Part Two Of Permitted Words

As promised, here is Part Two of the Permitted Words list.   Notice how we are getting in well ahead of the impending Mars in Gemini phase – 30 weeks’ worth of mercurial mayhem from late August until March 26, 2023!

It will be a fittingly eccentric prelude to Pluto in Aquarius. Anyway, here are the words and to understand what this is all about, you can read Part One of the Permitted Words list here.


A flashpoint is when tensions ignite into overt volatility: some locations and relationships are permanent flashpoints while for others, it’s a phase – they’re ‘flashpointing’ en route to a new paradigm or resolution. Astrological flashpoint signatures: Mars, Outer Planets and Eclipses in any combo. Some things/people can be stressed for a long time without flashpointing, giving the uninstinctive the sense that nothing needs to be done.


Nonhuman forces that can – for example – cause earthquakes or be harnessed to fuel human endeavor and machines the way they have with volcanoes in Iceland. There are naturally ecological consequences to the practice but from a magical point of view, it is downright dangerous to engage with tellurian or seismic energies without any regard to their innate nature. Like the stars, they are alive and sentient, albeit not as we know it. See also Let Go and Let Gaia and The Secret Life Of Seismic Activity.


People who dislike formal farewells or the potential confrontation of ending an arrangement: they prefer to simply disappear without an explanation, fading out of the other person’s life as if they had been a supernatural phenom. In their mind, it’s polite and expedient – most don’t consider it a negative character trait. Ghosters often develop quick-erasure contacts list cleaning skills that would be a credit to any spy and are more likely to be Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.


When you’re image-conscious and a shaman. Glamanic people or Glamans consciously fuse beauty, design, color and the style zeitgeist with a magical practice – using their beauty or aesthetic creations to cast spells or subtly feed seditious magical consciousness into the cultural grid. They’re not normally politically correct or sensitive to other people’s opinions of them. They have a higher mission and glamor is but one of many veils.


Flamboyantly rejecting a widespread social custom such as Valentine’s Day or baby showers. Grinching is not, contrary to common opinion, a judgment on other people’s decision to attend something conventional. In fact “I’m grinching it” is an instinctive response – not normally part of a wider philosophy.


Literally, “area” – as in the Taoist “bagua” which means “eight areas” – and also the I-Ching. Usually pronounced ‘gwah’ it also ties into numerology, Feng Shui, Five Element theory and T.C.M. If your Gua number is Six, for example, you’d be nourished by Earth Gua people but depleted by Gua number One people or directions. It’s complicated and there are a trillion variants but if you’re dabbling, I suggest using the ‘male’ Gua number regardless of your gender because if you’re female, you probably don’t need the anti-uppity-woman adjustments.


Guiltings are items on your drop-down mega menu of guilting material – they’re the first stop for a blame-storming session or self-recrimination bender. As guilting is rarely that successful, is more of a neurotic hangover from centuries of societal shame + blame persecutions than a recommended tactic. Not to be confused with the kinder remorse, which stems from wisdom and mature reflection. Astro-signature: Moon misalignments with Saturn.


A storm spirit with a woman’s face and birds body – like all chimeric creatures, they’ve been unfairly villified by centuries of Christian religious mythology. The name means “snatcher” and is most frequently used to describe a hostile or bad-tempered female. In some accounts, Lilith is a harpie and they’re likely to have originated from Nekhbet, the ancient Egyptian vulture goddess. Endora, Samantha’s mother in Bewitched, subscribes to a magazine called Harpies Bizarre. For a symbol that is officially ‘bad’, they turn up on a lot of coats of arms.


French for “high” – from the same root word as “haughty” and most often used in conjunction with ‘couture’ or fashion. But there is a haute or low expression of any zodiac sign or astrological transit as well – they’re nothing to do with perceived class or status. A haute Leo expression, for example, might be performance, design or making music. A low Leo would make only scenes, thwarting a higher expression of artistry.


It sounds Maori but it is Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) and refers to magic itself. It is closely associated with several deities as well as to the spoken word. You can see the Heka symbol on the back of the Alchemy Tarot cards FYI. While Heka does refer – in some cases – to a specific god by that name (a Magician figure, carrying a staff, with two serpents), you can also ‘have Heka” or cultivate it. Hekate’s name presumably springs from Heka, far back in time. Heka is part of a trio with Sia (perception) and Hu (Creation).


A mixed up version of the “herxheimer” reaction, which is basically when you feel worse before you feel better during a cleanse or detox. Hexheimer is the magical version when you throw off a hex/negative intention toward you/vibe vamping relationship and feel temporarily worse. It must not be mistaken for a “sign” that you need to take up with the hexer again.


Completely banal and probably exploitative brands/things/people that hippify themselves in order to seem more aligned with natural magical forces that they actually don’t give a s***t about. They’re more dangerous than simply non-magical things and people because the cognitive dissonance does your head in.


Coined by the Aquarian Chaos Magician and artist Grant Morrison, a hypersigil is an extended sigil or sign. A normal sigil is a symbol you make for yourself by writing/drawing a particular series of words or symbols (self-derived) until they reduce into one symbol. Your intention and the time/atmosphere you create it in is paramount. A hypersigil is a short film or piece of music – the concept carried further – and it takes enormous power.


Police/hospital code for drunk people. As in, ‘several intox males approaching the off ramp’ or one simple word to say ‘someone clearly off their fuqing face but no idea (yet) what they’ve taken. It is handy as a non-puritanical descriptive term that also avoids waffly euphemisms like “a few too many.”


Used to describe an event or perception that is clearly on the fate matrix but you’re not speculating or presuming to gauge it in the traditional Sanskrit sense of karma or ‘action with consequences.’


The commercialization of love and its aesthetic, particularly as used to shift product like deodorants and low end sparkling wine. The emphasis is on the redemptive powers of a romantic attachment and/or the potential dopamine hit.

39 thoughts on “Part Two Of Permitted Words”

  1. I live in one of the capitals of Glamanic people… lots of tech money, beautiful nature, rich people searching for meaning. Equals lots of beautiful people with beautiful photos meditating on their Instagram are somehow making a living here running ‘coaching’ businesses etc and all wearing these Pilgrim-looking hats.

    It’s pretty ridiculous sometimes but I also like many aspects of the broader culture that cultivated this (quite a few genuine weirdos around town). And hey, some of the hats ARE cool! I have a flat brim and I get mad compliments on it when I wear it out. But it’s also like why is everyone wearing these hats it looks like a costume lol

    1. I agree with your distinction and your reading of A/T’s op. Marianne Faithful?
      Glamanic. The GOOP chickadee? Not so much. But where in the world is Aqua/Tauri? I legit googled “Where are people wearing Pilgrim Hats?” and nothing came up except an article — which very well could have been satire — about Brooklyn in 2012.

      I lived in a similar place (or the same place?) for 20 years and the life coaching thing is maddening. How many idiots I know charging mucho dollars to disseminate mimeo worksheets re: five-year plans. Makes me feel less bad about, well, any vaguely slimy thing I might do in the future to part rich idiots from their money.

      1. Haha i suspected it was the Bay Area, but Marin? Is it Fairfax? Is Peri’s still there? I host an open mic on Mutiny Radio and asked my SF host about pilgrim hats and she was flummoxed. I refugeed almost ten years ago now, but i can’t imagine marin’s gotten any less chi-chi. Or did the bottom fall out? Still so many friends leaving.

  2. Grinch ghoster Send Xmas letter but more like an annual catch up without the hohoho and you don’t hear from me again until next Dec

  3. I’ve been grinching it most of my life. A natural grincher it seems! Made me laugh. Possibly my cap sun square uranus? I just can’t get excited about these declared events. Although weirdly I love to cook christmas pudding at xmas, birthday cakes and the like 🤔

  4. Getting ready to do a Reset Detox (not so much a hyper-cleansing one, as a “time to mindfully develop better habits”), and looking forward to engaging with LOTS of these concepts — especially hypersigil!

  5. Completely off topic, but quintuple aqua son marches in:
    ’mum, what’s the opposite of time?’
    😹😹😹 just had to share…

    1. I’m a quad Aqua and was just talking last night about my university entrance essay, which was an article about myself, stating that I was an alien from the planet Anthesteria (the Feb. Dionysian festival) that had been sentenced to Earth for failing to recognize the irrelevance of time. Saturn’s so heavy, I was thinking I need to re-involve myself in that whole mindset. Perhaps your son is having Saturn issues!

      1. ooh yeah, never thought of that!
        he was grumbling abt the ‘daily routine’ the other day…i think he will b happy to leave school…even tho he doing well there…

  6. Protect Mystic at all costs! You are a universal treasure 💎
    Don’t let IG get a hold of Glamanic, I can see that hashtag with a model captioned “I’m in nature, touching trees I’m a Glamanic” *while wearing six inch heels and in full glam 😂😂

  7. The Vulture Goddess is so interesting, fascinates that something off-putting is so sacred. Vultures really clean up and are part of the regeneration process in the manner of Persephone sending nutrients back up through the soil from her home in rotting Hades. We have a situation where our food is lacking nutrition increasingly I feel like She is key for what is coming. And come I suppose it must, as there are cycles in all things.

  8. So clever! And thanks for the laugh – I needed it in a house full of covid 🙄 Hope you are feeling better x

  9. Mystic this is brilliant and only up to Glamatic.
    Libran Moon creates beauty. Grot seriously impedes their wellbeing.

  10. “Ghosting’. this Sagg likes words too much to ghost anybody. It IS a negative character trait, and yet was severely done to me by a Sagg. It had horrid consequences and haven’t had sex since!

  11. Whoa, logged in to ask what planetary influences at work causing me to lose friends due to differing ideology, THEN read first few lines about ‘flashpointing’, ‘overt volatility with relationships’, am i reading this right?

    Collective consciousness diving into personal consciousness to create irritability?
    Me or them?

    With my friend, the Voodoo Virgo Mamma, it’s been a long time coming due to her escalating FB posts on Q anon type groups & sites like Donate to Save the World.
    Feel have lost her to a very weird underground that seems like a strange juxtaposition to her Sunday bible group. Or are they the same?

    Another friend called me ‘disingenuous’ (now there’s a word i had to look the true meaning of) because mentioned on her recipe for gluten free cake, that there were not many genuine coeliac/gluten intolerant people around.
    Felt her reply was combative, she could said ‘not well informed/not true’.

    Friends invited for lunch Saturday delayed on Sat morn for Sunday, then said Sunday they couldn’t be there until 4.30pm. All the vegetable pasty dishes and Danish from Boulangerie were stale by then, the perfect weather gone, the leaves & possum poo back around the outdoor setting, so i cancelled.
    A dummy spit. Unusual.Is it me or them?

    My Daisy Dog still loves me, and gave the homeless man in the park all the left over food. That might bought me some love, bet he hadn’t had french pastries & pasties for a while 🙂

    1. Pegs they are fools!! I imagine there would be quite a few of us here on this site who would so enjoy a cup of tea and a Danish and a long chat at your table, (while stroking Daisy Dogs’ ears!!)
      The QAnon Virgo-eek! I would defo not want to hear that rant…diverging personal consciousness for sure

      1. Thank you Ronnie, would love a cuppa and talk about art and animals but words here and well wishes are appreciated greatly. x
        It is sad though when people you have known for eons are no longer part of your reality.

      1. Thank you Pearl Heart, the personages here are suffice as they elevate you as only wise women can.

  12. Hi MM, hope you are tentatively feeling better. My Gem moon is completely infatuated with your writing and these lists. Thought I’d share some of my stellium Aries-but-Pisces-MC ways that i am trying to copy all my haute Virgoan besties this coming FM (trine my Harpie Lila):

    1. Using the pomodoro? dora? technique for time management. It works! Helps me detach and just dooeeit.
    2. Getting anthropologist Lynne Kelly’s book “Memory Craft”; (after I get Pegasus’s amazing recommendation, “Breathe”) and
    3. If I am going to purse my lips while I run around trying to be efficient (I do it, people tell me), I am going to find a non-toxic-but-long-lasting lipstick to wear while doing it, for extra glamanic Virgo power).

    Okay bye – have heaps to do by midnight Friday * purses bare lips *

    1. Hello Star of the Earth. MM’s blog access is certainly an investment. And she is one stunning wordsmith.
      ‘Memory Craft’? I’m there, thanx for the recommendation.
      DO NOT PURSE YOUR LIPS, you don not want Mummy Lips in the future :-)xx

      1. ahahaaaa You make me laugh and I so needed it!!! XOO XOO I have stayed off FB etc etc for years, I had forgotten what it was like, so hope you okay Winged Goddess xoo

      2. Re: FB it’s a cess pit of atrocious spelling and misinformed angry people.
        Lesson learned. Keep my inner Zen Hermit clean by staying away from it. xx

    2. ‘If I am going to purse my lips while I run around trying to be efficient am going to find a non-toxic-but-long-lasting lipstick to wear while doing it’

  13. Now I understand why I got sick: the Hexheimer-effect, and started to feel better quite RECENTLY due to Flaspointing. A glamatic at heart, though.

    Unfortunately, I have a Guilting signature natally.

  14. Thanks a lot for this Mystic. I’m actually in the eye of a shitstorm, yet one word from this list is bringing hope to me. Have a wonderful day 😁

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