Daily Mystic For Friday 25 to Sunday 27 Feb

So obviously the current atmosphere is terse: however, my thoughts in the Daily Mystic from two days ago still stand, despite the latest developments. I’ve added a few quick notes at the bottom of this D.M. for those who are interested in the astrology of all this.

Back to you, however: Mars, Venus, and Pluto are converging in Capricorn and it is potent for the next nine days. The Venus-Pluto bit of it has been in play since last October so if you have a specific scenario that’s been on/off over this time phase, you could reliably anticipate a climax/big reveal by March 8-ish.

The astrological Mars and Venus are pheromonal energies, concerned with attraction, desire or wanting to be desirable, personal drive, ambition, mating, and pleasure. Pluto in the picture as well adds an extra layer of emotional depth and passion, possibly compulsion.

Have you noticed how, from Feb 21, you’ve had an increasingly robust awareness of what you want? And that you’re also getting an incredibly strong read on people/relationships? It’s almost too intense because, frankly, delusions are fluffier.

But the ambition oomph-up is a power that you can tap into and use to transform the stagnant areas of your life. I don’t mean in a dutiful, must-do style. Venus-Mars-Pluto drives are instinctive and they feel good. Think about the times when you woke up or suddenly stopped mid-stride with a full-on passionate conviction that you were going to make some rad change?

And then you went ahead and did it. It wasn’t that you hadn’t thought of it before but suddenly it felt more urgent and you were energized by the prospect. It felt good because it was authentic – not a flaky little ‘should’ – and the part of you that sought change was stronger than the inner critic or your resistance to change.

You were bold, the proverbial mighty forces came to your aid and you made the desirable change. You regenerated.

Vibe-wise, that’s the current energy you can tune into.


The Astro Of The Latest Developments in Ukraine

*In movies, people not directly involved are often shown being more cooperative and lovely to one another, little vectors of peace and harmony etc. Maybe it’s real life, maybe it’s because of social media or pandemic fatigue but people are already ramping up the snark factor – political spats, accusatory rants etc. It’s obviously not helpful.

*Putin currently has Saturn opposite his Pluto-Midheaven conjunction and on his North Node in Aquarius. If this transit were happening to you, I’d say you’d feel a heavy pressure to make your mark on the world. I think we all agree it would be better if he could manage it via, I don’t know, chess or judo lol.

*As I said the other day, this security crisis has been forming for a long time: Russia annexed the Crimea in 2014, sanctions were applied and so on. And, Ukraine applied to join NATO* in 2008, as Pluto went into Capricorn. There are way too many factors to talk about here but this situation really is part of a broader end-of-era power tustle/sovereignty-globalism debate.

*Like many people far more informed than I am, I’m surprised at the extensiveness and ferocity of this move by Russia. The idea that the next conflict would be cyber was widespread. However, I still think that a lot of it will come down to sanctions and haggling. The best case pragmatic scenario from here is that incredibly skilled diplomats have this out in a Hague style scenario and that the situation somehow revives the U.N. negotiation/disputes settling process. It is certainly going to restore CNN’s ratings.

*The worst case scenario is fairly obvious: other authoritarian countries feel emboldened to “annex” a country they feel is theirs and/or clumsy rhetoric/retaliation from a leader inflames the situation. But for what it is worth, I still feel that – astrologically – the most likely scenario is a heap of supply chain pain and shortages, some serious. Additionally – recriminatory rage aimed at all the leaders who did not foresee this sort of phenom arising or put profit for a relatively small amount of people above security and human welfare concerns.

**NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – was ratified on April 4 1949 – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and North Node were in Aries – the Sun, Venus and Mars also trined Pluto in Leo. It’s motto – which I did not know before – is “a mind unfettered in deliberation.”

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  1. Thank you for the balance of information! It helps to keep perspective. I hope there is a quick resolution to the war. Interesting to see the cyber attacks by Anonymous coming into play.
    As for this astro, exciting times and some unexpected revelations with Mercury out of that shadow zone.

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