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The Many Moods Of Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Mood-tripping? Expressing your emotions without trying to spin a story around them? Taking calls from a decade ago? Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, when the message arrives precisely on time but you’re not sure what dimension it is. It’s not like the usual Mercury Retro. Flat-out in the constellation of Cancer, without the customary retreat into the zodiac before it, this is unadulterated instinct, exclusive, and appreciated only by …

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Venusian Vortex Theory Turned Reality

Venus Retrograde in 2020 doesn’t mean that Venusian scenarios – relationships, art, aesthetics – go backward. It’s a vortex – not a reversal. Or, more accurately, a series of vortices, the plural of vortex. In Vortex Theory, space is a liquid that flows. Is time the container or another liquid that we try to infuse with the first one? It means that Venus will be in Gemini for 18 weeks, …

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Daily Horoscope News And Uranian Notes

Greetings from Mars-Uranus centra. It has been a cathartic s**t storm of epic scale and I am readjusting my entire attitude and take on this aspect. Seriously, it’s been shite and I am a natal Uranian. How are y’all going with it? I know that Mars opposite Uranus is a s**t-stirrer and a life-quaker but this one has had a real sting in it. I went into the chemist for …

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What Is A Familiar

What Is A Familiar?

What Is A Familiar? Popular lore has it that a familiar is a ‘witches helper’ and that the word itself derives from the Latin word for a servant. But that seems like a construct, stemming from a time in which people could imagine few other types of relationships. If witches are shamans, who are aware of or journey in other dimensions, then the familiar is the creature who is familiar …

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Ask Mystic: Help With A Qi Vampire Cat Napper

Dear Mystic,  I am currently insanely aware of our Plutonic stratosphere and given the Sun Cancer/Moon Cancer hyper-spidey-sense that I have, my tagline is often (jokingly) “I know everything”. But something else has crept in of late that I would love some help with, from you and the Community Mystic, I have come to know and love.  On my block, there is a woman from whom, over ten years ago …

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Happy Full Moon And An Oracle Story

Happy Full Moon Mystic! I loved your Neptune/Dreaming audio zap! I get very excited by all your magic!!!!! I wanted to share a little story with you! Thursday 9/13, I asked the Oracle “what should my next move be?” And it answered something about me being introduced to my animal familiar. I did not screen-grab to save it because I was convinced that it was incorrect and got the wrong …

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