Jupiter Money Meditation

Relax and rewire your money brain. People continually report the raddest results from this unique meditation, designed to clear away unhelpful thought loops and expand your prosperity consciousness. It features a pair of frequencies at its core – 473.9 Hz, the rotation frequency of Jupiter, and 367.2, its resonance frequency.

Surrounding these legit big-magic tones are gentle drones conjured by bass & tape loops and a phantom version of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.  You emerge with a fantastic idea or realization, negativity dispelled, ready for some high-vibe hustle.

Format: MP3 – Instant Download and/or Listen Straight From The Site. Duration: 33.33 Minutes.

(Once purchased, your Mp3 is stored in the Downloads area of your Mystic dashboard and you can listen at any time or re-download if you lose the original download.)

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17 reviews for Jupiter Money Meditation

  1. Poisy

    The first time I listened to this meditation, I fell asleep before I heard the end. Yet, when I woke, there was a warm feeling that filled me and a new idea at the front of my mind that was money and abundance related – a very clear question and approach to a matter that I had begun to prioritize in my mind. The new approach was uncharacteristic for me, positive, and had not happened yet. Then I woke up and remembered I had fallen asleep to the meditation! I had no expectations from this meditation but this outcome is instantly beneficial. I am so impressed!

  2. Spacey

    I tried this for the first time yesterday, and it was love at first listen. I love that its just music/beats/vibrations with now spoken word. I felt SO expanded afterwards. Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be using this constantly. What a great tool to have in my toolbox!

  3. Oceani

    Brilliant meditation. Surprising and magical.

  4. M88

    I love, love, love this, just listening to it, brings me peace of mind re wealth – thank you Mystic!

  5. Kait

    I listen to this ALL the time lately. I absolutely am entranced by this audio. My mind is really set loose in this terrain.

  6. marsify

    Seriously amazing. About 10 minutes in I started to get little energetic tics in various parts of my body. I had flashes back to memories related to my financial mindset, from right back to childhood. And the feeling of pure energy afterwards! Wow. This is a purely sound meditation, no spoken word. I had to write this right away but expect great things! Thank you!

  7. Debsdivine888

    This thing is huge and cool on so many levels!

  8. oonabliss

    Mystic Medusa constantly evolves and this is another fine gem in her crown of creations. I have listened to it several times, in the few days since I acquired it, and hope to keep meditating with it, upon it and allowing Jupiter ju ju to vibrate through it… allowing the gravitational pull of the path of cosmic consciousness – and miracles – to reorientate me after a Saturn return that nearly knocked me out of the universe. Mars also appearing in my natal Virgo this week, with Jupiter now direct in my sun sign Sagittarius… felt apt to dive deep with her Mystic’s latest sound scape to bring on the luck of the galaxy king.

  9. hovie

    A unique and gorgeous vibration. I love it and return to it again and again.

  10. Agstar

    I bought this a little while ago and listen to it as often as I can! It’s truly superb! I love it so much. Not only is it beautiful to listen to, it’s highly inspirational, relaxing and expanding. I find it easy to visualise joyful happenings and break negative musings and moods. On a strictly material level I’ve also had many small and big abundances from extra sales to a large purchase I couldn’t afford being secretly paid for me! But the feeling of being expansive and creative is more than worth the small price for this finely tuned beautiful tool. Thanks so muchly for creating it!

  11. viiimonster

    I’m not sure what I expected, but I LOVE this!! It is both calming and clarifying, and every time I listen it seems to give me just the boost I need. Magic indeed 😉

  12. Georgialee

    The first time I listened I had so many different emotions bubbling up, a sign it was truly working it’s magic! The next few times were a more fluid and effortless drift into the void. My consciousness around wealth has absolutely shifted, this is a great tool to add to the belt! Love it xx

  13. feather

    This really is an immersion into the seed sound. The vibration felt astonishing and pure from the start – it stopped all else in my mind. After a few minutes I spontaneously started saying ‘om’ so I could be part of it. There’s this weird swishy, slightly tinny hint of carnival music that teases in the background, ebbing and flowing like it’s trying to lure you away from the vibration, back to the world. It was like stepping off a carousel, leaving the horses circling endlessly behind you, their music and their hold on you growing fainter as you walk toward a more true vibration.

  14. Orchid888

    Just purchased this…and after listening, it’s made me feel like a profound auric cleanse has taken place?! I actually feel deeply refreshed on a bio-cellular level?! It’s like listening to the voice of the Universe…completely supported and tuned into the greater Oneness.
    Crossing fingers for an inspiring “influx of Abundance $$” too..but feeling absolutely reset holistically anyway!
    Thank you so much!! ♥️

  15. Nan

    Amazing at opening various doors down in the deep of the psyche, encouraging for those forward thoughts that involve creativity, and movement forward. I look forward to continue enjoying the flow it’s helping with in my growth.

  16. Normis

    To be honest, for me the first few seconds were jarring. Then I felt a rush of energy and felt the vibration rise within me. I truly love this. I think my mindset was off the first few seconds, because NOW I just dive right in. I love this so much I purchased it for my youngest son and have told many of my friends. I sent links to the site to all of them! This truly gives me a sense of empowerment and drive.

  17. Jess

    Loved this so much! I have listened to it once a week since purchasing and it has helped me a ton with creating better content for my blog, I have just been thinking a lot more clearer with my goals and how I want to reach those. It’s fantastic!

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