Are Misinformation Fines Pluto In Aquarian?

The advent of Pluto in Aquarius is mere months away – March 23, 2023.

Given the barrage of deplatforming, dissent-shaming, ramped-up censorship, new legislation and heated discussion, it is natural to wonder if this sort of thing will characterize the Pluto in Aquarius era.

Various leaders have proposed versions of ‘disinformation bureaus’ and seemed genuinely bewildered by the lack of enthusiasm, even amongst their most loyal supporters.

But when financial giant Paypal introduced a $2500USD “misinformation fine” in their latest policy update, the social media response was so savagely against it that they removed it, saying there had been an error.

So is this talk of Kafkaesque misinformation fines and disinformation ministries an early indicator of Pluto in Aquarius form? Or a side-effect of the messy unwind at the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era? It’s difficult to answer this objectively as I’m biassed.

I was already leaving PP for unrelated cybersec reasons but this galvanized me. I’m one of those ‘disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it‘ sort of people. Fine, not death and not the 2022 Kanye reboot but definitely erring on the freedom of speech side.

Aquarius, you would think, embodies that too. But there are arguably two dimensions of the Aquarian zeitgeist – an austere Saturnine strain that may well think it knows what’s best for everyone and a zanier Uranian expression.

People who are pro-info control tend to say it’s to protect people from idiotic or dangerous advice but even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and assume entirely benevolent intentions, it can be problematic.

The ‘filter’ becomes like one of those hideous huge industrial fishing nets that captures everything, a digital dragnet. So yes the person who was wanting to recommend that you gargle with pesticide instead of going to the dentist is removed but so is the person citing a legit study that says calendula has clinical efficacy against gingivitis.

P.R. people charged with the responsibility of shielding their client’s brand or platforms paid by specific advertisers can also easily emphasize the whacko end of any ‘against’ opinion.

Eg: say there are two people who are critical of wifi: Person One is a scientist who thinks that it may be disrupting bees and moths ‘magnetoreception’ – their ability to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic lines and that this in turn is affecting their breeding and other ecological factors.

Person Two thinks it’s a fiendish plot from an Illuminati moon base and that 5G rays vaporised their illegal whiskey still. To mute the nuanced scientific point, all you need do is accentuate the wacky hypothesis and cite that as the reason you’re limiting all – any! – comment on the topic. You’re acting out of ‘an abundance of caution’ and you don’t have to counter ‘difficult’ information.

Misinformation patrol also has to be automated, essentially. So you end up with debacles like the one that inspired my evac from Facebook. I logged onto it one morning to find that my account had been frozen because I had “violated community standards.”

There was a whole screed about the importance of protecting children and that FB did not tolerate nudity and so on. To apply for ‘a review’ of my ban, submit a claim here: that link went to a page saying I’d made an error and update my bookmarks etc.

Without reactivating my ire by regaling you with the entire sage, I navigated the bot maze and about 70 irrelevant suggested help docs – “here is a help doc about <irrelevant topic> goodbye!” – before finally getting to a live person in chat.

Apparently, a picture I’d posted was ‘obscene’ and before I could find out what picture it was, I had jump through a ludicrous amount of bureaucratic hoops it was bots or bot-like humans for nearly the whole time.

Eventually I discovered that the nude image was a picture of Saturn – see below – and their algorithm had deemed it pornography because it was flesh colored. After an unedifing phone discussion which saw me in a crowded street yelling “it’s a fuqing planet not pornography,” I agreed to remove the image and replace it with a less sexy Saturn image.

But no, as I was now flagged as a potential pornographer, I could not just ‘remove the picture’; I needed to re-apply for my FB account but this time prove that I had a business which legimitately posted images that might include more skin. Eg: a bikini shop and I would have to provide proof of my imaginary bikini shop. And so on.

Now, even though I did not have money banked in Facebook, I was paying for Facebook ads at that point and if my whole site had been more or less on Facebook, I would have been sunk. It was still a stress event and costly in terms of time + money but it did not wreck the MM site.

But imagine if this was you, you’d done nothing remotely illegal but your livelihood is at stake. So you’re suddenly hurtling around these systems that are deliberately designed to stop you from seeking support because it is such a clusterfuq. Or imagine if the zeitgeist shifts and Astrology is suddenly declared ‘misinfo’ and bam – it’s consigned to the back allies of the internet?

I could be wrong but I think that the current fracas and re-enlivening of debate is going to lead to more sharing of intel.

Artificially repressing money via ’emergency’ low interest rates over Pluto in Capricorn has led to lucre inextricably reasserting its rise and value. Perhaps trying to over-control thought and information will inspire more self-expression + variance in opinion, not less?


Image: Henryk Waniek

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  1. Off topic: Have just realised I have Saturn in my 12th house. It explains alot. Now I understand what I have been going through. It makes sense.

    1. Saturn is transiting your 12th? What has been your experiences lately Wish??
      My mamma has it in her natal chart and her life has definitely been difficult at times, made harder with her tough Taurean nature that’s been under attack most of her life, but the ice is melting and she’s not taking everything as serious (mostly how she perceives herself) and learning to let go and forgive the past.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        It is definitely the end of an era. I need time to myself.

        Lately I have realised that I have put on this persona to cope/tolerate people who are not my cup of tea for way too long. I did it for reasons I won’t go into. Part of all that Pluto in Capricorn era.

        I don’t fear being alone. My Pisces Rising needs it. But I still believed that I should get along with these people: social conformity. Today it hit me. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

        I need to listen to my intuition and just do my own thing.

        Also loss of identity. Loss of ego.
        I had cancer 2 years ago. In remission now. I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful, thick curly hair starting to take on an attitude. And it’s like I am getting my identity and ego back.

        1. Happy for you about the healing and your hair renaissance, Wish!
          Also, it’s good to know when you need time on your own

        2. Wow Wish. Going through it was definitely an understatement, Cancer can be viewed as many things (from a metaphysics standpoint especially) but having the bravery & strength to overcome this and STILL have the ability to self actualize is something you should be very proud of!
          Your hair breaking through and creating new pathways is a beautiful omen I feel, a sign of things to come for you. Having the courage to realize you want to reset your path in any area doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! I broke out of a very toxic cycle myself and started again (in my 30s lol) and it’s been both lonely, insightful, challenging, magical.. basically all of the colors & emotions.
          Follow your intuitions, any chat we’ve had I’ve felt a very strong sense of knowing and power (even if you’re still only beginning to trust it!!) which can take you across any challenge. All we need to do in this life is be receptive and seek, the universe will do the rest ✨

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I am so glad you asked the initial question. It started a chain reaction. I googled 12th house on this site and I found an old reply of mine re: a dream I had.
            The truth about 12th house transits blog. The don’t be hard on yourself resonates strongly. Read the old reply below.

            Thank you for your thoughtful words. My intuition is strong. But I got very jaded. Then I got cancer. I had to decide whether I just wanted to exist or live fully. It was a no brainer. I chose the latter. So here I am.

            And today after a great osteopathic treatment I realise my real life is just starting. Would like to get into the healing arts and writing and art.

            I am curious to know what your metaphysical standpoint is of early stage breast cancer. Right breast and 20 out of 30 lymph nodes . Later removed.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Oh I can’t copy and paste it.

              Anyway in the dream I am on a bus on the right side of a long and winding road. We end up in flood waters and a huge dragon comes out of the water. Our eyes connect. Powerful like an omen.

              The dream compels me to find out when planets are transitting my 12th house. And the message is don’t be so hard on yourself during these transits.

              I also got the message when I was typing. Make sure you are in the driver’s seat.

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Jupiter has been and gone. Saturn is ending its first decan. And Uncle Pluto/Dragon is waiting in the wings of my 11th House.

                I feel the path of daily spiritual/yoga, writing and discovering art again is ideal for this Gemini/Pisces Rising.

                Thanks for prompting me with this process.

                1. Pluto in the 11th is very perfect for your transformation of your relationships and for welcoming in new influential people! But like the dragon dream, in the flood waters which traditionally symbolize our emotions, sometimes we need to meet the beast eye to eye to realize we are just as powerful!
                  I definitely think as you start to embrace a more spiritual path through your writing, yoga or any other practice you will begin to attract the powerful people that are waiting in the wings. Change is difficult, but those who dare to walk a different path than the masses gain the biggest rewards! SO JUMP!

                2. Wish Upon a Star

                  Well my relationships are definitely transforming. I am letting go of those that don’t serve me. Also letting my different masks fall off. Part of the problem.

                  I have been here once before. But I went back to my old ways. But not again.

                  Here if go. Like the Fool in the tarot with her eyes looking up at the Star.

              2. The 12th house holds all our secrets, and it’s where we digest all the lessons from all lives before we get to the reset of 1st house. It’s a deep contemplative phase, where we need to spend that extra time protecting our peace, energy and mind.
                Listen to your msgs! Journal them, even if they make zero sense now, revisit them at a later stage.
                It sounds like msgs are coming through your dreams, probably because you’re overcooking your brain during your days lol 😂

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  When I first read this reply the thought that my Chiron in Pisces 29 and half degrees is connected.

                  I am starting to give my brain a rest.

                2. Your Chiron is at the anoretic/critical degree natally? Well damn that would explain it all then….the house would explain the area of life that this lifetime needs the focus & why you are being challenged so hard to incorporate all the lessons!

                3. Yes the challenges have been full on for this Pisces Rising. But thankfully the penny finally dropped. That’s when my life changed for the better.

            2. Oh it’s my absolute pleasure, sometimes we just need the outside push to begin. There was something about your post that drew me to ask it, so I guess that’s just energy at work!
              I also wanted to say that yesterday when I was typing out my responses to you, I was getting an extreme pressure in my head… now I’m just like you just starting to open certain doors but I wonder if you may be spending too much time in your head? And basically burning yourself out by being too self critical? Which can have the opposite affect of progression in the end!
              From a metaphysical standpoint breast cancer is a conflict of the nest… a trauma relating to the home base – divorce, separation, conflict with neighbors, children etc. My mother had cancer in her breast too when I was very young as my father left for one of the first times, and abandoned our family. She overcame that and many other hurdles, the female will is STRONG!

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Your empathic feelings are correct. I do spend alot of time in my head sometimes.

                I won’t go into details but I understand your metaphysical interpretation.

          1. A progressed Sun in Leo is exactly what you need, and the fire energy could be of great use to you as you forge new paths!

        1. It sounds like a recognition that the structure of your life needs to change!
          Saturn isn’t anti growth but it likes to force change in our darkest areas with or without our permission lol

        2. Your outer planetary influences must be lit lol 🔥 …. Neptune has been square my NN since forever and it’s been a strange, wild and mystical ride!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I’m not sure. Not that good at astrology, but I might look into the squares etc. But I do know that some days I do not feel of this earth. Then some days I am immersed in nature. Thank Goddess for a Taurus Moon hey?

            Strange wild and mystical. I can relate to that.

            1. Hhhhmmm I can so relate to that feeling, it just sounds like you’re extremely plugged in elementally 🔌 … it’s a beautiful gift but it can have you feeling not of this world regularly lol. It’s very important for you to not be fixed in your approach, that’s what causes the pain. Drop out of your head and stay in the moment (you know this is the exact advice I was given at the start of the year lol) so you can actually be present. Hope all of my long responses (sorry lol) can be of help 💛

              1. Thanks for all your replies. I am just on my way to day surgery. Nothing serious. I will get back to you when I get back home.

              2. Wish Upon a Star

                Yes this is definitely helpful.

                Thankfully I have a Taurus moon that helps me be in my body and smell the roses. This is when things flow for me. So thanks for reminding me.

  2. Mystic! The same thing happened to me re Facebook this year! Except I never found out what precipitated my ejection – I was never able to contact anyone, and was never able to get back on. I’m not at all risky on social media, so I was flummoxed. I had been viewing it through a saturn going through my 11th house window, and was wondering what it might mean as pluto moves into the same arena. It’s been really interesting adjusting to a post Facebook life, with the main area affected being my connection to my broader community. It was so random, and I had to set up all these protocols to stay in contact with my people, that I wondered if pluto in aquarius is going to be a post social media era, with people having to reconsider how they stay connected with their communities en masse as it were.

  3. this FB incident made me think of that old saying about character defects or dodgy behaviour in the 12 step fellowships – if you spot it, you got it.

    even Saturn is sexualised by social media. Lolz. Literally nothing is sacred to a troll. To eyes overly acclimated to pixels Father Time is obscene and larping nippy nips.

    The irony of the sound bite or the tweet being conflated with the meaning- content for content’s sake makes pixelated Jack a dull boy. The pornification of Saturn is the nadir of nonsense.

  4. Julian Assange has Mars in Aquarius with his NN, imprisoned for actual information, now in solitary in a foreign country without formal charges. Astrology as misinformation, as inspiration and for encouraging the understanding of intuition is heretical in the current climate. I told my too-sensible Kataka boy he needs to remember that he will never learn from the media, from school or from government health organisations how to cleanse his energy field, that they don’t want us to recall we are beings of light, that can shift vibration states with directed consciousness. This is a key to power. I hope that other Kataka, Assange is released before its too late. And that he at least knows how to be in touch with his Higher Self and the blessed-out, blissed-in healer within ..

    1. Thank you for reminding me, Sphinx, that ‘… we are beings of light, that can shift vibration states with directed consciousness’ 🌟

  5. What a lovely picture MM..where can i puchase that..??.FB are a total no culture all these fact checkers are fqd have no idea they are all fake finders..!!!

  6. Aquarius is where we find new tech, and we’ve had a huge explosion of that over the past few decades.

    The Pluto dance across Aq/Cap is bound to have us examining our “right relationships” with the power for anyone to say anything to the world, regardless of its impact.

    Humans usually respond to radically new things by legislating well after the event, and usually with a sledgehammer.

    I doubt we’ll really understand this period until historians and sociologists examine it in another 100 years lol.

    But I’m seeing encouraging signs that people (especially younger people) are pushing back and exercising a lot more critical thinking than their elders.

    Example – the ban on Kim K wasn’t for promoting crypto, it was for misleading people, because she promoted without stating clearly it was crypto and her people didn’t appreciate that. (Also side note – I’m 99% sure someone with K levels of fame gets a thorough human review rather than the stoopid FB botfest 🙄)

  7. I’m aghast. FB actually banned you for the above image of Saturn? Ffs, that is beyond ludicrous. The world was/will be a much better place without FB anyway.

    1. The date of foundation for Facebook is February 4 2004. It has an Aqua Sun at 14 degrees, conjunct Neptune at 12 degrees. Pluto wil be transiting this Sun-Neptune placement eventually… But first it will square FB’s Mars in Taurus at 0 degrees. That is soon

      1. GACK! FB was founded ON MY GD BIRTHDAY? No no no no no non no no no nothing can erase the karmic stain on us puir wee Feb Fourthers!

        I remember my birthday party that year too. One of the many ruined by an asshole Libra.

  8. welcome to the club of ‘FB banned’!
    My business site got banned from advertising. I apparently violated their advertising code. however, I never found out why and never got to talk to a person.
    And yes, endless help screens that led to nowhere.
    So long (fuq off) and thanks for all the fish, FB!

  9. Just read where 75% of people obtain their news from Twitter. WTF.
    Mobile phones about to be banned from classrooms to prevent bullying that leads to suicide.
    Side effect of screens are children not making eye contact anymore.
    Have i told you how much i really dislike Mark Fuckerberg.

    1. Agree with everything you say, Pegasus.
      It is absolutely incomprehensible to me why mobile phones haven’t been banned from classrooms along time ago. They should go into lockers in the corridors of schools

    2. They are banned at the two schools where I work, but the kids are pretty cluey at hiding their use/bullying, unfortunately. My poor son 13 doesn’t have one, what a shame 😉

      1. Hi Jaquie, good to hear phones are banned where you work! Here in the Northern European country where I live in many schools there are no clear rules, though a majority of the teachers would like them to be forbidden. Your son is lucky not to have one 🙂

    1. Also, as discussed below and above in the OP, it’s worth it to remember the two very different types of Aqua icons (I think I have posted this list elsewhere on this site before; and I am a very proud multiple-Aqua, so I suppose one could say I’m demonstrating “detachment” here):

      Glenn Beck, Feb. 10
      Sarah Palin, Feb. 11
      Alex Jones, Feb. 11
      Ronald Reagan, Feb 6 (also on that day Zsa Zsa Gabor and Axl Rose LOL)
      Dan Quayle, Feb. 4 (which is my bday — I feel Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks and Alice Cooper make up for this)
      Mr. Charles Manson Yoga himself, Bikram, Feb. 10
      Paul Ryan, Jan 29 (the apex of GenX’s contrib to US politics…maybe all the norms should have spent less time pretending to be “cool” at Dead shows and watching *these* fucks, I know I was…)

      Oprah, Jan 29 (your mileage may vary, she’s got a lot to answer for, giving the world Dr. Phil, but I realized during that Harry/Meghan (sp?) interview that I kinda miss her)
      William Burroughs, Feb 5 (okay, pushed boundaries but MAN was the guy a crank)

      Yoko Ono, Feb 18
      Angela Davis, Jan 26
      Audre Lorde, Feb 18
      Terry Jones, Feb 1
      Betty Friedan, Feb 4
      Rosa Parks, Feb 4

      This is just off the top of my head, if anyone’s got others, add ’em I’m keeping a list.
      Unfortunately, the Beck/Jones/Palin type-peeps seem to have the world by the balls right now…Bikram is a good example of this iconoclast-conservative-type coming from “the left.”

      The mix of Aqua and Fixed traits tends to produce some kind of Messiah complex, which can deffo get out of hand. I mean, even think of Yoko’s amazing piece where she just let everyone cut her clothes off her….

      Having SAID that, being an Aqua with an Uncle Pluto on my Shoulder (Rising), I know *I* was bullied quite a bit and the one way I saw through the horrible anxiety that produced (which I still live with today) was to retaliate with belief in my own superiority and looked to the future for the eventual “Ha! I TOLD YOU.” Mystic said this one day recently (?) how Aquas don’t get validation in the present because we’re misunderstood so we have to look forward to the “triumph.” I see this very much in the Palin/Jones/Beck axis. Of course, I’m GenX and with kids so wild these days, who knows what will happen? They seem more on my level every time I talk to them, I’m like UH HUH, I’ve been saying that for THIRTY YEARS. lol

      1. Thank you, SheRat for this panoramic view of the different kinds of Aqua’s!
        And I am really sorry you were bullied in the past. The more I think about it, bullying is truly the devil’s work. And congratulations to you for overcoming that and for raising wonderful kids 🙂

      2. You can add Amy Coney-Barrett, Ayn Rand, and Dick Cheney to the list of right-wing mucked-up mastermind Aquarians; Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, and Elaine Pagels to the list of boundary-pushing Aquarians expanding consciousness and humanity. With love from another multi-Aqua <3

  10. This is very interesting! Note also Kim K just got fined for promoting crypto on social media, kind of a similar vibe

  11. Bravo, well said! We live in a time where most would dispense with the 1st Amendment altogether. Say the wrong thing, think the wrong thing, wear the wrong thing, watch or read the wrong thing, believe the wrong thing=1 million years dungeon. We should never forget that Nazism was possible and effective because of its bureaucratic structure.

    1. You are right annafras. At the same time the opposite is true too, many people are spreading outrageous untruths or exaggerations on social media. Because things which inspire anger and fear are sure to engage an audience and keep them on social media longer, see the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma

      1. Yes, I think a free speech emphasis has been a way for corporations like Facebook is misdirect our attention away from the fact that the whole financial and emotional structure of it (and other platforms) tends toward fear-mongering and manipulation.
        We just have shut them down or regulate them into bare shadows of what they are now and radically shift the model.

  12. What a joke & sad state of affairs you ordeal was, Mystic. It’s just as well it wasn’t Uranus’ rings you had shown, is all i can say.

    Re the fining of misinformation aspect – i’d be all for it if scumbag politicians were fined every time they misinformed or broke their promises to their electorate. But i know porcines would take wing first.

    1. So as a teenager. I am 55 years young now. I was psychically compelled to go to my library and borrowed the book 1984 George Orwell. The male librarian was impressed and asked if this was part of my curriculum. No I said. My Pisces Rising couldn’t fathom why he didn’t understand my watery feelings and premonitions.

      I couldn’t really understand and appreciate this oceanic compulsion at the time. Did it prepare me for the sadness I would feel for these babes in the woods now. No it didn’t. But it wants me to love them even more.


  13. I did hear the tail end of a triple J podcast that stated that google etc employ a Malaysian company to investigate images. Each operator had approximately 1-2 sec per image to decide if it was “suitable”. Surely what is interpreted as wrong in a possibly conservative country could be an iconic cultural image in another. There are so many cultural facets and this would not suit the random 1 second viewing decision and if the operator had a bad day could they be less objective, and I imagine this type of job could/would/should have mental health issues from the potentially legit gross things out there. What I am sick of the most is the “Dr Voodoo” commenting on. every. bleeding. post. in F B

  14. I’m excited about the new president of signal, the encrypted messaging app, Meredith Whittaker who is an outspoken critic of google. She says re signal and social platforms: you don’t sue the maker of pens for what people write with them. etc. Just a refreshing persepective, she seems like a cool person too.

  15. That’s terrible though, Mystic, that you had to go through all that BS with Facebook because of the Saturn picture! I feel for you

  16. Agree with most of what you write, Mystic. Censorship is dangerous, but… For the first time in my life I am currently experiencing what it is like to be slandered – by a malignant narcissist neighbor who wants me to leave town. And I wish to God there was a bureau of disinformation to deal with this…

  17. Ooh. My thoughts are that Pluto’s transit thru Aquarius will be accompanied by increasing exposure and polarisation of aqua themes.

    The thing with enforcing a misinformation clause (etc) is that you’d have to include some kind of fairness test. Like at what level is misinformation punishable? Is it contingent on the type or extent of harm it may cause? And who communicates it. For example presumably the newsmedia boss cops it more than the lone conspiracy theorist blogging away. And do the numpties who promote a middle-ages understanding of women’s anatomy receive a fine for their arguments against say, the right to terminate a pregnancy? I mean this would be fantastic and either way I’d always want to know who was writing the laws and who was voting them in.

  18. Facebook has been a major gripe of mine personally for years, especially with the extremely harmful information that can be spread by people with high engagement levels. The best decision I made was to remove myself from that whole mess of a situation around four years ago, but yes it was easy because I hadn’t built a business around page using the site.
    “A less sexy Saturn image” cannot be a real life conversation lol.
    The denouncing of astrology as part of the ‘black arts’ may be next, the tone of the world is so against the divine feminine it scares me. We have never been more in need of guidance, but then again it does depend on where you receive your news….

    1. Good for you that you left FB, Cecemesee!
      I considered joining in 2011, but I did not because someone told me it was ‘time consuming’. Haha, the least of our worries, though I did not know that back then

      1. Hi there Calcifer! Definitely one of the best forms of time suckage, as I call it lol.
        And it made me begin to really dislike the people around me, as they spilled their daily thoughts really about nothing haha!
        I’ve been reading you’ve been still under attack by your Leo Man neighbor turned feral. You need Kim K’s legal/PR team to clean up this toxic spill, they can make anything and everybody just disappear…..
        Hoping the lovely Libran vibe has given you some reprieve 💛

        1. Thank you Cece! The Libra vibe has certainly been good for appreciating beauty 🌈
          To deal better with the neighbor, I am now working on myself with the help of a coach. Trying to stay focused on what I can change on my side (but sometimes just need to vent 🙂)

          1. I get it completely! We can get stuck in cycles that seem hopeless but with understanding ourselves better, and our perceptions we can change our reactions!
            So happy to hear you opted with self care and evolution 😬

  19. This is just one of the reasons that I fear Pluto in Aquarius. The bright side of Aqua is a strong upholder of free speech and your right to express yourself. But the less bright side goes something like “I am right and you are wrong and I know what’s best for humanity and you don’t, therefore I will shut down your right to speak/platform/profile/whatever.”

    Ministries of “truth” etcetera are ministries of protecting the desired narrative. This whole thing has been brewing for the last 70 years (or longer) and has been gaining momentum over the last 20 years with the internet. The whole covid “trust the science” narrative while shutting down scientists with an alternative view saw it reach new heights. We don’t even allow scientists to debate their views! And the mind boggling thing about that is that debating your views/theory/hypothesis is exactly what science is based on! Go figure.

    If you disagree with an argument or think it is wrong, then beat it down with a better argument. Simple really.

  20. Wish Upon a Star

    That’s one sexy Saturn. 💖 Lol.

    Do scientists really think wifi interferes with bees and moths breeding ? Genuinely curious.

    1. Yes, it’s quite the rabbit hole, especially discussions around 5G. I don’t know what to believe any more. Seems there’s no escaping 5G anyway, no matter what its possible effects.

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