Daily Mystic For Wednesday 13 April

Whatever your Jupiter-Neptunian realizations or developments, they’ll continue to evolve over the next five days and you can then anticipate a related beneficial scenario between April 27 and May 2.

That’s when Venus will be conjunct Jupiter + Neptune, making this rarified energy more material. In the meantime, note even your most nebulous or cryptic impressions.

It’s now the Virgo Moon, the monthly zone for zapping through outstanding tasks with awesome alacrity. Whether you’re deftly solving gnarly mysteries, devising better ways to run things or simply accelerating to accomplish more, max this out.

You can score rad results in relationships by paying attention to the details. For example: a small but incredibly apt gift that references a nuanced layer of someone will be more welcome than anything lavish. And taking care of outstanding micro-tasks for someone without mentioning it would score outsize gratitude.

Have an amazing day,