The Avenue Of The Sphinxes Reopening

How incredible was the Avenue Of Sphinxes reopening ceremony?  I don’t care that they did it for tourism or if it was to get rid of the scorpion plague, whatever – it was magic.

The avenue runs between the Luxor and Karnak temples and is lined with distinctive Ram-headed sphinxes. I became obsessed with it when they first uncovered it a year or so ago, not least because of the wildly affirmative nod to Aries people.

The Egyptian government has sunk enormous amounts of money and expertise into restoring this zone, but even so – I assumed the opening ceremony would be a few dignitaries cutting a ribbon and someone from tourism giving a dull speech.

But no…this spectacular has hymns to Amun-Ra, a chant to Hatshepsut – the female Pharoah – and homages to Isis, Khonsu the Moon God, and more.

I need to properly parse it before commenting further but one thing is for sure – it began as Sirius was rising and ended with Sirius culminating, aka on the Midheaven.

Sirius is aka Sopdet or Isis, the pre-eminent Goddess of old Eygpt. I don’t believe this was mentioned in the ceremony but whoever timed it knows their starlore. It was also at the exact midpoint between two Eclipses, with Mercury on the South Lunar Node.

It would be absolutely brilliant if the Tourism department had inadvertently opened a stargate or interstellar portal, returning magic to the world.

Such a beautiful, over-the-top ‘pagan’ spectacle in a country that is predominantly another faith, is bound to cause religious ructions and some will say it’s garish or nitpick about the ceremony itself but it was stunning. Thoughts?

Update: This is the whole thing – the more magical parts are from approx 1.29. If anyone has a program with times and the names of the hymns, please share!

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  1. Did it remind anyone else of Olympic opening ceremonies? I watched and also read some critique to the tunes of this being a garishly extravagant pomp, when the country desperately needs funds for basic infrastructure. (I mean, hello… a million and a half laser lights in one of the last places on Earth with minimal light pollution.) 🙁 I don’t think opening of stargates require a lot of money to be spent publicly, but then what the eff do I know about Egyptian Gods? Maybe this IS their jam, their temples being built on the back of slave labour and all.

    1. I think that is very pertinent but I think their argument would be that the country has to reboot tourism or it will fall.

      1. Thanks for responding, MM! 🙂 I understand exactly what you mean, which is why its been heartbreaking to see the new variant pop up and the world shuttering down again.

  2. Got mad bumps when I read these lines: ‘if the Tourism department had inadvertently opened a stargate or interstellar portal, returning magic to the world’

    And you’ve sealed it for me – I’m going to Egypt next year 🤩

  3. Crystallised future

    Oh my gosh – I’m gunna watch it now. I vaguely remember watching the ceremony to move things to their proper place and that was mesmerising enough! Thanks Mystic

  4. That procession along the road with everyone in formation made the little hairs I didn’t know I even had all along my spine wake up and react in a wave like motion going from my coccyx to my scull. Felt like a hosepipe behind me blowing cold air on my back. Wow. Maybe having read the post and comment about the astrological alignment had something to do with it?
    powerful stuff hey.

  5. Takes me back, way back. I have often wondered what it is about ancient Egypt that captures and fascinates people interested in astrology. Were we all ancient astronomers? It is truly magical and obsession worthy don’t you think? The clothing, art, architecture, makeup, music, ceremony just on and on full of magic. Thank you Mystic. fantastic post.

  6. This is wild and completely, utterly, totally cool. Just scanning the post made me all goosebumps akimbo. I’ve been feeling this type of vibe in my own life strongly since the Sun hit Sagittarius and Venus entered Capricorn. I wasn’t expecting to be in the least affected by either of these transits but I am, in the best possible sense. Lots of anxiety too but that’s extremely positive and very much part of deal with rut busting. I love this.

  7. I went to Cairo & Sharm el Sheik in 2008 & have visions of that amazing trip ever since. Wishing I could return one day. I so wanted to go to Luxor while there, but just didn’t have the time. This makes me ache to return even more. Spectacular!

  8. Hello Mystic,

    I am especially delighted that you followed this event. It was magnificent and I am positive the souls of the great Egyptian kings were in jubilee last night 😁 I had a look at the chart of Egypt and noticed that transit Venus in Capricorn was opposite natal Uranus while transit Uranus was conjunct natal Venus. Very fitting as it was certainly a Venusian night by all means. Also, transit Mars was in trine to natal Uranus and guess what natal Uranus rules house 11 in the chart of Egypt! Which is currently occupied by Jupiter and transit Saturn is approaching it. I am not versed in mundane astrology but do know that the 11th house and the moon in a mundane charts rules the masses, population. Appreciate any thoughts and thank you again for this article❤️

  9. I wish I was there to experience it !

    Thanks for the link and blog Mystic.
    The music is haunting.
    I love a pagan festival. I will pray to Isis the moon Goddess tonight.

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