Magical Weirdness Management Tips

If you’d time-travelled to 2021 from an earlier era you’d ask for your money back: “The time-machine is clearly defective as, expecting to experience 2021, I was exposed to a clearly simulated, gaudy dystopian mash-up…”

It’s actually been weird for the last nine years, since the Zap Zone but now, as we near the end of this phase, it’s hyper-weird. Weirdness management is easy when you’re elated and confident, hard when you’ve got Zeitgeist ennui. These tips may help.

(1) This Eclipse Season is linked to November/December 2012, the start of Saturn in Scorpio and an array of other developments. A specific decision made within that late 2012 zone set you on a particular path: if you were on a spiral path upward, this is the phase directly above that point. Metaphysically you can gaze down and see everything.

(2) Ground/Re-Ground Yourself – Taurus (Uranus, the Lunar Eclipse) is Gaia, Eartha – the Earth Goddess. Your feet on bare dirt, sitting beneath a tree in contemplative reverie, remembering those moments you knew nature and it knew you.

(3) Don’t fear the end of magic, magic- or ‘the field‘ as metaphysician Aidan Wachter calls it – is anti-fragile. Your interaction with stars, supernatural guides and alternative dimensions of time and mind is potentially stronger during historical inflection points like this. Fear for the fuqers going against nature or cloaking their naked greed in gauzy layers of fake concern.

(4) Know your allies. Friendships or professional associations that may have been subtle energy drains or not on your wavelength used to be more or less imperceptible. Or you had sufficient vibe to carry them or swan on regardless. Now? They’re super-obvious and you don’t have vibe to spare.

(5) People are going nuts and – psychically – emitting/attracting all sorts of spiky, unpleasant thought forms. Don’t seek to analyze them. Protect your threshold – digitally and physically. A line of salt across the front door (old school) and a protective plant or statue – there is more on this sort of thing in my House Witchery Mp3– do the job but you could also consider a subtle ritual or whatever fits your culture.

(6) Craving Seventies music? It’s not nostalgia. It’s Stagflation, baby. You could be sonically psychic, intuitively matching your musical soundscape to the coming economy. Channel investment concepts and money insights while listening to the top tunes from 1974 and follow the plutonic Gemini Michael Burry on Twitter.


*Also, the Horoscopes are across all this and for a more info-rich and thorough take, see What The Astro Fuq?

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  1. Well that would explain why I have been ‘sound bathing” in Stevie Wonder over the last few weeks. Considered ‘too commercial/disco’ when I was growing up, I really hadn’t thrashed SW. The joy that comes through his music is palpable and it is such a gift to be able to have it on rewind.

    1. So beautiful, Stevie’s music! Joyful indeed. I recommend ‘Innervisions’ (1972) and ‘Fulfillingness’ First Finale’ (1974) 🌞

  2. My favourite album of all time is from 1974; Joni Mitchell, Court & Spark.

    Permission accepted to explore more of that years discography – YAS!

  3. Thank you for this, Mystic, much appreciated! I’ve been going through my late father’s mostly 70’s record collection and received some strength from it, just this week. He was a musician himself, so it is mostly musician’s music, but it did shape my own tastes. Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Santana, George Benson, Steely Dan, Stanley Jordan, Earl Klugh… 🎼

      1. Hi Centaurus, good to hear from you! All is well here, just recovering from moving house, hopefully won’t happen again for a long time 😉. But you never know when transiting Uranus is conjuncting your natal Moon⚡️🌝

      2. Good to read! Happy new home.

        Am around 7 months into settling in a new abode across state and only this last week or so caught myself contemplating a further move (out loud) and not just houses but location also. I can probably settle anywhere really but I’m not feeling it here.

        I have Uranus Pluto 4th trine Asc and Uranus is making ready to trine mid next year. I am compelled to keep looking at what I can offload these days – feeling like I need to travel lighter (much lighter) 🌟

      3. Sounds like moving house is were you transform yourself, Centaurus. As you probably would with Uranus and Pluto in fourth house (natal?). Good luck with offloading the sand bags from your metaphorical hot air balloon, in order to travel more lightly! 🎈

      1. Hi Wish, yes Miles is great.
        My father’s favorite Miles Davis’ record was ‘Bitches’ Brew’. Heavy stuff but a real work of art

      2. Just listened to the whole thing 27 something minutes. Witches/bitches brew, shamanic music. How appropriate for Scorpio season.
        It took me to an uncomfortable place, but I kept listening. Thank God the ending brought me back to the surface. Talk about deep. The saxophone is amazing.

        I listened to it when the sun was strong. I could imagine listening to it at dusk. Imagine the journey. Miles Davis is a wizard.

        Maybe I will listen to it again this full moon at dusk?


      3. So wonderful that you listened to it, Wish! Will listen to it myself again, maybe it could channel something of the intense upcoming Full Moon conjunct Uranus and opposite Mars/Mercury in Scorpio. By the way, just looked up Miles Davis’ chart and he has Moon conjunct Saturn at 21 degrees Scorpio! So fitting for this moment in time and for the music of Bitches Brew… 🌚

      4. Interesting. Today I was very receptive to that piece of music. The Scorpio Sun is currently conjunct my natal Neptune in Scorpio 22 degrees which is trine my Venus in Cancer.

        Also Lilith is currently conjunct my natal Gemini Sun in the fourth house.

      5. Ah, that means that Miles’ natal Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is exactly conjunct your natal Neptune… I am sure his music resonates… also with the Sun at that degree this past weekend…

      6. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I’m a bit clunky with astrology.

        And my Vesta is at 20 degrees Scorpio. So Miles has lit my fire. 🔥
        I will listen to more of that album.
        Isn’t astrology marvellous?

  4. The 70s are my favourite decade- I was age 6-16 and in Australia they were a time of hope. Gough Whitlam elected in 1974 and suddenly we had new ideas, free education, Medicare, and land rights for Indigenous people. But sadly conservative forces brought down the most progressive and humanitarian government Australia has ever seen, and since the Howard government we have been getting more racist, bigoted and selfish. Surely it’s time for the pendulum to swing back to a more left wing socialist environmentally sound government??!! I hope

  5. Back in the day I was not into Fleetwood Mac. But for the last five years I have been. A few songs really resonate with me. And alot of them fill the cracks in my psyche. Calming and relaxing.


      1. Long time Mac lover here. Introduced to them by older cuzzies when I was still single digit years… where has the time gone?

  6. Thank you so much for this post Mystic ! 💖

    And yes I woke up with the song Blue Bayou in my head and had to play it.

    Love to you all !


  7. Well I timed the end of an era with Moon conj natal Saturn and it fitted my personal scopes almost down to the minute (that bit wasn’t planned). Wrapped up an email that I opened circa 2001. Talk about epic. I’ve been updating for months and wanted Mercury retro to be well completed before I closed it but voila and it feels fab actually.

    I had so many DM’s Mystic. I couldn’t keep them all but ironically enough one of the oldest ones in my folder that leapt out pertains to … you guessed it the Scorpio eclipse of 2012!

    Is it ok to share it in the comments?

    1. Ooh—I’d love to read the 2012 eclipse DM: that was a super-tumultuous pivot time in my life, which ultimately made me get into astrology (though I didn’t find my way to this site until 2014/5).

      I was super interested in this post pointing to the late 2012 parallel/completion and would love to hear more about the relation of the current Astro to it—just as it’s a good feeling to look ahead to a new era, built on the foundations of this one that’s winding down.

      1. I’d commented earlier that 2012 didn’t have any notable themes but I’ve since found a couple myself. It was an evolutionary and growth period for me. I am feeling like I really need to evolve at the moment and have been playing with this idea that I need to look for something I haven’t seen or won’t probably recognise as a door as all previous roads lead to previous things…

        I started my Mystic journey in 2011. Very glad I did!

    2. Daily Mystic
      Wednesday, 7 Nov, 2012 At 11:54 PM
      Subject: Nine Scorpio Eclipse Reset Rules


      So a lot of us are wondering how to handle the double whammy of an ultra-primal Scorpio Solar Eclipse – the Reset Moon – and Mercury being Retro-Bats…Not only that, Mercury squares Neptune three times in a row over November, it’s a classic “potential for deceit and delusion” bit of astro-crap.

      All right so i have Nine Rules For Reset Moon Here…

      (1) Any deep and fervent desire toward deep change that you have been feeling since the start of November (ish) is real, deep and relevant – it is most likely going to be your secret weapon during the Zap Zone, a major advantage at the very least. It is not a quick fix. It is a genuine evolutionary change. Honor it.

      (2) Don’t do anything that involves suddenly going into debt/getting new clothes/changing all your plans to get with something that’s just come up. Stay rock-steady.

      (3) Yes there IS a soul-mating type vibe active with this particular Eclipse & some other factors (eg; Jupiter still triggering the Transit of Venus) BUT you do not let yourself ooze into this as the potential for delusion/Love Zombie-hood is just too extreme. Get A Grip. Or…Keep A Grip. Mild fantasizing – fine. Obsession. No. Channel it into your evolutionary Awesome.

      (4) If you get the urge for a ‘fuq it all’ storm out of unsatisfactory conditions, try to resist. Instead, devise an actual plan.

      (5) The insights re past patterns, compulsions and relationships are EXCELLENT. It would be totally worth keeping a journal or putting them in your phone – something so you can ponder them and actually make use of them. Because they ARE useful.

      (6) The vibe shifts bigtime from Nov 17 – Mars into Capricorn, where it is exalted. I.M.O. this is strong enough and good enough to antidote Mercury Retro. So go for it with anything non-idiotic (see above rules ) from Nov 17 and the astro is SO Potent then. 

      (7) It’s also super-volatile – as Mars triggers the Zap Zone & Merc Retro ups the change of misunderstanding. Even amongst nations. So you stay cool and keep channeling the Reset vibe into your own Awesome…

      (8) No getting on it and doing “I Just Called To Say I Love You” crap with anyone. If it is real, the feelings will linger on a bit longer, yes?

      (9) The energy you can tap for a sensational morph toward the life of your dreams this month is incredible – respect and appreciate it. Get off on the OMG Clarity! Please check your Horoscopes for more personal nuances.

      Stay Awesome.

      1. Huge thanks for posting–this is indeed totally fascinating. (And among other things going down in my life back then, the love/yearning warning would have been totally apropos.)
        Thanks for bringing your verve and insight and the according link from the archive here.

  8. Needing this post. Holding the line against the encroaching regime means I am out of job in 4 weeks, wondering how to protect myself further.Thought the recent nostalgia crave was just the escapist vibe I am immersed in…..

  9. mmm the 70’s. so could we say that billionaire space rockets are the new concord! That the dystopian strikes eg the great garbage collection strikes in the UK that led to the Thatcher win are returning as workers seek to rebalance the equity scale.

  10. A quick note: the Recent Comments widget is going to return shortly! It had to be removed as was glitching but I know it’s handy….

  11. Some days my time-travel back to the 70s is so strong! And meanwhile my body is finally saying enough to my sugar-intensive pandemic bad habits and to years of mental and emotional stress. It’s yelling at me to fix this now. Pluto inching closer to that final midheaven conjunction in early December! I hope there’s light at the end of this underworld journey.

    1. O gosh Venus. I have had Uncle Pluto opposite Mercury then Venus over the last few years. What a ride. I’m shaking in my booties anticipating the opposition to my Sun Uranus conjunction coming up. Any advice?

      1. I was born with the generational Pluto/Uranus conjunction opposite my sun/Saturn/Merc and Chiron, so this might or might not resonate… I suppose I am naturally ruthless about regeneration when I have to be. Over my lifetime I haven’t acted soon enough at those key times. Getting better at going with the regeneration vibe proactively, no matter how scary it is. Pluto opp the sun makes me acutely aware of my personal power and how I use it or give it away. If I don’t use it well, it burns me, often via how other people see me (Pluto in first house).

        On the subject of Pluto advice, I’d be keen to get any tips from anyone who has experienced a Pluto transit through their sixth house. I have that coming up and want to be ahead of the game. Saturn is there at the moment and I am actually waking in the night worrying about what Pluto will do if I don’t sort it first, ha.

      2. Thank you Chrysalis. I am learning how to not give away my power to others so perhaps this will be the culmination of that lesson. It’s been a tough one but maybe the grand finale will be a positive one.

      3. Sun opposite Pluto. I have Sun square Pluto. I feel you have answered your own question. Don’t give your power away. I have the same self doubt there too. So thanks for bringing it up. You have helped me.

        I won’t even tell you about the superstitions I have that I learnt to protect as they do serve me. But I need to recover and nurture the rituals I had as a child.

        I give my power away when I try to fit it. But I am nurturing my Uranian side now. I am also a Uranian/ Pluto gal.

        I hope this helps?


      4. Chrysalis, Pluto through my sixth, where I have all my Scorp planets plus Libra Mars (it’s a big house in my chart), was extremely eventful. Took me into my 30s, through my father’s death, and then through the most important, defining relationship of my life, which ended when Pluto hit my descendant. When big opportunities come up, say yes to them even if your brain wants to find a million reasons to say no. And in the 6th, I’d say have a skill you do with your hands to ground you. For me it was sewing and working with textiles. Could be baking, pottery, mosaics, anything. I also began to do yoga then, and worked with Bach flower remedies. Love to you!

      5. Chrysalis, I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th house and when Pluto by transit conjuncted that Neptune I ended up in hospital with a kidney infection. Luckily I had been already beginning my alternative health journey ( completely different to my until then (mid 20’s) allopathic medical life (have a blood disorder, felt totally disempowered and ‘sick’) and I brought myself from the brink of blacking out by remembering the power of the breath – literally my Alexander Technique teacher popped into my mind and said (in French accent) ‘You just have to breathe!’, ambulance was cancelled, went to hospital and deep breathing and warm tea got me through. I did a ridiculous amount of healing then through all that time, everything from Reiki to rebirthing lol. It was a really amazing and learning experience, transforming my physical experience and more.

      6. Thanks, Agstar. Great story of how a negative turned into a positive. I have a few sub-optimal sixth house related habits I’m trying really hard to clean up while Saturn is here, knowing that it will only get worse with Pluto if I don’t fix it now. Pluto through my fourth, then my 5th, has felt like non-stop brutality for a couple of decades, and frankly, I am exhausted. Perhaps that’s my clue for how to proceed. xx

      7. just catching up to this! Dear Aqualeo, I would say that the advice not to give your power away is excellent, whatever that means for you. Also Mystic has some brilliant posts on managing Pluto transits, of course! In my life Pluto, natal in Virgo in the 5th, has conjoined every planet except Uranus and Chiron in my chart. The most intense transits have been on my angles, the descendant and now the midheaven (right after Saturn). I’m not good at letting go, and Pluto won’t accept anything less.

        If you are by any chance a Buffy fan -the best moment in the whole tv series is the season 2 finale, when she’s fighting evil Angel and he says to her, what’s left, everything and everyone you had is gone. And in an epic moment, she stops his sword and says “Me.” (You can find the clip on youtube if you don’t know it). You might feel like that often. And if it seems like no one sees you, maintain that inner belief in yourself and your valule. Easier said than done. Listen to the Hadestown broadway cast soundtrack too! The myths of the gods and the underworld are fascinating. I’ve been resonating with Mystic’s posts on Hekate, the goddess of the crossroads. You will be fine. You will be changed. Sending you love!

      8. Really late with my reaction to this Sun-Pluto thread, but feel I have to respond as I have the Sun-Pluto square natal. Love the wisdom of the Sun-Pluto people here! And of the ones who experienced significant Pluto transits to their Suns. In my experience it is very true that at a certain point, Pluto will ask you to let go of people and things. And to surrender to things which are beyond your power. Paradoxically that is particularly difficult for Sun-Pluto people, who want to control and hold on to things. At the same time, it is crucial not to give away your power, to learn to handle it and to use it. It is a very fine line to walk, but it is possible with time, experience and faith… ⚓️

  12. Oh god and the other thing is I seem to have outgrown people I used to be super close with. That sounds awful and I don’t mean that I don’t care about them anymore because I do, I love them. We can’t have conversations anymore though. This has been going on for more than a year. I’ve really struggled to keep up with phone contact and that weekly update chit chat stuff particularly with one woman (the artist I mentioned in another comment on another post) I used to think of her as my best friend which yes I know is childish. But we used to speak everyday and now, it’s been months actually. So many topics are no go areas and it’s as if we both just can’t agree on anything. I get annoyed and wish we could “have the fight and then repair” and she evades and “doesn’t fallout with people” classic English pass agg. Drives me mad. But also is profoundly isolating.

    1. I also grok that it’s impossible for people to stay close to you if you’re constantly updating your software and they either are not or are bonded to a version of you that essentially doesn’t run anymore. They try to bring up the talking points they like and get no reaction or not the niche reaction they are used to hearing from the tribe they are evolving with. A lot of these tribes have formed or been accelerated during lockdown. A surge of parasocial activity has replaced seeing friends irl and the division is juiced up even further by lines which are only obvious in language or in a binary sense and functionally irrelevant in person. Where one stands on an issue has been given the power to alienate people from one another. I’m sharing a house so I chose to submit to an experimental medical treatment recommended by the government and mainstream media. I did this because frankly I have a long and shady history of being wildly pro risk and often chose risk over safety even when there was no upside to the risk. Party drugs in my teens, twenties and thirties? I mean it’s not as if I treated my body like a temple so I’m not getting too prissy about it now I live the simple life. You know?
      i would defend the right of my friends and even foes to choose what medication they consume or don’t to the death and yet those same friends view my having gotten my vax as an affront to their right not to have it. For example.

      and that’s just one issue. There are myriad of these odd little binary issues that have divided people who were close before and grouped together others who’ve never even met irl. I’m not saying it’s bad or good. But if I was trying to control or even monitor people I can’t think of a better way than tik tok and ahem you know I’d better stfu

      1. I do find it horrible and I apologise in advance if this is offensive to anyone but how the so called anti vaxers (who tend by and large not in fact to be anti vax just anti this one right now but it’s a nice broad brush so)
        in every era we have so called deplorables, troglodytes or the great unwashed that poor souls if they only knew better but..there by the grace of etc
        so I do find it interesting how wonderfully emotionally charged and convenient it is to dismiss people who for whatever reason don’t trust the establishment to make their health related decisions for them into this pile. Like now it’s free of class and money and race and sex and mostly politics too. The inference is that it’s a right wing thing but I suspect that’s another false dichotomy. It’s this way of lumping all the inconvenient people together and dismissing their concerns in that snarky, meretricious way that makes us feel like we’re better than them and smug about it. And as though they’re selfish and immoral for taking their position and we all know what we know and poor them. But they’re so – fill in the blank- does anyone relate?
        I feel like I can’t move for black and white thinking these days with everyone super dug in on their side and giving no quarter to anyone who doesn’t share their views. I’m also finding the surety of those who are the surest about things deeply unsettling.

      2. Invicta you are describing alot of fixed energies. I am mutable 40% in my chart. At one stage in my life I found that surety unsettling. But people do what they do. And it is what it is.

        And really when you look at the big picture the world would be a strange place if we all thought the same.

        Imo the balm that is missing is a sense of humour. Alot of people have been frustrated, lonely, in pain during lockdown or just generally.

      3. Ha ha. I think out loud on this sight too. I just realised that the other night in bed. In some respects this site is like a diary for me. I need other people’s intelligent perspective to bounce off. And really it’s anonymous. That’s the beauty of it.

  13. Seriously though
    it does feel like the 70’s out there and not in a good way.
    Middle partings, flares and spoken word events notwithstanding. The nihilism is palpable.
    For myself I am locked in a 24 /7 battle of the vibes straight out of my teenage years. Things with my landlady/ flat mate are hard. We’re talking about it at least and not pretending to love each other’s company. I can’t do fake friendship or synthetic affection anymore. OD’d on it in a previous life. So after giving notice and for the third time deciding to move out, essentially for the same issues that have just gotten worse I walked it back and suggested we simply try to “tolerate one another for a few more months “ and do it slowly, giving ourselves time to make sure we are both moving in an optimal direction.
    We are kind of fine, I mean we honestly don’t hate each other and if anything are more fond of one another than not. We certainly are both benefiting from the arrangement. I have grown up loads living here and continue to learn so much from her. Important life skills that I didn’t learn as a kid or as a teen and so I can see the value and have it in perspective.
    I really want my my own home though. It’s inescapable.

      1. Yes it will, thanks wish. I’m pretty good at getting on with people. Neighbours have individually approached me with unsolicited comments about how notoriously hard to get on with she is and she and I are honestly okay. I’m quite fortunate in that I have zero ability to convincingly be fake or keep stuff hidden. People can see what’s going on with me and that in itself is quite useful. Also I’m getting better at advocating for myself and being more emotionally literate.

      2. It must be a sag thing to get on with difficult people so well. I had a sag friend in Brisbane who is similar.
        She was very funny.

        I hope you eventually find a sanctuary. Do you want to live alone or share? I get the feeling that you need people around you?

      3. I love to be alone wish. I fuqin can not get enough of that shit. I also enjoy personal interactions but not nearly as much as I love and need to be alone. The exception is cats and dogs, I 💯 love them and want them around me always always always-any animals at all actually but my current landlady is allergic. Who the fuq is allergic to cats ? Sorry but I cannot fathom. People I can understand being intolerant, perhaps even allergic to. In fact I might well be allergic to people. You know when you like eating something but it’s not that good for you? You still eat it every now and then because you appreciate its unique flavour but mostly it’s better that you don’t.
        lolz. Me and peoples.

      4. Thanks for holding thumbs for me for my exam, Invicta. 💖 Again i totally understand how you feel – am holding thumbs for you now to find a sanctuary, as Wish said. With a beautiful big old door that you can close on world anytime you like, but with a secret garden of fragrant bushes, trees and flowers, and an abundance of cats & dogs. 🌲🌻🐶🐈🐕💐🌳🌿🪴🦜🦆🕊Xooxoo

      5. (Also have just read in the Guardian about how being a Highly Sensitive Person is real, and finding the world completely overwhelming and needing solitude like we need food, water and air is completely real, too, for some of us. I had not heard of Elaine N Aron and her HSP book but am just so glad it isn’t just me – not that I need a community or even understanding (lol) or even another label for heaven’s sakes but it is so nice to have my instinct affirmed!!☺ X

      6. I’m listening to the book in relation to toxic people and narcissists.

        My World is opening. Big time.

      7. Oh, wow, I didn’t know you could listen to it !! Xoo And then there is the age-old attraction between empaths and narcissists. When I was unaware of myself (early adulthood) this definitely played out with my “first loves”. But – labels don’t help us sensitive types. Not really – half the cognitive dissonance (I find – might be different for everyone) comes from being sensitive to the beautiful as well as the ugly – in others – even before we look at ourselves – and then -*double face palm* !!💖🤣😆 lol. But yes, when you can so readily see the Hidden Divine (as I sometimes feel it is) in others, when they also have some serious shadow, it is beyond my brain how to deal with it. Like – that is the true rocket science. I mean, I guess that is where my easy tolerance comes from – love. But then I need solitude BIG-TIME to figure it all out – appreciate what I see – else I get very “boundaries” (and intolerant haha) very quickly. It is a funny old gift, this sensitivity. Stay in your centre, Wish. (And All).🤗🥰 XOO

      8. Also Anita Moordjani (author of her book Dying to be Me, about her NDE with cancer) just wrote a book on being an empath, which I very much want to read. In a BATGAP podcast, she explained that she feels her terminal cancer totally came about from trying to fit into “this” world (mundane & muggle – she was in corporate finance, I think, pre-cancer), as opposed to respecting her very HSP abilities, and finding a path authentic to that. When you put it in that (existential) light, respecting your boundaries and sensitivity becomes something much more than just ‘optional’, doesn’t it? X

      9. When I was in my 20s and 30s I worked in the corporate world. I used my intuition to get by. But it was not a natural fit. I was chasing money but there was no job fulfillment. But I lived in Melbourne and it was very dog eat dog and materialistic.

        But I’m 54 now and younger. I follow my 💓.

        And yes, boundaries become a non negotiable. You have a way with words Earth Star. I know you have a Gemini Moon. Have you ever thought about writing?

        Stay well precious.


      10. Yes Earth Star I can listen to it on Audible and the first book is free or is it the first month, not sure. I live in Australia.

        I relate to everything you said. And you put it so well. But the hard lesson I learnt the hard way was trusting people who abused that trust. It is ok to see the good in people but you have to be discerning.

        I like how the author explains being sensitive is a skill set. That’s when the penny dropped for me. I think society deems this quality a disadvantage. But it is a quality in the true sense.

  14. Bahahaha! I started grooving to some retro 70s disco a couple of weeks back randomly. Not because of inflation (but I do recall the nightclub) though similarities are spiking up like the 80s stilletos that followed the platform. And they won’t be the only thing to spike I daresay.

    More 2 required and reminding myself of 3 regularly because of the trickster energy. The signal is on another frequency is all but some days it feels like it’s left for another galaxy.

    5 – I’m cusping on burn out. Is typical of my gig but the psychic energy is rampant broadly and though I can typically hold space and facilitate transmutation of crappy energy for others whilst deflecting I am well over it. I am contemplating great escapes in my downtime. Frustrating as they are borderline fantastical but also soothing.

    2012 wont even gift me a clue.

  15. oh ALSO thank you for the affirmation around friends! I am in the midst of what I think is a breakup/distancing myself from a friend with whom it is suddenly unbearably obvious that we have nothing in common. Excruciating lunch yesterday, and I felt so hurt by some of her comments. Working up the bravery to tell her how I feel.

  16. That 2012 resonance… wow. I had a major revelation about the relationship I was in back then, and I chose to act differently in a similar situation that has cropped up in the last couple weeks. I said what was true for me directly and honestly, screw the consequences. Proud of me now and sad for that young and lost person I was 9 years ago. Thank you Mystic!

  17. I love 70’s music. Growing up poor (in the 70s) my single mother spent any spare money on records! Oh the joy and freedom of getting lost in those tunes…
    I am starting to want a refund on “now” too! I miss people having a laugh, a sense of humour. No one is funny anymore?! Where have all the good sense of humour people gone? I hope it’s just a phase…. Come back funny people and make us laugh. A day without laughter is a day wasted!

    1. In saying that, Mystic has a great sense of humour – always makes me laugh at the witty things you say / love this site ❤️

    2. Amen.

      I feel blessed then. I think I am living in the 70s. I am in regional Qld. My neighbours and friends are always having a joke and a laugh. That’s why I can’t stay away.

  18. Dec 2012 was when I ended my marriage. 1974 was a pivotal year for me in that I moved countries as a child. Weirdly I’ve just been making a playlist of all the songs that were in the charts in my home country, immediately preceding the move.

    1. We are moving in a parallel timelines, ö only a decade or so apart. Dec 2012 was when a toxic relationship (Tr Pluto on my Venus in preceding months) exploded in my face. Set me up to meet and eventually marry my future ex-husband. I failed the test then. I fear that I am setting up myself again, this time around. Hope to be wiser, calmer, more in control.

      1. If it’s any consolation, perhaps those transformations can be seen as part of a larger continuum or narrative? That’s how I’ve come to see mine. I met my Cap ex-husband at the end of Neptune in Cap, Neptune on my Eros-Juno-Magdalena-Vertex stellium, and the whole relationship was a lesson in ideals v hard reality. I then met someone when Neptune was on my Venus (Pluto was on his 7th house sun-Venus conj at the time, ouch) and it was transformative, for both of us, in all the best and worst ways. If I hadn’t met that guy I would probably still be slowly suffocating in my deep freeze of a marriage. Ultimately that person was a necessary reset because I had been asleep.

        In my experience, the more asleep I am, the harder Pluto has kicked me awake. You sound very aware of what is happening and your own processes, which I’m sure means you’ll make good decisions. To see outcomes as ‘failure’, and decisions as either good or bad, is such a Capricorn thing, isn’t it. But you sound wise, and understanding of the terrain you find yourself in just now. xx

      2. I have Neptune transiting through my 7th andnit won’t let up any time soon, so I hear you…and want to hug you. So glad you are out of the freezer.

        In my experience, the more asleep I am, the harder Pluto has kicked me awake.” Truer words were never spoken. You have more faith in me than myself. I am glad of this community to ground me and lift me up when I need it. ❤️

  19. I have been obsessing with Telenova Hung up from jjj like a version but Abba released it in 1980. I might blast it through the house while sageing (sp?) and throwing salt around after a massive spring clean. Might wait for everyone to head out for a surf first, I might scare them.

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