Uranian Regrounding Meditation

Modern life has many advantages but the accelerated pace makes it easier to lose yourself amid all the performance demands. Additionally, some people (like Mystic) are sensitive to the intensified radiofrequency/electromagnetic fields of recent years.

Based on the Schumann Resonance (aka the Gaia Frequency), the Uranus in Taurus Meditation is designed to help you re-ground, connect with ancestors and find your Earth. The words & concepts are by Mystic and spoken by the magically gifted Jessica Snow.

Format: MP3 – Instant Download and/or Listen Straight From The Site. Duration: 30 Minutes.

(Once purchased, your Mp3 is stored in the Downloads area of your Mystic dashboard and you can listen at any time or re-download if you lose the original download.)

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10 reviews for Uranian Regrounding Meditation

  1. Scorpx4

    This is a beautiful meditation on grounding and strength. It’s so timely as we pioneer a new way of treating the earth and our connection to it. Jessica Snow is a calming and soothing narrator. Highly highly recommend!

  2. M88

    Love this, like all of Mystic’s work and services. I’ve listened to it many times and it’s very convenient to have access to whenever its needed.

  3. Leo+Venus

    Such an agreeable voice, great visualisation prompts. Not sure what I expected as I had never tried any meditations using specific frequencies before – but the physiological effects were quite profound for me. I first tried it as a pre-sleep meditation which was soothing and effective, but have since began using it as a grounding exercise before my day begins and have found it very helpful in managing my day from a calm place. Will keep this as a regular meditation practice and go to soother for this Uranus period – with natal Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Taurus I am expecting I may need some tools like this!

  4. WhisperLaura

    I love the sound frequencies and the guided meditation words at the beginning. But later on in the recording, im enjoying the sounds, and all of a sudden, the voice is much louder than the relaxing sounds and in my opinion, unnecessary. This is not a journey, its a guided meditation and i feel it would be better with the talkies at the beginning only.

  5. bluesunderthemoon

    Did this the first time last night in a bath. It worked so well with the sound of cicadas and the wind and just a flickering candlelight! I loved the visuals intrigued by the words, they were so supportive and fulfilling. Will definitely repeat this meditation many times to come.

  6. Lilith 8

    This was wonderfully relaxing, deep and revealing. Loved it and totally recommend this, it truly exceeded my expectations.

  7. Nan

    Love this on so many levels. It’s been a fabulous way to start my day.

  8. RityRu

    Ive been playing this regularly as Ive been very unsettled and it calms and grounds me… allows me reset gently.
    Another win/win from Medusa!

  9. MerMamaDream

    I love this – it’s a shamanic journey that brings up memories on your connection to Mother Earth as well as some Time Travelling to connect with your ancestors. Doing it lying in your bed or the couch is great, sitting in your garden as well but if you want to take it another level entirely find a park or a spot of wild nature and lie on the earth, under a tree and it will take you to a different level altogether. It’s really amazing.

  10. Liz

    I’ve gone on this guided journey several times over already. Now that the Sun is also in Taurus, this will be my go to. Grounding and inspirational, my connection to Mother Gaia and the 4 elements grows stronger every time I take this moving journey.

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