Daily Mystic For Tues 8 – Thurs 10 March

This Daily Mystic will cover Tuesday to Thursday to allow me a chance to recover from Covid-19.*

These next three days are actually relatively low on astro-activity which I think is great. Venus and Mars are now in Aquarius but still aligned, so whatever sparked for you last weekend or in the days leading up to it, it is developing and evolving in unexpected ways. This could be an idea, relationship scenario, or the soft launch of a new era for your psyche.

The Aquarian objectivity is a good foil for the Sun-Neptune in Pisces scenario, as is the super-long Gemini Moon that starts on Tues/Weds. Don’t get me wrong – I love Sun-Neptunian energy and this one – exact next weekend – has some wonderful attributes.

But the current atmosphere means there is also potential for lower Neptunian carry-on, gaslighting, propaganda, and the sort of nebulosity where you lose connection to yourself. Serenity is a rare commodity these days – I don’t think anyone feels particularly secure in this end-of-Pluto-in-Capricorn-era – so the porous borders that can occur with Neptune aspects matter more than usual.

I’ll talk about good Neptunian angles in the next Daily Mystic/a post but for now, check yourself for co-dependency weirdness or haunting yourself with repetitive guilt loops or negative imaginings. Zap into the Gemini Moon or Aquarius stellium mindset to blow away that fog. That is, apply cool intellect to matters where you know you’re meandering. Counter sentiment that feels a tad too contrived or soggy with a new rationale for yourself.

Before I go to hopefully make myself better again, I have two quick personal observations that may be useful:

(1) Sugar! I developed a crazy sugar habit during the second to last lockdown but have not had any – not a speck – since I got ill last week. So even though I feel terrible, I have noticed that the stiff neck and SCM/trapezius muscles I’ve had for ages have resolved completely.

(2) Wisdom! I realize that I reserve my best wisdom or most quality advice for others but give myself the bargain basement version. When I am better I will think of a better analogy but I think that a lot of us have this trait and that it is time to find a solution. More soon!

*I’d hoped to just continue as normal, at least with the Horoscopes and Daily Mystics but I’m told that most people don’t try to do any work with this condition and my symptoms are full-on so this is how it needs to be – apologies for any inconvenience. I hope to be better and back in full UP mode by Thursday at the latest.

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almond milk

I hope you rest well and recover soon, Mystic; don’t ever pressure yourself into coming back to work sooner than anticipated if you genuinely need to rest (which you most definitely do). We will be here!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Wishing you well, dear Mystic


Thank you, dear and beautiful Mystic. I trust that renewed vitality and robust good health are yours in fullest measure, starting in this very moment and continuing securely and with ease. Sending you much love!


Does anyone here read Delores Cannon? Mystic I’m wondering if your being elevated to 5G lol


take care dear mystic, and please take all the time your body needs for a full recovery. relapses are sooo frustrating, especially when there are so many things you would like to do, and your mars in virgo certainly hates the mere thought. like salcopy wrote, it can be tricky to assess yourself on a day-to-day basis. best wishes


Take care Mystic x


I hope you’re feeling much better very soon Mystic x


Take care of yourself, you always give so much to us. Give some rest and time out to yourself. We are all fine, your words of wisdom carry us all through the days and even longer. sending much love and healing. Indulge in whatever you need to do/not do.


BTW love these Blue tigers, very Chinese water tigers.


Take good care of yourself, Mystic, that is definitely priority one! I hope you feel better very soon. XX


Dear Mystic, I’m so sorry you’re down with Covid—sending healing energy. Please take care of yourself and *don’t* push yourself to go back to your regular schedule before you’re actually feeling better. My husband and I had breakthrough Covid (the Delta variant) last December before we could get our booster shots…we spent at least 3 weeks feeling pretty crappy, and it seemed like one day we’d feel better, then the next, not so much. It can take time to regain your energy.


Be Well soon, take good care of yourself ! much love 🙂

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