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When All The Elements Are Accentuated

Just as people generally become more supernatural with age, they resort to their baseline elemental personae during times of transition A.K.A. 2020. Being bothered enough to try and embody or honor all the elements is a luxury. I have a theory that the sector of the house (North, East, West, South) where you tend to leave things for later corresponds to the element (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) that you are …

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Social Distancing With The Zodiac

All the smart people are social distancing before they’re being ordered to, says The Atlantic. That’s because it’s an effective plague deterrent and well, to many people it’s a thrill. Nobody wants to say that as it’s crashingly insensitive to people whose job demands face-to-face contact or to those who count seclusion from society as a stress event. But the situation – scary as it is – is secretly delighting …

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Understanding The Elements In Astrology

Mastering The Elements In Astrology The Elements in Astrology are a brilliant basic building block with which to construct your knowledge of astrology. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – Which is your dominant astrological element? Which is your least assertive? The insights gleaned from this are invaluable. If you don’t have them already, you can check out your Element Mix via the graphs in my Astral DNA birth chart reports. …

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Psychic Indicators In Astrology

Psychic Indicators In Astrology

Psychic Indicators In Astrology Dear Mystic, Can you think of any chart indicators that might lead to regular telepathic messages emerging via artistic practice? I’m a songwriter, irritating to interview as I can’t explain my process or inspiration or anything that might be of use to anyone reading. The ideas, lyrics, music arrive in my head and hands – sometimes together.  So that I have to check with as many …

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Punk Shamanic Psychedelia

Lilith trine Neptune is the Outsider Renegade, Self-Exiled Biblical Bad-Ass in cahoots with Shamanic, Visionary God of Ghosts and Utopias. Weird? You bet. Neptune holds sway over magic, auras, perfume, across time love affairs and the powers of Water. Lilith has a punk, hackers, disruptive sensibility. There is not a single paradigm she would not attempt to subvert if it was fake. Neptune can be deceptive, and Neptune can break …

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Fire, Earth And The Astrology Elements

The Astrology elements are super-ancient, linking into the medieval temperaments, the traditional Chinese elements, and old Babylonian beliefs. Once upon a time, they were not intellectual concepts or even a way of categorizing the signs/people. The elements were magical forces. That is, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water were powers. In this way of thinking, each has its own attributes, directions, and allegiances. For Feng Shui and any form of House …

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