Daily Mystic for Fri 16 – Sunday 18 June

The New Moon is nigh and it’s a particularly – potentially – magical one.

Make a wish or do a little banishing/attraction ritual to reaffim what you want out or in and it will be super-potent.Β 

Mercurial Moons like this one are often exceptionally responsive – intentions and fresh mindsets or startovers seem to take effect with remarkable rapidity. This one is extra-metaphysical as it’s aligned with Neptune and the Galactic Center – ie: the mysterious portal that our solar system revolves around.

It makes the 12 or so hours leading up to this New Moon, the moment it’s exact and the 12 hours after profound for meditation, psychic pursuits and creative visualizations. It’s absolutely brilliant for dreamwork and becoming more aware of the spiritual dimension to some relationships.

As you may imagine, it’s not so good for screechy, discordant events or dynamics where you need to muffle metaphysical you to get by. This entire weekend is also a chance to take the measure of the longer Neptune-Galactic Center square which is now in play until 2025!

It will maximize both the brilliant and sometimes treacherous aspects of Neptune and I will be writing more about it soon. In the meantime, have an extraordinary & magical New Moon!


The New Moon is @26Β° Gemini on Saturday/Sunday depending on your location.

Los Angeles: Saturday 21:37
New York: Sunday 00.37
London: Sunday 05:37
Universal Time: Sunday 04.37
Singapore: Sunday 12:37
Sydney: Sunday 14.37

Please see the Moon Calendar for other locations.

Image: Edward Burne-Jones

7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Fri 16 – Sunday 18 June”

  1. Did not feel like doing my new moon rituals this time, but indulged in some vino (how Neptunian!) after months, with a soul-bonded but earthly-separated Pan-nish Cappy. He asked me to do Tarot for him, which I usually reserve for myself, but since he is the only IRL person who knows the spiritual side of me, I agreed.

    Lesson: DO NOT do divination for people you are hopelessly romantically attached to, especially under gnarly Neptunian aspects. His ex turned up in every single pull. I screeched and I think the evolution opportunity was lost. Oh well. πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ

  2. This image is magical to me for sure ✨ And so relevant as I will be at the seaside for a while, starting this weekend. Arriving just before the New Moon 🌊 🌝

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