Friday 13 = Epic

Friday 13 – any Friday 13 – is perfect for alchemy, deepening your astrological understanding, divination, witching up your nutrition, herb & scent potion genius, shopping for new clothes or cosmetics, and modern telepathy or sorcery.

It’s only considered “unlucky” if you’re anti-Goddess Vibe. Even if you follow Moon cycles more than the arbitrary days of the week, Friday has always been the day of Venus/Ishtar/Freya.

And thirteen is the number of Moon cycles there usually are in a year. Just divide 365 by 28 to see what i mean.

The combo of a day literally named after the “Holy Harlot” and with a number deemed to be a bit too female-strength connected sent your standard Malleus Maleficarum readers beserk back in the day. That book is up there with Mein Kampf in terms of banality of evil. And then they invented a whole lot of drivel to justify their innate cringe at pagan power/female vibe etc.

Same goes for the literal demonizing of “666” – this was originally code for the Triple Goddess – obviously anathema to a certain style of person. So freak not at Friday 13, reject patriarchal propaganda, do your personal fave rituals in peace and go find a black cat to goo-goo.

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Friday the 13th always felt naturally auspicious. Like I was walking down the street of a big city and the streets were empty of people.

    But I had no idea about 666. Thanks for enlightening me.

  2. I’m all for loving the Goddess and equating the genders (of which there are 2, end of story), however let’s please remember to also respect, celebrate and encourage pure male masculinity in its healthy and divine form. It is, after all, simply common sense. Too much of today’s feminism seeks to invalidate the preciousness of manly men, and I’ll not have it.

  3. Don’t know if it’s the emo full moon and days, no weeks, no months of relentless humid weather (for Central Aus) everyone is crazy bats at the moment. It’s getting to the point either you join them or just pack up & leave…for good. Weird times.

  4. Does anyone recall the drawing down the moon ritual. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I think this FM is good for this. <3

  5. It’s interesting with the 666 because in Hebrew gematria it’s a number that adds to 18. 18 is the letter Chai and is considered the luckiest number/letter and represents the positive life force. People wear it as jewelry a lot.

  6. I goo-goo’ed one of my favorite black kitties today. I have two special black kitty friends. One hangs out in the community garden I visit and the other is a friend’s cat. They are both so loving, and I love them so much!

    I knew some of the Friday 13th history and never bought into the ‘unlucky-ness’ of it. One of my friend’s address is 666 Church Street……we always get a laugh out of that! Perfect irony!

    I’m feeling lucky for this Friday, though, because a friend is taking me out for an early birthday dinner! My b-day is the 31st……. 13, 31, 13, 31…

    Happy Friday 13th, Goddesses! πŸ™‚

  7. Plan for Friday 13th — to be in my studio, making art, manifesting amazing work, and focussing my intent on big plans for 2017 — art, travel, love !

  8. Growing up, my mom always told my sister and myself that Friday the 13th was always magic, never bad luck. Best mom!

  9. I knew I wasn’t just a creepy little girl growing up. I felt always peculiarly charged on Friday the 13ths, while all the muggles went crazy with their self-manifested bad luck. Lolz.

  10. Thank you for the 666 update. I knew there had to be a way to be ok with that number.

    I’ve been up with 13 since I realized there were 13 men at the last supper and 13 humans made a coven (It’s a bit more complicated and windy than that, but you get it).

  11. Love this post! Definitely looking forward to Friday and have been getting feminine and goddess symbols everywhere! I even found a doodle I did in high school (I’ve been cleaning out rather old storage tubs) with ‘666’ and spiders all over it. Thanks for the synchronicity and reminder Mystic.x

  12. Lovely reminder MM! The great goddess energies are so ready to be present if we shed our fears. So good to be reminded of these little knots of darkness, twisted to be represented by 666/13, that these blood clots to our consciousness, can be dispersed with simple consciousness of the fact of their original, true and beautiful meaning.

  13. You know, the lady in the cartoon could have responded, “I’m 243 years old, how do you think I stay looking so young, honey?” And then retrieves the book from him with a sweet smile.

  14. Born on Friday here too.
    Graduated on Friday the 13th and got +1 point in my final evaluation because I had done a great job. Pretty sure the Goddess was with me on that day. πŸ™‚

  15. Love MM!

    I was born on Friday the 13th! I grew up half terrified because of the way people spoke about it…

    Thanks to MM I wouldn’t have known!

    Muggles be jelly lol

  16. I love the multiplicity of ways of being in the world, relaying and taking in information, other kinds of awareness, packets of energy and words written in the air like dandelion fluff seeds, a momentary change in density alerting us to something . Tune in, a great reminder mm <3

  17. I’ve always loved the number 13, and Friday the 13th just because everyone else thought it unlucky. πŸ™‚ And, I was born on a Friday, the day before the 13th of the month!(August) Love the meaning so much??

  18. Thanks for the post MM- great info! I was born on a Friday 13th and for a time, feared that I was cursed. This didn’t last long though- Friday 13th is deemed lucky in my parents’ country of birth, and I was fortunate that my mum made sure I knew it. I did wonder whether she had made that up to make me feel better, so it’s great to hear this from someone else! ?

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