The Secret Intelligence Of Trees

The Secret Intelligence of Trees may not be so concealed after we are done with Uranus in Taurus next decade. Shortly after Uranus got into Taurus, I had a strange vision during acupuncture. I was not asleep, but I was elsewhere, in an ancient feeling forest with vast trees. I felt their presence and gravity. Trees are magic, old magic, a deep earth spell. This epic email made me remember that experience.

Hi Mystic,

Two nights ago, I fell asleep listening to your Uranus in Taurus mp3, and I dreamt I was at a seminar with thousands of people. There was so much interest in the topic we had to be housed in a spillover tent. After the lecture, the speaker moved around the audience, pausing with each person to consult an old book.

It was finally my turn, and I looked into the parchment, and I saw my name written, along with specific memories and information. The lecturer told me that trees knew when souls were preparing to be born. They would convene and decide which tree family would watch over each new soul.

Every tree of the species shared the responsibility, and they communicated across country, nation, and continents. They would watch over their child, giving it shelter, support, delight, and solace. Everyone at the seminar had apparently woken to this information, and we were receiving specific instructions.

The dream moved me so profoundly that I made a mockup of the book and included all the information I could remember. My trees are the Liquid Amber. And my instruction was to meditate on the leaves in their autumnal cycle.

Love your work Mystic. You are a daily inspiration, and I couldn’t navigate this crazy terrain without you. Up until this dream I quite liked trees but did not really think about them too much. Now, all that has changed.

Many thanks and love, Taurus Tree Hugger xxx

Dear Taurus Tree Hugger,

I love that you made this into a book. Your dream also makes me think of the old Pagan worship of trees. Fig trees were said to have roots that reached into the underworld, which is why meditating at the foot of one could elicit particularly powerful realizations. The Greeks and Romans had their tree nymphs and dyads, with every tree having its magical spirit.

In fact, in Gnostic Astrology, they say each planet has its ‘genie’ or ‘genius.’ Rather than arguing over how planets could move our personal ‘tides’ in the same way the Moon moves the oceans, we could be cultivating a better relationship with them.

That, of course, is magic. And understanding the extensive correspondences between creatures, plants, winds, stars, earth, trees and us is the task of lifetimes.

Beneath the radio-frequencies and geopolitical noise of Saturn-Pluto 2020, more people are turning onto the secret intelligence of trees.

And, to those who say it is irrational that every tree has a spirit, how is it flakier than the concept of a male deity with a beard who sends sinners to an underworld tricked up to be like an inquisition torture chamber of the medieval era? And run by a bizarrely remixed version of the Nature God Pan? Or, even more simply, if there is no goddess, how is it a religion?


Image: Andy Kehoe

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  1. ‘If there is no goddess, how is it a religion’
    Mary is the goddess, morphed into a ‘virgin’ mother of Jesus (because women’s sexuality is so terrifying we can’t acknowledge it)… the ‘holy ghost’ is a goddess veiled. When Christianity took over they had to turn the pagan Goddess into Mary because the people would not give her up — many countries mixed up the old gods and the new, like Mexico, and the pacific islands. But there was always a strong female goddess reigning over all. So mote it be.

  2. Scorpio_Rising

    I am a firm believer in trees have souls/spirits.
    I just dreamt the other night of less enlightened beings cutting down, destroying trees, I became enraged that they couldn’t see the value of Nature.

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    Well a few weeks ago I looked at a tree and could see and feel it in its balanced entirety, roots and all. I felt healed and balanced.

  4. I love Tree Hugger’s post! (And Mystic’s discussion points.) I’m dealing with some Mercury retrograde-enhanced things at work, and going outside afterward to stand under some trees made me feel much better. Don’t know if they’re my specific guardian trees, but they seem kindly enough disposed.

  5. I love this so much – triple taurus.i’ve always loved trees, spent half my childhood up a tree and the other reafing a book, so of course i want to either read or write this fantasy trilogy where trees guide us through personal and planetary change…

  6. I bought my aqua man the secret life of trees book which he couldn’t put down. He knew they talk to each other as I do. We both sat transfixed at Avatar the movie, amazed to see finally someone putting it out there that we are all linked, plant, animal, rock, water. I can understand the consciousness in all things. I’m so pleased that so many are now waking to the fact.
    It also reminded me a a childhood hangout I’d use almost daily. We had a cooper beach tree which stood over a wall with a considerable drop on one side and an easy scramble on my side. I’d sit in the branches of that tree for hours. So content being held. And still to this day beech trees are a special favourite of mine.

    1. Heck yes …. I am with you on that…have posted more than once here that I know trees talk and in ways most don’t expect.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      How sweet. I have a magical big old tree in this town. When I am in its big embrace I feel healed. Molecules change.

      Colours are vivid, everything is sensual.

  7. Sun Moon Lucky Stars

    Oh yes! I felt compelled to read this post. A reminder of Liquid Amber.
    For a few years I organized tree meditation. Not quite meditation, but connecting sessions (among other things). I stopped doing this, because I got very busy doing other things.Never stopped connecting with trees myself though.
    I knew the Liquid Amber was my tree. There was a special one not far from here I still go to once in a while to ‘talk’.
    Apparently not often enough because work was done in my street. Trees had to go. After the work was done new trees got planted.
    The Liquid Amber! Now hugging my home on both sides.

  8. LucidNeptunianSurrealist

    Thank you to TT Hugger for sharing this beautiful dream, to Mystic for posting her brilliant thoughts and for all the comments (with book suggestions to boot!) The day Taurus went into Uranus in March this year I decided I would celebrate with an intuitive massage (Taurus moon after all) … at the end the spirit of a tree visited me and told me that it was my ancestor. I have always felt a deep connection to trees, and I love the experience of this connection being mirrored by others around the world.

  9. Treehugger, i wish to include my encouragement for publication. This dream is the kind that is rare and comes from the pure beauty of our Source.
    Celtic tree mythology assigns 13 trees to different birth dates in the lunar (13 moons in a lunar year) cycle. You may like to explore after making your initial notes for your writing, undiluted.
    Intriguingly, though Piscean, in those dates i appear more parallel to early Aries, which fits a “cookbook interpretation” of me better than classic Pisces. (Lots Mars, Fire sign, Jupiter contacts but also v watery in the fire and huge 12th contacts springing from fire + water.)

  10. Reminds me of the beautiful Noongar tradition of adopting a totem, be it either a plant or animal, to care for through out one’s lifetime.

  11. I’ve always loved taking a nap under some trees. In my imagination if I every were to give birth it would be in a small, green lush grove with some helpers. Maybe that’s a bit fantasyland though lol. Bit old for that business though now. When I die I once imagined it would be nice to do that in the shade of a nice tree by a river near the sea. Where I can hear the wind and the water and feel the sun on my skin. That would be peaceful. Hopefully when I am very old though, and also fully conscious of my own passing. It would be nice to have a natural marking place for these things. I suppose my cultural reference would be northern European, although I’m aware that indigenous Australians (where trees are part of the landscape) have a birth & death tree.
    Trees r cool

  12. I read something recently that said the solution to drought and climate change is to plant millions more trees — and I saw a post on twitter about tree-planting drones that can reforest large areas quickly! Trees are the answer!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      That’s how the Great Dust Bowl happened back in the day.

      They removed the trees and the rain stopped.

  13. Amazing beautiful dream! Wow!
    Have you heard of the book, The Hidden Life of Trees: What they feel, How they communicate – Discoveries from a secret world. It’s fascinating!
    I lived in a treehouse in a redwood tree grove for five years in the Santa Cruz mountains and I’m forever bonded with the redwood forest now. There are still some old growth redwood trees around, some 1,400+ years old. It’s a whole different timeline they live on, for sure. I love them and love trees in general. So healing to be among them. Taurus is my 11th house, trees are part of my tribe.

  14. P.s. Taurean Tree Hugger, it would be great if you could publish that book or develop it into something! xo

  15. I love all of this. Has anyone ever meditated at the foot of a fig tree and had anything profound occur? It’s definitely on my bucket list now!
    I really love the idea of trees trying to communicate to us, which seems like a reality more than an idea. Funnily enough, I’ve lately been recalling an activity book that I had as a kid – something that you could buy at just about every newsagency in Australia in the early 80s – that was all about trees. Yep, not cartoons, not Disney, but trees! There were sticker stamps of trees that you matched with drawings of trees. and then you coloured the drawings in. Why don’t they have things like that now? I loved that activity book dearly and remember how much I worshipped the bottle tree. It always felt like a friend. My upbringing was pretty conservative too, not hippie by any stretch of the imagination.

  16. Amazing synchronicities! As I am reading this, I have on the TV The Lord of the Rings – The two towers. One minute ago, two hobbits (Merry and Pippin) are on top of one walking tree talking about how there is going to be a gathering of trees! The wise trees are trying to decide how to help men. Then I read this and it gave me goose bumps.

    It also made me remember the time (one and only) where I ate magic mushrooms in Toluca, México and the tree right next to us was giving me bad vibes, like he was angry, and not wanting us there. I was cold, thanks to its shade, and I just had to walk like 5-7 steps where it was sunny but I couldn’t. When I finally moved, the grass felt amazing and there were other more friendly trees. We finished the day hugging a younger, happier tree on our way out.

    1. Ents are my favourite fictional beings. I could easily while away many days with Treebeard and his crew.
      I also loved Ludo summoning the stones in the Labyrinth as a child.

  17. Any posts on trees are my favourite. And i LOVE your dream, TT Hugger!
    Trees have given our planet the life we know. They provide our oxygen, food, shelter, warmth & protection; & play a huge role in our intricate weather system. In return, we mindlessly raze them to the ground & misuse their byproducts (petrol, carbon, gas) to destroy the environment both for them and ourselves. I’d say that on that basis alone, trees are freakin geniuses of a higher order compared to humans.

    Anyways …. one of my favourite Chinese sayings is: “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

  18. This post has put a huge smile on my dial. What an amazing experience Ms Taurus Tree Hugger. I’m so glad you made it into a book.

    Are a lot of tree huggers Taurean? I have a couple of personal planets in Taurus and trees for me are so majestic and lovely and like home. I hug them when I’m stressed (or want to say thank you) and cry when someone tells me of a story where one is pulled down unnecessarily. They are the lifeblood of us.

    A beautiful doc is Judi Dench’s: passion for trees. It’s wonderful as it goes into what the trees are doing during each season and how they are connected to each other.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes Judi Dench is a wise Custodian of the trees. That doco is magical and warm.

      I love going out around midnight and listening to the wind in the leaves. If you listen closely they speak their secrets.

  19. Trees! Yes. Awesome. Love.
    But this message is about the Daily Mystic which is totally fire. In the best possible way. Perked me right up!
    Seriously, people. If you are not subscribed and receiving the Daily Mystic you are missing out. It lights the way every day.

  20. I so love this post too!! I have a beautiful park behind my house. I walk around it whenever I can. I say I love you so much to the trees. Thank you for being here. For supporting me and protecting me. Thank you. You are so important to me. What would I do without you here every season? I adore them. I try to figure out their families. Their branches reach toward one another and link. It is so magical and wonderful.

  21. Absolutely love this post!
    I met someone a few years ago who told me that the trees were very much alive & talking… & that they are pissed! Who could blame them. They give us oxygen (literally life itself) & we poison it & cut them down. I hope we plant many more forests (& save the planet) in the next 8 years.

  22. “A bizarrely remixed version of the Nature God Pan”. Hooves and all. Mystic, you’re hilarious.

    Trees are indeed magic. I got to spend time with some gigantic, ancient tree spirits in Sequoia National Park and oh my … Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you could hear them whispering. Once I tuned in, the different conversations almost became cacophonous. They’ve seen and felt so much and they’re such a lesson in stillness. Like, stand here and grow, regardless of whether you want more sun, more rain, etc., because it’s not like you can up and change it.

    I do love the idea of trees looking after us, and seeing when souls are going to be born. I wonder what it would be like to reincarnate as a tree … Would it be unbearable to a former human that was used to moving around on a whim, or does time slow down when you can live for hundreds of years?

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