The Truth About Uranus Venus Transits

Wanna know the truth about Uranus Venus transits? They are the most maddening, whacked out and inspirational astral passages you can have.

How do you know if Uranus is influencing your natal Venus by transit? Oh you’ll know. You will be like catnip for Uranian and Aquarian people. Your sleep cycles will flip all over the place, but it’s not insomnia – it’s hypnogogic dreaming or polyphasic sleep-cycling. Uranus-Venus Transits also exhibit rapid-onset disdain for convention. The so-called “normal” mating and dating paradigm feels constricting. You itch or break out in a rash when compelled to try and align with the standard societal template.

Okay and you can also check whether you are having a Uranus-Venus transit via my Year Ahead report.

Uranus-Venus Relationships Are Rut-Busters

Relationships that flare up during this transit are rut-busting, circuit-breakers that make no sense ‘on paper’ whatsoever. They’re reset romances, cosmically designed to zap you out of a spiritual torpor or unnatural congealing of your psychic energies. They often feature gigantic age gaps or status-income disparities. Uranus-Venus Transit relationships manifest at Warp Speed. One minute you’re devoutly single and then wham: you’re in love with the neighbour.

They’re often accompanied by a drastically amazing makeover of aesthetic (Venus rules beauty, fashion and style, remember) and artistic or creative practice. It’s your personal revolution and there is no way way you can contain it to just one zone of your life. It is, to be fair, the transit most likely (along with those of Uncle Pluto) to coincide with the ending of a staid relationship. If you have been staying in a dynamic out of subliminal fear of change or judgement from friends and the community, those misgivings vanish once Uranus rocks up.

Needy No More

It is the sort of transit that has the most potent effects on people who have been downplaying their weirdness or trying to conform for the sake of security.  Some of the most spectacular life makeovers ever have come courtesy of Uranus-Venus. It rouses fierce independence, individuated image urges and high-chemistry rapport. Can relationships formed under this transit be lasting? They are more likely to be intense and short-lived. They’re more about liberation than the establishment of a new regime.

But they are always significant. Weirdly, the best way to ‘ground’ one of these alliances is to not clutch at it or be overly needy about it.

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Pluto Puppy

Quirky Love;)


Uranus squaring Venus in my sixth. New management. Schedule reduced.
I am so bored


Uranus is conjuncting my Venus(3 Deg 51 Min) and Sun(7 Deg 09 Min) right now in Aries and will be exact within a week or two. It’s also opposing my Ascendant(Libra) and Pluto(conjunct Ascendant)


FEb 2008 was HIGHLY significant and I definitely had a major Uranian/Venus something or other happening. My natal Venus is Conjunct Uranus (plus Sun and Pluto) in Virgo, but in the first 10 degrees, not the last.

However, That timeframe is way too relevant. Major turning point in my life.


Venus Pisces here 29 degree in the 8th house. My partner, ( we both fel SUDDENDLY and madly in love) he is a scorpio with his sun in the 11th house venus in vrigo in the tenth house…my sun in aquarius in the 6th house…but progressed into pisces into 7th house in our synastry chart we have a Venus & mars opposed uranus….eek does that mean we won’t be around for the long term? i can see myself giving it my all, but im worried he will be the one who loses interest in me abruptly….im scared…we do have 2 trine aspects and sextile to our uranus..theres a jupiter trine uranus…i seem to note that one as lucky? so will this counter the oppsostion effect? also his sun conjuncts my pluto….serious passion here, and alot of depth. Also venus trine mars helps as well as venus sextile moon. Throw a venus opposed Sun….and what is we get? a long term ? we feel like were SOULMATES….is it to last?


I have moon, mars , venus and rising all in aquarius 1st house . This has been a very challenging year, but also rewarding.


Virgo Venus 23.54 degrees.
I’ve in my birth chart Venus in 5th house square Uranus in 8th house with 1 degree orb.
I have also Mars in 5th house in Virgo with the Sun (5th house lord itself).
In January/February of this year I met someone living in another country on the internet (big long-distance) and at the same time Saturn (my natal 9th and 10th house lord) was in transit on my Virgo planets in the 5th house. I knew he was in love with me more and more the days were passing. He would like to meet me but after 8 months it wasn’t be possible and now for more than 10 days he seems to be aloof, insensitive, he seems to do not care about me because I couldn’t come and now he’s hurted. I think now it’s over. His love for me has been lasted for 6 months I think. And now maybe I’m only a “friend” or nothing at all for him.
He is not Aquarius (he is Sag with his Sun on my natal Uranus in 8th and also conjunct my natal Saturn – His moon on my natal Venus and conjunct my Sun in Virgo in 5th) but he has Aquarius Venus square Uranus in his birth chart (natal Venus/Uranus square like me). Unfortunately I never meet him. I couldn’t. I’m very sad but there were big challenges here : he was 10 years and 9 months older than me (Saturn transit in my 5th house..) and his “past” life was pretty difficult to bear it.

Uranus transits can be good, but distance was the problem (almost for him, not for me).


BTW I’m Taurus rising.


28 degrees Virgo. I guess I’m in the club.

Sagg girl

Looking at your comments earlier was going to reply with…no action since August. Would u believe just got a message from uranus that left for his ex, had seen him at party on sat night with the ex. Ok so maybe transit is right not that i doubted it, haha
Funny just reading “He’s just not that into you” and book says never go back after they disappear…but have they ever met an aquarian???? Food for thought. xxx

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

hmmmm – trawling the archives is SO useful isn’t it??

this isn’t my transit (not that I’d know anyways LOL) but MANY of lessons learned – advice here applied – has TRANSFORMED my relationship with myself / relationship boundaries. ALSO this time frame when Saturn Smashed the Aries Ex (AKA Le Turd) outta the ball park. On the first full moon eclipse to be exact!! not before fugging time either!!

BTW natal Venus / Leo 17 degree – confirmation am correct interp am NOT in the club (the notion of being left out of any club be so obviously LOATHSOME!!) = much appreciated!!


I’ve got venus in Virgo square Uranus – The square is supposedly pretty strong.
Dunno If I have the appropriate degrees in virgo however for this club…

Venus Square Uranus 0°33

Venus Virgo 0°24’19


hello fellow hopeless romantics!

im boiling and cooking inside!

+uranus conjunct natal venus at 26 pisces, house 8
+saturn opposite natal venus
+pluto square natal pluto in libra, house 3
+pluto conjunct natal jupiter in capricorn, house 5
+jupiter conjunct natal sun in aquarius, house 7
+jupiter square natal moon in scorpio, house 4
+jupiter trine natal neptune in libra, house 3

does anyone have some insights about these slow and longlasting transits? i’ve read a lot of times that uranus-conjunct-venus is all about the tranformation of the way we love. does it mean that we have to give up our romanticism? if we do have to change the way we love, isnt that tantamount to denying our astrological nature and uniqueness as individuals?

i can compare the uranus-venus experience to the tragic legendary tale of the little mermaid (venus in pisces) who fell in love (unrequitedly uranian!) and was consumed by the sadness and turned into a sea foam. however, disney twisted the story and ariel ended up in the loving arms of her prince charming and lived happily ever after…my question is: what lesson is the universe teaching me (and the rest of us with uranus-conjunct-venus in pisces transit) before i turn into a sea foam?


I am a early Libra. When Uranus first hit my Mercury/Venus/Saturn conjuncting between 18-24 deegre Virgo in february 2009 I fell badly and unexpected in Love. It totally suprised me. But it ended abruptly..and Now again in September???

at a WUTHERING Height

Pisces, taurus rising – bang on the dot 22 degrees for VENUS.

Boldly marching through, with my ‘take no hostages’ attitude in my pursuit to find the perfect partner/job/stepping stone/whatever.

troubled Virgo love interest ten years my senior has been left on the wayside after trying to emotionally blackmail me, and he is still sending messages (which of course i still dont respond to) which asks for both tender care /wish me a sorry and kind goodbye.

Chucked a sh*t at boss who has stacked all my wrong doings against me – sent in an EMAIL, not said to my FACE. the clouds are clearing on this one.

Trying to kickstart my fashion design/jewelry/whatevs career, and am still walking thru merde river with espadrilles on to try and figure what, how and when to make happen.

Hopefully end of uran-sat cycle will herald new beginnings. fresh startz, directions, whatevs!


I guess I’m not a member but maybe a guest? Venus at 26.25 Libra, so Uranus is quincunxing Venus in my 4th/nadir right now. Uranus is the ruler of my 7th and 8th. It’s also going over my husband’s descendant at the same time. Marital crisis, yes, but not clear which way it’s going. When the Jup-Nep-Chiron stellium was trining my Venus, June 5, 11am , I was looking for big things to happen, maybe an important Metting; but… nothing. With the Aug 5th eclipse in my 7th house, 3rd of 3 in my 1st/7th, I was kind of looking for big things to happen, but again… nothing. Also right now with this eclipse, Venus is conjuncting my moon, while Mercury is sextiling it. Maybe that’s why things are actually going well maritally, making me think, after three years of desperately trying to escape, that maybe this can work. The only thing the eclipse is transiting for me is … natal Uranus – semisextile from Sun and quincunx from Moon.

If anybody has any insight or notes to compare, I’d love to hear it. I don’t know what to make of all this. It’s obvious what the issues ARE, but which way things are going, … I don’t know. It seems more notable for NOTHING rather than SOMETHING happening. Vital stats if you want to take a look: 11/21/64 9:18pm Memphis TN. Hubby 5/10/52, 3:24pm Glendale, CA.

I’ve been looking for people to compare notes to as well, or to see who this transit might be connecting me with. Only one other person in my database has anything going on at that degree, and he has Nep CJ my Ven, and his Sun at 25 Can, so that’s where this stuff is hitting him; doesn’t seem to suggest a love connection. He’s 7/18/55 EST, no time.


OK So I have finally sussed out that it addition to this uranus trining my n venus, the neptune/jupiter/chiron conj of this year is squaring it.. and that n/j/c conj is also trining my sun! Wow its all goin on and Im scared now that its all a stupid illusion and that I should RUN! (But don’t think i can either..) HELP! What to do ?!!?!


I have natal Venus in Pisces in the 7th, natSun Aqua21 in 6th, Sq. nat Jup (Sag.23)in 4th, Sq. nat Uranus (Gem.22) in the 10th. The current transiting Uranus will hit in the next few years. What the heck can I expect. I’m married. Will I be splitting?


I have Venus at 23 degrees pisces, in my 7th house. Saturn is also in opposition right now. I haven’t felt much going on yet but there’s a long way to go.


funny bout the independance, the last loonie i spent some time with made me so bats i left town…this i never do


Venus Gemini 27°54’56 house 7 …eligible?


Venus in Cancer at 10.31 degrees in 2nd House


Uranus in Scorpio at 7 degrees in 6th House

any major changes that mite come to my love life due to this ??? I am having a straneous relationship with someone and things are not working out as i desire…


I have natal Venus in Gemini 27 in 11th house, Sun in Taurus, Moon and Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, Saturn in Sagg, Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Libra.

Everything – family relationships (weird mother – really!), love (only married men have shown interest), career, home and finances (yikes!!) – has been fairly fuqued for quite a while.

New to all this so can I look forward to some good times???


medusa: oop. that’s a rhetorical question. i somehow overlook that after that venus at 28gem comes my asc. at 1cancer, node at 1cancer, and then mars at 2 “kataka”( which is already gettin’ blasted by pluto in cappy.)

fun times!

love your blog.


fluid feline: yeahr… can’t put this experience, this superaquagirl, in any box i know of.

mystic: oh, no! it’s gonna get weirder?


Venus in Scorpio
Venus Conjunct Jupiter
Venus Scorpio transit 27 degrees.


does that go for pluto and saturn as well? what kind of things are to be expected if saturn transits mix it up with uranus-venus?

Black Oak's Daughter

Venus 21 Gem 24’43”
If my recent love life is indicative I’m not so sure I wanna be in this club!!


Oops that was me above that’s anon, forgot to put my name in. Dumbo!


Yay! I’ve got Venus at 28 Gem so I’m just in the club. I’m still trying to sort it out in my head however so I haven’t really got any other comments other than that I’ve had my fair share of loonies so I’m not keen on anymore. The big positive from all the loonies is that I can now spot them a mile away, so it gives me time to run run run. Lol.


Yikes. Natal Venus in Sag 23 degress in 12th house..

Is it overly challenging that Venus is also in opposition with Saturn? (Although I should be used to challenges being a Cap.)
Also venus sextile with uranus.

Could this explain why things have been so nuts lately and that the only guys I seem to like are on some other planet/dimension but yet so damn compelling and that we end up having in-depth discussions on metaphysics, philospophy and the occult?

Sure shakes up the boredom of the day job.


my venus is 12 Sagg, so not in the club (though wouldve been a few years ago???) But something interesting IS going on now and not sure what to make of it…am reconecting with an ex who i first got together with when uranus went over my moon around 1999. he’s popped up again now, exactly 10 years later, though cant see how it relates to the original uranus-moon transit i had… perhaps just the uranus mood flaring up??


Is that anything or does it have to be conjunct???

fluid feline

Hi weathergirl, interesting, thanks for the new angle. My precious aqua girl child has four planets in Aqua with her Sun conj Uranus. I just looked up what was happening around the time she was conceived. No Uranus/Venus transit but trans Uranus in Aqua was opp my natal Sun in Leo and trans Jupiter in Aqua had just passed the opp with my Sun. Also trans Pluto was on my MC (massive change in career status impending!)

Can’t wait to see how her astro plays out 🙂


Just looked at the transits…Uransus trine natal venus


I am 25 degree in cancer 2nd house, and uranus 10 saggi in 7th house.. Will this uranus venus transit bring me my freedom loving, eccentric and weird maybe soulmate? Hmm is this starting now?? I am excited…


Oh, and my Venus was squaring Uranus natally, too.


well, I am a few months in to a relationship with a Virgo who’s driving me mad (not necessarily in a bad way)…will get back to you on that one!


Life time club member – Venus in Pisces 27°37! Sun also in Pisces. Fishy in general.


I’m a Sagg with my Venus at 15 degress Sagg – does this mean I’ve had my Uranus thing? When? Let me think back… No. Wait. It’s all too difficult.


28 Gemini

… been dealing with an Aqua stellium (sun,venus,mercury,jupiter) chick for almost a year now!

fluid feline

“dealing with” interesting turn of phrase there henri.


ok, so my natal venus is 27 gemini. and my uranus is conjunct my midheaven. what now please?


thats so great


Venus in 28 degrees Virgo (I’m also a virgo sun) in my natal chart. I’m part of a club, hooray!
I can definitely say I’ve gone work-crazy this past year. I’m so studious and responsible it’s almost absurd in comparison to who I used to be when it came to school work. Uranus-venus definitely wants me to be ready for college, I guess. Eep! I’ve also had some love-weirding going on. One person was terrible (self-destructive pisces) and I learned to lose everything toxic in my life (turned a whole new leaf! No drinking, no drugs, no crazy parties no bad friends no self-hate, now it’s study-study-study-concert-poetry-reading-walk-in-the-woods-I-am-so-thankful-to-be-alive-in-this-great-Universe for me!) and another is a bit difficult to explain. It’s not a love-thing, it’s more of a respect and fondness, I suppose. Really, it’s a young teacher who believed in me from the second we were introduced and was my main support system to get through the school year via. working-super-hard and getting help, as well as dealing with my condition (fibromyalgia) and surviving the world with that. He also happened to invite me to take one of his classes that GASP! has become my desired field of work now! I’m a deacon one virgo and he’s a cap-aquarian so we’re compatible friends-wise etc despite our not-too-bad age difference, but it’s still too much to blossom into romance any time soon. Maybe I’ll swoop by after I graduate LOL, oh girlish dreaming. But yes! This transit is A+ in my book. It’s bringing me happy times, for sure. Well, first it brought Hell in 2008 until I wisened up and took it as a blessing for this year. Let’s hope that blessing continues!


My venus is Kataka. 20.23 degrees, so I just missed it. However, I have never experienced Uranus-Venus. Probally because my Venus isn’t in the right spot

nebulous virgo

“I just seem to be completely cool about accepting these love interest as they are” – goose bumps. this is happening to me at the moment Saggitarian Cap). saturn/uranus at my sun, still… has started though with the Uranian Pisces Uranus/venus brought into my life… merde…. Mystic!

nebulous virgo

as you brought it up, i thought about it again and found something else to contribute-

commented before, had uranus opposing venus a few years ago. my venus is trine my cap MC, which is conjunct SN. Virgo Venus in 6th.

what happened, beyond tres Uranian love weirding is, what I just realized, a total individuation and great gift re WORK.

During that phase I had the chance and the guts to actually apply for a creative job (ie filmstuff). never had the self-esteem before and was surrounded by peeps doubting my ability or at least being not very supportive. when Uranus started to closely oppose my Venus I dared to do, what actually was the best decision workwise I have made so far. I am now fulfilled, as I found out working in a creative field is something I am capable of and even destined to (this sounds a bit OTT, but this is how I feel).

Thus, restrospectively a BIG thanks to Uranus.


Am I going to spontaneously combust?
I have natal venus 27degrees virgo (conjunct natal pluto 3 degrees libra) in the 5th house (and also natal mars conjunct natal uranus in the same house 19 degrees libra exact) – with transiting pluto in effect from eighth house (as well as hovering there on natal jupiter 3 degrees capricorn) – and what’s more – natal moon 27 degrees cancer, natal north node 20 degrees capricorn which MM says are about to be eclipsed to infinity and beyond.
So. I’d just like to be prepared for it. Am I about to explode?

PS I am keeping mostly indoors out of harm’s way, and generally lead a (deliberately, I insist) very dull life. Thus far, all that’s happened is my contracting a sudden v improbable (and entirely hopeless, as I am a straight woman) crush on Cristos Tsiolkas, the (gay male) author. I havent actually read any of his books.


Nothing in my natal chart, but exact Uranus/Venus square in my progressed chart… Venus in Aquarius in the 9th, Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th – both 24 degrees.

Also have progressed Pluto/Sun square going on… Pluto (in Libra) in the 5th, Sun (in Cap) in the 7th.

Think this is all about individuation… Not having fun times at the moment though!


and uranus is in pisces at 26 degress …


ok, I have venus at 26 degrees in taurus; guidance please


I dunno, I can’t figure it out to know if I am.

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