Neptune Nearly Drowned Me

Neptune transits have a strong undertow that can take you under and away from “land.” Learn how to be strong in the Neptune ‘ocean’ and not swept away.

Dear Mystic,

I am coming out of the transit of a lifetime (actually, of several lifetimes): Transiting Neptune on my Sun. It has been happening in my 8th house, during which my libido seemed to be washed away in a tsunami of other feelings, mostly, the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Daily life felt like I was treading water. It was hard to generate any eros while I felt assaulted by vibes on a daily basis for, oh, the last 3 years. Lord Poseidon washed away any semblance of self I thought I had.

But as the orb is finally starting to widen, I feel like a beautiful piece of driftwood: vomited out by the ocean, utterly polished and shaped by the violent churning of the tide. I am emerging looking like something alien, far more beautiful than its original form and, a nice added benefit, soft to the touch.

I feel like I have survived a cage fight with a God. I’ve have taken many sharp barbs from Poseidon’s trident. I have been waterboarded by the great bearded sadist king of the seas. I nearly drowned only to bob to the surface, grab a big breath of air and be yanked back down again.

And now, finally, the fight is over. It’s a draw. We both respect one another and I have learned so much. I want to get Poseidon tattooed on my body somewhere, probably on my rib-cage (gills). That’s how much I respect the epic tango I have had with Neptune.

Only a few lucky humans get to have Neptune transits to their Sun. Each Neptune cycle is 165 years. What am I to make of this? Will I finally get my 8th house mojo back? I feel so much more capable around money now.

My erotic sabbatical has shifted to a real attraction point for money and opportunity. But I would like to think that I am not permanently scared in the eros department and that after Neptune moves away I can feel something other than total water-logged exhaustion.

Thanks for reading,
Fish Underwater

Dear Fish Underwater,

The short answer is YES! You will get your 8th House mojo back and it will be better than before. Like when those characters have strange laboratory accidents or spend time on an alien ghost ship and return with super-powers.

Outer Planet transits to the Sun, particularly when the Outer Planet is conjunct the Sun, go for years and are significant. By the end of this astral alchemy, you are never the person you were before.

Neptune transits are more internal than Uranus or Pluto and they’re often subtle on the surface. Think of an ocean that looks calm but conceals treacherous currents, strange monsters, lost ancient cities and mysterious wrecks.

Uranus transits are when you pull a W.T.F. stunt. They’re the astrological phenomena most likely to have people saying you’ve lost your mind even as they secretly envy you for finding out who you really are and damn well acting on it, fuq society.

Pluto transits are Gothic-Tabloid in tone. They feel like a training montage in a movie. Pluto transits uncover a molten core of hot power deep within. They need their own soundtrack.

But Neptune can feel like you’ve lost your bearings. The undertow from anything usually under control (hormones, crushes, addictions, sugar, fantasy) intensifies and takes you away from land. They can render your energy exquisitely sensitive to everything.

You almost want to live like a Sage or a Priestess in a secret castle, grounded and protective of your psychic energy.  You know Neptune Vibe is potent when you can barely stand to be in a mall or any environment that feels synthetic and manipulative.

Neptune transits through the Eighth House are tricky. Neptune sex is Tantric, a union of souls. This is why it hardly ever happens except (ahem) solo or in your imagination. It is not congruent with 21st Century online dating hooking culture.

When you’re insanely sensitive to scent, sound, nuance, and coarseness, you’re hardly going to trot your newly-hatched soul-self into bed with people.

Don’t freak but there is an aspect of Neptune that is chaste. Not in a puritan judgemental style but just because, well, you’re no longer able to casually blend energies. Every outer planet transit is an initiation. You can’t go back. It’s like the next level in a platform game.

You will be less water-logged and feel your strength coming back as you realize that this oceanic king tide of a transit left you some gifts. You’ll be more psychic and artistically inspired with a much more potent ability to recognize/repel vampiric energy.

Your soul woke up. You can’t disassociate during sex or disengage your soul self from the whole thing. You are not scared; you’re fully conscious and magic.


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  1. I have transit pisces Neptune in 8th squaring my sun in Gemini 11th, this is something OMG, stop the world please, I want to get out! So much fog from all the people around, so much pretending, so much illusion.. I feel even sick from this feeling – to feel that everyone is pretending. How to stop this feeling?

  2. Neptune sitting on my Pisces moon and squaring Gemini stellium of sun/Venus/mercury/Mars/ascendent and I have to say…. What I wouldn’t pay for this to be Saturn instead of Neptune. I feel like my identity is dissolving and cannot imagine going through this for another 3 years. GAH!! Good to hear someone made it through to the other side of this feeling good about it in the end. I’m being swamped by the collective unconscious and having some pretty scary encounters with archetypal beings that I would rather not be experiencing. How is it that you detach and protect yourself from vampiric energies? Sure would like that particular super power about now…..

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hey I went through a Neptune transit over my natal Pisces Ascendant a few years ago. And I had no idea about good astrology. It was a shit fest.
      At the tail end of it I got a personal audio report from Mystic.
      What I remember now are her words. If I could wrap someone up in cotton wool I would. Also it is like an initiation to being a high priestess.

      For me doing new age stuff doesn’t work. Definitely stay away from drugs and alcohol. I feel that physically removing yourself from vampires is the best. If you can have a retreat do it. Protect and nurture that sensitivity. Think of the hermit card in tarot. But hey don’t stay away from good folk.

      But hey what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I learnt alot of hard lessons during that transit. I feel it is different for everyone.

      Blessings. x.

  3. Saw this on the sides. I’m having Neptune in Pisces square to my Gemini Rising and Sag Descendant. I met a slippery person during this transit with low Neptune. I swore I was in bliss, but thankfully I smelled something fishy (no pun intended). I’m navigating the rest of this transit very carefully and keeping my open for Neptune!

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    Just watch Cast Away with Tom Hanks before and after transit

    You will get the subtlety.

    My experience anyway.

  5. I had Neptune transit my Aqua Sun in the 8th house for all those requisite, what is it, 14 years?, at the time….made it through. Yeah, that happened, and now I’ve had Neptune transit my Pisces moon, for years on end, and is just passed it by degree, all in the 9th house, but yeah……..once in a lifetime, many decades-long-cycles, and I’ve had outer planets, both Neptune AND Uranus, transit my major luminaries, my Sun AND my moon, in this one lifetime, through Aqua and Pisces, and if I live long enough, I’ll have Pluto transit my Sun as well……..oh, this world, this life, this cross to bear….it’s been pretty heavy…, yeah, I can relate, 8th house Neptune transit…..right there with ya, sister……and it was not a great time, that era, no…… I bit off a lot to chew in this incarnation, I’m amazed I’ve made it to almost 50 years without destroying myself.

  6. Thanks for the warning & advance notice! Neptune went into my 8th house last year. I have been wondering what it will mean for me. I was so goddamned relieved that it was finally out of my 7th, where it had been giving me serious love zombie vibes/ unrequited love/ not seeing people for who they were problems for my entire dating life.
    Mystic, that last part of what you wrote deeply resonates with me. I was in a karmic open relationship-clusterfuq situation as Neptune retrograded back into Pisces, & since then I have felt like I have to be single unless someone wants to meet on the same deep level as me. And also like I must be very careful about where I spend my energy, & on who, & on what. I’m a sun Gemini with a colourful & populous relationship history, none of which have lasted beyond two years, so that is something new.
    Neptune squared my Sun a few years ago – at about the time I got into astrology. So to have been under both influences at once must have been super powerful. Well done for emerging from those murky deeps!
    Fish Underwater is an exceptionally talented writer, too, I wanted to add – I’d love to read more of your work!

  7. I haven’t had time to read all comments, so forgive me if this has already been asked and answered, but my Pisces sun is at 29 degrees. When would I expect Neptune to plonk on top of it?

    1. Long enough to get famous, develop a rock star drug habit, tear the band apart with your antics, go through rehab twice, release a downtempo concept album with a hot new musician/ producer that challenges the boundaries of popular music concepts, research and co-write a book about these popular music concepts, release second New You album accompanying book (global audiences are rocked by your raw power and shredding honesty taking all to new levels of awareness ), tour the world as a Neptunian Slashie as the planet of unremitting idolisation transits your Sun.
      Should be about it. 😀

    2. I usually realise in retrospect that I’ve just come through a major evolutionary transit (I’m newbie) but when I read Pi’s earlier post I thought “Gah! Should I prepare too?!!!”

      Will go back to neptunian chill mode.

      Thanks pf.

  8. Feeling underwater, but it’s not the water that bothers.
    I feel the stress vibrations around me like I imagine whales do on hearing boats churning and humming do.
    Stuffs up your navigation ability, gives you sore ears and frazzles the neuro networks.

    Neptune is closing in on my Jupiter.
    Jupiter in Pisces/9th is at the top of my chart, the eye in the sky that watches it all.
    Tidal wave incoming!

  9. God I so love this topic and hearing everyone’s perspective. I’ve got Neptune square my natal Neptune, exact conjunct my DC. Also finishing up Uranus opposition mode, starting with it dancing over my Venus in the 8th house, and now conjunct Chiron as it makes its last pass this year. Pluto squaring Venus and Mars as well. It feels like so much is happening at once. How do people integrate/survive all these different conflicting energies?

    I seem to have gotten the wilder energies out of my system – sex workshops, 26 year olds. And so now I’m really letting go of my own internalized pressure to have the changes be dramatic and external, and giving into the Neptunian pull to go deeply inward. The quiet, non-dramatic total dissolution of self that seems to be calling me. I already have a good handle on my addiction issues, so I’ve been free to channel this into dreams and paintings. But even that seems to be floating away now, leaving me with no sense of self or direction.

    For years, I’ve done ecstatic dance on Sunday mornings, and now the idea of leaving my cozy bed to go be in a loud room with sweaty people feels impossible.

    In my imagination, I am going to just completely give myself over to the dissolution, become primordial ooze, and then let Uranus come back for one more lightening strike that will spark a new evolution of self.

    1. Just replied to you on the Astro Hacks page but wanted to come back for more Neptune!

      Are you having this transit 3rd house natal to 6th house transit? That would make sense why your sense of community and routine are being toppled for something new on the horizon. Rely on your art as a flotation device, even if you’re not inspired. If you’re multi Gem, you’re probably having a Saturn opposition somewhere and it’s important to meld those energies even if they feel dry right now. I’m thinking pushing through daily ~ a là the morning pages from The Artists Way. Good luck to you.

      1. Hey Electro! More Neptune! Yes! I love what you say about art as a flotation device. In fact, I keep saying that I’m not painting at all, yet paintings ARE happening – all small and quiet-like. Nothing like the somewhat bombastic things I was painting at the end of last year. So they stay hidden away from view for now.

        And I think what’s happening is TONS of stuff is moving through my 4th house, including Saturn. So I’m in deep homebody/cave mode.

        With all the Gemini, how do you find yourself incorporating the more nebulous Neptune energies? I’m sure the moon/Neptune conjunction helps! I have Moon & Sun in opposition to Neptune, so they feel so separate. Would love to hear more about how Neptune feels for you!

        1. Oh, and my Neptune is also in Sagg! And just realizing that since it’s conjunct the IC, it’s also considered, of course, the 4th house. It’s all starting to make sense! Haha!

        2. I’m not incorporating Neptune at all these days, I think. Maybe just hints here or there, a glass of wine, having fun with grooming, feeling the interconnectedness of people but from a hands-off perspective. Just what comes to mind.

          I’m in a hermit mode as well, and recently I was thinking about hibernation. The gathering, the slumber, waking once in a while for this or that before a full on awakening. I think I’ve been experiencing this phase where I think I am emerging from a chrysalis, but I am really still soaking in all that I have gathered for the real awakening. It can be a very slow process.

          So, to answer your question, patience and settling in to where I am. I think the Moon Neptune conjunction helps as far as these hard transits are beneficial to provide some practical structure for the fog. I know there is an out in this tunnel but I cannot rush to the opening prematurely.

  10. LiberatingVenus

    Beautiful letter and a beautiful response from two amazing and magical Mermaids <3

    Yes, those Outer Planets can be a doozy – pick your poison; do you want to be electrocuted, drowned, or buried alive? Uncle Pluto and I have gotten close over the years due a (seemingly never-ending) series of transits, and let’s just say I’m grateful for the cruel tutelage of Pai Mei – being able to metaphorically punch your way out of a coffin from 6 feet under is a life skill you won’t regret having, even if the lessons were…expensive.

    Neptune’s varietal of fuqery is completely different, though. It seems innocuous at first; right up until the riptide grabs you and all you can fuqing do to save your life is tread water or float. That’s it. Fuqing *forget* about sailing your ship anywhere – that bitch capsized and you’ll be damn lucky if you manage to salvage a life preserver until help arrives. But that’s the thing with Neptune; help often does. The more we beg and cry, the more likely we are to Surrender and pray…Neptune puts us in touch with Divinity/Source, one way or the other. This is when angels (actual or their earthly human counterparts) often show up. I always think of Neptune like the “Footprints in the sand” story; as in “My precious, precious child; I love you and would never leave you. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

    The mantra of hard Neptune transits (or hard Neptune anything, for that matter) is “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” But what he takes away from you on the earthly plane, he will redeem for you on the spiritual plane.

    1. Thank you for putting into words what I could not express – YES – Neptune is washing over me but my guides + angels are showing up, gently picking me up off the floor…

      I’ve got Neptune conjunct my moon for at least another year, praying with all my might that I have the strength to withstand the tides.

      1. LiberatingVenus

        Cheers – I am a natal Moon/Neptune girl <3 I feel this energy aligns with the Universal Mother archetype and that it strongly resonates with Quan Yin. Neptune has washed away so much in my life that I could write volumes about this. I won’t, though – it will suffice simply to say that I am intimately familiar with how he giveth and how he taketh away. The root word for “sacrifice” is the same as the one for “sacred”, after all….

  11. Neptune had been conjunct my own retrograde mercury and opposite my ascendant/ 12th house Jupiter for years, now I am contending with the north and south nodes there…

    Luckily transiting Neptune will in its path through Pisces be Sextile to Venus 5th, where transiting Pluto is now conjunct – and has been for about 2 years…it will also be on my vertex, in the 7th.

    Experience tells me Neptune is better for my private sense of being, hidden realms. All the evolution I have endured in my 8th, is from Uranus transiting over my Saturn and north nodes. It’s has been square my 5th, so while I pass through an intense transformation Neptune has raised dilemma of virtue and morality. Despite the uncertainty I’m grateful for this.

  12. Just finished up on Neptune squaring my Sun/Mercury then onto my Mars for the last three to four years. Wow and whoa! There were days of just being lost at sea and the mind being altered, and then there were the days of delusion busting, disappointments and reality checks. But like the hero with a thousand faces, I came back with a story to tell, a new myth, and a depth to who I am that inhabits two realms of the spirit and reality and seeks to be aware and conscious of it. It was hard coming back at times, because you want to stay but you want to go too––like sobering up after a party full of nebulous but interesting people. Every Neptune transit brings the magic; sometimes you just have to work hard to bring that in without being lost to it. Well done on breaking through to the other side and making it back.

    1. Am in early stages of Neptune square Sun (13degree Gem) so thanks for this update. Neptune is also currently trining MC, sextiling Jupiter and will come to sextile my merc-mars conjunction sometime (20-21 degrees) 2020-2021 but will have neptune trine neptune in the middle in 2018-2019

      Also neptune opposite pluto at the moment

  13. Eclipse Tripper

    Awesome post and on-fire reply by MM. I’m very much resonating with this vibe atm. Totally feel in a state of post-initiation as per Mystics advice, “Every outer planet transit is an initiation. You can’t go back. It’s like the next level in a platform game. You don’t even NEED to go back”. Raw, fumbling, enlightened and learning how to flex and balance on new muscles.

  14. Just worked out I had this transit about 11 years ago in my 11th house. I was at the end of a relationship and in denial about it. Then I found out he’d been sleeping with friends on the side and that everyone seemed to know about it except me. It really did a number on me. Depression, lost all faith in people. The sun started transiting my twelfth house then too so that probably didn’t help. It took years to dig myself out.

    When I did I had a much stronger sense of myself and I could see who were my real friends. I trust my instincts more now too. I also had to learn a lot about forgiveness and impermanence. Wow it’s fascinating reverse engineering this stuff!

  15. Love this post. And mystic you are so bangonwith the replies. Each planet bringing its own special feel to each wrecking! Love the hot molten Pluto. Oh boy does Pluto do HOT, and yes I too was washed away by Neptune. It’s when I first consulted an astrologer and the question I asked was “who the hell am I?”

      1. Oooo mars conj Pluto. That’s going some. There’s never too sexual according to Pluto. Had an eight year Plutonian relationship. My goodness what a trip (must admit I loved it) but Neptune just washed away everything I thought I knew or wanted or ever had. I’m a Pluto Uranus conjunction on my DC so it usually all change with me. Well I hope you intergrated your transits and deal well with the next lot.

  16. I love the articulation of my own feelings about this in Mystic’s reply, and the resonance I’m feeling in many posters’ responses.

    Some of my mates see me as love partner material for …someone. But they don’t understand that I don’t date…because I am nuanced and perceptive on many levels and through deep psych layers with my connections, and love just happens. They love my past tales of crazy mismatched beautiful romances, but cannot see how that has rendered me exquisitely aware of people’s backgrounds and attitudes in just a short hour or less, from choice of words to body language to energy thrum.

    So i see immediately when they matchmake, when they pry subtly, when they suggest. I want to be left to continue forging my own path, weird or contradictory tho it may seem. I cannot stand the coarse energies and attitudes though I’m ok with swearing and innuendo, if it’s not personally directed. Seriously, I kno if he likes me and I don’t need it like a brick to the head because I don’t respond. I’m lucky in my beautiful sex life but yes those times of coarseness where u feel violated after, just because your soul was neglected or bruised. I just don’t put myself in that path as an experiment or gamble anymore cos I trust my instincts!

    So, I was a slut! Not shaming myself, I love the sibilance sexy hiss of the word completed by pure ownership of sex energy. But I had to be to learn from love, and to know what I know now.

    1. Interesting Mille, prismatic kind of description of sex. What is your inner planet set up? I mean Merc, Mars, Venus in your chart? “The sibilance sexy hiss of the word by pure ownership of sex energy”… wow!

      1. Mars in Cap 2nd
        square Merc-Chiron conjunct in Aries 5th

        Venus in Aqua on IC with a few asteroids like Circle

        Venus is trine Uranus in Libra 11th, and square Saturn in Taurus 6th

        Mars squares and opposes everything

        Mercury Chiron also trines my 12th house Sag Moon Neptune Jupiter

        Um…it’s complicated? Yes it’s a prism. Never thought of that before xx

    1. I have this too. Exact this month. I have Moon Neptune conjunction so Neptune is also square la Luna. 2nd house Sag & 5th Pieces.

      How are you coping? I don’t know much about this transit other than reading about a few people’s experiences here. It’s making me feel flat and serious but I also am noticing seeds of ideas that are cropping up dealing with art ideas and also issues surrounding my children. Going through a purge too.

    2. Yes! Me too! I feel like a blob, like I have no idea who I am or what I’m supposed to be doing. For awhile, I was super artistically productive, but now, it’s just nothing but fog. I live in aggressively sunny Arizona, and I just ache for clouds and quiet and gray-blue. Tr. Neptune is also on my DC, so not sure how much of it is the square and how much of it is the conjunction though.

      1. DevotedGem, I was living in Tulsa when I had Pluto transit my moon. I craved thunderstorms and I remember summer days when I would close the blinds and pretend it was raining.

        Just. One. Cloud. To. Cover. The. Sun. Please.

        In the present, I’m feeling another mild winter leaving me unfulfilled. I need to freeze and thaw.

        Not to sound overly ecstatic or anything but I think my hard Neptune stuff actually helps me in the long run because of my Nept Moon conjunction. I’ve lived the fog 4eva. I am in an ‘all slog and no play’ place these days though.

        1. hmm not sure if i am coping!
          arranged counselling for myself…living in a fog cud b one description…i just cant wait fot it to b over..,weird tho coz i have nice aspects to neptune via venus etc…need to look more closely….living in the uk..,wud LOVE a sunny day!!
          cant wait for summer…this yr can only get better….

          1. Aw, ScorpioDawn! I wish we could do a house trade! Lol! Hang in, you will make it through.

            Electro, yes, I am not ready for “winter” to be over. I would like to hide under the down comforter for a few more weeks – or months!! I also did a MAJOR purge a few weeks ago – perhaps that is part of it. A letting go, jettisoning extra weight so it doesn’t feel like such a slog?

    1. Yes but the laws, precedents and data couldn’t easily make a watertight case, as could happen now. Then they’ll ALL have to revise what and how they do.

      Maybe not fair, but just.

  17. Multiple conjunction Piscean 1st house.. Asc, Mercury, Chiron, Sun and Jupiter. Opposing my natal Pluto/ Uranus.

    Longings, dreams, aspirations all wash away.

    A fearless swimmer I’ve become scared of the ocean.

    Sex reminds me of fish slapping in a bucket.

    Sometimes when I wake up and put my feet on the earth – I can barely walk.

  18. Crystallised future

    Oh I love Neptune transiting my 8th house pisces. I have most of my planets in pisces/virgo and Neptune has managed to soften the hideous transit of saturn square saturn whilst traipsing though Sagittarius and looks like it will soften the blow of Pluto opposite my moon in cancer in 2021. I have never been out of work before and yet I’ve been forced to look at a totally different way of gaining income. Thank you Saturn but Neptune has allowed me to have parties whilst on the path of change. I hadn’t partied for around 11 years before 2015!

    As for sex and power yeah – I’ve been experiencing the love-life of my whole life since May last year and Neptune doesn’t even transit over my Venus until next year. It’s heavenly.

    I must say outer planet transits certainly do change your inner perspective forever. I keep an extremely wary eye on Saturn and Pluto since 2005 when Pluto was squaring everything in my 2nd/8th houses at the same time as Saturn was transiting my cancer moon. It’s like my life has a before and after that year. So too when Pluto crossed my ascendant in 2015. Oh what an eye-opener that year was for finding out that people I thought I knew have secret lives! That little (no, big) transit completely changed my way of coping with what life throws at me. Not much can rattle me now.

    The lover I met last year also feels like a before and after person of change and I’m yet to decide if it’s a good or a bad relationship. I certainly know I’m alive (like the 2005 transit) but I’m not certain I want to head in the direction I’m being herded into. The passion is intense and quite overwhelming.

    Coming up is Uranus crossing my MC in 2019. I’m telling ya – having such intense stellium’s makes for an interesting life. Since I turned 40 life is amazingly unpredictable. It”s like prior to my Pluto transit my life was just a dress rehearsal!

  19. 12th house Virgo

    you can’t go back. Its like a butterfly saying it’s been disorienting and learning to fly is great but can I go back to munching leaves? Not going to happen.

    I am 12th house sun and Venus so more prude than most. I don’t get it. What do you really want? Not what do you think you should want, what is easy to want – like a scratch for an itch – but what’s the feeling inside?

  20. We need a club, the early Piscean sun club. I am emerging from this transit, Neptune is now ebbing 4 degrees away from my 7th house sun-Saturn but is now on my Mercury. Before that he did a number on my Venus-Dsc. It’s been five years of watery hell punctuated by some exquisite emotional highs, the likes of which I’ll probably never experience again. I’ve also had Pluto on my moon-Lilith for much of that time.
    I feel I am only just beginning to make sense of the Neptune transit. For the longest time I have felt shipwrecked. All at sea. All the oceanic metaphors.
    The hardest part for me is that I have lost all sense of my true intuition. I thought Neptune would bring a heightened awareness of my inner compass but it has been the exact opposite. So much incoming and every single idea or thought or identity or path seems completely plausible and possible. The Saturn-Neptune square didn’t really provide much clarity in this regard. It brought a lovely Toro man who is so earthy and practical and who adores me. Yet I can’t return the feelings because I yearn for a more ‘spiritual’, creative connection. Everyone in my life thinks I’m bonkers for wanting to give him up. In the words of a multi-Cap relative, “all earth and no magic is pretty much what real life is, right?” I have no idea if I am deluded in wanting something else and if that something else actually exists or not. I don’t know if the relationship I have with the Toro is ‘mature’ and ‘grown up’ or if it’s just missing what I need. I have absolutely no idea what’s true. It is very disconcerting.
    I’ve recently gone back to yoga and the beach. These practices are sustaining me. My need to be in the ocean is primal right now. I’m also doing extreme nutrition and trying some medication for a long-standing health issue.
    Something that has come from this is that I have begun writing songs again. Before Neptune hit my Venus I hadn’t written a song in 20 years. Neptune and Pluto have brought me plenty of material 🙂

    1. Yoga and the beach are good answers. Makes me think of that quote that salt water — tears, sweat and the ocean — is the cure for everything that ails us! xx

  21. neptune transiting my 8th house also. it will be conjunct my south node soon…I’ve always been the financial person in our marriage…he makes the $ and I make it work etc. Now as we get close to retirement…maybe the Neptune transit is making it look better than I first thought (only to be deceived/confused later lol)

  22. I have nep 8th house natally! Plus transiting neptune opposing 6 planets in virgo not at same time though!
    I have experienced soul union during sex. But also the opposite when i got a bit out of it and slept with a guy who was a bogan and now i feel violated. Seems difficult to meet good men in general so im using astrology to get the timimg right. Have to sage myself asap

  23. This was such an amazing read, Fish Underwater! Thanks for sharing. Also, props to you for surviving, I truly wish you the best from now on as neptune orbits away from your sun.

    I’ve had neptune transiting through my first house for the past 11 years and the self-erasure feelings are horrifying at first, it’s like you’re everyone and no one at once. Over time I’m learning to appreciate the dissolution of useless personas, but I’m still looking foward to it going into the second house so I can be broke but at peace.

    Now having all of that happening to your core, to your sun…I can’t even imagine.

    One thing that’s kind of amusing is how the time neptune began squaring my mercury (it will square all my personal planets over the next decade) coincided with the time my attention issues got bad enough for me to look for medical help.

  24. I never paid attention to transits until I found this site. One thing I keep in mind is that one person’s transit is another person’s natal placement. Puts things into perspective for me.

    I loved your description about your Neptune experience. No tell-alls about personal joys and traumas, just baring the depths of where you went with it.

    I often wonder what it is like to “walk away” from a Neptune transit. I’ll never be able to walk my moon away from Neptune, but I’m glad I’m learning to walk with it. Definitely not a cut and dry experience.

    1. Good food for thought. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house here–square my Sun (also sextile Pluto and Uranus)…for my whole life. Thank you for this morsel to munch on. Yes–walk, paddle, swim, muck, etc., with it.

  25. Haha yes! Have neptune on my mars in 1st house and about 5 planets transiting through aries in my second. Soooo confused. Want to hide but all of this yang energy driving me forward. Try to nap to escape but anxiety wakes me up. Still 2012-15 just sucked as in “fuq this mortal coil!”so I’ve totally got this. Will just bring the laptop to bed:p.

  26. YES Neptune almost washed me away too

    Chiron square Neptune just wrapped, I feel like I’m stepping out into some weird new world in which I can actually SEE in front of me.

    Lately I’ve been like WTF why didn’t I see that? Or that? Or that? It’s been embarrassing to really see just how deep I let Neptune take me away – but I love the idea of looking at it like returning from some crazy ghost ship and now I’m free…

    I’ve got Pluto trining my Sun now I feel awake, my job is to pay attention to the Neptune pull but not let it dictate everything!! Literally my life’s mission has been just to be responsible, Pisces moon and Midheaven can be so fluid + potent!!

  27. I just recently came out of a Neptune transit opposing my sun, MC, and then Mercury over the course of several years. Your description of the transit is pretty much exactly how I felt…all the energy sucked out of me with basic tasks feeling very difficult (I’m amazed now at the kind of stuff I let slide…like basic house maintenance). But my Neptune transit was in the fourth house opposing planets in the tenth house so it manifested in a lot of uncertainty and murkiness in jobs and housing (like a series work contracts where they keep telling you they want to make you permanent but can’t, and a housing situation that you keep thinking is temporary so you don’t settle in but then it lasts and lasts in a murky state…)

  28. neptune transit upcoming to sun in about 10 years, right when pluto will be conjunct my moon and squaring chiron return on my south node venus, and uranus on asc.. wow menopause is gonna be a fuqin riot, not.

    i’m working on a plan where i won’t have to be accountable in complex / administrative ways at that time, it’s bad enough being a double pisces in a world that rewards other temperaments (well my current world), let alone be a pisces going through a multiple outer planet transit, the only way i can see my self getting through this is getting out of this pluto city before i end it all, and really going further into creative efforts so i can tap into this, the trick between now and then is to help myself move to a place where that can happen, locate new true friends who are present and supportive of Actual Pi not their figment of pi, a new circle in a new city. not coping well at the moment with the kind of routine others seem to think is a gift from god.

    1. Aw dang, Pi. Forewarned is always a helpful spot and that is a lot at once. I’ll send you virtual hugs and rainbows. xo

  29. I love these posts, I learn so much and often research in Astro-School, the Net and pull up a transit chart in Astrodienst. So this made me discover Neptune (natal 10th H) is approaching natal Chiron and Saturn in Pisces in my 2nd H. Also Dr Chiron is on natal Saturn now, soothing the way? God this is so interesting and explains SOOO much!

  30. Holy wow, this article clarifies so much for me re:the last few years. Stellium in the 3rd includes my 0 Pisces sun & merc, Aquarian moon. Neptune hit my moon as I was awash in a life without direction, heavy on the escapism…continued forward much the same as I went back to work on a cruise line from my past…then it retrograded directly back over my moon just as my father (also a fish) announced that he’d been hiding his terminal cancer diagnosis. Luckily the cruise line I was working for was folding up shop & bought all crew tickets back to our permanent address (I was a floater, using my family’s address at the time for mail). Three weeks later he passed, leaving me with the profound transformation of returning back home to watch a treasured loved one battle for meaning as they bid their life & body farewell prematurely. Stuck between lives myself, I travelled & floated for a while afterward, literally hunkered down on a small island as Poseidon took on my sun. Through each changed ticket off that island, I kept telling my friends & family back home that I felt something profound happening, wanted to wait “for the snowglobe to settle” before I figured out the next step. That clarity never really found me. I had to just trial & error, slowly finding my way back to shore, if you will.

    I can vouch for never being able to go back. My mind, communication, self-understanding, & especially my spirituality…all so profoundly transformed during & since that time. In so many ways it took the better of five years to incorporate much of what had been realized – to stop trying to jam my transformed shape into those old familiar holes.

    Thank you so so much for drawing my attention back with a fresher understanding & perspective.

    Mystic, your articles & entire site continue to offer so much meaning through serendipity 🙂 what a gem.

    1. What an incredibly profound and soulful connection and ensuing cataclysm. Your step by step feeling your way speaks of trust and faith in the universe where you feel or felt none. Very Piscean and 12th house like. The cataclysm very 8th 2nd axis. But the strange ability to carry on very 12th sign.

      Do you also find Mystic’s art choices important in understanding the astro scape? I do and can’t get that anywhere else.

  31. I can not thank you enough for this question and answer. Pisces stellium with Neptune all over me.

    Transit Pluto sextiling it all.

    Transit Saturn squaring it all.

    Natal Neptune squaring it all.

    Life is hard. And I am loathe to say that.

    But this has been balm.

    Thank you, thank you.

  32. serpentinegrace

    Holy crap this. I’ve been feeling “waterboarded by the great bearded sadist king of the seas” myself (btw, my 3H Mars-Pluto conjunction thought that was absolutely SEX to my ears). Neptune is square my Sun.. this has been the theme of most of my 2016 and 2017.

    1. serpentinegrace

      I forgot to add that re: sex, I’ve found that you can’t just go back to disconnected, physical-and-lust-only dealings with peeps. It’s INSULTING almost, esp. after going through such tempests with Poseidon. But I wonder if there is something much higher and purposeful, then, for us folks. The quality opportunity won’t come around often, not in this current collective’s attitude on sex. Have you considered studying tantra?

      1. I’ve Neptune on eight, until this point of my life I don’t know whether Neptune vibes as guidance for spiritual sex or just teasing me with endless of sexual kinks/illusion.

  33. Okay, I am still very much an Astro-noob and cannot for the life of me grasp how to figure out which of my houses a planet is transiting in (does anyone have a link they could throw my way? Preferably one with short words and bright colours? I am so baffled by this) BUT I feel like I could have written this letter. And I have come out of the same state at the same time and feeling the same way. So either way I am taking your reply, Mystic, as a hopeful sign.

    1. Thanks so much – I’ve used Astrodienst for my natal chart before but had no idea I could find my transits on there! Will definitely check out your other recommendations, appreciated.

    2. also “the gods of change” by sasportas. v good depth support & comprehension e.g. for pluto transits, there was a golden pearl of wisdom in that book i have literally only just remembered

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