams became far more lucid and I awoke feeling more rested.

If you suspect you might too, try some of the tips above or go full silver-foil with The Invisible Rainbowone of the scariest books I have ever read. Astrologically, there is a good chance that for the telecommunications and electrical behemoths, Pluto in Aquarius will be what Pluto in Capricorn was for banking and governance.


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  1. Hi, my son was carted off to a psychiatric ward and I was allowed to go home after we went to a hospital together due to unpleasant, frightening electrical disturbances in our bodies. I was allowed to go because I said i felt alright with going home, asked why? I said I had coping mechanisms. My son was not as aware and said he didnt feel comfortable to go back to the places where the reactions from the electrical disturbances were being caused, hence he was sent off for a couple of weeks 300 miles away. Some people are definitely being affected by emfs and I wondered if it was astrology singleing us out. But of course the rational, sane, feet on the ground majority would call it all woo woo, so I am pleased to recall this to the more knowledgeable. Thanks.

  2. Ten years ago I studied feng shui at the College of Environmental Studies in Melbourne and it’s still a big part of my life. Not only did we learn about flying star feng shui but how to keep your home green and EMF free. I purchased a gauss meter many years ago and I regularly go through the home checking EMF levels. We learnt that it is really important to not have EMF’s in the bedroom, particularly around your head. So not sleeping on the other side of a meter box eg is really important. As a very strict rule, no electronics allowed in the bedroom. I am also a person that is constantly zapped…particularly on car doors and street lights flicker when I walk past…..interesting article, thanks!

  3. Us with sensitive kids started researching EMF’s 10 years back. So I got my devise from ‘orgonenergyaustralia’ (not affiliated). Look up Chrystals: Black obsidian and Shungite. Also any Orgonite pyramids, plates, etc. Copper devices as well. Tesla devises, like ‘Purple plates’. There are several ‘earthing products on the market also: blankets, pads. The biggest problem that is coming onto us is 5G – it penetrates concrete. Good luck to us all.

    1. Have you felt a tangible difference with crystals and devices? I’ve stayed away feeling like maybe they are shams. I also read an article about how any metal “devices” actually reflect/multiply the EMFs so I wasn’t sure.

      1. I got a consultant in & will summarise what he said FYI

        Does not like “devices” for various reasons
        Does like the shielding canopies to sleep under as that is when you need to regenerate and EMFs etc interfere with that – they are like mosquito nets with silver threads through them
        Ideal is Ethernet and Landline – no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
        I now have old style wired keyboard with my Mac and feels good
        Getting canopy – will report back on its efficacy – Lady Gaga and Gwyneth sleep under them apparently…
        Still turning off electricity aside from to kitchen circuit at night – way better sleep

  4. You can actually avoid having your wifi transmit at any time by using powerline networking in the home. It in effect turns any electrical socket into an ethernet connection.

    1. Just to add, it isn’t expensive, you just buy the set of adapters at places like officeworks, I got a set for about 75 AUD.

      1. Syrynx – thanks for that suggestion. Can you throw in the exact name of such devise plz?

      2. They are called “Powerline adapters”, there are a few brands out there: TP-Link is one, netgear and D-link also make them. : )

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    Yeah I tried the flicking the light switch at night. I think it helped a bit hard to tell as I live in a duplex and my head is against the shared wall of my neighbors who have theirs on.

    I got online and googled if I was saving money. And the answer is no.

    If you are tempted to switch everything off its not a good idea. You can damage your water heater especially if you live in a cold climate. Google it to find out why.

    If you want to save money find out how to turn down your heating thermostat in summer. and then back on in winter.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Houston, we have a problem.

    A quick google search indicates all homes here are hyper-wired and having the smart meter switched out for the analog one will cost around $600-800. Not surprising for a city that prides itself on its oil production and nuclear medicine.

    Maybe I can get in line for a tin foil burqa or start weaving protective metal threads into my clothing?

    1. Also the Gemini Gunslinger boyfriend loves his connectivity, wi-fi enabled lightbulbs and anything else that whirrs and beep boops. Anything you can do Alexa can do better. Sigh.

    2. I read that various councils in California are refusing 5G and also supporting residents who want analogue meters. I legit am seeing this whole thing as THE Pluto in Aquarius issue now

  7. I am amused. As usual a delightful read. To switch off from coal black source saves $’s. To prep for solar new deal..Delving deep.

  8. Penelope Darling

    I do really need to get back to using a clock in the bedroom and leaving my phone somewhere else… this weekend was marked by deep insomnia and late night social media browsing. I also had a small mental catastrophe last night that had me blocking recently-discovered Qi Vamps on social platforms. Not quite the same as EMF but where my mind went on reading the title of this post. This week the new moon is in my 9th house, trying to parse how to bring together what feels like disparate threads in my life into a narrative I can guide by.

  9. Hello – is anyone there right now and wanting to test out the new Moon Calendar for me? The time zone selector works for (Chrome Mac) me but is not working for another person on Chrome Mac…it worked in staging though…Thoughts welcome…

    1. I just looked! It’s amazing! I love it! Especially the icons. I think they’re my favourite part. I just set my timezone and it seemed to work. Want me to check anything else out?

      1. thank you! That’s really interesting. And yes, it is going to be amazing. So I am waiting for Tarik to come online (he keeps vampire hours, multi-Sagg, go figure) but I think this is something to do with cache settings. Can you please let me know what browser you are on? Email if is easier…I don’t want to hog this interesting discussion thread with Mars in Virgo OCD

    2. Just be quickest reply in between work and visually. Love the icons and colour. I think it looks great and time zone worked. Will have a play later as I use it a bit anyway. Nice work!

      On Android at the mo.

      1. And just had a look on pc/desktop and it’s l-o-v-e-l-y.

        I reckon the scroll function on the android is nicer too as it goes through the month with the blue defining each day.

  10. Dan Aykroyd’s family were mystics and spiritualists, fyi–so that is why the Ghostbusters’ “ghost stuff” actually makes more sense that it would appear to the casual observer. Murray and Aykroyd are both Cancers, btw, disappointingly as I nurture crushes on the pair of them.

  11. leotaurusscorp

    i’d love to turn the wifi off at night – have been doing so for years – but the nbn doesn’t work that way, sadly…we turn it off and requires many phone calls to get it back on, dammit

    1. Helpful fact, thank you. Was just considering changing over in order to decrease financial outgoings (seemingly, more investigation required) but also recalling that i used to switch everything off at night, due to the plant/electrical activity going on nearby, and how much switching off helped peace at home.

    2. hmmm it seems that if you have FTTP (as I do) there is a battery backup so if you turn it off the battery kicks in… not sure if it’s a good idea to disconnect the battery at night as well

  12. I have been feeling a lot into this lately. Thank you for sharing, it is very helpful. I’ve also been feeling a need for more lamps, and now I can you mention about turning the light circuit off. It is all making sense.

  13. I have never left my wifi /internet on more than I need to , once I have done my work, I switch it off ! Its been 17 yrs and my family still does not understand , they think I am eccentric ! ☺☺ But I honestly felt it was robbing my energy !

  14. Great post Mystic. We’ve been practicing EMF protocol for some time, but now we’ll be trying your suggestion of turning off power at the mains as well.

    Back in the 80s when only rad nerds and hippies were concerned about EMFs, my Qigong teacher told me not to wear my watch when i told him of my continually sore arm & shoulder. So i ditched the watch & the pain left me in 24 hrs. (I put it on a few days later, and within a couple of hours the pain crept back). I’ve since been pretty convinced about EMFs interference with our bods.

    Anyway, he also told me to ground or earth myself by simply walking or standing *BAREFOOT* on the earth or grass for about 20 minutes a day to counteract EMF effects and rebalance the body’s own energy system. Even just sitting on a chair while reading or meditating with your bare feet on the earth/grass/sea/river works.
    According to Taoists there’s a point in the sole of the foot called the *yung chuany* or Bubbling Spring through which the electromagnetic field energy of the Earth is absorbed. Lying on the earth will also rebalance one.
    Now of course it’s a Thing with the scientific community who have proven earthing has many health benefits.

    Basically, how it works is that humans are highly conductive by nature as we are made of minerals, our tissues hold water, and our nervous system is like an internal wiring system that’s transmitting information all throughout our body, while the heart is like our generator. We are electrically positive and the Earth is electrically negative, and by putting the two together you not only create a harmoniously balanced circuit but you also displace the positive charge you’re carrying – including ambient voltage induced on the body by EMFs.

    There’s a link to the Journal of Environmental & Public Health but the the controller for this blog won’t let me post it. If anyone is interested you can Google: Earthing: Health implications of reconnecting the human body to the Earth’s surface electrons.

    Also, you can actually buy grounding mats for indoors but you have to plug them in, which in itself annoys me – the whole point is to get out there into the open and touch the Earth – but i guess if one is bed bound or lives in extreme weather places they’d come in handy.

    1. Humans are so electric and that is what I was going to comment as well. I’m one of those squishy types that absorbs people’s energy currents and it’s exhausting. I need to practice grounding in the colder months, my shoes are always on then. Great info, Scarab.

      1. Thanks Electro (electro, lol) You are v lucky to live by a forest and a stream – meaning there’s a rich source of negative ions in the air, especially after it rains – that in itself is great for your bod’s magnetic field – so after a nice walk & a warm Magnesium bath (helps retain negative ions) in the winter months does the job too…… Jeez feeling rather envious as i write from our inner city pad & now in the 3rd month of atrocious pollution levels here :/

      2. I actually have never tried a magnesium bath! I’ll check that out. I do love my nature setting but I do get bored and feel isolated at times. It’s about finding a balance and recalibrating on a constant basis. That’s my 12th house NN speaking.

      3. Libra NN??
        My partner, who is strangely electro sensitive & makes watches go backwards loves a magnesium bath – and he doesn’t like baths (gets bored) but he claims it sets him right.

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Massaging your head with warm sesame oil in winter is great for relaxing and grounding Vata (air types). You can leave on for at least 20 min or overnite and shampoo.

        It has to be experienced to be believed.

        This is basic Ayvedic medicine. Consult a practitioner to get indivuated consult.

    2. As one of those rad nerds /hippies lol I can vouch for the barefoot thing. I have a bit of air in my chart and I’m quite cerebral so the barefoot on the grass thing is a must. I think it’s so important to connect to the earth especially when we use technology so much.

      1. Absolutely. After a day on the screen there’s nothing like sitting on the grass with bare tootsies and letting all the techno trash drain away.

    3. Wish Upon a Star

      Thanks for the 20 min barefoot info.

      I remember as a teenager I was on a picnic under the trees with friends. I lay on the ground and went into a deep sleep. I woke up and my friends were laughing but hey my mind body was totally regenerated. Being with these friends was important but apparently grounding and centring myself was more important.

      1. Yep, see how you still remember it.
        Lying around under trees is my favourite spiritual practice.

  15. Thanks MM, thats a great tip to turn off lights at the power box, i’ll give that a try! i use organites to help combat EMF, they ‘absorb’ the ‘dirty’ energy and scrub it through layers of metal shavings and resin then the energy is pushed through a crystal grid and out through sacred geometry 🙂 so fresh and so clean clean,, might sound a bit tin hattish but i do feel a difference <3
    I have a pendant and a pendulum for dowsing (awesome) but you can get really big custom ones made for houses/healing spaces etc, here's a link for a druid who makes amaaazzing ones if anyone is interested <3

  16. Thank you for this! The bluetooth in my car is always on (I, like you love it!)– this has me thinking more about that as I am hypersensitive to everything. And I’m also going to take your wind-up alarm clock advice. I feel like I am never getting enough sleep lately. Adding this to my list of self care for the weekend. And that– SO glad I cancelled my weekend plans after your reminder in the Daily Mystic email last week. I’ve passed that on to number of clients and friends, all who have reported relief and gratitude. 🙂

  17. Love this helpful guide! Thank you Mystic.

    In a fit of desire to study building health that passed, I do own a thingy to measure EMF’s but I have not worked out how to use it yet (ahem, Mercury in Cancer, works on ‘feels’). We are doing the electrics on our extension atm and the 25 year electrician knows nothing about dirty energy.
    There is a another book for the list “What’s the Buzz” that’s meant to be good.

    On Carolyn’s advice – your extraordinary Feng Shui practitioner – I have omitted dimmers and have the minimal amount of downlights. But have asked for some extra powerpoints for lamps.
    We are making an area for computers so that we won’t use wifi; just cable internet connection.
    Husband is a computer programmer with Merc, Venus, Sat & Sun + more in Gemini & it was his idea as he is concerned about protecting from 5G in the future.

    Also we have vetoed the obligatory induction cooktop as the radiation of those is high also. It’s at womb height and child head height, yet you are meant to stand a good distance from it while it’s on, I know I wouldn’t.

    Sometimes I sage smoke my devices and cleanse them like I would a crystal. I ask for Spirit to invest them with clean energy and put a golden net of protection about them. They do contain crystals after all.

    Really I don’t know if I will have a mobile in the future with technology and AI advancing as it is. I feel like the vibration of my phone is possibe to weaponise. I was pondering it in a moment of clarity the other day (ok, I had a little smoke) and what comes up on my feed? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/?fbclid=IwAR31o1Ze0FEMe3KJFQH3eGhqduccTvBKjXAHVfvJjKPBdvVtTRe535q_JM0

    Tesla said, “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
    A thing that interferes with reception of inspiration and love is a tragedy.
    My SN in Gemini makes me prone to Hyper Curiosity, but my NN in Sagg would suggest I learn to love my body and nature and not feed the monkey mind.

  18. This is super on point and I already do some of these things despite being sceptical about EMFs… I always turn off my mobile phone when I sleep and leave it downstairs. Will turn off my internet modem at night as well (sometimes I do switch it off to reset it anyway). Have always turned off TVs etc at the power point… mainly because of frugality. If a see a powerpoint switched on in an office or something I always automatically turn it off.

    Haven’t worn a watch since my 20s when I started using my first mobile phone as a clock. I’ve always been sus of fitbits and apple watches and also ‘bluetooth’ and make sure I use an aux cable to connect my phone or device instead (mainly because i find bluetooth drops out). In my house I always use lamps and a salt lamp at night and don’t like turning on the overhead LED downlights because I find them far too bright anyway.

    I have developed a habit of going downstairs and looking at instagram twitter or facebook if I wake in the middle of the night (3 or 4am) but I turn the screen brightness way down low. But I’ll put a pad and pen and make sure I have a real book by my bed in case I wake up and want to read something or make notes or a list of tasks (or record a dream). I really think screens do mess with your sleep. Some very great ideas and advice once again, Mystic!

  19. It just occurred to me you’d have Uranus heading for your 4th house Mystic which makes a lot of sense in your research and sensitivity which will probably increase eh.

    The tesla purple plates have been said to be successful in managing EMF and are pretty portable. I remember coming across an unusual character well over 20 years ago that had no eyebrows, made his own shroom brews and kombucha back then and these rainbow coloured plates but mostly purple in tone that eradicated EMF. He was alien looking (coulda been the lack of brows) and just too Uranian for words in his forward thinking/being.

    I have a couple of discs I can wear as pendants and shungite is also good for this as are a few other crystals. Hell, there’s even paint these days and netting that you can hang around your bed. It’s becoming big biz but I think it’s also just as important to look at where it’s sending the frequencies when they’re repelled and if say – if everyone starts blocking it and sending it out what happens to the concentrated energy? I expect it’ll continue to be a growing focus in education and business.

  20. Well done, MM! I have been following The Energy Doctors and their updates about health consequences of EMFs for a long time now. It is totally correct to avoid as much EMF as possible. I remember when we never heard of brain cancer in children. Now it is a major problem across the world. There are schools and cities in the northern hemisphere who are onto all of this and are turning off wifi networks due to health hazards. Canada, UK for example. Children’s still-forming craniums are especially susceptible to harm. Lastly, if you research well, the dangers of soon to come smart meters and 5G take it to a new level. We need to much more awareness of these issues and its great to see you putting it out there too. Much love.

      1. nice term.
        its more appealing to be an agent of change, rather than being the host of change.
        fine print is pretty small on that one…

  21. I have always set my wifi on a timer, to go off for at least six hours at night. GEnuinely a better experience which is sadly undermined by neighbours and current house owners I rent from. I dream of self containment to control the amount of electric. We always ALWAYS sleep better in vans, caravans, tents and tipis no? AM trialling the light switches RIGHT now.

    Decent non ticking alarm clocks anyone?

    Also, I need to find that toe-spredder you spoke of MM xx

    1. Oddly or maybe not so much, last summer I spent a number of weeks sleeping in a berth on a yacht. At night power was off and there was no WiFi as we were at the jetty so very safe. I slept like a log but also my health improved dramatically. I really should switch off at night. I’ve taken now to no phone in my bedroom. Just need to give up the iPad !

    2. amuletsandfeathers

      I use toe spereaders too. The best ones I’ve tried are from http://www.correcttoes.com. They’re expensive but I’ve tried many cheap brands too and they just don’t do the same job. I also use some soft, wide elastic to wrap through and around the toe spreaders so that I can keep them on when barefoot – hence staying grounded! ✨

  22. This is so interesting to me. I’m an urban, internet-addicted creature too, and I struggle with being mindful enough to adhere to a “screens off” time after 10pm or so. (When I can remember to do it, I almost always get better sleep. Plus, I read more!) My husband and I have an air purifier, and when we set it on “auto” mode I’ve noticed it tends to whir into a higher filtering speed when we’re both on our computers using a lot of bandwidth. My husband says it’s a coincidence but I still wonder about it sometimes. There’s so much I don’t know about how this stuff works. Thanks for all the info here!

  23. So we just lost power for a week, got it back last nite—

    Besides the sub-freezing temperatures and our lack of a wood stove I actually really *liked* it. Particularly because it was so quiet without all the electricity buzzing around. And I felt really good and really connected with my neighbors. It reinforced my wanting to live here. And also reinforced my commitment to getting a wood stove. My Leo husband kept insisting we would never ever lose power even tho we live in rural Oregon.

    I wouldn’t mind living off the grid in the proper set-up. It was very peaceful and I got excellent sleep in the pitch black nights. It reset our circadian rhythms. I’ve got a few streetlights on my street.

    By the way, I’m sure lots of folks here have had the experience — certain streetlights that go out when you walk under them?

  24. My gem rising loves to wander in busy neighbourhoods but my 9th house sun wants open, clear space and just the sound of crickets chirping at night, and wind in the trees, waves and birds during the day.. I spent some time in remote Oz, and there was nothing unless the generator was on, for about 4 hours a day. That was with my sun conjunct Pluto libra friend. the nearest city was about 500km away. There was a night time mission in a boat on a freshwater lake with an Egyptian reptile scientist who bore a crazy scar from a cobra bite.. It was where I met the Rugged Martian Pisces Scientist. (He married a Taurus, but my double scorp, sun conj Pluto libra friend was madly in love with him, as I came to perceive..) Not even a paved road without a 50min flight in a small plane. Bliss. There was no running to the shops to get milk or checking Instagram at midnight, lol.
    My view these days is apartments and more apartments I don’t know if I will last long here but it’s doing the job.
    What does this have to do with EMFs , Bluetooth and wearable tech that invades your body? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s something about needs versus wants.

      1. Your comment plus skarab’s have me thinking about when I used to belong to a caving club and I would spend hours inside the earth with just some snacks and a few battery powered lights. Talk about grounding!

      2. Oh that’s amazing! I’ve never been caving. And just the opportunity to be there in total silence and pitch black darkness, if you wanted to. very grounding indeed 🙂

      3. Yes! Try it sometime. The club was full of scientists, adventurers, and nature lovers. Save the bats! Find things to crawl through! Cave till you puke!

      4. 🙂 honestly it was such an amazing time in my life. I am so grateful for these experiences. Jupiter was transiting my 10th house and probably Venus. Uranus was just finishing with my sun.. God, it was good.

  25. Yeawwwww,
    My therapist is super sensitive to EMF’s. Couldn’t have a smart phone on her or use one for any decent length of time – i.e. a phone call. If she used one she would get crazy headaches, vertigo etc. Over the past year she’s been consistently practicing Kundalini Yoga and low n behold, she can now tolerate a Smartphone on her person and use it as she needs. (very highly doubt she’s one it for social media at all or the like, BUT!)

    This makes me think that – yes aside from the very real overload of collective frequencies floating around into and out of our bodies – that this is also a call to ante up on our collective and individual ability to ground ourselves amidst all of this burgeoning extra energy.
    I mean appliances and the non human objects that emit are one thing, but I know that I pick up also off the folks who are using these things like crazy and to me they feel like one buzzy little cotton ball doused in lighter fluid, just waiting for an ember to drift by.

    1. amuletsandfeathers

      Yes, I totally agree. I meditate and do yoga daily (along with the luxury of living in nature and being able to walk barefoot regularly and swim in mountain streams in the warm seasons), and I find that I am much less sensitive to EMFs than I used to be. I also turn off the WiFi at night and don’t use Bluetooth much etc.

      Plus, sacred geometry is another hack for frequency upgrades. I wear a pendant in the shape of a “5th Dimensional Hypercube” (look it up), that I bought through a fabulous free thinking future oriented group called The Template (also look them up lol).

      I wear it over my Thymus and it assists to keep my frequency high by filling my energy field with all of the many frequencies contained within the geometry – frequencies that are resonant with nature and the human energy field. Being a high level geometry, it holds many different shapes and therefore many different frequencies (each geometry is a specific frequency in itself). Then when a dissonant frequency from WiFi, Bluetooth etc, hits my field, it doesn’t have the strength to take over my field, and ends up being compressed to be able to move through my field, or actually modulating to resonate with the healthy frequencies already in my space. I lost my pendant for a couple of weeks last year, and the difference I noticed not wearing it was tangible. This really confirmed for me how well it works.

      Having pictures of sacred geometry around your house and using it to purify your water etc, sounds woo woo but really does stimulate healthy frequencies in your space and body and will assist you in staying so fresh and so clean, clean. ✨

  26. Totally unaware of the extra power this weekend decluttering had, I felt the need – after a virus screwed up my stomach and intestine last Tuesday – Wednesday- of going through all the food and the furniture where I keep it. Going to clean the fridge tomorrow. Getting rid of gone food and reorganizing the food stash by cathegory and expiration date (ehm Virgo Rising here!).
    Before reading this post I was pondering getting rid of the old telly: bought it with my now ex hubs when Uranus entered Aries (I swear) it’s also one of the last thing we did together. Never had money to considering buying a new one a priority but it’s old and a lot of channels that I watched have stopped broadcasting with the protocols used by this telly. Plus, EVERYTIME I watch it, it kinda reminds me of him. Should I buy a new one considering MR is impending?
    Oh and the wind up alarm clock: found a silent one on Amazon. Think I’ll get one and park the phone in the kitchen while recharging.

      1. I’d love to! But considering how things are going and since we are with Mercury stationing at 29 deg already (the degree at which it will start going retro on Tuesday/Wednesday) I’ll be using March for TV scouting to find the best product both features and proceed to buy (no matter the money/moment/whatever) as soon as April is on and we are out of the MR gutter.

  27. AY yi yi…I always tell my adult daughter that her modem shouldn’t be in her bedroom (I’m freaked out by it actually…) am going to tell her to read into it!!

  28. As a Toro Moon and Rising, I am feeling the need to clean and purge to make way for the new. And that is really saying something, because I am generally slack in my housekeeping.

    I love the comforts of life in a city, but yesterday evening I was struck by a sudden desire to be among plants, shedding all the trappings and restrictions of urban existence. Not because I’m unhappy with my current life, but because I was craving a greater connection with/immersion in the plant world. I suspect many of us are nature-starved.

  29. I struggle with this issue, I can’t live without connectivity but am suspicious of what the health issues are. I have never coped well with having a mobile phone directly against my body so don’t have a smart watch or fitness tracker. Tend to think I can’t be bothered with the total turning off every night of wifi and lights….

    1. amuletsandfeathers

      Me too. I’ve been waiting for you, Mystic, to dive deeper into the tin foil hat territory – that which is actually real! So grateful for you to share this important info, your reach will help lots of peeps to take this stuff more seriously.

  30. Wish Upon a Star

    I like turning off the light switch fuse at night. Wanna stop that electric circulating above and open up to sky, source vibe. I never knew this was happening.

    Thanks so much Mystic for finding out all this info.

  31. I have to think some more on some of this and gather my own data but am (and have been) pretty much in total agreeance overall. No interest in wearables ever and have pondered circuit breaker tech in the home for some years and have some circuit breaker tech in situ.
    On another note I may be totally going to move during this Mercury retro. I am somewhat against it but as its been tabled for a long time I’ll probably execute exit if all the other stars align so to speak. Uranus in Toro possibly packs a bigger punch in the overall vibe.

  32. Today? Naps and Palpitations -peri-menopausal or medical medium version (?) and zapped some random skin issues. I can’t stand clocks ticking or lights so my digital clock wears my fox eye mask. I do love when neighbourhood power goes off like last weekend for 2.5 hrs. So quiet. Looking forward to Earth hour Saturday 30 March 8:30-9:30.

  33. I love this, especially the imaginary tin-foil-burka! lol. always been suspicious of wearables, hence never had one – of course all those wireless devices create their own frequency landscape! i am quite sensitive when it comes to electricity (8th house Uranus conjunct chart ruler Mars & square Moon), so I try to avoid it whenever I get the chance. how about playing earthy electronic music (vinyl, of course) when doing the power purging these days?

    1. I am working on a funky space clearing Mp3! The ones I could find online are too sedating and spa-like. So stand by! And music wise, I am leaning toward old-school iPod (remember) with the air tubes OR even those things where you plug in the iPod & it has speakers. Like docks with speakers? And yes I that frequency awareness is going to be big during Pluto in Aquarius. And of course, the whole wi-fi revolution occurred with Uranus-Neptune in Aquarius.

      1. Ahh cool, looking forward to that space clearing mp3! When it comes to music, I am going for old school vinyl at home whenever possible (I only have a peculiar, small selection of vinyls). Various reasons. Will put on some electronic/house LPs for the Power Purge tomorrow

      2. amuletsandfeathers

        Re:music, the speaker I’ve got also had a spot for an auxiliary cable to be plugged in, so you can leave the Bluetooth off and still plug your phone/iPod in. They’re still reasonably common in new speakers.

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