Dark Moon Beauty Dos & Don’ts

The Dark Moon is a magical time of heightened intuition and regenerative insights. It also comes with its own beauty protocol. Yes, this is a Do and Don’t list!

(1) Don’t go nuts with a no-holds-barred in-depth examination of your face/figure flaws – it’s existential-crisis-inducing at this time.

(2) Insecurities that arise at this time are not the cue to improve yourself – they veil more intricate realities that would be worth contemplating.

(3) Dark Moons are super-replenishing so sleep, stretching, self-care, moisturizing or anything nourishing is extra-regenerative.

(4) A news – yes, including social media – fast at this time would be more beneficial than calorie restriction.

(5) Dark Moons reward letting-go. Releasing tatty clothes that have become less about comfort and more about congealed expectations leaves room for fresh inspo. If something is never going to be used or worn, keeping it around won’t make the item suddenly ‘earn its keep.’

(6) Impulsive haircuts could be cathartic but later regretted on aesthetic grounds.

(7) Dark Moon fragrance notes are soothing, rather than bracing – vanilla, lavender, spikenard, jasmine, violet.

(8) Unsure of something? Default to simplifying rather than complicating. For example: First sort your sleep out, then think about fillers.

(9) If you’re researching a fresh look for a new phase of life or the incoming zeitgeist, Dark Moon meditative trances are more likely to yield inspo than browsing fashion media.

Image: Faberge Partage scent

35 thoughts on “Dark Moon Beauty Dos & Don’ts”

  1. you know something though. I think the film version of the Devil Wears Prada was where my ann hathaway aversion came from. nothing personal, shes a babe and whatever, but the book was millenial vitrol borne from “U R NOTHING” corporate fashland or something (in fact was she going through a major saturn transit? it sounded mega saturn come to think of it) and this film came out like ohh hearts and happiness. Anyway also meryl streep in a pinstripe blazer, what? i mean were they trying to work out how to portray Evil Boss without anyone making the mistake of thinking that fashionable people could also be evil? note sarcasm also note decade-late film review.

  2. Ha
    might have been a good idea to read this before buying two trays of individual eyelash extension( short and medium lengths) glue and tweezers on amazon 😛
    I haven’t worn or even thought about wearing fake lashes in a decade!
    something possessed me but I didn’t know what. This post makes it clear.
    Compared with my audiobook spend though, it was nothing. Maybe eight quid max. I am just so tired of coming home with mascara UNDER my eyes rather than where I applied it before going out. Panda eyes is so not sexy, unless you’re a panda I guess, but I’m not attracted to pandas so..
    anyway it wasn’t like I blew fifty quid on having them done professionally but it is a bit ridiculous since I am just not one of those women who is great at intricate methods of self-grooming/ beautification rituals.
    Maybelline’s great lash is my go to, and a good primer is enough to stop it running and usually passes for eye make up.
    I SO did not want to go out last night, but I had promises to keep, and you DO NOT, YOU DO NOT, YOU DO NOT LET YOUR GIRLFRIENDS DOWN, so out I went. Spent waa aaa ay too much on food and (oops) single malt and ended up dancing until dawn. Stopped at all night Tesco express to buy two massive chocolate fudge cakes to eat in bed. So much for my weekend of yoga a Pilates but at least, I didn’t work all weekend. Baby steps…
    I’m glad I cancelled my hair appointment and decided to rock the regrowth look. I’m loving the platinum blonde bob, but financially it’s either be bold and rock that regrowth or ..well, there is no or, I’m broker than broke but love my job. It was funny because so many people, women and men came up to me at this restaurant/ bar within minutes of my arrival saying they loved my brave short bob. It’s so much more of a confidence boost when it comes from a woman, though. And of course the women were the only people I had any inclination to converse with. Am cynical or are men in London just either generally incredibly dull or if even vaguely charismatic then oh god do they ever know it and are such players I feel the need to verbally ram their heads up their asses before leaving the bar and dancing with whoever I’m absolutely NOT supposed to dance with according to Darwin’s twisted devolution of the species for modern dating in London?
    I’m cynical.
    And why is it that a guy who is NOTHING to look at -(yes, I’m being a body-ist, but screw it all the men there were so fuq political correctness)
    This man was in terrible shape, like a huge fat, red-faced alcoholic but kept mentioning his yacht in Sardinia and house in Ibiza was surrounded by fawning young beauties and when asked by the hostess who seated me next to him on my arrival why I’d moved to sit on a sofa in the far corner alone I stated flatly ” because he’s a bore.”
    “So what is your type?” she inquired
    My type?
    Am I supposed to have a type?
    I said,” I don’t know, but if it comes near me I’ll hunt it down myself, thanks all the same.”
    She said, “Oh that’s a shame, he’s a really lovely man, so kind. Some friends and I just spent the week at one of his houses. He really likes you.” I said, “he’s not lovely darling, he’s rich and he wasn’t being kind, he was greasing you up to introduce him to pretty women. Look how bored all those beautiful creatures look sitting around him. Did you know that his dog is holiday? On a dog holiday? And he’s here, drinking with women half his age who you’ve set him up with. If he was kind, he’d be talking to Lewellen the violinist who’s two years younger than him and travelled down on the train from Harrow on the Hill and has been grasping the same glass of champagne looking nervous and hoping someone will talk to her for hours and so far I’m the one person who has, why not introduce them if you squeeze her in between all that tits and ass at his table?”

    She looked aghast, mumbled something about needing to circulate and then Tony the DJ, and I conspired. He had the word MUSIC tattooed on his forearm and Scarface is his favourite film. The music was too loud for chit chat and as much as I enjoy leaning forward and saying “what?”
    “What? Oh, Debbie Harry? Then or now? Oh, as a teenage boy? Really? I remind you of her? That’s nice. Thanks. I think she’s great too. I listen to a lot of Kathleen Hanna too”
    Kathleen Ha…you know, the riot girl music scene? Bikini Kill? um?
    There was no dancefloor officially, or so they thought, but there was music, and I felt like dancing. Before long everyone was dancing, even the waiters. Yes, I danced with the waiters:-P
    Ok, and the barmen. I danced with every guy who I felt like dancing with, and the few women who would. My girlfriends had left by the time I found someone who could tango- kind of. He could move, we moved. It was about 5 am when I realised the new moon had finally arrived and the dark moon’s evil spell was broken, and I was dancing with gorgeous, hot man who made me laugh and is probably 12 or something but so what?
    He had to leave and just grabbed my hand since he lives a few blocks from me and had to work in a few hours. We said goodbye outside Tescos and this afternoon when I woke up Pictures of him at work (is he a nurse? They look like scrubs – blue hospital outfit thing, is that a stethoscope in his pocket?
    Will I come on holiday to the Algarve for a week with him in August?
    Can we spend the day together on Wednesday as he has THE WHOLE DAY OFF? We can go sightseeing, shopping, coffee, a movie, anything I want – sorry about his English; he will improve.
    He loves me, darling, etc..
    All too soon but very very funny and just what my jaded heart needed.
    We haven’t kissed, but he can dance.
    Oddly, I’m impressed by how cute he is. My gay husbands would approve. And how sweet and into me. And what is it about a man in scrubs?
    Fuq eyelash extensions. All I needed was waiting for me. I just had to go out and get it.

    1. Btw, the eyelash extensions just arrived.
      Thanks Amazon Prime.
      I shouldn’t have 🙂
      Maybe one day I’ll develop the patience to attach a few to the outer corners of each eye. Who knows?
      Those youtube tutorials always make it look so easy.
      Well I guess happy new moon everyone!

  3. My second house Saturn in Leo and cap moon are very much looking forward to renewed income to that I can have beauty regime again. I prefer the term ‘benevolent dictatorship’. 9th house Pisces here with feral aspects but there are standards…

  4. I went in a floatation tank for the first time last night. Perfect dark moon activity. Came out with my skin so soft from the magnesium and slept like a baby. Feeling totally rebooted!! Excellent dark Taurus moon activity. I would like to go once a month from now on… I woke up feeling so creative and grounded.

    Remember there was a really dramatic comments section on a Mystic post on float tanks back in the day, LOL

    1. Sounds heavenly! Glad you had such a wonderful experience!

      Have been wanting to try it, but wonder if I would feel claustrophobic, as I tend to feel that way easily, even though the floatation sounds so good to me. Do you think there is any chance of someone feeling claustrophobic in the tank?

      1. I think this could be possible but because the sensation is so literally supportive in the tank if you sit with it for just a bit it would likely pass… probably in the beginning it would be the scariest. I went to Reboot in the Marina and their float pods are bigger than most and they allow you to prop open the hatch if you feel claustrophobic at any time.

        Also many things I read online said the humidity can be the most claustrophobic part but I didn’t feel that it was suffocating at all.

  5. Sounds great! I love taking warm baths, doing some stretching, just mellow self-care.. New moon will happen in my 12th house….seems very inward…

    I need a whole new wardrobe and makeup supplies, and will assess. No chance of buying anything at the wrong time, though, because I can’t afford to. I’ve had very little money the past six years or so, so I’m very behind on updating my wardrobe. My clothes are pretty worn out, and tired of wearing same things over and over. Definitely need a change!

    On that note, too, I’m applying for a new job, and it’s an online application.
    What do you all think: Should I send the application right before the moon is new, or wait until after it’s new? The moon will be new about 7pm tonight here in California….

    I really want and need this job! Thanks for any advice you want to throw my way! Happy New Moon!

  6. had a proper nap yesterday evening for the first time in several weeks – after a bender of pretty much exclusively napping in the mornings/ early afternoons instead of doing anything else; all that time i had woken up at a decent hour but then decided that i needed to do nothing and instead dream more – and it was ultra refreshing. responsible naps, good stuff. (i had felt bad about the bender but also had deemed it necessary. has anyone else had that compulsion?)

  7. I threaded the eyebows and waxed the bikini several days back. I slept 11 hours last night wearing Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone and Larimar rings. Rain has me sleeping like a baby and it is POURING here on the east coast.

    I made the mistake of watching ‘Fish Bowl’ – a shirtless Fassbender makes this woman get famished beyond words. Bring on the amore, Universe!

    1. I watched Shame the other day, also starring fassbender. The film is incredible as is he in his role. but as far as fassbender-lust goes, I am just not on that train. Definitely an attractive man, but his look isn’t my type afaict.

      1. I like striking men with penetrating eyes and cheeky mouths. Fassbender, Downey Jr, Javier Bardem – all gorgeous. Rami from Mr Robot, Oscar from Ex-Machina – all yum to me. Ryan Gosling? Never. He looks like a dopey kid to me. His girlfriend Eva Mendes is fine as hell though, lol.

        Attraction is all very personal. What is diamond for one is glass to another.

  8. vaniller candles

    Good to know now is not the time to get lost examining myself in the mirror. I’m prone to that and it’s always to my detriment! But when is this dark moon stuff over with? I need to dye my hair.

    1. Get a mirror that flatters you (meaning the lighting of yourself when you look into the mirror)! It sounds so basic and inane but it is important for your self-esteem. You don’t want to be … examining your face under harsh lighting, as it will always be to your detriment. Diffuse the light, change the light bulbs or even the light fixture and shift the position of the mirror or light source if all else fails.

      1. Am sooo about lighting MS.
        Never overhead and i collect lamps and often put them behind something like a bamboo chair.
        Colour globes with a water based paint mix so it’s apricot/peach hue for winter and a slight blue tint for summer (cooling).
        Do marquillage in artificial light then check it in daylight.
        Lighting is the ALL and less expensive than facelift 🙂

      2. Agree on mirrors. I decided relatively recently that when faced with the feedback from the less flattering mirror vs the one where I generally look a bit nicer, I’d go with the nice mirror. I still look the same to whoever is looking at me but the internal “ugh DONT LOOK AT ME” is less… there. Or something.

      3. Aaaah so true! The “don’t look at me!” With nice lighting and a nice mirror its like “yes this is lady madame queen pants who are you?”

  9. Funny because my experience this Dark Moon has been wanting to add something new to my makeup wardrobe ( ugh ) even though I don’t wear makeup all the time (don’t have the time / occasion / it’s hot and I’d rather be clean). I mean, I pre-ordered the new Charlotte Tilbury mascara! It’s like reviving middle school obsessions with having the longest eyelashes possible for me right now. Other than that, nothing harsh, much less permanent. And I’ve been going to bed super early.

    1. I went on a bath salt making binge the other day. Love relaxing in a new blend, or a tried and true one. I started using a new eyeliner this week – Scorpio rising with Venus in the 8th, and nearing my Venus return. Feeling like dressing like I’m visiting the depths in style.

      I found mugwort and motherwort in the woods while walking my dog yesterday. Feels auspicious!!

      And there can never be enough reminders of the dark moon. Seriously.

  10. Absolutely sleep and hot drinks/soups time – work wonders on skin, baggy eyes and weekend recovery especially in a cold very rainy weekend. Right on MM!

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