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Want Chiron Return Inspiration? Try this.  Everyone has Chiron Return at the age of 50. It is when you shake off the remnants of previous personae, take stock and do whatever healing is required.*

You’re founding a new psychological base for yourself. It’s like a more therapeutic and nuanced version of the Saturn Return that occurred 20 years earlier.

It presents a multitude of opportunities for the reinvention of persona. See Chiron as the Cosmic Detective and you are your own subject, the character you’re investigating.

Some examples. Poetry-reading Cat-Lady. Paleo-Older-Dude. Astro-Obsessive. Gourmet Cruise Addict. Cultural Maven. Twelve Step Elder. Nomadic Shaman. Tech Witch. Yogini. Ultra-Creative. Avid Eco-Warrior. Neo-Nymphomaniac. Chic Celibate. Adventurer.

Double Scorpio (Sun plus Mercury) Helen Thayer is a fantastic example of the ‘Adventurer’ style of handling Chiron Return. She took the dog and headed off to the Antarctic.

“At the age of 50, five feet two inch Helen Thayer skied alone with an Inuit husky she named Charlie to the magnetic North Pole to become the first woman to do so.

Drawing on her experience among the fjords, crags and glaciers of New Zealand, and her experience as a mountain guide and ski racer she skied and walked for 365 miles having braved polar bears, ice floes, and violent storms.

“This was a journey of credits and debits,” she noted in her journal early on. “Every time I slipped into the debit column, I had to pull myself over into the credit column without delay.”

That was in 1988. She followed this up with a whole series of trips and firsts – living with Wolves, trekking the Gobi desert and journeying through the Amazon. These days, she educates children about wild animals and spaces while also working as a wilderness chaplain, comforting people caught up in extreme situations or with loved ones lost in harsh environments.

Her advice for success?

“Don’t listen to negative comments, such as the “polar bears will eat you”, “you will fall in the ocean and drown”, “Amazon snakes will kill you”, “you will die of thirst in the desert.”

There is a long list of comments. As long as your goal is important to you, you plan thoroughly before leaving, go ahead and be confident. Believe in yourself.”

Note also: Ms Thayer has a stoic Mars in Capricorn and the North Node in questing Sagittarius! You can see some of her books and thoughts here.

*I later changed my take on Chiron and decided it’s a totally punk influence, in the most fabulous way possible.

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  1. My Chiron Return (in Aqua 4th H) coincided with full-on menopause for me, so it started off as one the most unpleasant stages of my life. It had been building up for a couple of years until it felt like the seams of my body were fraying & i was ready to fall apart. I’d had enough of people still pushing the same ol buttons; and I suddenly developed an overwhelming aversion to city life & crowds. I would wake up in a sweat thinking: *i want to be alone*

    Then on a trip to my natal village to visit my aunt & uncle, i asked the community if i could repair an old stone shepherd’s cabin up in the mountain in return for me being able to stay in it every now and then. It saved me. I’d go up for weeks with supplies and my uncle’s shaggy hound & a shaman (in the guise of squat mountain horse). I would just walk & walk & walk and sit and watch the sky and breathe. I slept & ate when i felt like it, led by my own body’s rhythm. The local wild beasties got used to me and i realised that i was not alone & that i was part of a non-human community. it is basic up there in the shack: a bed, a bench & table, 4 shelves, a fireplace, and a wooden box to keep food safe from the field mice; there’s also a small stable attached where the wood is kept. It literally is a chop wood, carry water existence – but i don’t know how else i could have survived the transition into my new stage of life had it not been for this alone time.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, it resonates for me. I’m just past my Chiron return by degree but still feeling effects and these effects are much as you describe……mostly, wanting to be alone. …… and being ‘over it’ in terms of city life and feeling unfulfilled in my day to day, burned out on seeing the same crap over and over.

      Not quite at menopause yet, but maybe when that fully kicks in, I’ll actually get to go to an environment where I can truly heal and be alone, too….

      1. I hope you do to, flowerchild. I think we all deserve a break at this stage in life.

        I’ve seen so many clients suffer burn out & crisis of sorts around their Chiron Return that i think everyone should have paid leave for a couple of yrs during this time. It would give people a chance to rest and re-asses their lives – or do nothing at all … ride off into the sunset, go on retreat, plant trees. It’s such a Yin time of life, and a transitional one. Transitions need calm, patience & nourishment. There should be no pressure to thrust and achieve like we are conditioned to do from when we start school at 3(!) in some countries. There should be more respect for our natural rhythms. We are not machines. In the long run you’d have a healthier population, one which would be able and more willing to work into later years, instead of a burnt out one riddled with stress and stress related diseases.

    2. LiberatingVenus

      Oh, I love this story SO much! How utterly fitting, as Chiron in Aquarius so often represents a wound of alienation! Through that trip home, you “…realised that [you were] not alone & that [you were] part of a non-human community…” – that is most certainly the Medicine offered by Chiron in Aquarius!!! It sounds like Dog and Horse served as physical Power Animals to you during that emotionally difficult transitional time – I know I am repeating myself here, but Chiron’s energy is highly animistic as Chiron himself was half man and half animal. He intimately understands this primal interconnectedness like no other. Dog certainly teaches us about companionship (He is “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason, yes?) and perhaps Horse – as an earthly representation of Jupiter/Sagittarian energy (if not Chiron himself!) – helped to expand your understanding that community doesn’t strictly limit us to other homo sapiens. There’s a little bit of Radagast The Brown contained within every Chiron transit, I think. Medicinal mushrooms optional. 🙂

      Though I have felt lonely before, I have never felt truly *alone* and had so many animal friends throughout my lifetime – whether as companion animals, visiting neighborhood pets, or wild critters that simply took a shine to me for whatever reason – that it would be impossible for me *not* to feel connected to a greater interspecies community! God, I remember when I was a teen the neighborhood flock of guineafowl thought I was their surrogate mother and used to follow me around EVERYWHERE! My neighbor’s chickens used to fly over (yes, chickens can fly for short distances!) and surround my car when I got home from work every day. I’ve taken care of countless orphaned, sick, or injured animals over the years and will always render assistance to any animal in need no matter how large or small. ATM, I have a little Cardinal friend that has trained me (not the other way around!) to come and feed him when he hops around and does cute little things to get my attention.

      Some don’t realize it, but animals are constantly offering to engage with us if we would just learn to recognize and accept their invitations. I talk to animals all the time whether domesticated or wild – even if they don’t understand the actual words coming out of my mouth I know they feel the energy behind them. I find creature companionship incredibly rewarding and actually prefer it over certain human interactions (family-of-origin, I’m looking at you). Animals are pure goodness and light and have taught me so much about Unconditional Love – I could not imagine my life without them!

      1. Crikey, thanks LV…. duh, of course – it’s the Aqua & alienation theme that is in this!
        Also Jupiter & Neptune were both conjunct the Chirons (under 1º) at the time of that trip & repairing the cabin… (intense astro)

        And i’m hearing ya about not being able to imagine a life without animals – they’ve been my people too. I am, in fact, thinking of writing about my experiences with the beasties up at the shack, as well as friendly and not so friendly trees and other entities.

        (Radagast…mushrooms… <3 !!)

      2. So, so true!!
        when I just look at animals, I can feel my heart chakra opening. I do love them so much, all of them! with humans, not so much- Feel that especially wild animals need to be protected from humans

        Where i live now, i strongly feel a part of the local non-human community, the birds from the wetlands, my dogs, the neighbours dogs, the magpies on their turf in front of their particular house, the bats at night and possum who was sleeping in the corner of my studio roof. So happy to be surrounded by this

    3. OH god I wish i’d been able to do this the last couple of years. Menopause has been brutal and as Saturn approaches my Cap moon I am dealing with all kinds of gynae issues. I chose not to have children for a variety of reasons and it’s like now my uterus is asking to be taken notice of. It is emotionally difficult in addition to the challenging physical symptoms I still deal with four years after my last period. So I am now tackling all those issues one by one.
      All the women my age I know keep saying the same thing – I want to be alone, and I’m so fuqing tired. Mostly it’s work, the workplace, dealing w fuqwits and power structures. It seems to be across industries and sectors.

      1. Yes, having to go through gynae hell & not having had children does seem (more) unfair somehow.
        I’m sure you’ve done this – but in case you haven’t – have you had your thyroid checked? Hypothyroidism has v similar symptoms as menopause ones & usually occurs in women at middle-age too. The only advice i can give you after you’ve had it checked out is to get yourself a good TCM practitioner that can help you with all of this.

        1. Thank you skarab it’s on the long list of things to be tested/checked. I need to get the internal problem sorted first then can address the other issues. In the meantime I’m trying to educate myself, and am spending a lot of time googling wilderness / nature retreats x

  2. I’m returning to astrology after a long time away from following it, and there’s so much to learn, I only just learned about Chiron a few months ago, and as I have it in Aries (and turn 49 this summer) here I am looking at a Chiron return.

    Which is fascinating as I have been undergoing a huge spiritual transformation in the last year, picking up speed as I face down and finally move past all the old lives I used to live, all the old people I used to be and cast off their negativity. As the song says, I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.

  3. “She took the dog and headed off to the Antarctic.”

    I like the cut of her jib, this Helen Thayer. 🙂
    Any such adventure would be immeasurably better with a canine companion or two!

    I suppose I am a would- be Eco Warrior, but a definite Ultra-Creative. Serious respect and admiration for Jane Goodall and folk like her, but I think its more my path to tackle that subject matter from the studio

  4. Chiron on my MC currently.
    I had hopes that this would signal a release from the personal Chiron and manifest as a more community centred, public or work oriented Chiron.
    Not so far!

    In fact the opposite, doubling down on the Chiron in the Home.
    Maybe it’s more Chiron opposing my IC that’s key for me.

    1. When you read of a sword, it sounds like a tool or weapon but until you learn to wield it, use it to slice up your vegetables or properly hack off a branch or neatly do an etheric cord, how is the damn heavy thing worn..?

      …it tends to trip, making you knock a glass that you have to not step on, cause some skin wounds that you then think could have been worse…

      It sounds like a metaphor, and it is i guess, but maybe if a Mars Squared Elemental Metal person could possibly offer anything useful here, it’s:

      -keep bandages, numbers of proper assistance, and a run-through mental plan of what to do, some tweezers, and some antiseptic (make that a Literal plus a Metaphor)

      – keep practising at home with well cared for metals and blades. Seriously, check them all now: are they sharp and clean as tools should be? Where are the “knockables”? The “flammables”? The smoke alarms? The good support crew? Including the “wounded person’s pantry”?

      Does that scare you? Sorry, this Sage Rising has to do that, and local ER does know me though never for any of those things. Chiron does signal in funny ways (mine’s in Aries conjunct Mercury, so do forgive if it all sounds dramatic, but…) You can be well prepared for angular blades that resonate in the physical.

      Sometimes small accidents or weird health issues come through, enough to worry but not enough to cause true harm. Make sure it doesn’t by being prepped. When you do the mental and “pantry” prep actually other things seem to float up as part of the healing thing.

      Maybe my Chiron in 5th seems more dramatic than it works for others, but it IS trine my Collective Unconsious 12th Neptune-Jupiter-Moon Rising (dramatically 😀 ) in Sage on Antares warrior Watcher of the West, so be prepped while you imagine the scenarios, and THEN smile when you are protected xx

    2. The MC and IC are the parental axis – if we have children, a transit to either will most definitely affect our role as a parent. With the MC, usually there’s more responsibility involved. Knowing the nature of your work, though, this is something that can actually push you further as a healer. Chiron is the Healer, Medicine Man, or Shaman archetype and with it on your MC you’re applying this consciousness not only to your role as a parent but it will be directly applicable to your career as well. It’s integrative. I frequently tell people it’s generally not a straightforward case of either holistic OR allopathic Medicine, but often some kind of complimentary amalgamation of the two with this energy. I know these days Western Medicine is either controversial or outright hated by many (and goddess knows the criticism can certainly be warranted/valid!), but I do believe energy from Source can work through this modality as well. I think it’s worth considering the angle of how it might also be channeled through the hands, hearts, and minds of sensitive and caring MDs who just so happen to be working under the umbrella of Western Medicine. Although there are fewer of them out there vs. the ones who are in it for the wrong reasons, they definitely do exist.

      I had Chiron (conjunct the Pisces Moon) on my Solar Return MC this year and the Universe prompted me to finally receive my first reiki attunement via the illness of a pet. Chiron is animistic and has strong ties to the animal kingdom and that feeling of helplessness (whether it’s our kid or our pet!) is just so freaking awful and heartbreaking that the compassion motivates you to pursue any and every healing modality under the sun to make it better. I felt like reiki was a complimentary, non-invasive treatment I could do myself while the vet was working on their end of things and thankfully my pet was very receptive to it. So whatever you are going through with your role as a parent, painful as it may be it can also level up your abilities as a healer as you quest for a cure. Prior to my own Chiron/MC experience, reiki was one of those nebulous “Gee, someday I think I’d like to…” kind of things but this accelerated my timetable dramatically – I couldn’t put my training off a moment longer if I wanted to help my pet in his hour of need. So I would pay very close attention to any additional training or modality(ies) you feel called to explore by Chiron’s prompting.

      1. Thanks for the hot tip! Gracious and thoughtful as always LV 😉

        I do need to resurrect my Pranic Healing Training.. it’s so time consuming though and it’s something I am short of currently. Along with upgrading my Reiki skills as a Master Reiki friend offered to attune me further in a private short course.. Sorry if you don’t get to read this as I am so late. I hope your fur baby is doing well! Pain is such a great teacher… :-/

  5. Me too for Chiron Pisces 29 – mine is in the 3rd house. I can feel the release of the first 50 years (mine was a bit fuqed and left me vibing unsafe) and I am having that what do I want /like /need to be real. So far there’s been art, lots of psychic decluttering, learning trust and optimism and as with Calidor I need to piss off the suppressing effects of grog.
    Awesome post Mystic, your timing is divine.

      1. My vibe (what I was putting out to the world) was set on unsafe mode (anxious, reluctant, watching my back, untrusting) a really shit way to live especially when you are unaware of it.

        1. Ah get it now. Yes that is not nice to live in constant flight or fight. It is exhausting if nothing else. But I have to admit to hormones being a key to anxiety for me too. Just free form anxious for no good reason.

          1. These years of breaking down the conditioning have brought me to the understanding that what brings me the most love is living peacefully. I amsoaware of how sensitive I am to any stress, a few beers cause a panic in me. I hope post Chiron Return I can find a version of the world that is peace.

  6. Defs channeled this lady on my way into work today (18″ snow in April woohoo)

    In all seriousness she is an inspiration and I want to see more heros journeys stuff from ppl not in their 20s 30s bc that’s just the beginning for most of us…I want depth, life experiences , renewals. Lol color me plutonic

    1. It is true. We as a species are living longer and can be stronger if we eat right, exercise, generally look after the body we have but 50 and they write you off. It seems so short sighted as I have greater staying power than in my youth, greater wisdom and strength and day to day know how. Why do we want for beautiful youth? Maybe it is simply because at 20 or 30 these folk still are so malleable and can be subltly forced into the round hole they don’t fit in. At 50 we know where we fit and what we are capable of and just who we are. That makes us a bit scary to those who wish to control.

  7. This past seven years has been beyond challenging. It has burnt me down and made me anew… (hopefully) stronger/better/more authentic. Chiron has been through my 7th house and over my sun-Saturn-Merc-Psyche in addition to Chiron return a couple of years ago. Over my sun coincided with massive upheaval and it just continued from there.
    I saw a Tarot reader last week – cleaning the house after Chiron’s long stay – and had a few things confirmed for me. It’s a new life now. I have finally, finally accepted it. I had a massive wardrobe declutter over the weekend, cut it by almost half. Starting a new food regime that I hope will set me up for success. Saying a final farewell to some people who are not good for me.

  8. INterestning that this is the 2nd time Chiron return information has crossed my path and it was almost 5 years ago. What I especially remember is getting on a plane to go on a solo 7 days long vacation. I’d gone solo before but never to another part of the country. Went out to New Mexico and had such a Soulful experience.

  9. Ah yes, Chiron return. For me, the fog cleared after a dysfunctional relationship and protracted breakup – I was out of it. Both my head and my heart were at peace with it. And I went to South America for the first time. I remember a colleague saying to me before I left that I was ‘brave’ for the trip I had planned. And my thought (unexpressed to her) was hell no, this isn’t brave. What was brave was turning up every day for the last two years, going through all that crap. This, upping and going to South America, was joy. Pure joy. Chiron in Sag.

    1. This is exactly what I am feeling. I am about to start living me. Instead of the follow suit I had been living for years.

    2. Chiron for me is Pisces and snuggled up to the MC-IC. So I am constantly paddling the river of healing. But my sun is Sag, and strong as such. It drags me off to travel as often as possible, as a way to heal. Reading your post I now think maybe travel works well for me because its just what I love. Find healing in what you love.

  10. Can anyone share with me their experience of chiron transiting their 7th? This will be me when it goes in Aries. Any insight would be fab 🙂

    1. I think I must have been around 25/26 years old and I got married for the first time. I think that may say it all !
      I thought I was doing life right, but my word did I learn that I was living someone else’s life. Also it has to depend on your age when you get there but watch for all those deep seated things in you to do with partnership and then allow yourself to be honest.

      1. I am currently 26 and hoping to get married. Uranus has shaken my 7th house for the last 8 years in aries. Chiron coming in somehow feels like things will go deeper. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

        1. So your 7th is Aries? That would say then that you need to be very much about you in partnership. A need to deeply individuate in relating. It is totally possible to find yourself more in a partnership, so hoorah for you.

          1. emg you are right, come to think about it, with needing to be absolutely myself in the partnership
            (natal Aries 7th)

            VSLR, first saturn return may also be a factor coming into play at your age

    2. I’m pulling through this now, am at the tail end. I must say for me it was one of the worst times in my life (so far). However, it was also squaring itself and a nasty Saturn/Mars/Venus thing I have so my experience isn’t without bias.

  11. I love this post. (Is it the scorp in me?) I’m definitely going to check out Helen Thayer some more. Thanks, Mystic!

  12. My natal Chiron is at 28 Pisces conjunct my IC. I am six months off turning 50. I have had seven years hard core Chiron. Like something has grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and shoved me up against a multitude of things that I didn’t want to see but eventually had to. (Despite my doing the equivalent of wilfully closing my eyes and pretending I was a teapot)

    I am very grateful to the powers that be for this. Now I must deal with my alcohol addiction.

  13. I have just had mine. Although it will be hanging about for a while yet but I am sloughing off so much crap I can’t begin to cover it all. I had offered my parents a chance to make a family unit as they are ageing and dad has Lewy body dementia which is taking hold now. They are well off and could have helped me out by buying into this house of mine that refuses to sell which I have to get rid of or the bank takes it back and I am homeless. So I said, come here, where the population is minimal the Dr’s office is empty and care is freely given. I will dedicate myself to you until you are both gone etc etc.
    But no. (and secretly I am relieved) my mother has decided that she is staying put in the place she moans about daily in her telephone conversations with me, telling me I don’t care, how terrible the care is there and etc etc. So, I have literally had to review my world and give up on home owning, hope to take a little something from the house and I am aiming to get on a yacht or a ship and just disappear into the blue. No overheads, no ties, just be gone. I have a saggi mid heaven on the galactic centre and it is calling me. I have lived in my mother’s created world for too long. She was not a person who ever supported me and infant was quite detrimental. Hyper jealous of me. So I am leaving. Uranus tide and Pluto winds. into a saggi sunset.

    1. argh EMG i wish i could send you a cheque for everything i my bank account (it’s not enough,alas ) and just buy your place. i have this picture in my mind’s eye which tbh is probably something like ‘Skyfall’ except less starkly remote…

      parents are so odd :\

      viva your sadge MC. 🙂

      1. Oh Pi you are such a delight. Thanks for the bank balance I will use it wisely. For what ever reason this house was with me and was a rather heavy Albatros ! Thankfully now I can let it go. I really have got to that point of who gives a **** about it. I am trying now not to be in survival mode but more in line of thrive in a totally different environment but it is a psyche environment.
        Parents… hmmmmmmm. I have moon conjunct mars in cancer in my 4th. That was never going to be pretty now was it?!?!?!
        Again, I am no longer attached to it and can tell mother how it is without wanting to upset anyone but just being honest.
        Anyhoo, anytime you fancy a trip up to Scotland whilst I am here I will happily show you around otherwise you’ll just have to get on a yacht with me where ever I may be! Welcome anytime Pi

    2. The ageing parents issue is strong for many of us at this time, isn’t it… even more difficult when the relationship with the parent/s has been problematic to start with.
      Also, and perhaps this is my Cap moon talking (now under Saturn and Pluto, god help me) but I am starting to realise just how heavily weighted society and its power structures are against post-Chiron return women who aren’t married. Economic security is important and more important than ever as we age. You are wise and resourceful, and this will work in your favour whatever happens with the house situ. Like Pi, I wish I could help. Perhaps Chiron in Aries will unleash the warrior in us. x

  14. My Chiron is at 27 degrees Pisces conjunct Saturn and this Aussie Gal has just landed in Rome for a Meditterean cruise I can tick 6 of your examples. Going to freshen up, put something groovy on and eat pizza, real pizza. Caio bella

    1. Caio indeed. Enjoy your trip around the med. It is a fabulous place to be. Especially just on your Chiron return. I too have that same conjunction and it is on my asc. Happy coming of age!!

  15. With that Kombi and other drives i’ll just bet you’ll blend in Avid Eco-Warrior (you are, even if you haven’t thought about it) plus Yogini, even though you are not of that partic discipline…it’s a kind of guru-in-training status but mostly focused on the self actualising rather than the telling-what-to-do. You know, the old school telling will fall by the wayside, is falling already for the usually-told, anyway. So your style of truth will draw a few.

    Along with the Uranian-Plutonian-Chironic blownwideopen thing, just by being and seeking you, and financing your daily life, you’ll be weirding yourself out by drawing tribal energy in the Uranus in Taurus. Aqua/Uranus peeps with something great will feature, i’m sure. And you might be prickly with new gen/new tech who want to document/follow you.

  16. 50 was a bit of a wastershed. It was the time when brute force of will could no longer keep up the facade of a previous era. It is also the time of zero f@#ks given. Kind of funny how I thought I could just keep going with a long held paradigm. A little sad that I have lost the optimistic glow I once had, which has been replaced by something much more cynical, but I guess that is just how life unfurls.

    1. Oh yes, the loss of the glow. This has preoccupied me alot lately. I dont mind a shake of cynicism, but I’m worried about living with low glow. I’m thinking of getting some deep bodywork to expel the buildup of dark matter, sorrow, and shittiness. I want to believe I can Roto-Root the crap out, and find fresh sprouting glow.

  17. “Don’t listen to negative comments, such as the “polar bears will eat you”


    I’ve got Chiron transiting my 0 Aries MC/3 Aries Moon conjunct soon–asteroid Magdalena @ 2 Aries–while Saturn is about to go retro bang on to the minute my Saturn’s return–(note, my peer group currently doing Saturn’s Return are also of the Saturn/Neptune conjunct–also conjunct Uranus in Capricorn)

    Lately my thing has been an intense amount of focus around relaxation/meditation and re-training my thought patterns away from negative thinking. Literally, every time I think something negative–about myself/a situation I’ve been working to stop and shift my attention to something positive/engage in some act of self care.

    This article about the Vagus nerve was particularly interesting to me

    “Inflammatory responses play a central role in the development and persistence of many diseases and can lead to debilitating chronic pain. In many cases, inflammation is your body’s response to stress. Therefore, reducing “fight-or-flight” responses in the nervous system and lowering biological markers for stress can also reduce inflammation.”

    “there’s growing evidence that another way to combat inflammation is by engaging the vagus nerve and improving “vagal tone.” This can be achieved through daily habits such as yoga and meditation.”

    Just one example, I imagine, of the truth which most of us are probably aware–the benefits of relaxation–will Uranus in Taurus bring further study on this subject?

    1. *meant to say “of the Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn era” in reference to my peer group, currently doing Saturn’s Return*

    2. leo-scorp grrrl

      This so resonates. I’m Chiron at 2 degrees Aries and making majors changes to combat the damage I did to my health under years of work stress and fight or flight response. The eclipse and last pass of Uranus over my Saturn at 26 degrees Aries forced the change (allowed it imho). I did not have “permission” before but now that working for myself and my Saturn savings is allowing me to go slowly and find some healing. I have a long journey back and may never be the same. But, I just returned from camping, which my inflammation and muscle pain would not have allowed 2 months ago. I am on a healing journey to find my true self.

      I appreciate your post on the Vagas nerve. Definitely something for me to investigate.

    3. Taurus rules the voice and my interest in the vagus nerve comes from having a child who has limited verbal ability. The ability to swallow, the pitch of the voice and so forth all are related to the vagus nerve. The very high pitched scream of the baby with inflammation of the nervous system comes from the tightened vagus nerve.

      Perhaps Uranus in Taurus will bring about new ways of accessing the vagus nerve, as well as meditation; stem cells seem a vaguely Taurean initiative to my mind?

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