Can Saturn Return Make You Mouthy?

Mystic advises a Sagittarius who wonders if it’s normal to have such a good Saturn Return. She’s now more mouthy, empowered, and brave in her every day.


I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Cancer ascendant. Before Saturn entered and left my sign, I was pretty much a low-key wallflower and when things upset me or people did something wrong, I coped by accepting it and writing through it. Since December 21st, I acquired a mouth overnight and have no problem telling people whether I love or hate them.

This means 1) I made peace with my sister. 2) told this mooch at work to fuq off even though I had previously put up with her crap for the past two years. 3) also felt ok telling this treacherous woman on Facebook to fuq off when she transformed an invite I had made (to someone else in our group) into a venture and then announced my “event” as canceled because she couldn’t come.

This feels empowering, and I don’t want to stop, but I’m surprised by this change in me, and I’m wondering where it comes from.

A The Sagittarius

Saturn Return Is When You Have Enough Experience On the Chronometer To Trust Your Personal Judgment More

Hello A,

SO many suspects beyond Saturn here but okay, let’s hit the Saturn Return first. Saturn Return is a piece of work.  It’s the once every 28/29 years return of the Time God to his natal position in your birth chart. See it as being like the Hermit card of the Tarot. Not that you morph into an older man, permanently alone. But that you walk your path, lit by your lamp, aka wisdom. You have enough life on the chronometer to trust your own experience and judgment more.

But the mouthy aspect – the liberating fuq-off moments – they feel more Uranian. And I bet you the rad planet is squaring your Cancer Ascendant. Read Cancer Horoscopes as well as Sagittarius. So your built-up “empath” persona is zapped by Uranus emancipation rays – not that you lose those intuitive powers but that you let any appeasement/please-like-me aspects of it fall away.

Having said that, as I typed the last sentence, I had this vision of a soggy previous-era-luxe raincoat dropping off and giant shiny black bat-dragon wings sprouting out of your back, so maybe this is just Uncle Pluto at work. Nothing like a trip to hell and back to make you simplify and shorten your f-wit/muggle troll management strategies.


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Ah so this is what I have to look forward with my Saturn Return. Yes I have Saturn in Capricorn, but it’s going to be a few years for me before it hits hard. But yes the last three years I’ve been basically learning that if you tolerate slight disrespect from others, they will try to pull off even more and more ridiculous stuff. They seriously won’t stop until you confront them yourself! I’m more reluctant to do that with people I work so closely with. But repairing them and confronting them to their face…they won’t cross that line with… Read more »


So, I’m loving this tattoo as you can take it either way and either way I can completely go with ! Win win. And I want those shoes.


I’m a Cap Sun with a Cancer Ascendant, and I’ve definitely simplified my approach to dealing with fuqwits: I I give them one or two chances and after that I explain and define the boundary, and if they cross it one more time, show’s over.


Oooo you’re the same as my cappi daughter. Although her approach has always been strike first then explain boundaries. She takes no prisoners !


So making peace (actually making the bond stronger) could be Pluto trining my Natal Moon (I’m getting more in touch with the “deep” but in a delicate and constructive way) and instead me not putting up with ANY crap since a couple of years ago might be Uranus sextile my Mercury.
It’s not as strong as a square, but I don’t have any problem stepping up for myself, especially when someone try to put something on me – work wise – that I haven’t done wrong.


“making peace” I meant “making peace with my sister.


my aqua son this morn ‘hey mum, last night i dreamt i had this TECHNOLOGY…’….lol!!! classic, love my bubba, he’s the besssssst x x x


I’m sitting watching my Aqua take apart his toy car. He’s 53. Got to love the aquas.


ha ha!


Someone sent me a great photo meme a couple of weeks ago. The text says
“ A wise woman once said FUQ this shit, and she lived happily ever after “


love that. want it on my wall!


No choice:

Uranus on DC opposite progressed Sagg AC
Jupiter Return (1st h)
NN sitting on my Uranus


Amen fuqing men!






lol! even better.


It’s fuqing men EH ! (Canadian)


I’m a cancer Sun, Sag rising (switched) and I’ve had the same effect happen to me. I’ve attributed to the Pluto/ Uranus empowerment like Mystic says but also noticed the Leo / Aquarius eclipses brought it out publically versus just feeling it internally. I’ve told a few people to fuck off too, feeling sooo powerful for the first time.


However, my Moon is in Cancer, so this is an interesting revelation


My Saturn return in Sag just ended and I am experiencing THE SAME THING. I could have written this post. Mouthy. Telling ppl to fuq right off. Natal Saturn/sag is in my 3rd house and Uranus lives there too tho is in my 7th house right now. That Uranian era tho… it is so for real. I thought it was Saturn too, but I did become rather “kill everything with fire” as Uranus left Pisces for Aries. Pluto has been in my 4th house and I’ve moved about 5 times and once to a new coast, and many of my… Read more »



As usual, you are spot on!, I just checked and my Uranus is squaring my Cancer and my Sun trines Uranus! Imterestingly, my Pluto is squaring Chiron and my Chiron is trining Mars. I suspect the square is what is enabling me to express my emotions- fuq u stance so clearly and my tribe is what is finding this so healing. I, finding this change so empowering!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Zomg, I love it.

Yes, my $ is on uranus.


Mine too. Definitely.


loving it too. I feel The Sagittarius is on a similar path as I. I no longer can bite my tongue when I’d rather bite off someone’s else’s head.

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