Banishing Dark Energy

Banishing Dark Energy is not something we are taught at school or by (usually) our parents but unfortunately, it’s a necessary skill. Here’s how. But first, the question that prompted this response.

Dear Mystic,

You and your site are simply amazing and have provided me with so much guidance. THANK YOU so much. I was hoping for your sage opinion on an ongoing problem.

Overall, I’m doing good. I take care of myself and have a healthy spiritual practice. I survived my Saturn Return with no permanent damage. And yet, I’m feeling shackled by the past. Without getting into too much detail, something shitty happened to me years ago, and the aftermath is still playing out. I was briefly involved with a very bad person. I later learned that this person had caused a lot of people an incredible amount of pain. Although I haven’t had any contact with him for years, I still feel bled by his very existence. I think others feel the same.

I live on the good side of life. But my brief encounter with him has left a stain. I don’t want to be afraid of him, but it’s instinctual. I fear him on a cellular level. He’s become the worst kind of Energy Vampire —the kind that lingers like a ghost in your subconscious long after you’ve cut actual ties. What’s worse is I’m required to go to an upcoming event that he will be at.

My question is: what is the best way to spiritually purge and self protect? I know I need to white light myself, ask for the help of the good forces around me, and forever rid this gross influence from my life—but how?

I need a crash course in banishing dark energy. 

Thank you in advance.


Dear Frances,

Banishing Dark Energy Tip Number One is to avoid the contagion. Are you really required to be at this social event? I know that there is a school of thought which says turn up, aura armor set to “stun” and dazzle the fuq out of this slimy fuqwit with your white light, resilience, and glamor.

Be the Queen. But on another level, this is your life, and you don’t have to be in places or with people that make you uncomfortable.  My suggestion: Make a plausible excuse and do something cool instead. But if you have to go, then yes bedazzle. And have a clear game-plan in mind.

The clearing is simple but it only works if you are absolutely certain you want this energy out of your life/aura field. If you are at all ambivalent, you focusing on it/him will only strengthen.

So try sage, salt, an alchemy bath and – if there was a sexual component – the Feng Shui Your Vagina technique. Clean your house, burn the sage, fling salt everywhere and put a circle of it around your bed.

Take the bath, go straight to sleep and bang metal bells around in the morning. You can also write the person a letter, read it aloud and then burn it.

If you are feeling extremely anxious around the scenario, try the Green Tara mantra – Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha – or play it off Spotify.

Or, a more basic curse from the notebooks of Albert Camus: “Fuck off from the face of the earth and remain fucked. Entirely. Fucked.”

This character has NO RIGHT to take up occupancy in your head. None whatsoever

What does everyone else think?

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  1. ditto on DO NOT go unless you want to go. Follow your intuition.
    Do not engage is the best advice to avoid bad people.

    “Fifth, people should learn to see and so avoid all danger. just as a wise man keeps … from wild horses or mad dogs, so one should not make friends with evil men.” Buddha

    or hang out near evil men.

  2. When I hear of these difficult matters, I always think back to one of the first occult books I ever read in detail, Dion Fortune’s “Psychic Self-Defense.” Much of this book is typical obfuscated Golden Dawn methods that are not apparent to those without specific GD knowledge. But there is quite a bit of good general material in there, along with general techniques for toughening your psyche against unwanted influences. I recall one specific meditation of visualizing yourself in an etheric egg of white light, establishing an energy boundary that would block unwanted energy from coming in. These are basic magickal techniques used in many ritual systems of the Occult Revival in England.

    But it is a more specific thing that sprang to mind. I had to look it up, and yes Psychic Self-Defense is out of copyright and easily locatable via Google. Here is the excerpt I was reminded of.

    “It is my belief that It Is possible for anyone who has need of them to get into touch telepathically with this occult police force. The symbol I was taught to use was a black Calvary Cross with circle on a scarlet ground. This is pictured in the imagination, and while gazing at it mentally the call is sent out into the Unseen, projecting it from the centre of the forehead.”

    This is described more as a remedy for magickal attacks by a “black lodge” member, but it may be of use to those who find solace in a Christian symbol invoking protection from the Inner Planes. There seems to be some dispute over the exact form of the cross, but of course anyone who knows Dion Fortune’s history would know this is a simple, unadorned Celtic Cross in black against a broad, unbounded scarlet field.

  3. Thanks for a timely post. Dark energies seem to have entered my life and won’t leave recently.
    I have an unemployed mentally ill neighbor who stalks, and harrases myself and my daughter. I’ve made police reports etc..nothing happens.
    I was advised to buy a gun.
    Tired of living in fear afraid to leave my house. He is at home all day stares at us from his balcony, video tapes us and takes photos.
    I cannot live like this anymore. I am chronically ill and recently had surgery and cannot defend myself.
    Any advise is appreciated.

    1. Grr, creeps like that piss me off because they can get away with so much because there’s no legal protection from him until he has already harmed you! One of the best books I ever read was The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. You already are grokking that he is bad news though but there may be some useful information in that book for you, if you are not already familiar with it.

      Maybe you could go full on witch on him and freak HIM out in return? Burn an effigy of him in full view of his balcony, start snickering and pointing when you see him, put a giant pentagram on your home, chant to Durga and take to wearing long black dresses and freaky shit, lol. Put your Scorpio rising to good use. Then again, if he is unstable, that may backfire. Just an entertaining thought… Best of luck, so sorry you are having to cope with your illness and recovery from surgery and this crazy asshole at the same time. I hope you and your daughter stay safe. Do you have a dog?

      1. I’m reading The Gift of Fear right now.
        His stalking, verbal assaults and attempted assaults are getting worse. I tried avoiding, no contact but he follows me around with a camera taking video and photos of me. He’s on drugs is mentally ill living on SSI, unemployed.
        Since he is on SSI he cannot be held legally responsible for his actions I was told by police. Which scares me even more.
        Anytime I go outside to walk my dog he calls Animal Control and the police to file false reports he feels unsafe. I was asked to NOT walk my dog anymore in his presence. He is constantly lurking outside so I’m basically trapped in my own house now.

      2. He is doing video? That is worth a Personal Protection Order here in the Midwest.

        Contact your local women’s shelter, and any human trafficking agencies- ask what you’ve do to build a case.

        He probably has a parole officer somewhere-

        Praying he moves up and out, dear SR!!!

        Your dog probably wants to rip him to pieces! He should be scared.

        That is not true that he “cannot he held legally liable”. Does he have guardian? There is a long road between disabled and makes others nuts vs not criminally responsible.

        Do you have any free legal clinics around?

        He may have a criminal history with this pattern-

        Your local prosecutor should have an office that specializes in child abuse cases- I would get their ear.

        Also- there are often support groups at women’s shelters for victims. This is not intimate partner stuff but is for sure harassment and stalking.

        Maybe the local uni law school has a clinic or students who would talk to you?

        Take your own video of him or use your phone for audio recording.

        Incredible that police do nothing.

      3. He has webcams in all his windows and follows me and my daughter with his camera.
        I’ve reported everything was advised to get a guard dog and a gun.
        I have a dog but he keeps making false Animal Control reports against us.
        Living has become unbearable. We cannot leave our own house.

  4. Love all these tips, you guys are badass. ??
    Here’s a cool “revenge spell” that I’ve found useful white magic:
    Keeping in mind the law of three/karma. Frankincense is awesome, also salt at the door and the burning in the iron skillet is something I’ve gotta try. Also see if you can find a therapist who is trained in the hypnosis technique called Rapid Resplution Therapy. It helps reset your thinking from the circular repeating broken record pattern so you can move on from traumatic events. Hope you find relief soon! ??

    1. Sometimes I think that Wiccan “Law of Three” was invented to ensure Modern Witches are controllable Good Girls.But some Bad People truly deserve the full fucking whammy, no guilt. What would Pluto, Hecate, or Lillith do? BLAST THEM.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I’ve been doing it for about 6-8 months now and have made excellent progress with it. It can take multiple passes though, to really get at all the deep grooves in your mind. I highly recommend it.

  5. I have a life time of experience with a true malignant narcissist, who also happens to be my sister. She has fallen out with me twice, my younger sister twice, and my half sister once. And it’s never her fault! She has no siblings or friends now. It’s like being poisoned slowly from the inside. Awful. The only way to deal is NO CONTACT. I refuse to tell my father anything about my life, as she will interrogate him. I don’t mention her name, or ask about her. Believe me life is too short to subject yourself to the trauma of being in the same place at the same as “him”. Short of wearing the whole sage bush and rolling around wet in a bag of salt before hand, no contact and silence is the only way to roll with these people.

    1. true.
      What if this crazy person is your neighbor and won’t stop stalking, harrassing you. Unfortunately, I have to leave my house to walk my dog.
      Otherwise yes, absolutely zero contact and keep away from all psychopaths is the only route.

      1. yes, or the father of your children – harder to avoid.

        that’s when energy work is essential to break the energetic appeal/connection/contract/subservience/whatever. SR, I use a psychic energy healer, someone good. They are in Aus but they can work via free platforms like Viber/Skype. I think she could help you and your daughter. If you want to contact her let me know here and I’ll figure out a way to get you the details.

      2. lol! I wish! He taunts my dog. I do not want my dog to attack because I believe that’s his intent.

  6. What lovely passionate camaraderie here in the comments! So many excellent suggestions; I feel sure you will find the combination of intent, rituals and helpful hands to free yourself going forward.

    Though I will say, I set my fridge humming with the intent that everything that enters it is to be cleansed, purified and filled with healing vibrations. Personally, the keeping of cubes of frozen entity therein is quite antithetical to my vibrational food storage regimen.

    Wishing you much light, light and healing!!

    1. Yeah, I reckon that keeping that stuff in the freezer with food didn’t feel good. I tried and then realised this was only very temporary to stop someone, but didn’t get rid of them. Flushing down the toilet was good, then they have also left the building, you don’t have to wait for decomposition even!

      1. Yes also don’t care for the storage aspect, like why would I want to anchor a bad memory in my fridge?

  7. Hey Frances
    I’m piping in to add to the bounteous array of advice from the wonderful subscribers here. Just to say — maybe the universe will help you out, just because you are earnestly asking.
    I was once involved with a Bad Person and unfortunately quite a time after extricating myself from that person I had to call him and arrange an exchange of my possessions that he still in his house, which was interstate. So i called him (urgh, did NOT want to hear his voice, and he answered all creepily, like I was calling because I actually wanted to talk to him), and guess what? A minute after answering the phone he yelled “I’M GOING TO HAVE TO HANG UP!” – he was being stung by hive of hornets!!!!
    Thanks Universe. We completed the rest of the transaction via text message. I got my stuff back. He’ll probably never realise why and how bad he actually is, but the hornets did. Maybe with some luck, if you really do have to go to this event, if you pray earnestly for all forces to be on your side, like i did before i made that phone call (I was quaking just having to hear his voice, so i can’t imagine how scared you must feel at actual real life seeing), all manner of benevolent forces will come to your aide.

    On a more pragmatic level, I recommend calling a friend straight after any interaction, just so your brain doesn’t lose track of time and sense and you are forced to acknowledge yes they are actually out of your life and it was just an event and you can come back to the safety of here and now and how great and solid your life is now.

  8. Frances dear, unless the requirement for you to appear at this event with this Qi Vamp is so critical i.e. you must donate an arm for non-appearance, I suggest a nicely timed excuse for not attending. Your fear is healthy, and I see no point in engaging aversion therapy through forced exposure. Really, must you?

    Speaking for myself, I had a massively karmic and devastatingly painful relationship for a number of years which resulted in near bankruptcy (it took me 3 yrs to clear debt), pre-cancerous uterine cells (it also took just as long and several procedures to head this off), massive paranoia (still working on this) and well, ptsd (as in violent dreaming and waking up in shakes). My ex was aptly monikered the Sewer by MM, not only was he a bigamist and serial cheater with many in different continents, he was also secretly bisexual, a procurer of dubious sexual services and quietly destructive on all counts. He was a master at doing “normal” by siphoning off the energies of giving and loving people like yours truly. You know, Dementor style. Suffice to say, that kind of shit lingers.

    And it lingers because it’s like slowly being poisoned with arsenic day by day, it becomes part of your system and it’s not so much that the QiVamp is relevant as much as the PAIN remains so. I had my place Feng Shui’d, did many of the rituals the lovely peeps suggested here and one summer nearly collapsed from painting all my walls a sheen of white so blinding in hopes it would aurically repel the dark tide of emotions left by He Who Shall Not Be Named.

    While this all helped as everything you’ve mentioned has so far, it seemed achingly incremental. So I just have several things of note to say that may be useful to you, hopefully.

    One, you will need to own this instinctual fear as a part of you. It’s not him now, it’s yours, at least for the time being. Think of it as a terrible growth that needs some serious time and benign attention to calm down. Because by owning this, you may perhaps stop pressuring yourself from resisting the fear and releasing the judgements you have of yourself for not having done so already. We often expect that our being and doing good should eventually save us from this inner terror, but as you well know, like cancer it does not discriminate.

    However he’s hurt you is a failing on his part, but BOTH your pain and your healing is yours now. And there is a power in that fragility.

    Two, I was in the similar sad position of observing how my Ex was set to hurt other people too. You see, in the course of liberating myself from him I employed certain methods which continued to feed me information as time went on. Almost ALL my friends and loved ones advised me to stop paying attention to it..but I just couldn’t. I wish I could say I was ashamed but I felt empowered. I couldn’t help but see myself in all these other innocent women, I had often thought then as I do now that had someone taken the trouble to warn me or stepped in, I’d have averted or at least mitigated a good amount of damage. But no one had. Not for me.

    So, I found a way to warn others anonymously. That was a significant corner for me, and while I don’t advocate this for others, I can only say that it closed one circle of hell for myself and allowed me to finally disconnect from him on a significant level.

    Three, unfortunately for me, I was still living in the same place (it was my rented flat but he lived there for a time) and I couldn’t immediately move. I kept on telling myself this place IS mine, the rent was great etc etc but no matter what I did, too much had happened there. I didn’t want to move feeling forced, as if I were fleeing my own home like a refugee. When I finally made the decision to move, I did so looking FORWARD and seeking a happy change and lovingly, the Universe sent forces to aid me.

    So what I’m saying is, there are many things we do to directly heal the wound and the past such as therapy etc. But the current of healing is multidirectional, we also need to be open to being lured into a more positive future. For some people that dawns on them in one fell swoop, for others we take small steps towards being more of who we are.

    What key decision can you make today, an inspired action perhaps that only speaks to you of YOUR happiness? Yes, even if there are tendrils of pain still attached to you, you can reach for what makes you light up.

    Lastly, we heal in pieces and we have to decide to do that over and over again. Try to be okay with still feeling that fear while being aware it also can’t be a habit. All you want to see is that there’s a little healing here and there, the rest you let go of for the moment so you can live your life. Above all, trust in your resilience! This is all temporary, while you are everlasting.

    1. I LOVE you so hard right now my Angel!
      Thank you for putting the pieces together for me and showing me the light in all this terrible thought I’ve been struggling with subconsciously since my diagnosis with The Big C.
      This is my ‘light-bulb’ moment and now I know for certain why I’ve literally had to have that sh*t physically cut out of my body. Also explains why though absolutely terrified I must now go through the painful process of poisoning/killing off any possibility of even a microscopic remnant of ‘them’ that could have ‘escaped’ and may have been left lingering behind to come back to ‘haunt’ me in the future.
      Fuq. That. And. Them.
      Seems so bleedingly obvious to me now and like “well, DUUUH”.
      God, what a Revelation. *cue the Big Boo Hoo*

    2. I am dealing with a neighbor who is bi-sexual living with a girl as a cover is physically & verbally abusive to her. He moved close by a year ago fixated on my daughter who is a young minor he won’t leave her alone. I’ve reported him police advised I buy a gun for protection.
      My daughter is scared to leave the house now, and so am I. He is unemployed, sells drugs and sits on his balcony staring down at us.
      So far the police have not arrested him or done anything. They said we are on our own. Living in fear will chronically ill is dangerous dark energy to deal with daily.
      I wish there was more I could do.

      1. This is terrible, SR! And somewhat negligent of the policing authorities to have left you to fend for yourself.

        I think at the very least, you’ll need to apply for a restraining order – I’m not sure how it is in Oz (if you’re there) but here in the US, you can also request a temporary restraining order while that’s being processed. It would be helpful for you to have witness statements or a paper trail of your requests for assistance from police but basically when you apply, you’ll be giving a court statement under oath of the stalking.

        While you cannot compel an arrest, you can request to file a police report which you can include in your restraining order request. This is at least back up should there be negligence on their part.

        I’ve had my own stalker at one point in time and it took about two visits from the police dept., the second officer explained they couldn’t do much till it escalated to a certain point but he did take the time to call the stalker and warn them off. Which pretty much killed it.

        I’d also not hesitate to tell your other neighbors, family and friends as they can attest to any issues down the line. It’s a good thing you’re very aware of the dangers presented by this individual but remember your precautions need to be obvious to the law as well in case you need further help from them.

        Here’s a link I found helpful:

      2. thanks. The police said the Restraining Order could piss him off more not less and then he’d have all my info to use against me. I thought long and hard about this option.
        He is clinically mentally ill and claims he could kill me and walk.
        I feel like sitting duck. He has cameras in all his windows follows me and daughter taking photos threatens to kill our service dog and my daughter is too scared to leave the house and is hysterical.

      3. The major problem is he hates our dog files false reports about him and then uses Animal Control to harass us.
        He is trying to access my daughter but is thwarted by her dog.

      4. You’re welcome SR. Though you seem to have already considered the Restraining Order, I would still consult either an attorney or a community safety advocate to understand what your rights and avenues are in this situation. Does this mean that he’s watching you but doesn’t really know you or your child by name etc?

        If he’s telling you, he’s mentally ill and can claim “insanity” should he harm you, then he’s obviously with it enough to use this as a threat. I suggest you do your own research to narrow down who you’re dealing with. If he’s has had a history of being a sexual predator, then you could try to find him in national and community registries. Here’s one:

        Community registries are separate.

        You can also do a search of his name – if you have it, to see if he has had any suits or actions against him, if at least to understand better the severity of his threat. Ditto for any work information. You need to get comfortable with knowing and anticipating his patterns in order to set up your safeguards around your home, your child and your habits.

        I’m also assuming it’s not possible to move, not that giving in should be your go-to. My concern with the Police advising you thusly is that should something happen, you have no evidence that he’s aggressed towards you and your child. If he’s contacting Animal Control, I think that as long as you have all your pet’s papers in order, you can also write back to them advising of the harassment and how they’re playing into it, albeit inadvertently.

        I would also wonder if it’s possible for you to get cameras as well, and to set up a system of help for your daughter, i.e. that she has a network of safe people who can be around should they need them. I would also get into the habit of setting your mobile on record any time he’s around you or your child so as to gather evidence of the threat. It won’t be admissible in court but it may prompt police to actually give him a visit.

        Lastly, the one thing I do agree with the police about is being mindful of retaliatory actions. This should be a consideration in whatever course you pursue. I really hope you can find a community advocate who can assist you with this, not only will you have to care for your physical safety, you’ll also need to create a paper trail of what’s going on. I’m sure you’re not the first person this has happened to, and forums may help in giving you more ideas.

        I really do hope you get all the support you need as you find your way through this, it’s a plague of our time but you can keep yourself and your family safe if you remain sharp and attentive as you go through this. Stay safe, dear!

      5. thank you. I’m looking into everything I can to legally protect myself against him. Unfortunately he already knows where I live, and our names.

      6. btw the bisexualpart is not important not sure why I mentioned it but…astrologically stalking and verbal assault is a Pluto, Mars energy correct?
        The stalker is obsessive compulsive he gets into huge violent fights about grammar. imbalanced Saturn energy?

      7. I’m in the process of trying to relocate. Landlord says he is going to be evicted but they said that last May in 2015 and he’s still there.

  9. So, I hesitated in sharing this quaint lil ditty of a spell I picked up somewhere along the way, because it is…. well, edgy. It comes from voodoo originally. Let me offer first that I have danced with the idea of ritual and spell work for years to try and understand it and what it is because there is something there that is real and palpable. Intellectually and spiritually I don’t believe at the core there is anything outside of me or my mind, or in this case there is nothing outside of you. This creature that has such an effect on you, is in essence an extension of you, aka new age hoo ha. But try it on. And as such, a spell or ritual is a type of self-hypnotism. Creating and sculpting your reality quite intentionally. So the spell is simple. You write the name of said creature on a small piece of paper and I stuff it inside a half a lemon. Place that in a bag and cover the contents with water and place it in the icebox. Traditional Voodoo says to place the name inside the tongue of a dead animal. Easy to purchase that at a grocery store but experience showed me that lemon was enough to sour an attackers words and putting them on ice limits their ability to act. Is it really affecting them? I don’t know. But to my mind and creation of reality I felt freed of their affect on me or their power over me had frozen. Benign enough that I’m willing to risk the karma because I only set this spell in motion over truly ill-intending people.

    1. Interesting. I remember an old lady I saw a while back who read playing cards. She told me of a similar spell. If anyone who intends to harm you or is, write their full name and dob in cardboard (so not to smudge the ink) put it in a takeaway container and wee on it, add period blood for extra protection and put in freezer. I have tried it, I don’t think it really worked, though when I did I don’t think I WAS the one to let go of the toxic person?

    2. Interesting… I’ve seen freezing-related spells similar to this before and while I believe they’d work, what happens when your ritual item unfreezes for some reason (power outage), or you need or decide to throw it out? Do you burn it, bury it, otherwise destroy the fuq out of it once you’re “over it”? Then, will it come back to you three-fold?

  10. Hi. sorry to hear this.
    fwiw, and i have not read the preceding comments yet, i have had success* in the past with the following rituals:

    Consider at a base emotional / existential level how you want this person out. Visualise, feel, experience their total absence from your life. And how you will feel with them out. free? safe?
    Carve (use pin, fingernail, athame, whatever) the person’s name into a black candle or piece of black wax. Swipe some spit over the name for some transfiguration. if you want. As you light the candle (or hold a flame to melt the piece of wax into a new blob) Say aloud what you want to happen, for the good of all. put some back into it – really fucking mean that shit. Repeat this as often as you feel necessary – a multiple/s of three is common.
    Bury with rusty nails and vinegar [i don’t know why i added vinegar just then but it feels right] or just take it to the trash and put it out asap.
    Dark moon is good or just a time that feels ‘correct’ to you.

    invoke some protection as you go. Do you have a nana / forebears on the other side who you can ask to protect you ?

    also writing the necessary action on paper and then burning it.

    voice – embodiment – purging. Someone wrote ‘scream therapy’ once somewhere – that’s the level I’m talking. the memory is stored somewhere for you – that’s the level to have a go with accessing it at. Any attempt counts.
    while driving on a freeway is good (take care of course), or somewhere soundproofish.

    take care xx

    1. if you’re into the aromatics, black pepper oil can be used to ‘expedite’ the candle spell and purifying oils like clove, sage, (consider clary sage too maybe) lavender, thyme to burn in oil burner or anoint candle also might add to your thing.

      the other person stopped becoming a problem. whether that was my perception or for real is up for debate, but given the issue here is this person’s presence at a psychic level, maybe that is where the resolution is at? not sure. X

      1. I’ve been saying my next oil purchase would be black pepper and this is the second time in two days someone has brought it up.

        MM’s oracle told me to go read Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’ and it’s been quoted everyday for 3 days.

        So, poems and pepper it is – thanks Pi! 🙂 <3

    2. oh yes and consider ‘not going’ is definitely an option.
      you are “required” to attend, by whom?
      if you feel that your psychological or physical safety is at risk, you very definitely have every right NOT to go. no one can force you. truly.
      As young women we are often socalised into thinking that we “have” to do things we are unwilling to do, or put ourselves into threatening situations. this is not the case. Put yourself first. Like the others do.

  11. I see you reference Brigid here. I am familiar with her through Celtic legend and her presence in witchcraft, but is there something astrologically connected to her? Does she have an asteroid equivalent?

  12. Like someone stated above, if you slept with them that has compounded the ‘hooks’.

    For sexual clearing, Shiva Lingam. I had powerful synchronicity when I first used it.

    My sociopathix ex has wreaked havoc in hundreds of lives. A true vampire and abuser so I sympathise. Without knowing you or the relationship it is not really my place to suggest what could work for you. No one knows what you need better than your spirit. But I can tell you for me I swung hard emotionally before balancing. I reclaimed my beliefs and standards for any and all relationships. And for me, crystal devas and archangels have healed and activated healing mega heavy, the rotten roots that preceded entry of tge qi vamp. I truly hope that all transmutes for you for the better and all lingering residuals become cleared. Best of luck. 🙂

  13. Ah, Oya, my first Yoruba love. However, it is Oshun and Yemanja who sashay my way alas, I love me some Oya and any time storms roll through I’m on the balcony enthralled calling ‘Ashe – Ashe!’ I waa gardening like a madman during that mega hailstorm a few months back.

    Obsidian called me – Black Obsidian. MEGA clearer. I have stagnant Sacral vibes (lingering resentments) but Spirit says the way to transform my Sacral is through mega Root/Base stones so I’m adorned in Red Jasper and Smokey Quartz like a mopho. Time to start with the Black Obsidian – it’s like the Metatron of crystals unlike Red Jasper which is slow but permanent transmutation 🙂

    Good luck!:)

    1. Last place we lived in, the top floor neighbour had his flat professionally fengshuied. The pro told him that the whole building was ill and imbalanced because amongst other things, it was located on the convergence of underground streams. So he did geo-acupuncture by hanging a black obsidian stone from the ceiling, in centre of his flat.

      A month later, the building next door attached to ours, had its top flat- which had been illegally and badly built – fall on to the street below – 5 floors down – narrowly missing people. It happened because the cowboy builders had taken off the roof to fix it, put a tarp on when they went home for the week-end – then a big storm happened and filled the tarp with water which dragged the whole flat down.

      And not a couple of weeks after, the street-level commercial space in our building, was taken over by a business who completely drained and fortiffied the basement – ridding it of stagnation & stench. Our building suffered some cracks from all of this mayhem, but soon stabilised.
      So yah, black obsidian – powerful.

      1. Okay, now you have me EXCITED for the whole Black Obsidian experience, lol. When I randomly asked ‘The Book Of Stones’ to introduce me to a stone it chose Mahogany Obsidian (the more gentle one) but than Black Obsidian came a-calling. Powerful, powerful, POWERFUL revealer but um, you know all about that ;p <3

    2. I’ve been wary of recommending wearing black obsidian to some people because of the possible strong readjustments the wearer might go through if they’ve been too psychically weakened/drained. I always warn that the cure can sometimes bring on a healing crisis – so to be prepared for that.

      If it calls you – as in your case, Vf – then it’s fantastic. You sound like you are powering through, which is just great to hear – and very inspiring.
      Power-on, sistah! xx

      1. This is so interesting! I was called to some black obsidian last year and i really clung to it. Was working in an intense job and would do meditations holding it each morning. It’s only about a couple of square centimetres but it was very expensive. I bought it in Byron Bay at a market. It sounds crazy but i don’t think i could have stayed in that job so long without my black obsidian. I don’t keep it too close to my bed though, not sure why. It just doesn’t feel right.

      2. If it doesn’t feel right to you – then it’s not. I like to sleep free of any extra energetic vibes around (unless i’m experimenting with how stones affect dreams.)

      3. It is the one stone I won’t gift anyone. I believe one needs to be called to it, than invest in it, than be the ONLY one who works with it. It’s powerful, I can feel it already and I haven’t bought mine yet. I will be buying a sphere to put in the hallway surrounded by Black Obsidian and Mahogany Obsidian spheres.

        I have some MEGA stuck energy in my Sacral but I have to work my base to release back to the earth. Inherited stuff that Malachite could transform in the Heart Chakra but needs to literally be transmuted OUT through the base. Pulled down to the earth, buried and reborn. I have survived mega chaos and catharsis so I know “they” only send me what I can handle, so I am mega excited to be rid of some of this ancestral ish one for all. It’s actually required before the next level can be met because what awaits is next level, and it requires me to “compliment” it.

        Thanks for the encouragement – awesome purging and phoenixing commences!!! 🙂

  14. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Did you sleep with this guy? If so, go to a proper energetic healer and have his energy removed. People don’t realise how little tiny bits of energy – from other people, get lodged inside. You don’t even have to sleep with them -there just has to be something that transpires between you where the energy gets implanted.

    It’s how we recognise people from our past lives – we’re still carrying their tiny bits of energy with us. They feel so familiar because we’ve been carrying them around for so long – as well as whatever the past experience was with them.

    The world is energy – your body is energy and your Soul is straight from the Source.

    Get ye Healed!
    And yeah – do all that smudging, cleaning stuff too. If you’re gonna do that in the physical realm, you should do the same degree of house cleaning in the spiritual realm too. Except you might just need a professional to help.

    this is my choice of energetic healer

  15. Gather all thoughts of him together and visualise putting them in a chest in your head and locking it and throwing the key out over the sea (lake, canal, muddy puddle- any water) and then NEVER ever think of him again. If you start to think of him just set the thought aside gently (a bit like in meditation when thoughts enter while you are quieting your mind) maybe thinking something gentle like “oh it’s you again – I recognise you are here and will come from time to time but please leave now”. And then have some thoughts in reserve that serve you well and lift your spirits that you will have practised in the past and that you know make you feel better (maybe walking your dog, petting the cat, remembering a recent victory) and turn your mind to these. And he will fade. And I agree with everyone who says don’t go unless your life depends on it. Good luck.

  16. I like salt. Easy to purchase. Seems to work well. Sea salt scrub in shower. I turn off the water an let it sit on the skin for 30 seconds while visualizing white light. Sometimes a black dot appears and I stay concentrating on the white with salt on the skin until it is gone. Mix salt water in spray bottle. Spritz around room . Line salt along Thresh hold. I’ve been meaning to try sage. I’m am wanting one of those Pluto Candles. Love the frankincense tip above. I’ll be buying some next paycheck.

  17. I have a friend who swears by performing a ceremony with rocks – asking them for protection and placing them in the corners of the home. I’ve never tried it because I have children and I know what would happen with those rocks. . If you haven’t already, get rid of any material object from that person or that reminds you of that era.

    I’ve been having a bad energy issue related to a family member, so I totally get that it may not be feasible to avoid said person indefinitely. In my case, I certainly do not think it’s fair to cut myself or my family off from the rest of the family or even mutual friends. I am learning a lot from dealing with the energies. I’m into Dr. Brene Brown vids for cut to the chase advice for boundaries, shame, blame, etc. I also find solace in Dr. Gerbor Mate’s outlook on health and living within a sick society. Helps with the compassion piece.

    I’m sorry you are going through this but thanks for bringing it up. It’s been a real struggle for me in the past year to deal with my own issue and all this advice really helps. I’m Scorp rising with an 8th house stellium and I can get obsessive and tense and no matter what I do, it hasn’t gone away yet but it has gotten better.

  18. I have had myself a recent negative energy/suck experience myself last week. I got myself involved with a very nasty group of people/cult a few years back – long story, but apparently they are still pretty pissed with me.
    I had to fight off a physical psychic attack last week and it scared the absolute Bejesus outta me. The whole something sitting on and crushing my chest, bed shaking, windows rattling – the full horror show. I’ve been smudging the sh*t outta my house and ‘witchie-pooing’ every day since.
    Funnily enough at the Sunday markets I ran into some folks who had also been sucked in and spat out by those evil cult pricks. They have transformed into these super chill awesome hippie-healers – and weirdly had also recently experienced a similar poltergeist-ie visitation, and described it as a ‘psychic home invasion’ sent by “you know who”. They gave me some Palo Santo sticks to burn and I love it and much prefer the mellow scent and the less smoke factor of my sage.
    They also advised me that when ever I feel this dark or negative energy to say “RETURN TO SENDER” – and this protects you on a karmic level as well as you are not casting a spell or curse per say, just sending the bad juju back where it originated from.
    Cool hey! – and it seems to be working for me. Of course I’ve put my own little spin on it and sing the Elvis Presley version of Return to Sender – and girlfriends, if my bad singing doesn’t send those fuqers flying nothin will.

    1. Palo Santo – YES! Very expensive down under but now that I have a wholesale license I’m on the hunt.

      For transmuting psychic attacks I use Labradorite. I have a large piece in my hallway and use my Lab heart. I ask that all who send jealousy/slander/negativity my way have the energy returned to them but transformed through love. Than I ask the devas to remove all hooks lovingly from my aura and heal any auric holes. Than I usually sleep with the Lab. Potent dreaming.

      Black Tourmaline does nada for me. I know I am protected so that’s enough but when I need to transmute old resentments from residual trauma I vibrate at an intense level so I require really powerful stones like Malachite, Bumblebee Jasper and now Black Obsidian. A lot of folks can’t handle those stones but you can adorn me like an Xmas tree in them and I’m cool. High pain threshold, high ttansmutation threshold. Vulture used to be my totem (can handle the toxicity of the carcass) but I’ve earned my stripes through survival – now I align with the Phoenix who burns down and is reborn 🙂

      1. oooh thanks – I have loads of stones, crystals and gems but no loose Lab. I do have a necklace somewhere though and now I must find it so I can wear to bed tonight!
        I’m not sure what my Totem is (I have had a thing for Praying Mantis in the past) but lately people have been gifting me hummingbird themed things so perhaps I’ll look that up this evening as well.
        Thanks again, xo

      2. I dreamed about hummingbirds last month – great dream. I keep getting signs about animal totems but I have so many interacting with me I am just like ‘Let them all talk – no attachment to one.’ But magpies were VERY INTENSE with me awhile back. Circling my apartment and leaving their feathers EVERYWHERE. Twas great.

        Crystals are so personal, I just know that the Lab works for me and I am the lightest I have ever been. Sure, my inner resentments love to flare up INSIDE but no more OUTSIDE bursts. Ish that would have prompted a mini breakdown 6 months ago I cruise through these days. I HEARD that eclipse last September, I heeded, we cool. Happy protection 🙂 <3

    2. Return to sender! Brilliant – so simple. Totally added to the repertoire.

      That other stuff sounds pretty full on.

      1. Trust your guardians and protectors is all I can say. And yes, reflect hate back with LOVE to transmute it – it totally works. Sometimes you want to be sooo nasty back (and when someone is out of whack to the extremes, I do on occasion throw back a controlled mirror) but yes, transmutation works with something other than what has been sent I find 🙂

      2. I dreamed last night about a Lab heart so now I know it is a must! I have my daughters 11th birthday party to prep for this weekend with a Mad Hatters theme so I’m a tad bit swamped with baking etc. but come Sunday, ebay here I come!!!

  19. After years of abandonment, I’ve recently reclaimed my pagan witchy roots.

    Some of the stuff mentioned above is definitely what I’d be doing:
    -smudging your place of residence and any other area/objects that you feel has a strong association to the person in question with white sage works a treat
    – salt around the door is a classic psych protective barrier
    – creating a personal power talisman that you carry with you also works. Use black tourmaline wrapped with a photo of yourself with your intentions regarding this person written on the back (tie it with twine and as you tie the knots, affirm you’re now protecting yourself and letting this person go). Don’t forget to cleanse, bless and charge the tourmaline
    – if you like working in a circle, cast one during the next waning moon and perform a banishing ritual using a black candle in a pot of water. Light the candle, chant your intent (ie. all influence of X is now dispelled. I am free of mind and heart from X etc…) and stare into the flame until the water puts the candle out. Then go bury the candle somewhere and pour the water from the pot over it. A waning moon in Scorpio would be ideal if poss.

    Good luck 🙂

  20. I would add:

    We all enact programming from past vows which should be broken- chiefly those of obedience chastity and poverty.

    I would engage your Lilith- and her natal and transiting placement – and act up there. She is our instinctual bad a*** chick. Disrupt that energy with noise brooms and sage smudging!

    Sociopaths/qi vamps count on folks being nice, acquiescent and obeying the social norms while they busily wreak havoc behind their facades.

    If you can honor the part of you that was vulnerable, growing your powers there will shield you from such peeps. Like a fracture that heals better than ever.

    davidl love your mediation!!!

    Donna Cunningham has awesome Pluto chants and remedies in “Healing Pluto Problems”. Remember that like cures like. But find your own Haute Pluto.

    Remember that power objects awaken your own power- and reinforce it. You are strong, powerful and protected!!! Blessed be!!

    1. Yes(!) to engaging Lilith (and i would add Mars) – our own unique warrior/action forces!

      And to recognising and healing our own wounds and vulnerabilities – which to a predator smell of fear – which they then so cleverly use as weapons against us.

    2. “We all enact programming from past vows which should be broken- chiefly those of obedience chastity and poverty.

      I would engage your Lilith- and her natal and transiting placement ”


      i am glad you mentioned this level of cultural conditioning, which is so destructive

      Men who are wierd about defensive women, you would do well to take the time to really understand this from our perspective. you lose nothing from learning this.

      also glad you mentioned Lilith. by my 3rd comment below i was definitely vibing my 11th house lilith toro placement.

  21. I think that creating a good, clean strong base for yourself, using the house witchery recommendations by Mystic is fundamental. Bringing to you the protection of strong goddess energy is also important. You may want to check out Durga – her name means “Invincible” and she is a fierce slayer of demons and protector. Pin up an image of her and invoke her to give you strength, courage and resolution.

    The next step is to change the way you think about this guy. Every time you think of him with fear – you feed that fear. Fear weakens one. And that is what these psychic leeches/predators do – they instil fear and wait for that fear to do its job for them – t’s their weapon – and this is how they weaken people and leech them off their power. Remember the wise saying – you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    I agree wholly with what Pandora, above says. You’ve got to turn this fear around. Firstly, he cannot hurt you – because you WON´T let him. It’s that simple. Once you’ve planted that seed thought – you are on your way to freedom from this low-life. Turn the fear to positive action and direct this to become the warrior – become Durga – we all have her within – you just have to wake her up. Empower your self.

    Going to counselling is positive. But sometimes, for direct action and turning something around – self hypnosis or hypnotherapy done by a good professional can work wonders – it will help you to associate him to your own power and strength instead of fear. You can even be thankful to him for turning you into a warrior.

    Turn this into a positive experience – once you awaken the warrior within – it’s there for life – and you won’t ever attract predators again because they are repulsed by strength.

    PS. I love the Camus war cry. Anger is much maligned, but when used for a positive cause/outcome and self defence, it can be a great energy to motivate one into positive action. It’s how you use energy that is important.

  22. Get a big feather for smudging with sage. Start on the lowest level of your space (basement if you have one), & use the feather to waft the smoke into the corners & around the room while chatting something plain & righteous, like, “Get the fuck out of my space.” Go up to the next level of your home, repeat. Don’t forget to do the closets. Finish at the top floor of your space. Top with lines of salt across your threshold(s). Ziplocked.

  23. I feel a similar way to you – not in the sense of having become entangled with one particular Bad Person but certainly in the sense of feeling shackled to past Bad Things when trying to move forward with my life. All of these things have helped me recently to at least begin to move on:

    – Echoing the sage! A good tip I read recently which I feel has made my smudging more effective is to let the sage burn until it’s done, not until YOU think it’s done. If the sage stays lit for an hour, let it burn because that’s what it needs. If it goes out after a minute, that’s fine too.
    – Jessica Snow’s Fluorite guided meditation is great (I discovered her through this site, so thanks, Mystic!). It places you as a warrior and gives you the psychic tools to move forward with intent rather than simply running away.
    – Carry tourmaline for protection. I recently gave a piece to my mum as she’d been in the midst of a lot of negative bullshit and negative people at her place of work. Within a week, the issues had largely resolved.

    If you can get out of the event he will be at, please do. Even if it involves pretending to be sick.

    Good luck x

  24. Hey beautiful.
    I feel the echos of the sinister energy that you feel and THE only way to heal and feel through this is on a quantum energetic level. Don’t want to jump to conclusions about your situation but stumbling upon this lady whilst I was stumbling in the dark trying to rid myself of the same stain literally saved my life. There are real vampires out there.
    You have all the power you need in you and you’re allowed to use ALL the tools to banish him from your energy. Much love, there are lots of us out there x

  25. Personally, I like the later curse – fuck off etc. I may do this tonight, with the sage. Is it ok to burn indoors if I open a window? I don’t have a door to open that leads outside, I live in a high rise with no balcony.

    I too am plagued by energy remaining from an old, negative association and it’s manifesting for me in a recurring physical illness that I can’t shake. Frequently when I ask the tarot app about it, it suggests my issue is ancient angst related.

  26. Really, don’t go to that event. The priority here is yourself, and I think you are fully justified in absenting yourself – just give any reason if you are supposed to be there. I don’t think firstly that you should see him, but even more, I don’t think he should see you.

    And yes, housewitchery. Myrrh- very powerful cleanser – used to release the souls of the dead and old shadows hanging around.

    And look after yourself.

  27. I have a ritual that I have used successfully in the past and I offer it here for you and any others that require it.

    1. Each of us is given a spiritual weapon and means of protection at birth. Mine are a sword , a lion , a snake. To find out what yours are… Go to your meditation space. While sitting and relaxing, eyes closed, imagine you are in an open field.

    2.Your eyes are fixed on the horizon. As you sit focused imagine reaching to your right with your hand feeling around on the ground. You find an object and raise it before your focused eyes. What is it ?
    A sword ? A rod ? Feel it in your hands and know that it is yours.
    3. As you continue to focus on the horizon you start to feel the presence of your animal friend. He or she is now very close by and waiting your command. Can you feel it’s breath, feel it’s warmth right beside you now. Ask it to show you its face and whisper it’s name. He or she is always close but now you feel the connection the language that is between you.
    4. Once they are still and close imagine standing. What are you wearing ? It fits so well, as does the object in your hand.
    You are ready.
    5. On the horizon you see ‘him’ walking towards you, raise your arms and with your weapon draw a circle around your immediate space and begin to breath in and out slowly. Each breath fills the space with violet light. The particles start to spin and he is now right at the edge of your violet field.
    6. The idea now is to remove his head with one movement. You and your beast spring forward and quickly by means of your weapon or the skill of your animal friend remove his head.
    7. It’s over, you move back to your spot and breath in the violet vapor . You place your weapon in your clothing and thank your beautiful savage friend. Who may just stay with you for a while.

    Open your eyes and raise your hands to heaven, you are free of this damaged being and healed of the damage once done to you. Have no fear about seeing him or crossing his path, he has no power over you any more.

    1. Wow that’s cool, thanks. I was pretty surprised to find something that looked like the Tara broach in my hand. Ornate jewellery with a stiletto type blade. The ancestors are with me.

      Part of letting go in my mind is giving something no oxygen, no thought, no time. Write it on a paper, burn it, flush it, bury it, whatever element works, From time to time I clear the space and part of that ritual (lots of those here that might work – smoke, salt, boiled water that has cooled) is that, for the greater good and highest purpose, i send away energy that is not mine and needs to leave me and go home and call back what is mine. It is a severing of ties. Sometimes we give away things or take things that aren’t good for us, they need to be sent away or called home,

    2. Wow, love it. Off to use my bow and arrows to take off a head or two. Thank you for sharing. Ask my bee to sting and my lioness to chop up what’s left. Never thought to use those gifts on that toxic, poison piece of shit who is my sister. I keep praying for the poor sod that got to be her guardian angel…

  28. I love all the house witchery. Sage always surprises me how well it works to clear general gunk. I also find that with these types it comes down to a decision on my end, like I I just have to get really clear on what I *truly* need even if it seems impractical or “crazy” or expensive, give it to myself, and then be done with it, not live in fear of the person: make that decision .Because their mechanics of taking energy are all about keeping you afraid of their next boundary violation. When I can get to a point where I am truly taking care of my needs and very very clear on boundaries and not being in fear, the weird psychic ooze they emit doesn’t really come near.

    1. Yes! It’s like they feed on your fears. The more they can make you afraid of them, the more of an energy hit/supply they can mooch off of you.

  29. plutonic irruption.

    hey frances, don’t go to the party even as a way of testing your own resolve/recovery. it will only hurt more. the person you speak of doesn’t even recognise the damage they do and will only tell you that you take these things too seriously. shut the door on the past. keep it shut and move on. you deserve better.

  30. I concur re: the sea salt along your threshold! Funny I felt some really murky heavy energy of Someone’s in my space the other day. Lined my door with salt and INSTANTLY my hallway smoke alarm went off. Furiously. Intermittently. For something like an hour. In a cool, steam-free, smoke free, closed house (I’d not long gotten home). And the stairs creak heavily as though some heavy grim potato-fed ghost is tantruming his way outta my house. Git lost

  31. I LOVE this art.

    I am taking some wisdom from Camus.

    Frances, you need a really good psychic healer. It has taken a lot of undoing to remove ties and vulnerabilities from my nemesis, but I think I am there! You could swap out one therapy session per month for it. But they have to be good.

    1. This true and yes a really good one is needed. Worked this way over the years with great results also used the sage and salt clearing my home which is going on the market, so better stock up to keep it nice.

  32. I so get the problem of not being able to shift the pull of dark energy
    from taking us down into the abyss. Been struggling mightily with a similar issue recently, if not all my life. Neptune in 12th just short of Asc, in Scorp, square Saturn, square Mars

    I haven’t tried salt or sage, but I recommend (a) the Hermetic Principles. i.e. you can’t fight darkness by fighting darkness – you fight it by transmuting its influence and meditating on the opposite pole of the feelings you are feeling and (b) Women who run with the Wolves, a book which which carries a similar message in so far as it recognises that there is no light without dark, and no wisdom without brushes with incomprehensible darkness.

    And even if that dark still haunts you/repels you on a subconscious cellular level, you don’t make it go away by hating it/rejecting it/pretending there is only light. This person left a stain: dark people always do. There is no escaping it – there is only assimilating it and recognising that you will never be the same.

    What did this person teach you about the truth of darkness, and the truth of survival? Did he/she teach you that the way of the kind and the light will not always protect you from darkness?

    Appreciate the lessons of the dark he gave you: fear is healthy – it creates a warrior who will not be fooled again.

    But I agree with Mystic: if there is a social occasion which he will attend, think deeply before you agree to attend. Store up and save your power, for psychic battles with the dark that are truly necessary, and unavoidable.

  33. Unicorn Sparkles

    Totally agree with Mystic.

    The school of thought that you should be able to do anything you want. – I don’t think that recognises the basic truth that should and can are two different things. Much like you wouldn’t/couldn’t leave your house unlocked these days.

    Years ago I read ‘the gift of fear’. We are conditioned to believe we should – should accomodate, should ignore our primal survival instinct, should be polite despite the risk. Your instinct is right. Your fear is you protecting yourself from a predator.

    If you can’t avoid the social gig ready yourself for the bad vibes before and after the event. Whether its via an escape plan, a talisman or an evil fighting buddy/wingman.

    1. I read this book…fear is healthy and can be channeled very usefully, if it is possible to allow instinct to guide to safe space…

    2. The Gift of Fear is an absolute must read. I highly recommend it.
      Don’t override your fears with a sense of duty, or fear of being rude. Better safe than sorry. If it’s work related go with a big body guard type. If he is dangerous stalker do not go at all it’ll trigger him. If it’s a friend let them know so next party he won’t be invited.
      Only you can access the situation.

  34. Here’s a recipe for spiritual Lysol which banishes all vampire vibes, past or present, from your house, and brings in protection: 0.5 oz Frankincense essential oil in a quart 91% isopropyl alcohol. Put in a spray bottle and spritz your house down. This is highly inflammable so be cautious. Also, the Aura Cacia oil is $28! I use this when the shadows are sludge thick, and it INSTANTLY lightens and calms.

    I hope you protect yourself from evil.

    1. PS: If you’re sick of looking at the pain in your eyes this predator caused, the Frankincense/Alcohol mix is great for clearing mirrors. And if you want a complete whoosh, soak 2:1 mix to Epsom salts, and burn in an iron skillet, while you say your prayers for release. (Open the windows so the bad juju can flee.)

    2. Frankincense is awesome. I use sage to refresh the house but to cleanse and activate I too use frankincense.

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