Jupiter in Capricorn

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Astrology? I blame all this on Saturn, I really do. And okay, Pluto. I knew that whatever kicked up in Dec/Jan would be disruptive as fuq and propel us into the future. I exhausted the word ‘catharsis’ and made sweeping suggestions about canceling globalism, flying, and factory farming. They irritated some people but I have Mercury in Aries so all my suggestions can sweep. But I was secretly hoping …

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Chez Uranus In Taurus Chic

Some people are early adopters of Uranus in Taurus style. The Future God first moved into Taurus in mid-May 2018, just in time for the Meaghan and Harry Royal wedding. However, it did not establish until late 2019, via a hyper boost from Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s still only at 3 degrees, can you believe it? But the early adopting people are there already, instinctively rebirthing their aesthetic to align …

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Throw roses into the abyss

Could Saturn And Pluto Sabotage Your Success?

Is the game up? Could the Saturn and Pluto conjunction wreck your racket like an illicit planetary saboteur? No. Read on for the reasons. Dear Mystic, I am weeks away from finding out if I’m to move to a different country and start my dream job.  Over the past four years, I’ve been diligently climbing a metaphoric mountain whilst working on myself professionally and personally. The climb has been tough, …

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A Saturnalia Update

Greetings Saturn-Pluto Trippers! The light blogging this week is because I am extending and maxing up the Year Ahead Transit report and finessing the new Personalized Daily Horoscopes – done off your birth chart. Naturally with Jupiter in Capricorn, I broadened my vision and then went obsessive on the possibilities. Remember, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all ultra-potent at the moment; it’s a weird blend of metaphysics, magic and snout …

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Jupiter trine Uranus

Jupiter Trine Uranus – Reclaim Your Ultra

Jupiter trine Uranus is here, the most positive astro we’ve felt in weeks. Months? It’s an opportunity to reclaim your ultra and retake command. Galaxy King Jupiter is, at best, an astrological force that promotes wise rule and cultured success. Visual: A luxurious library with horses on the lawn outside, space, and ease. Jupiter is wealth evident in knowledge, generosity, and options. Think self-assurance  – never status symbols. Uranus is …

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Li Gong holding receiver of old fashioned phone. Fashionable beautiful Asian woman in 2046 movie

Weird New Earth Era Rules To Understand ASAP

Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is the new Earth Era.  Also, until 2021, Saturn and then Jupiter will also be in Capricorn. Even once Saturn and Jupiter move on, we’re left with power-players Uranus + Pluto both in Earth signs, a la the Sixties, when they were conjunct in Virgo. They’re in harmony and supported by Neptune, so this is not like the non-stop cathartic edge of the …

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