Galactic Astrology Reading

A natal chart reading unlike any other, the Galactic Astrology Reading is ultra-contemporary and more akin to the earliest astrology.

If you’re interested in Sidereal Astrology or the constellations not included in the conventional ’12 sign zodiac ecliptic’ this is for you. Using astronomical software, Mystic determines and delineates the precise constellations rising, above you at the time of your birth, the Moon or any planets out-of-bounds, Eclipses if pertinent, galaxies and more.

Few people realize, for instance, that the Moon “in Gemini” will quite often stray into Orion and other off-ecliptic constellations or that the position of the Galactic Center in your birth chart is where anything goes and weird magic can manifest at anytime.

Turnaround: PDF emailed in Three to Six weeks. (Mystic will use your birthdata on file or reach out if more info is needed)

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1 review for Galactic Astrology Reading

  1. leotaurusscorp

    Fascinating – Mystic’s take on this felt both accurate and completely mind-expanding for me. Complete with pictures of the galactic points relevant to me, I cannot recommend this reading highly enough!

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