Daily Mystic For Wednesday 3 August

Hello and sorry a trillion times for this D.M being so late. My move has been (and still is) super-Uranian to the point of absurdity. I won’t bore you with details but picture movers turning up to the correct address but in the wrong state, vanishing modems and

We are still in Uranus-Land, with ingenuity, next-era consciousness, glitches, nervy erratic vibe and chaos magic all swirling around in an absurdist vortex. That is, the amplified Uranian influence continues for the week but flashpoint-wise, I would like to think that possibility is diminishing the further we get away from Mars-Uranus exact.

Today’s Moon is Libra, always good for a rebalancing maneuver and tomorrow is the beginning of an extended Mercury in Virgo phase! Do you have writing, editing, study or analytical work to do? Prepare for enhancement! Mercury is in Virgo from Thursday until August 26 will then return for a repeat performance from September 23rd until Oct 11.

All up this will be nearly nine-weeks of Mercury in Virgo, one of the two signs it rules. The last week of September (Mercury Retrograde in Virgo) will be exceptional for research into the past, forensic accounting/book-keeping and/or sleuthing! More on this exciting astro-passage soon!



Image: Tomie De Paola

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  1. The wrong state! Goodness me. Now that is one moving story I have yet to hear. How things go missing in a house move has always baffled me. After moving two months ago, I have just found my vacuum cleaner bags but not my electric shaver. Hairy legs for a bit longer then! Good luck with your modems.

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