Announcing The Launch Of Neptunian Legal Services

A press release…Now?! Then again, why not?

“…Neptunian Life Coaching is proud to announce the launch of Neptunian Legal Services, a natural and timely extension for our three-millennia-old company.

Leveraging off our galactic platform and proven track record of providing sophisticated advice for complex scenarios, N.L.S. will fearlessly represent the interests of its clients. 

Neptunian Legal Services has offices across all dimensions and its agents operate throughout multiple timelines, back to – but not including – the Deluge.* 

While N.L.C. is always fully prepared to go to trial, we prefer negotiation to litigation. Our deep network of astral assets and disincarnate experts affords us with a unique perspective that our clients appreciate.

Our initial case is a class action and already underway. Acting against an as-yet unnamed entity, Neptunian Legal Services is representing the parties broadly known as Lilith, Betelgeuse, the “Holy Ghost” and the “Whore of Babylon.”

We will be vigorously pursuing our charges of defamation, data breach, privacy infringements, trade secret appropriation, misrepresentation, and malfeasance.

*Some periods incur much higher costs than others for logistical reasons and assignments in future periods are not recommended in most cases. Further details on request.”

The press release was delivered by an ibis and that was all it said. 

Image: George Rochegrosse – The Queen of Assyria 

23 thoughts on “Announcing The Launch Of Neptunian Legal Services”

  1. I don’t know. I have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Pisces but the only thing I picked up was the drinking Is there anything redeemable in the Twelfth house?

  2. I wish these guys – err, entities? – had represented me in my divorce from my Neptune rising in Scorp/8th house moon ex. They may have been able to track down the assets that mysteriously disappeared to other dimensions.

  3. Love this. If I can Saturn on my Pisces asc here, I feel we are doing exactly this at this time, in this dimension. Seeing as we mostly live in this plane then we know what occurred and we can bring those to their senses right here right now. Please let us remember though not to turn into those who persecuted us but to deliver the feminine in all its strength and caring whilst releasing the male into its best self.

  4. I’m an attorney. Scorpio sun conduct Scorpio Neptune, both at 13 degrees. In law school i felt as though I was not learning the law, I was remembering it. Coworkers call me the Oracle I love this post Mystic.

  5. Is it too late for Pandora and Eve “the serpent beguiled me and i did eat” to join the fray? i think there’s a sure case of entrapment in there.

      1. So what to do when it seems more than vague references, or illusions, that these might be actual (hostile or helpful?) clues, a tacit reference to very real tragic & stupid mistakes for another’s real life, and the continuous comments made persistently, refer to an-in-the know clique’s view/ yet only decipherable to those few…

      2. Btw, I do love this site, the celestial inspired analysis and narrative, have for many years, always wondered about membership, some folk I know did sign up, but the concern whole privacy-public space was a lingering matter…

  6. Sounds like a firm with a client base I’d be proud to represent, based on the class action.
    Quick question: who’s funding the class action? Mercury Litigation Funders LLP?

  7. Sucked into a Neptunian vortex, mood, sense (as in common) and desire. Sometimes I float into an arty ethereal reminiscent vibe usually assisted by soulful music that will sound dull and repetitive by tomorrow. Could be my soon to be Sun on natal Neptune. Or your delicious and eloquent turn of phrase MM “ This should come with a warning about not operating heavy machinery or consuming mind-altering substances. If you’re able to let yourself be suffused in what (at first) feels like vagueness, expect fantastic, visionary realizations. “ Feeling blessed XxXx

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