When Your Hair Is Psychic

With Uranus in the very Venusian sign of Taurus until 2026, many of us are heading more into the natural beauty realm. It’s partly a Gaia/Earth-Goddess re-attunement to the environment, part-heightened awareness of poorly-regulated chemicals ingredients, and part-protest at crazy expectations, particularly of women.

The gray hair movement is particularly strong at the moment and it shows no sign of abating. In a drastic shift away from ‘hiding every strand of gray hair at all costs’, silver and platinum are now desirable hair hues. Not so much mousy dark roots with wiry tendrils of aluminum but maybe that is coming lol.

So obviously the scary facts about hair dye chemicals that seep into our scalps and flouting ageism are key motivators. However, there is more. What if Hair is Psychic? And coloring it or even cutting it blocks this incredible psychic source material?  While rabbit-holing some totally unrelated research, I found this fabulous article:

It is believed that the tips of your hair are like antennae that gather energy from the Universe in order to stimulate higher levels of consciousness and creativity.

Hair is a natural extension of the nervous system and is said to transmit important information to the brain. It is also believed to balance the entire electromagnetic field of your body, which in turn can help you to increase your life force, vitality and intuition.

The Healing Powers Of Hair

Hair Picks Up Signals?!

Keratin, the article goes on to say, can operate much like crystals or gemstones, conducting vibe and picking up signals.  Genghis Kahn (the conqueror) thought having your hair cut into a fringe would obscure the vision of your third eye so he forbade it for everyone. Who knew he was so New Age?

Then, obviously on a roll with this, i found the truly magnificent think piece: The Spiritual Nature of Hair.  Take Out: Get an (organic and sustainable) wooden wide-toothed comb for your hair as that will help your entire aura and connection to life source.

Hair is magic.  It conducts Prana. Hair is Psychic. This, you understand, is taking my Uranus in Taurus “Dark Roots” resolution to a whole new level. The “avoid chemicals” operation has morphed into a matrix of reconnecting my hair – the Dark Roots – with Cosmos.

This sounds facetious but it’s actually not. Who has NOT felt the roots of their hair prickle at an incursion? So thoughts please…does anyone else want to grow their hair out and go no-tox with me for Uranus in Taurus?

I had a brief bash at this in early 2016 but flipped and went shrieking back to the hairdresser for a vat of PPD and Resorcinol or whatever it is. This time I am not backing off. And, who else thinks Hair is Psychic?  What does this say about extensions? If you’re wearing someone else’s hair woven into your own, do you pick up on messages not meant for you?

“Hairs are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos, and transmit them directly into the brain.”

Bruce Robinson – Withnail & I – the original screenplay.

Think of the myriad of “superstitions” about hair in folk magic: Hair standing on end, the rule about never leaving your hair (or toenail cuttings) to be gathered, and the concept that cutting it can diminish your power. Or, an opposing theory, that cutting hair after a traumatic period can aid recovery.

If any of these are for real, could the dyeing process somehow lower the antennae sensitivity of hair? Or is hair really more dead than alive and irrelevant to power or extra-sensory perception?


Image: Peter Turner

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  1. I always feel better after a haircut. Like I’ve lightened the load/baggage.

    But I do have big curly hair.


  2. Scales and Horns

    I’m with you Mystic, Au naturale bare nails and all. Just had a fab hair cut by a dear friend that got rid of the last balayage with no plans to trim it for at least a year. Gray baby hairs at my temples. My hair feels fuller, sexy and electric for sure.

      1. Hi, lovely Sphinx. I hope not! The story will unfold if you look at the comments below; read the longer threads.

  3. I was born with a full head of dark red/auburn hair (Taurus rising), but the tips were blonde. Mom said the nurses called me the baby with the frosted tips. My grandmother and I both developed a white streak in the front of our head in our early 30’s. Think Rouge from X-Men. She had Mars conjunct Pluto in Cancer, both conjunct my Cancer moon. Her Taurus moon conjunct my ascendant. I love it when family astro lines up like that. It’s like looking at a piece of akashic record on paper.

    I didn’t mind to much when my red/auburn hair began to wash out in my late 20’s, but I will add Henna on occasion. I know a lot of women cut their hair short in their early 40’s but I don’t see that happening for me anytime soon.

  4. I’ve never dyed my hair- never really understood the fascination with trying out different colours. My aversion to toxic anything sealed the deal on that too becauese I use the simplest most natural beauty products- many hand-made.

    I understand wanting to cover over greys and white hairs though! And now that I’m finally growing some of my own I feel in such a bind! From a radical feminist perspective, I have no desire to uphold the idea that I should cover up my greys because they’re not ‘attractive’. But from a vain, socially indoctrinated POV, I don’t want some stray whites and greys peeking out- it feels far too early for that! So I’m currently sitting on the fence, inner-conflict raging away.

    1. Oh correction! I sort of dyed my hair once! I was experimenting with drinking oxygenated water to see it’d help with my allegies and decided to pour some on my head for a bit of excema. It lightened my hair beautifully, took care of the excema, and gave me the most amazing alertness. Incredible experience.

    2. Have a look at ‘cassia obovata for grey hair’ on Google. If mixed in specific way, it turns greys into golden blonde, without affecting rest of (darker) hair. xx

  5. So Mutable It Hurts

    Wow – obviously this is resonating with lots of people! I am totally thinking about my hair now more than usual, as I am loosing so so much of it post-giving birth to my daughter. I know that it’s normal but there is something disturbing about loosing it so quickly and in large quantities. I started growing my shoulder length hair out when I got pregnant and it quickly doubled in length. My hair had never been so luscious and thick. Now, 8 months after giving birth my split ends and horrible, my hair is everywhere but on my head, and it seems to have stopped growing. I am ready for some hippy hair treatments to revive it. I have started rubbing my scalp with rosemary while in the shower, which came to me intuitively (or maybe I read about it here lol and have forgotten!) but is apparently amazing for hair growth. Anyway, I’ve just really enjoyed reading everyone’s hair stories so I thought I’d add mine. xo

    1. I’m 15 months post partum and can completely relate!
      It was so distressing to see big clumps of hair falling out everywhere.
      Thankfully it has settled down and my hair seems back to normal now, although lots of fluffy shorter bits at the front

    2. Hey I’m a hairdresser and my main focus is creating proper feng shui for my clients thru sculpting and color placement. FWIW I truly believe the post partum shed is as much a spiritual happening as it is physical. You’re literally shedding the rest of your pregnant self and the hair that grows back (it almost always does) is your new autonomous mother self.

      I know how alarming it can be but if you lean into it your hair will also signal to you how to best move forward in postpartum health.

      Congrats both of you on your bebes!!

    3. it just occurred to me that I really love the idea of being a new mother with a shaved head. ok yes to avoid all the hormonal flux hair presto-change-o, but also, how fcking hardcore would that be? so awesome. One has enough to think about with newborns (I assume) without the whole stupid “not pretty enough” schtick. Not to mention actual facetime with mirror to at least create a ponytail. Not that any of this is what you’re saying, but it’s a preoccupation in this jerkface postbirth world afaict.

      1. I also love those images of mothers from remote forest villages with a machete strapped to their waist, if that helps illustrate my position on the whole situation

  6. faithfrancesmoonbear

    The last time I had a haircut was late 2016. I had an intensive reading in Februay 2017 regarding strengthening my intuition and activating my gifts, and one of the things that appeared in the reading was to not cut my hair. Fast forward to now, I’ve been more attuned to these gifts and everything else around me!

    But I’ve gotten to a point where I want a trim, or perhaps have bangs!

  7. This is a bit off piste but I just wanted to wish everyone here (and beyond) a happy Friday 13th dedicated to all the Goddesses I know and those I don’t. And a huge range of hairstyles!
    Psychic hair is antelope in the medicine cards, I think. Right Action

  8. This Leo is also growing out her colour, much to her husband’s dismay, and allowing her wisdom sparkles to shine.

    Interestingly there were repeated references to Samson and his hair at soccer today. Hmmmm

  9. Hair is energy and it picks up the vibrations of others. Which is why I would not let just anyone touch my hair.

  10. Leo on the Rise

    Words you’ll never hear from my mouth ….
    “I’m letting my hair dye grow out and going natural – grey an all


  11. I find too many women style their hair to hide their face. It blocks their glow. It’s like a veil. A woman showing her full face is a powerful expression of who she is. A very positive one. More of it I say.

      1. Long is fine, it’s the covering the face. My son has very long hair and the difference in his look and energy between the pulled back man bun as opposed to the locks covering his forehead, cheeks etc is chalk and cheese.

    1. Oh Oh this resonates David. For years I was a very natural mouse, ha that resonates too! A small mouse with long hair and carrying a few too many pounds. (a lot to do with my mother moon mars conj in cancer 4th). I digress. After leaving home and getting married I decided to put a few highlights in my hair and blonde myself up a bit. It was a time when I was beginning to find the real me… Wow that made a huge difference. I instantly got noticed! So instantly I can recount the tale. I walked into the hair dresser past a building site and not one guy turned a hair. I walked out past the same crowd and the whistles and remarks astounded me! Blonde gets you noticed. I couldn’t do too much more with myself until I got divorced as the first husband was a cappi control freak and a blatant misogynist.
      So divorce and I decided that I could no longer ‘hide’ behind my long locks and I cut it off into a very short very blonde crop cut. OMG. I owned that hair cut and I owned the very ground I walked on. I found me and I have never lost me since. I did over 2012/15 think about growing it out again but I felt so deeply malaised and dull and awful. So off it came again and I will never go back. I feel with my hair short I have to stand up as me. I have no where to hide and I need to shine out as the individual. So I agree with you. My hair is the thin that opens up my face, my expression, and allows me to be me.

    2. The ol’ ballet pony tail reigns hey David?

      Makes me feel ;ile a dolphin when my tail, i mean hair, is salty wet and tightly tight tied or plaited behind ME.

    3. 11 years ago, before my first real relational encounter with peeps of the muslim orthodoxy, i loathed the veil and all i thought it stood for. Seven years ago, i had to grapple with my personal connections to the clients and their limitations with how they were being posited to face different clientele. I learned by LISTENING and OBSERVING not just looking, that the women who veiled desired to be free of being judged as being women, powerful and beautifully shiny or not, if it meant some kind of social traction for their tie and energy, mostly given over to their studies, home life, and friendships in a strange land. Nothing a man doesn’t have, just because he is man. Now, my own recent Saturn pass over Moon and Ascendant would have definitely veiled if it were not for the police, and their responses to me even for traffic usuals, and for just getting about in public, so i could do my do without the incoming comments and looks that i always have dealt with.

      Not sure, but i imagine that your own received public response to your look is either respectfully pleasing or not as poignantly sharply-wtf-are-you: for god’s sake, sometimes you are just going to fill up the tank or fill a scrip, or grab a water. Have you ever experienced the EYES, top to bottom, always and ever since you even three years old?? Along with the comments? I mean, as a daily Thing? (Not exaggerating. Comments on even your efforts and energy become tied to your physical type, and perceptions of your physical/racial/gendered body). Sure we can fight it, and i do, but god knows it’s exhausting to do it and just live your daily life.

      So why not conserve your projecting feminine energies? Why not leave it just for yourself at home, where you relax, and not for the public? TBH i’ve been wondering if other women wouldn’t do it these days, were it not for the vilification of Islam. The veil predates Islam but such is western ignorance.

      1. I’m not talking about ‘a veil’ as such. That is not someone hiding. More being exclusive with who sees. Im talking about the way hair is used in the West to sort of attract by hiding bits ? Does that make sense ? Like, see my look but not me.

        1. How do you know it is DESIGNED to attract? Why can a woman or girl not be exclusive with who sees?

          In the West we don’t easily have the option of a veil, which was my point. I felt like one for a while but i’m brown and easily mistaken for a vilified and misunderstood group, when i’m already misunderstood (and maybe vilified but it’s never made explicit even when it feels clear). I felt like nooone ever sees “me” just my look, which is never the equation to myself, my ACTUAL heritage or identity, that anyone expects. And in the recent Saturn shit of polishing myself, i really could not be bothered dealing with anyone’s ideas or projections. Possibly even more than usual. And would have loved a veil of any kind, but in current fashion climes it would have drawn more attention. Wearing a hat even does.

          Wonder if the women with “hiding” hair are also beautiful and amazing but want to be left alone to go through their own personal shit themselves, without having to know that any other person, especially an attracted man, calls them amazing. It only matters what one thinks of oneself, and a thousand stares do nothing for that.

          1. Love your entire comment, especially last sentence.

            Hair decisions, as with most decisions, are not rooted in the desire to attract. It’s not something ‘in relation to’ onlookers’ ovservation or opinion, but simething driven from within.

        2. I’m curious what type of hair style are you talking about?
          Hiding behind long bangs?
          I’ve noticed a trend of people just growing out their hair without any style like a retro Manson girl look.

        3. Now I definitely get the Aries-oriented position you’re taking – i.e. “Fuq Off, This Is How I Do, So Deal With It World” etc,
          but ‘being seen’ / being looked at has been a certain kind of problem for women for a very long time. The psychic energy of others’ attention is actually often a big fucking deal for us.
          Could you ask yourself why it’s a problem for you that we choose to show or not show our entire face to the world, or more specifically, to you? Although it may generate mystery for an onlooker perhaps it’s not about creating attraction at all, for the wearer of the hair. In these big busy cities there’s an onslaught of humanity and hair-shield can be … comforting. protective.

        4. Sometimes the tresses makes it a logistical impossibility for the pulled back ponytail you might be referring to. It’s friendly to long straight hair, that’s about it 🙂 Also, added benefit of obscured face: facial recognition technology = possibly less effective 🙂

        5. I can definitely relate to wanting to shield from ‘The Gaze’ especially my younger self. I still hold a grudge for my 14 year old self against someone who projected and transgressed and tried to take advantage

          but later i also realised that cultivating my appearance/hair could be my shield too. Definitely “see my look but not see me.”

  12. I just told my hairdresser I’m letting the natural color grow in.I’ve been dying my hair since I was in my teens!

  13. Me too!! As with many other things that I feel intuitively along with food changes… letting my hair grow longer… I also read about it, and how it stores and channels info.. that is why we cam cut it when we want to “let go” symbolically and literally. It is like “feeling” the right answer for each one of us.. The knowledge is there and the more sensitive I become the more I remember

  14. I can’t believe you have written this blog post! I have definitely wanted to grow my hair out from short style to long in very very recent times, and I got close to hitting the awkward phase but I baulked at how messy it was and had to get it cut off again! I am not ready to stop dying my hair, but I am definitely ready to grow it out again. Synchronicity! I definitely agree that there is something magical about hair.

  15. My darling mum ( Saggo extraordinaire ) and hairdresser always advised me to cut my hair on the new moon for growth. She would ‘candle’ my long hair instead of cutting it, twisting it into spirals and running a candle along the length to seal the ends that were split. I used to think she was just a weirdo but realise now how head of her time she was…

  16. Definitely. Re: dying hair…applying natural henna seems to have the opposite effect of commercial/chemical dyes. Here’s what herbalist Rosemary Gladstar says about it:

    “I noticed early on that whenever I used henna on people, their energy changed, brightened, they seemed refreshed and renewed. It was different from going to the beauty salon and having their hair colored. People seem to feel better.”

    “A wise old man told me that henna aligned with the polarities of the earth. I mentioned this in a class to a group of people I had just anointed with their first henna. One of the participants went to her psychic healing class shortly after we had done the henna. The instructor approached her, saying, “All the energy lines in the room are running around you, in fact, right through your hair.” She laughed and said she was a believer after that.”

    1. Would like to add that checking sources and ingredients when it comes procuring henna is super important…some companies market henna hair dye that has nasty chemicals added, so you gotta work with the good/real stuff from a reputable source.

      1. Also, always be sure to report henna use to your hairdresser…and be careful when applying any other chemicals to hair after henna use. Sometimes it results in actual liquidation of hair!

    2. I just hennaed my hair for the first time ever after getting the download that I needed to do it. I didn’t know the first thing about it, but I definitely feel like my hair requested it. I love it and feel way more myself and in time since doing it. Seems like I made the right decision, thanks!
      (Had to laugh-I scrolled down to the comments and this was the first one I read

  17. Over time i have been prickling to this incredibly strong undercurrent of aggression and built up tension from my latest hairdresser, and last weekend i reached a very weird crisis point after my visit. I have loved the cuts. I like that she corrects gently my first foray into colour last year. BUT she borders on rough manner, sometimes to the point of moving my chair around with sudden force or moving my head just that bit too strongly – not a nice touch at all, then by the end of the session compensates with smiles or a weirdly contrasting soft concern. She rarely talks but silent hair work has never bothered me, so I wondered why I felt her silence was TERSE; until i overheard her telling another client an incredible fountain of negative crap about someone she works with, and then venting about one of her girlfriends, based on the fact that the girl has had different boyfriends over time. The client validated the judgmental comments and encouraged the negativity at key moments, so it just didn’t stop. It’s the most i’ve ever heard her speak, and it was this stream of consciousness low-voiced half an hour or more babble at half tones, and it was horrible to even hear the half of it. It was really DARK, like a spell against the absent woman, her friend.

    I was so rattled by the weirdness of that day and undercurrents of aggro over time, I hopped on to this site and there was the old Pluto Hair post in the sidebar, and then THERE WAS MYSTIC COMMENTING ON A YEARS OLD HAIR POST! I wondered if i was overly sensitive, but wrote to Mystic, who supported my intuition with some beautiful advice. Now, after reading the post, links and the comments, I find it even weirder that I felt so Qi Vamped at the Hairdresser’s.

    Past hairdressers have been real artists, and delighted to have a client who says, “You are the artist here, not me, so just do your thing with my ideas.” They tell me that’s exciting and validating, and I have always been looked after. Guess i’ll let my hair fly forth to find a new artist 🙂

    I do miss my white witch lock shining out of my dark wild hair but couldn’t deal with the general grey look against my pallor as silver strands all started taking over.

    1. Please get a new artist. She is fuqing with your Qi. Hairdressers are half voodoo and you need one who you adore.

        1. Hoping, and going in to check whether my new salon is going to be full vodun or half by chance, and will go from there xx

    2. Yikes..that is disturbing. I had to suddenly walk away from a hairdresser that I was with for 7 yrs. It was upsetting for my moon in Leo but it had to be done. She was not nearly as dark or qi vampy as this person you described. And she gave me some amazing and flattering haircuts. She was cancer ascendant so for a while I felt pretty nurtured by that, but then she got kind of judgy and intrusive, and had this gossipy vibe in general too (lower gemini stuff?). I was starting to feel icky about it and wondering if I should pull away, then at my last appointment she made a comment about my bangs making me look like a 4yo – bangs she cut that way! I was super insulted and just done at that point. Then on top of that her business partner tried to charge me $20 over my regular price. I didn’t book a next appt. and ghosted. I think she knew she crossed a line and I wouldn’t be coming back. It was still a sad loss for me though. Since then I’ve found an amazing hair stylist who doesn’t pressure me to book several appts in advance, makes me feel truly cared for in her chair, and is really kind.

      1. Wow, mille and rachellion, sounds like some real passive-aggressive behavior from your stylists! I always feel in a bit vulnerable position when someone is doing my hair, so it’s a ripe situation to get Qi vamped if the stylist has ‘issues’..
        In the past, I’ve had stylists be outright unkind to me, like say overtly rude or disrespectful things to me, taking out their frustrations on me, when I’ve not done or said anything to warrant that type of treatment. I’ve noticed a pattern where they try to blame you for their mistakes, and can’t seem to take responsibility for what they’ve done.

        I wrote my situation below and I’m also in the position after seven years of finding a new stylist. She just does my color, not cut, but she’s been screwing up my hair for awhile now, not giving me the right color, and I have tried to diplomatically talk to her about it but she’s very defensive. Last time she caused a bunch of my hair to just break off, wads of it in the comb and brush, concrete evidence, and she was still defensive, so now I’m done. Why does this happen?!! She did my hair just fine for years! Anyway, I’m a bit panicked because I don’t know who to go to now, and my hair is not easy to get right (very fine hair type, highlighting from dark brown to blonde), so I can’t just go to anyone. I stayed with this stylist because she is an instructor for Redken and very knowledgeable, and understood what to do for my hair.

        1. yes it is a very vulnerable position…sometimes especially when they’re shampooing. I feel so exposed with my neck bowed out like that! I hope you find the right stylist for you, flowerchild! I think for me it helped that I looked for a salon that uses natural products…seems to attract more emotionally healthier people as well. Though of course there are still passive aggressives and qi vamps in those kinds of places too! But, at my current salon I’ve watched other stylists and hair washers interact with their clients and it all seems very positive and caring.

        2. oh Flowerchild that is so true about the vulnerability of being in the chair, and as i think of different pass-agg treatment you’ve dealt with in the past, i just bristle thinking how much you deserve true kindness and care when having a beauty treatment.

          Try not to panic. I think that’s in your hair from the past care turned to crap from the stylist. And you’ll have to trust to go again to someone.

          How’s this for an idea? We can do our scouting by booking in just for a treatment first. See what sort of vibe the salon in general has, as Rachellion mentioned, and how we feel before getting any other service.

          1. Aw, thanks, mille! We all deserve kindness and care in these circumstances. It’s like I keep thinking, what if I treated my patients like that?! It would just be cruel and also considered abuse. Though, with that said, I’ve also been treated in questionable manner by some psychotherapists. I think I’m able to cut through b.s. and state the truth of a situation that makes some people feel threatened though I’m not at all trying to threaten, just presenting fairly undeniable facts in a (mostly) calm and straightforward way. And I stick to my guns, too, not dissuade-able. That seems to bother people, makes them squirm, and feel up against a wall.

            Anyway, yes, I always do try to go for a consultation first before scheduling an appointment with anyone. And that’s a good idea to fully suss out the vibe of the whole place, not just the stylist or what they say they can do for you.

            We can do this! And we can get through any past traumas that have been levied on us via our hair. Maybe fully smudge and palo santo ourselves around our hair/heads and, for that matter, a full aura cleanse to get others’ (i.e. unkind stylists’) weird energy out of our personal space.

            1. So on point, flowerchild! I also thought to myself, What if i treated my own clients and colleagues like that (more so after reading your and Rachellion’s responses) and evaluated quickly my past and present dealings with clients to check what might be “leaking out” if i’ve had a bad time of it. But the stylists concerned for all of us didn’t do that, for people who are already busy and already take care of others in their own jobs and have come to the stylists at their workplace as clients to be cared for!

      2. omg she dissed YOU through her own cut! I’m so glad you found a more caring experience. It’s interesting you felt the undercurrent vibe increasing over time, just as I have. I guess in the end, negative soul stuff just can’t hide itself, and comes out to feed (ick).

        Your new hairdresser sounds much nicer, and genuine x

    3. Thank you so much for the support and understanding! Put in writing here, you can see it clearly. But it was small vibes that built up over time…until the last appt.

      So i was second-guessing myself, and am kind of surprised, since in the past i have had no second thoughts about switching, even if i don’t have a reason other than that is what i feel like.

      As i wrote it down, i could almost hear her and feel her vibes again, and i know there is something sort of wounded and trying to repair itself the wrong way, by pushing on others’ crowns. No puns, or anything, just a visual.

      1. I think it is so helpful to write it out and get others’ input to help get clear.

        It seems like that stylist put some sort of power trip on you or some intimidation, even though somewhat subtle and built up over time, which is the exact type of dynamic that can make one second guess themselves. It’s like being gaslighted.

        Same thing happened in my situation, it was over time and I kept going back, second guessing myself. Even after this last time, which should have made things crystal clear to me, I was second guessing myself, until this thread discussion….so thank you, as well, and everyone else on here for helping me get clear, too, and make the decision to find someone else to do my hair!
        …..because it’s not just about hair, it’s also been about being, literally, ‘head-tripped’ by the person doing your hair!

        1. Yes, i wrote to Mystic and then wrote back to say ignore it, as i felt it was superficial or just emo-angsting to cover for other issues. Not to mention i know Mystic gets so much correspondence.

          Her response was absolutely validating and completely understanding of the importance of the overall energy exchange and its impact. And from such a busy woman, too! It is such a sweet feeling to be acknowledged and supported after the Vamping.

      1. Funnily enough a male recently expressed the same concern for finding the right person for his hair to me last week.

        So, it IS indeed, a Thing for many.

  18. With some yogic spiritual practices, yogis shave their heads on the darkest time of the moon (14th day after Full Moon) because on the following 2 days there is an upsurge of energy in the human system which they want to accelerate to open up the 2 chakras above the head… hence shaving hair off to free the scalp.

    However when the spiritual levels are raised to such an extent that they literally burst out from the top of their heads, they don’t shave their hair & they let it grow, twist it up and put it on the crown to nurture this energy & keep grounded. If they have no hair they tie a cloth.

    Once these 2 chakras are “switched on” it is quite a phenomenal sensation, but it takes it’s toll on the physical body, making it weaker, less grounded and the danger of leaving the physical body is a possibility. Quite a few yogis die young as a result of this practice. (But i also noticed that they died young whether they shaved their heads or not). It’s all a matter of the type of practice and psychological state in the first place, imo.

    However, Tibetan Buddhist monks (actually most buddhist monks) do shave their hair – more as a sign of letting go of ego – but have very grounding & strict meditation techniques which allows their minds/spirit to delve into other realms/dimensions without the need to protect their crown chakras with hair or turbans.

    Personally, i like my hair long for aesthetic reasons (& Venus in Leo), but when i did chop off my locks, i felt freer and light and full of energy – and more receptive of energy all around me too. As it got longer i felt more grounded & protected. Hair, once it grows out of your scalp is dead. We have it as protection & insulating layer for our brains (& also for hormonal reasons) and in my experience ties you down to the earth vibe more.

    1. I find too many women feel the need to hide their face with hair.
      It blocks their glow. It’s like a veil. A woman showing her full face is a powerful expression of who she is. A very positive one. More of it I say.

      1. Yes but we have to move about in public with people who are less respectfully appreciative than you, and more drawn to our power and energy by the need to feed and take a bit for themselves.

        My short hair shows my intense face, and i’ve no doubt my long hair doesn’t hide my intensity or my expressions and gestures, the way i move through the air. Personally, i choose it for the sensual and energetic feeling of myself. Even though i guard my persona in a bubble (which only goes so far against a Leo MC, Aries Merc Chiron, Sag Moon Rising on Antares Watcher of the West, and 12th house multi on the Rise in Sage) and come out for different people, i know my buddies sometimes choose hair as a general guardian of their sensitive energies: they don’t owe anyone anything, but yes, you are right, it’s sorry that they cannot shine too loudly in order to protect and veil the incoming energies.

        More of the space and respectful treatment, i say, so that each person can have that space to be and shine and be seen and acknowledged rather than targeted or Qi Vamped.

        I agree with your sentiment but it is not up to us to shine more brightly, we already do, more up to others to stop being so viciously predatory, based on a look or image of what they subconsciously desire in some strange way.

      2. Trust you mean well davidl, but really, women need to do what they want with their hair. The opinions of other people are lovely but irrelevant.

        I have my personal preferences for the way men wear their hair, but first priority is that the man in question must be happy with himself, and if that, hypothetically, turns out to be a turquoise mohawk, who am I to spoil his fun or dictate his image.

        1. The opinions of others are irrelevant ? Gee I wish it were so. I see it like nearly the oppsite. Women seem to care so much what others think. Maybe it’s that a mans view is irrelevant but other women’s views ? Sorry they count to most. And by the way I don’t necessarily ‘ mean well’. I just state my view.
          FUQ I’m tired of this sexist site ! Sooooo fuqing over it !

          1. You are the only person here who have not shared your own story of your own hair, but instead thought it fine to comment on the way some eomen wear yheir hair.

          2. I do notice that often lately when David comments he is ‘corrected.’ That is maybe why he feels it has something to do with sexism, with mainly women sharing their experiences here. In fairness he has been a staunch supporter of the site over many years, if you are familiar with his comments, he Has strong women in his personal life who he greatly respects and probably wouldn’t be on here and commenting otherwise.
            Also, i am merc in Aries, I find it interesting to have a bit of debate over a discussion, as it tends to bring out a range of views and experiences.

            1. Mt. Kilimanjaro

              Veronica, thanks for pointing this out. I read a lot of the comments, but chime in only infrequently. I’ve also noticed that davidl seems to get picked on as one of the few guys here. I personally don’t find his comments problematic, but I wonder if other people are misreading his tone because, you know, the Internet. I think he often has thoghtful, tongue-in-cheek opinions and, if anything, seems pretty sympathetic to wward women.

          3. Hey DavidL IS a great guy and sympathetic towards women.

            But sometimes “correcting” rather than empathising. Of course, he has not experienced the world from a woman’s experience, and sometimes people here just want to clearly state their experience in response to how they are being perceived. It’s not just in response to DL, but there have been plenty of comments that get that sort of response.

            Pretty sure i have been disputed, or asked to see another view at times. Or just disagreed with.

            That’s ok! Hey, sometimes it feels confronting but it’s something to think about, and one might still have the same view, but reflection is always worth it. Think that’s why we’re participating in discussions..?

          4. David, why do you not share about your hair and experiences and thise of men you know.
            Instead I see you comment about what women say, ALWAYS voicing an opinion about what others say like a tag on or SHADOOW.

            How about sharing something orginal from yourself rather than comment about comments. The continual opinions and generalizations are tiresome.
            How about YOUR experiences?

          5. The veda scholars state that it takes two years to grow antanneas on your ends once they are snipped.
            Hair is psychic !!! Love the article. And sometimes, I just wear a hoodie or a scarf over my head to hide my naturally super blonde hair like pale baby blonde — for privacy because my hair attracts too much attention at certain times and in certain places — I also become targeted and I just want my peace and privacy without undue alarm ir alert or defense.

          6. David *Always* comments in this manner?

            you mean when he has written at length about his life experiences after he moved away from the cit?
            Or about how he feels about his children? His mother and his wife? About his spiritual heritage? About being repeatedly singled out for criticism?

            I must admit I am uncomfortable with the “He Must Empathise in exactly the way we do” line being taken here, it comes off as a bit doctrinaire. This site has been more interesting and varied than that.

            And the empathy is only allowed to go one way it seems.
            Being male and commenting makes him more like an easy target. Which makes my hackles rise.

            1. Thanks for your support V. I’ve had enough for a while, this place is not my place anymore. 16 years s may just be enough x

            2. Me too! David contributes greatly to the rich diversity ofopinions here. He has shared more intimately than many who comment and I look forward to reading his point of view. Please don’t turn this into a witch hunt.

  19. Mystic what a fantastic post!
    I took the plunge of no more blonde highlights in Dec 2015. Was just over it. Realised blonde looked good on me in late 20s/early 30s, but my natural colour actually complemented my skin 1000% better.

    Dark brown hair with a few silver (white) strands, I love it! Best thing I ever did hair-wise. I plan to keep it growing out and silvering naturally forever. It’s shoulder length now, I don’t wear it shorter than a long bob. Feels so GOOD!!

    Pro tip: for anyone with natural brown hair growing out blonde highlights, get thee a tube of Aveda’s Clove Colour Conditioner. It has to be CLOVE (they have many other colours in the range, do NOT get the Black Malva as it’s nearly black, which can throw greenish tints on blonde).

    I discovered this magic Aveda potion halfway through my transition. Used regularly (comb through towel-dried blonde bits once a week/fortnighly and leave for 30-60mins before rinsing), it ‘stains’ the blonde bits a beautiful, natural brown that blends perfectly with darker roots. It’s not a chemical dye, or even a dye at all, but plant-based goodness that fades over time. None of the nasties like PPD or carcinogens.

    Highly recommend going back to one’s roots! 🙂

    1. Oooh! That’s a great tip, thanks! I’m thinking of growing out my blonde highlights, too, and have dark brown hair naturally.
      Funny, because right now I use Aveda’s chamomile color conditioner to enhance the golden blonde highlights, so I know the product line.

      1. Go for it flowerchild! <3

        Liberating to have no more chemicals soaking into scalp, and there is nothing more beautiful than healthy natural shiny hair. No dye can replicate it.

        So sorry to hear (further down in thread) about your harrowing experience on latest session with your hairdresser. Sounds like she overbleached your hair for it to actually break off in certain sections. Unacceptable, especially as she did not seem apologetic or even really empathetic to your shock.

        Have had my fair share of issues with hairdressers (par for course with highlighting dark brown hair to blonde), and then one day: boom. I decided, why do I resist being myself so much? Why do we as women feel as if what we have, naturally, somehow HAS to be tweaked? Why do I HAVE to dye my hair? Why do I HAVE to stomach the hairdresser small talk, the waste of time every 8/9 weeks, the waste of $, contributing to the cesspit of poisonous garbage that hurts the planet?

        I stopped highlights cold-turkey, and never looked back. Looking at how healthy my hair is now, I regret not making the change earlier.

        I went all natural with my nails too, using a little bit of coconut oil to keep them glossy and healthy.

        Biggest gift to my Pisces Sun self is the extra time I have NOT going to the salon, and not dealing with the stresses of bleach! I still get trims about 3x per year to keep ends blunt and neat.

        More time for books, sleep, exercise, dreaming, doing, learning, writing, and being!!

        1. Thanks for your vote of confidence and support, Neptunia!

          And YES to everything else you’ve said here, too! This is also a YES to planet Earth!

          Funny, I never once dyed (or even barely ever cut) my hair before 2005, and I was 37 years old that year, no gray.
          I don’t know, I got it into me that I wanted blonde highlights, then went full blonde ever since then. It’s a bit addicting, I think! Haha!
          My mother and brother are blonde so maybe something un- or sub- conscious..?

          Anyway, yes, I’ve felt the pull to be natural again and I’m still dark brown at 50, so not yet concerned about grays….not sure how I’ll feel once those come in, but I’ll deal with that issue when it happens!

          1. Look into cassia for greys.
            If you Google it, there’s lots of info. Basically, cassia turns greys into golden blonde. There are even salons who offer this. xx

  20. I’ve read about this too, but what about the Monks who shave it all off as a connection to something higher? (Asking as I totally wanna buzz my hair again)

    1. A friend of mine who’s Buddhist shaved his baby’s hair. It’s about cutting ties with past karma upon this birth to give the child a fresh start.

  21. For real though—I got a haircut today and my stylist asked me:

    Did you color you hair?
    Do a smoothing treatment?
    Did any kind of keratin thingamajig?

    Because there was a definitive LINE between the healthy growth coming out of my scalp and the “rough, coarse” ends of my hair growing out

    The new growth is only up to my ears I didn’t get it all sheared off BUT—That’s kind of growth would have only happened over the last 10 months or so… when my Saturn return ended.

    Funny I never noticed while washing my hair? Burn my stylist medium totally saw (and I guess felt it)

    New growth ✨

    1. Or not ten months but since Dec. it feels like 10 months anyway. Also not burn my medium though her shit felt like hot fire, but anyway

  22. Oh, I wish I had the courage to embrace the greys. I freak at the sight of them, I know I shouldn’t be in conflict with myself like this. Is there a way to transition well?

    1. YES, foils or streaks very very fine depending on where the silver is would tell you the amount.
      Then use a blue shampoo and/or conditioner so they sparkle.
      So you are making more of them but controlled as to how many and where. Draw a diagram of your head, just out in eyes and mouth, then draw where you silver is coming through and accentuate it.
      Pink/rose and ultra violets an be used on the lightened streaks even.
      Pinterest and look for ‘white hair’ styles and fashions, you will see how fabulous it looks.

  23. My homeopathic earth-mother god daughter has done the ‘No Poo’ thing for the last 3 years.
    Every time i see her once beautiful long shiny hair i just want to wash it!
    (With chemical free shampoo of course).

    1. Really? Even in cosmo school the product-peddling instructors would tell us not to wash hair every day.

      I’m not strictly no-poo but I have whittled my usage down to once a week. The point of my dry shampoo experiment is to see how much longer I can stretch that out.

      One thing in this latest bout of “no-poo” experimentation that I will keep is the twice-daily brushing of the hair 100 times.

      1. So the no-poo thing isn’t working for her hair? It used to be beautiful, long, and shiny? Mercury Rx – pardon me if I misread your comment, Pegasus.

    2. I feel the same about my friend. She’s been doing it for about 6 years and it just… looks… terrible.

      I can say with some certainty, though, that she does not brush her hair regularly! So maybe that’s it.

      I had a boyfriend as a teen who went no-poo and had exquisite, gleaming black locks.

  24. The musical ‘Hair’ was at the beginning of the ‘new (old) age’ wasn’t it?
    At the time i was a hair stylist with a very posh hairdresser in Collins street Melbourne, so do have a lot of respect for hair and it’s care.

    It’s so on trend Myst to have dark roots. If you can’t deal with them after a while just put very few salon sun streaks on the roots to lighten up 🙂

    My hair refuses to go silver except for a small streak of it in the top centre of my head, both sides if it is parted, kinda witchy but not quite, as a summer blonde, sun kissed, it blends in unless i enhance it with blue shampoo or ‘magic silver white’ drops.
    So love silver hair so elegant, Check out Pinterest for some of the best looks with it.
    Maybe when i am 100 shall get the full head of white hair and look wafty-spiritual.
    Sadhis gurus etc all have long hair and beards if they are men.
    Remember Samson & Deliah’ hair thing. Got shorn and lost his connection to the almighty 🙂

  25. I think, why not? Especially if you look at animals and how responsive their fur is to what’s going on (hackles up, etc…) A lot of dogs get really depressed or out of sorts when their fur is cut off (I guess other animals too).

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the hair is an extension of our Kidneys, which are our primary life force/dna/pre-natal qi, source of fertility. Also, water element (most psychic in astrology?). On a psycho-emotional level, the Kidneys are also the source of our Will/Willpower, the negative emotion is fear… So historical act of cutting off someones hair being so disempowering makes sense…. The blood also has a big connection to the hair, and our shen-spirit-consciousness is housed/held in our heart/blood.

    Next question is – hat does this say about our nails? (Liver – ethereal soul, anger and self-expression)

    1. Also reminds me of the Nazis forcibly shearing off the beautiful hair of Jews as they became imprisoned and doomed-such a violent act of disempowerment.
      Many countries did the same thing after the Second World War to women who had affairs with Nazi soldiers or collaborated with them, as a means of marking them for their crimes.

  26. I KNEW it! I have about 5 times the normal quantity of hair, it’s like a white-fro: not curly but frekin HUGE!!! Plus it’s like a fountain – I once opened a can of tomatoes and I swear there was one of my hairs in there. It’s like a mane, the texture of horse hair.

    I battled with my hair for decades then I realised that my hair was actually sentient. So I started talking to it and as I brush it – only a paddle brush the size of an oar if you please – I say: “you’re beautiful, I love you, you’re so pretty.” Etc. It totally responded and it’s now a thing of beauty.

    I’m very grey and I love it so much. I never use conditioner anymore, only a big bowl of cider vinegar in a very dilute solution to reset the ph after the intense alkali of shampoo. It gets on top of the frizz and my hair doesn’t seem to get dirty or smelly for over a week. Then when my hair is saturated with the solution I rinse it out. When it’s still very wet I brush it (insert incantation / sweet talk of choice here) and then use an ointment made if half coconut oil and castor oil with lavender, rosemary and ylang ylang EOs. Smells great, encourages soft, smooth and glossy growth.

    1. Star PLEASE DON’T brush your hair when it is wet as it stretches it and can break it off! Large tooth comb when wet, brush when dry.

      1. Oh my gosh, I’m 50 years old and it’s been a long time since my mother relinquished all responsibility over this entity I live under that you could refer to as “my hair”. So over the many decades I’ve experimented with practically every drying and styling technique known to man or beast and sincerely whatever you thought you knew about hair does not apply here. It’s a law unto itself, I tells ya! But thanks for your concern.

        1. My hair similar and no way can i dry brush, and the comb even hurts as it gets stuck in curls. I use something called a Wet Brush Pro with very bendy bristles. First time i’ve brushed my hair in my life! Only good when wet. Yes, i feel what you mean about the hair as an entity you live under.

          1. Millie this old girl is behind the 8 balls with new inventions that get around all the usual ‘rules’. 6000 products nowadays when there was only 6 once upon a time .
            Signed the dinosauric flying horse 🙂

            1. It’s ok, Pegasus Flying Lady, i hadn’t brushed my hair for over thirty years til i was recommended this one! New inventions, eh?

  27. Have ALWAYS thought this about hair.
    Years ago when I was forever dyeing my hair, I shaved it off as I didn’t want to grow out my natural brilliant red from black dye-so got the clippers and shore it off.
    Holy heck I felt so natural and clear! So much information and cosmic signalling was clear to me that I’d been missing out on through cosmetic hair application.
    Also know my psychic powers are off the charts whenever I’ve had really long hair.
    My hair’s been it’s regular colour for a good while now, but the length absolutely makes a difference in psychic receptivity.
    Thus I am growing my beautiful goldilocks out again in honour this new era of femme-witch-queendom.

      1. It didn’t like a thunderbolt of consciousness-raising or anything, more like the sensation of taking off sunglasses and seeing the world naturally and in proper light/focus.
        It felt as if I’d taken off a costume after being in a play for a long time and freeing myself in natural adornment.

  28. YAY Withnail and I quote!!!

    If this is actually going to become a trend, then it’s possible my cosmetology license and penchant for natural/DIY body products will actually start to become useful? If so, I was, once again, about a decade off time.

    Last night I began an experiment for DIY dry shampoo. Using my recently-arrived bentonite clay along with baking soda and Shikakia powder (to cancel out the powdery look from the other two), I ground up some rosemary leaves and essential oil. It is sitting with itself in a jar, to be applied used tomorrow morning as a dry shampoo. If it doesn’t work out, I can just smack some more on, add water to make a paste and then rinse with ACV.

  29. I read the attached article about hair, and somehow, makes even more sense of the phenomenon of cutting ones hair when going through a trauma, as though getting rid of it allows someone to feel less. I cut my own hair ten months ago as a traumatic response, have gotten a small trim since, and find that as my hair grows, my own sense about myself has come back. This was a fascinating idea, and rings totally true. Already feeling Uranus into Taurus and I’m excited for it!

    1. That’s so interesting about your sense of self coming back.

      A past boyfriend begged me to grow my hair which was always kept short. I refused. After we broke up, and he kept randomly intruding upon me and i had to keep slicing him away, I decided to grow my hair.

  30. 12th house virgo

    I started using Madison Reed. Its not no-chemical, but its low.

    I want bangs. I can’t find a stylist I trust. I was going short, but I think I am growing it out now. I never know what I am doing with my hair, which is strange since I am moon in Leo.

    1. Love how Americans call fringes BANGS always gives me a giggle.
      Finding the right person to do that for your hair, considering shape, care and personality is critical as they can make or break a look.
      Did a fringe a few years back instead of botox for the forehead lines that started to appear, covered them and the best choice, much cheaper too.

      1. 12th house Virgo

        That is exactly why I want to do it. Plus I saw the new Jennifer Lawrence movie Red something. It’s awful and all I tempered of it was her glaring from under her bangs. I need to do that. Plus, I want to hide my forehead under a hair blanket. Fringe sounds adorable!

    2. my theory with haircuts is go up to someone with the haircut you love, & ask them who does their hair. If they look suspicious or are wierd about sharing this information (which is pointless and selfish imho, it’s a hairdresser who is likely to appreciate the business + recommendation) then just tell them you’re from out of town or something

      1. Darling PI take about 3 pix of similar style you want and show to stylist, a good one will be able to give you what you want and advise you or not if your hair will cooperate.
        Always go talk to the person who is going to cut your hair BEFORE it’s cut if you don’t have a regular hair therapist :-).
        Really good hair needs every 4-6 months reshape in the form of ends off usually.
        You owe it to yourself, eat Vogel bread, eggs and avocado only for a week to save.
        Can talk to hairdresser about things you would not tell friends or family and it doesn’t leave the salon.
        Cheaper than therapist yes?
        Afterwards put on your tights and spikes and hop to your closest 5 star hotel cocktail bar with a copy of Economic Review or New Yorker and wait until you are offered a drink
        by your new lover that’s been waiting to meet you.
        Tell the bar person you will have a sparkling water until your friend arrives…….
        Or maybe the races and spill some champagne on the personage you wish to meet.

        1. THIS IS AWESOME. And totally true. Pegasus, I think you’ll agree, as hairdressers, we know we’ve done a good job when our client gives that certain little head shake after a service and can’t stop touching her hair.

          A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not swinging your head around and feeling like touching your hair and feeling how it’s lying after a cut/color/whatever, don’t go back to that person!

        2. pegs, if I could offer you a knighthood for services to humanity, I would, and I mean that in the old school awesome Merlin way, not the whatever other way

        1. 12th house Virgo

          There is so much helpful information in these responses! I am going to wait til mercury direct at least if not out of shadow. Thank you!

  31. Amazing! Aries with aquarius rising here. About 3 weeks ago I made a pact with the mother goddess to even out my colour,( I am expert at home hair dying), and to stop pouring chemicals (peroxide bleach) onto my head and onto Gaia via the sink, for the rest of my life! I declared this on a full moon in front of a fire and a gathering of sisters (amongst several other declarations and a few burnings). My hair has always had super powers and my mother stole and silenced them them by lopping half a metre of strawberry blonde tresses off my head at 12 rendering me ‘male’ boy in looks (I call this rapunzel syndrome, I know a lot of women whose mothers did this as they hit puberty) Subverting my strength and bloom and evolution to woman. At 32 I had grown it to my waist again and a madwoman at an el cheapo salon lopped off 30cm when I paid for a small trim. At 34ish I chopped it to a pixie cut after I finally broke up with all men (20 years of the most toxic relationships you can imagine, lucky to be alive). 45 now, gaining amazon level strengths of body and mind, my hair is down my back and I have made a pact with the Great Goddess to love my power completely. My true identity is finally returning. My true power, and absolutely so much of that is in my follicles of gingery hair. Oh and I started dying my hair because after the brutal lopping by my NPD mother, my hair looked ashen so I tried to artificially reclaim the colour and glow I loved. And then later as NPD mother tried to absorb and overrule my personality and power even more by becoming a fake redhead, I went blonde to assert independence and extricate my ‘self’ from mother dearest. Now that she is 3 years banished from my life, a huge step for the adult child of a narc, and I am nearly me again, 11 years old and 45 years old.. Raw and real. More and more. I am utterly ecstatic to be coming home to my self and my truth. Amazing times, and my hair looks splendid but soon it will be utterly divine!

  32. Mine’s just started falling out again 🙁 It’s done this for a few years now…cycles of thinner/thicker, several months at a time. I can’t work out what’s causing it. And it’s not exactly thick at the best of times…some Leo rising I am!

  33. This makes so much sense to me. I’ve had experiences of cutting hair and my awarness and mood inmediately stop (once mid laughter). And I cut my hair shorter and things felt a little off until one day I woke up and thought ‘my hair is where it should be’ now. I think it is also super magical if you cut with intention of release .. but more than a trim doesn’t feel right for me.

    (Leo with aqua rising here)

  34. u mean that by the time i had long -past my lady-bits-hair (i even took a uncle it picture) i was my most psychic?! …mhn..ill ponder on that. Redhead here, so, no dyes. As i get more and more into spirit, crown hair grows white, i had a feel that was connected, but recently hear it is. like i joke about, too much meditation” jajaja. thing is, i DO love short hair, on me&all u are truly another woman when in it.

  35. I have been thinking about going natural with my hair—all my other self-care products have been natural for close to a decade. I have that dark mousey blonde that really looks better when it has some color added to it, like the color I had naturally when I was 9—if I was out in the sun more I would develop natural golden highlights. I recently thought I could finally stop going for the uber-pricey thrice yearly highlighting, I just can’t afford it right now. And the past decade and a half of my anxiety definitely shows through my hair—I have pulled out more hairs in one spot so now I have a thinner patch. I am bumping up my nutrition—hair vitamins and the like—to grow my mane back in full. Maybe choosing henna or some other natural option will be the way to go from here.

    1. Invicta, are you blonde brunette auburn violet white long short number two-ed or lobbed now? Blessings whatever your look of the moment 🙂

  36. My hair is super thick and falls past my waist. I dyed it once, when I was 15 – never again! I’m in my late 30s and I refuse to dye my greys. The Uranus in Taurus aesthetic of buffed nails and natural hair feels great to me!

  37. I absolutely love this! I hate hair dye, love long hair, and this is major validation right now lol. I do occasionally henna my hair, only the good stuff. I tried the (plutonic) bentonite clay hair mask and it. was. awesome. I am seriously considering moving back to no-poo again, too.

  38. YESSSSS!!! …to all of this!

    I have always felt that hair is psychic and that hair conducts our personal power. Even as a child, I rarely allowed haircuts (all kids do that in a way, but my mom let me go long……well, this was the early 70s so it was also the style then) ….anyway, I have almost always had very long hair except a very brief time in the 80s when I had a ‘power’ short hair cut with spikes.

    I do get blonde highlights now but have been thinking for a while to stop doing that. I have dark brown hair and amazingly enough, no gray (for a 50 year old!). It’s already long, to my mid back. I get an inch or two trimmed off maybe once or twice a year..
    Especially after this last time at the hairstylist, where she pulled the highlights through beyond the roots and a bunch of my hair burned off…..I was livid about that, for sure, especially because this is someone I’ve been going to for a long time. She wasn’t very nice or helpful about it either, and was quite defensive, which felt like a betrayal as, again, I’ve established a rapport with this person over seven years! WTF?! Really uncool! She’s a Virgo and is usually very fastidious and careful with my hair.
    She also doesn’t seem to understand why I keep my hair long and is always telling me to get it trimmed. I think enough is enough at this point….the whole ordeal felt like a violation because I am really sensitive about my hair and letting others color or cut it feels like I’m giving my power over to them. It’s hard to find someone I trust that much..

    Speaking of hair, too, I wish you all could see my guy’s hair……long, down to his waist (much longer than mine!), resplendent and thick, like actually heavy if you try to lift it all up at once, and a little bit wavy, like, some curls at the ends. Seems suitable for a Libra with Venus and Mars in Leo. He said he hasn’t had it trimmed in four years!

    The vibe of Uranus in Taurus is going to feel like a home-coming to me, I think. From what you’ve described, I have been living its precepts pretty much most of my life. I’m Aqua Sun so I guess I’m somewhat Uranian to begin with, but I’ve always been a health and eco-conscious hippie type person, too, which is not so surprising as was born to young hippie parents, late 60s, and hail from coastal California… 😉
    I love Taurean energy, too, though the only thing I have in Taurus is Lilith, in the 11th, so Uranus will be transiting there soon in my chart, to the house it rules.

      1. Huh..? Not sure what that is…. anyway, this guy has like viking hair or something. I braided it for him one day and it looked beautiful!
        I think I’m envious on some level, wish my hair was as nice as his, though not as heavy….his hair never dries after washing! I dried it with a hair dryer for like half an hour, still wasn’t dry!

        1. Just teasing! He’s a bass player, about our age, still has the amazing hair. very tall. (but wondering at the extent of our mutual Mission muso buddies)

          1. Ah! Ok, got it….not aware of Doogles, though may have been at one of his gigs without realizing it?
            I’m not a musician, myself, and have had spotty attendance at gigs the last couple years due to lack of $ and time and staying away from drinking alcohol, so we may know some peeps in common, but probably not too many…
            Though, I have been going again to Amnesia for the recurring bluegrass and swing/jazz nights…..and looks like the Rite Spot will live on! They have been blogging about it on their website and FB page recently… 🙂

            My guy is younger and lives in Marin, but he’s into music and plays some, so we go hear bands together sometimes…

  39. Regarding The Spiritual Nature of Hair article – explain this to a Buddhist monk and s/he will smile and tell you that it is all a matter of belief.

    A belief, like religion is simply that. If long hair works for you, then let it be long. But do not imbue a belief with false scientific jargon to make it sound like truth. If it has been scientifically proven like it states, there would be links. Instead, a conspiracy theory is devised to cover over the fact that there are no links.

    The Earth is flat too for many people.

  40. I actually just cut off all my hair and called it a “cognitive haircut” where I imagine different sections of my brain in relation to my hair and do away with what is no longer needed. Sort of like erasing memory and beginning anew…it has been a traumatic experience. I instantly regretted it and cried for a whole day after but now I feel more confident and fresher than ever! I promised to grow it out forever after this…hair is dead proteins…it is all so fascinating…I think I got tired of styling it and using it for sexual attraction

  41. So, lots here, when I hacked all my hair off I had a major life reboot. This was, 2012 /2013 spring, idk what the astral was. Hair grows, it’s alive, and thus psychism seems logical.. I have Chinese lineage and have been told my ancestors believed you couldn’t “get into heaven” for lack of a more culturally accurate description, without all your hair, so preference 1 don’t cut, if cut off for any reason save it to take it along when you pass.

    Btw the hair hack happened subsequent to growing out the dye job, which empowered and enlightened me in a multitude of ways in all my prematurely stark white thanks to my half Irish red headed grandfather splendor.

    Highly recommended!

  42. If hair is psychic then maybe that’s where the urge to cut your hair often comes at times of change – get rid of the messages of the old and make way for the messages of the new. Like a death/rebirth/phoenixing of your hair.

    1. Yes! There have been a few times in my life that I have compelled cut my long hair short (most recently 4 months ago). It felt like if I didn’t cut at least 5 inches off I would not be able to level up.

      I have always believed that hair holds energy and there are times in ones life when old energy must be literally cut away to make way for new energy.

      On the flip side I have also grown out my hair after years of short to change my energetic vibe.

    2. Remember the 50’s cure for heartache was a new hair style?
      South Pacific the musical has a song:
      ‘Gonna wash that man right outta ma hair’.

      1. PJ Harvey borrowed that line for her song Sheela Na Gig. I thought it was hers. You should listen to her song!

  43. this feels very real — i have just started growing out grays and have noticed tons of other women doing so as well! must be a sort of authenticity vibe coming through, definitely challenging to ideals of faking perma-youth. not that i dont also take he shou wu and massage scalp with amla oil….

  44. OMG, After the first paragraph, I was all set to make a Withnail comment in the comment section, or see if anyone else had, but I’m so happy that she did it herself! 😀

  45. “Who has NOT felt the roots of their hair prickle at an incursion?” I hear this. It’s why the hair on our arm stands up when something is awry.

    Also, this whole thing is WHY SIKHS DON’T CUT THEIR HAIR. It’s not just respect for their Creator and the gene code they were given, but it’s to pick up information. #Leosallofthem

    1. Sikhs as Leos, i really love this. I really have a soft spot for my sikh friends. pleasant, sophisticated humans, dignified (and HOT.)

  46. Silversoulsinger

    The last time I coloured my hair I used henna; that was about 9 years ago. Then February of 2012 was the last time a blade touched my hair. I trained in kundalini yoga, and now, for the most part, I wear a “solar coil”. I don’t cover it, as is the tradition in my yogic tradition, but I find I feel much better when it is coiled high on my crown.

  47. I read somewhere about Native American hunters joining the army during one of the world wars. They were recruited for their amazing tracking skills but when they got the regulation army buzz cut, many of them felt that their perception was suddenly hampered. Whether that is a true story or not, it always stuck in my mind. I’ve always admired the gorgeous long hair of North American First Nations people.

    Oddly, I’ve started cutting my hair much shorter (still brushes my shoulders) and while I haven’t dyed my hair in over a decade and have used more eco friendly hair products even longer than that, I have a mad urge to dye my hair with those saturated rainbow colors that were so trendy the last few years but now seem to be fading (pun intended.)

    1. YES that story about the trackers was the first thing that leapt to mind re this post. Also, Samson and Delilah.

  48. You can get non toxic, no issue hair dye. My hairdresser Miss Brown Sydney in Regent Street paddington is a brilliant practioner. It’s O&M colour and your hair will stay psychic. I’ve been using this style of colour for more than 10 years
    A nasty bout of auto immune disease driven rheumatic arthritis put an end to commercial hair dyes, which likely contributed to the toxic load that brought it on.
    You won’t regret it

  49. I once cut my hair short and I actually started losing it in small circular areas. I of course vowed then and there to never have short hair again. Cool to read a probably cause was that I was lowering my sensory perceptions. Thanks!

  50. Which is why Black people don’t like having our hair touched by strangers.

    Our crown, our soul, our sense – Ashe.

    1. Yes, I’ve always felt so icky when I witness this. I am white so haven’t experienced it myself but I have seen friends and co-workers go through it. That and people just reaching out to stroke pregnant women’s bellies. It’s such an invasion.

    2. I remember on my first morning before school, even in the voice she said it, my Ma telling me to never let ANYONE touch my hair. Mine is like hers but noone notices that because we’re different colours (hair and other). It’s definitely a proprietal thing. I’m not same as you, but i know exactly what you mean by that, even without the experience of country in the mix.

      You would be amazed if you came here and saw the experience of country for aboriginals, and could even have the time to get into the experience of other colours (including indig) who have a bunch of white, and maybe even have grown up white to some extent, but present non-white. But that is complex, for person and viewer here, and takes some time. If you had the time and stillness to absorb it, i guarantee it would interest you incredibly.

      1. Why do you assume I am not Australian? Or that I have not visited Australia? Or that I do not know Aboriginal brothers and sisters?

        I taught in Aboriginal communities when I lived in Australia for several years.

  51. I’m with you!
    Have been growing out my natural colour since pregnancy 2 years ago.
    Loving my dark hair with silver strands
    And funnily, I have never had so many compliments about my hair.
    It bugs the hell out of my Leo mother (a bonus?!) and has puzzled my polite top-end hairdresser.

    1. I’ve had basically this same experience (plus one year, minus one leo mom).

      Psychic powers on a steep bell curve since then…hair or the mom thing? 😉

      Called it “weird mom esp” when observed with siblings around the time I started bleaching the tresses (12 or so?) Ha…and now? Weirder, actually, than imagined. And for once, these dark waves are calm ~ versus wild bleachy curls that screamed “uranian!!” to innovent passerbys as it grasped for small birds and twigs. We’ve all had to learn the fine art of containment.

  52. i figured a fringe was good 3rd eye protection. that, or progressed cancerian moon means i like to have option to hide behind hair-curtain. same thing?

  53. I always amazed when people get extensiona of horse or human hair because that is kinda dangerous magic wise. Other people’s energy, karma, past lives, and the weight of this life’s are contained in the hair and every single strand! If it’s organic and been preserved then it contains the essence of their owner – that’s why we are eating more plant based food for health but also the magic of the earth? Am I crazy for thinking this?

  54. My hair is definitely psychic. It doesn’t matter if it’s dyed though, it prefers to be blonde actually. I’m its servent and so do it’s bidding. It makes it bigger, see? It likes to be big. When it’s cranky I spritz it with filtered rain water and organic lavender oil.

    I recently got a fringe after it hounded me for one for almost a year. I had reoccurring nightmares about it for years. But my hair has to get what it wants. It refused to grow nicely at the front, went on strike. Now it’s very happy and rewards me with more curls.

    I can gauge people. But it also goes the other way too. My vibes is transmuted as if my amplification. When I was on the pill my mood was always plateau and my hair was languishing, lifelessly, now I’m hormonaly independent my hair is wild and wooly!!

  55. I also managed to grow everything out in 2016. Ombre (sp?) was groovy then so it was doable. But my fairy hair needs something to give it body and I can’t do product. So I get foiled every so often. But I started using a cake of shampoo and an apple cider vinegar diluted rinse and it’s much nicer, less oily. So fewer plastic bottles for me. Anyone else considered how much of that dye etc chemical ends up in the ocean? And yes the hackles when an 12 yo opinionated American student said some B.S. about the holocaust …powerful

  56. Early gray here, Dad was totally gray by his mid thirties and I started to salt & pepper in my early twenties (found my first few as a teen). I have grown it long and it is wonderful. Have been wearing it chin length for awhile now and get it cut regularly…. might be time to have my curl genius hair dresser help me to grow it out while still looking lush and full. I feel like a powerful wise woman witch but am only at Uranus opposition!

  57. My hairdresser broke her foot so I haven’t had a haircut for 3 months. Loving the longer hair, not interested in getting foils done again (after years of colour-adding). Let the greys shine. Psychic powers have amped in recent months. Maybe that tale about Samson was right?

  58. I have been using henna and indigo for a few years now after many years of blonde dye. It has helped the condition. Henna is a lovely red and the indigo then makes it black.

  59. Every time I’ve cut my hair short I’ve regretted it, and then ached for months waiting for it to grow back. I stopped coloring it years ago and, amazingly, I don’t yet have much gray to speak of. I read the Native Americans kept their hair long to help with their intuition, and when native trackers were used in American wars for their abilities they lost all of them once they were given army buzz cuts. So in that vein I keep mine long and natural.

  60. Keep it longish but trimmed Prog Cap Asc- with chignon option. Now blending gray with moderate coloring- “total natural” look depressed me. Not ready to channel Irish matriarchs!

  61. Have never dyed my hair, ever, not once, not even with hair mascara, and my intuition/psychic/medium ability grows as I get older (I’m mid 30s). (Capricorn Sun, Libra Rising, Virgo Moon, Aquarius Venus). Been going grey (actually straight to white – WTF) since my late 20s and I’m still not dyeing it because hairdressers gasp and say never to dye it because it’s in such good condition. My hair is dark and curly so I get it cut/shaped regularly… I used to have very long hair but I don’t think split ends will help you be more psychic.

  62. Wow my hair is deinfitely not psychic with all that blonde dye. BUT about 2 years after divorce got mega urge to cut lots off my hair and it wasn’t about image reinvention it was about all that hair that had been there in all that hurt and crap and absorbed all that energy getting cut off me and it just felt so right to do it

    1. I totally get this! Hair can be physically tested to see if the bearer has been exposed to all kindsa nasties—arsenic and the like. I would not be surprised if it captured less material miasma, too.

  63. I feel like my hair picks up on all the psychic whatsits—good and bad—in the area like a net, and no amount of shampoo can completely get it out. A good chop every month or so helps clear the receivers.

  64. I would rather shave it and start again (triple Aqua) – much quicker, plus my hair grows super fast so no worries. BUT, way too many greys that I’m not ready to embrace. Lol.

    I have always felt that hair holds our baggage. New start, definitely need a haircut to go with that! Maybe it’s just clearing the cosmic connections to invite new ones…?

  65. I tried to grown my colour out but it’s soo grey and it just doesn’t suit me so looks like this Taurus is still going to dye it!!

  66. Me! I have a relatively “new” head of hair after bleaching then cutting it all off 3 years ago. As a Gemini Rising I’ve always had a thing for super short haircuts but late last year I just got a weird desire to grow out my hair as long and as much as I can (in my mind’s eye I’m seeing Elaine from The Love Witch). My hair is kind of a long bob now, chemical- and scissor-free these last 8 months – after decades of “tampering” with it. I swear my beauty prana increased tenfold. I just FEEL pretty and have gotten compliments in that vein even when I’m crabby and preoccupied. I’m taking biotin supplements to help strengthen and hasten hair growth (it works) but if there more organic options, I would love to hear them.

    1. P.S. This intuition to grow it out was corroborated by a feng shui reader who advised me to keep hair long (even use extensions) to increase my qi.

  67. wow – this makes so much sense. how about the hair still growin, after the body is already dead?
    stopped dying in November, after having them died grey in sync with Saturn square Sun for almost all of 2017 (and blonde-red the years before). Had short hair since my 15th birthday (Aries Rising likes their hair short, no?), but the last week I thought about getting a cut again (I usually have a cut on Leo Moons every 8 weeks, to keep them short) and somehow started to fancy the idea of JUST LET IT GROW. Let’s see…

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