The Virgoan Motherlode

“Actually, I rather like birthdays. It is a good reason to talk to yourself, to ask yourself what you have been doing, what you are doing and what you will do. Girls who can’t go off and talk to themselves stay girls and never become women. Women who can’t take stock turn to drink, take pills or worse, but I can take stock. I can send for the bill of life and add it up too. If I ever feel depressed I consider what I have done and what I have accomplished — starting from nothing and arriving now with so much happiness.” 

Sophia Loren – sounding so thrillingly Virgo.

There is a wise, earth magical, Gaia aspect to many Virgo women, don’t you think?

And- from a People magazine interview in the Seventies:

So I always carry a small red cloth packet containing rock salt. I am more than superstitious. I am a witch. And I have eerie premonitions. Once I was invited to a gala ball in Brussels, and the day before I was to leave I had an overwhelming feeling of impending disaster. I canceled, and the plane on which I was to return crashed, killing all aboard.

At our apartment in New York, I was disturbed by a weird black shadow cast across my room. Early the next morning three armed bandits robbed me of every piece of jewelry I owned—$1 million worth. Two years ago in Paris, I had a vision of a raging fire just before I went to bed.

Hours later I was awakened in the predawn hours by cries of “Fire!” I bundled up the children, broke a window with my shoe and somehow got out onto the roof, where we were rescued by firemen.

41 thoughts on “The Virgoan Motherlode”

  1. Sophia might have a few planets of energy in Leo. Her teethy smile reminds me of a grinning Cheshire cat (Lion). Her thick wavy hair is mane-ish looking (Lion). Her duty of actress confirms Leo-Virgo psychological natures. Plus I know scores of Leo women who adore the play of children, love motherhood like many Cancerian women. Leos love the spirit of kids dearly. In the above picture and by reading the tone of her comment… I sense Sophia finds motherhood very fulfilling. Hey, that’s great for her if the men in her life have not fulfilled her.

  2. Hmmmm….Sophia Loren has such interesting astro. The Virgo Sun (and Venus, although not conjunct), Moon in Aquarius, and Capricorn Rising (with Saturn in Aquarius). Such a cool combo to have!

  3. Me too, I know it’s just a staged photo but I’ve always wanted a bath in the garden and so now we are having our bathroom redone that’s what I’m going to do – the old bath is going outside so I can watch the moon when I’m having a bath. I once saw a photo of someone in NZ reading the Guardian Weekly in their outdoor bath which was heated by a little wood fire underneath. So sensible!

    Sophia is the most beautiful woman, I loved her in The Millionairess with another virgo, Peter Sellars. I think that pairing kind of confirms the theory that women do virgo best!

  4. Can relate to her figure sooooo much more than, say, Kate Moss’s.

    I feel more “normal” if Ms. Sophia is held up as desirable (and of course she MUST be. I mean look at her!)

    And love the fountain/bathtub pic:)

  5. I’m inspired by this post to channel my Earth-witch goddess Virgo Moon this fall. I love Sophia Loren, but I have no idea if I’m as wise as she is. hehe

    1. My Mom is also a Virgo, and that might explain the attachment. She does get on my nerves when she goes into Mercurial cleaning/lecturing frenzies, but she definitely is the Earth Goddess in goodtimes as well. She bakes, gardens, works fulltime, and is good-looking. Meh, it might take me a while to reach that kind of awesomeness.

  6. What a STUNNING woman is Sophia … now that’s what I reckons a woman should look like!! 😯

    I mean naturally skinny and athletic chicks have their own beauty, but to hold them up as some kind of ideal of perfection is just utterly ridiculous. They’re in the minority and not representative of the normal female physique.

    Whomever said above that she is “plump” needs a good smack upside the head and is probably suffering from body dysmorphia!

    In regards to Virgos … hey I’ve expounded on the fabulosity of Virgos on many occasions. However I do find the men exceedingly annoying and not half as cool as the femmes.

  7. Currently not too fond of my Virgo gf who has found my choice of partner not up to her high standards and she has told me on a few occasions he is a loser.
    AND she missed my birthday which for a Leo that is a criminal offence not forgotten for a mandatory 5 years. Says so in the Global Association of all things Astrological ( go look it up). Lucky I am not the type to keep reminding her but it still stings a little.
    I’ve had a fairly “sensitive’ week so don’t start me on Virgo’s.

    However happy happy spring all you OZZZZEEEEES and peeps of the southern hemisphere so glad winter is over.

  8. The Leo Socialite

    She reminds me of beyonce here – also a virgo!!!

    i agree that virgo women seem to rock being a virgo better then the men.

    having said that, i will probably now fall in love with a virgo man and he will tell me off for being drunk and laughing too loud, dancing on the table in my chipped toe nail polish in a garish shade.

  9. My Virgo sister is wiser beyond her years. Even though she’s younger, I’ve always said that she’s the ‘older’ sister. Now she’s just turning 26 and has a house, a seven year old stepdaughter, a husband, a full-time job and put herself through online grad school. She works with (what else?) the Red Cross. Uber Virgo and uber mature. 🙂

  10. The one Virgo woman I knew awhile ago didn’t seem particularly wise. In fact, I felt I was the sagely one out of the two of us and I had to talk sense into her more often than not. 🙂

    But I recently learned that she might literally be emotionally unstable and have problems… So I want to be more patient now that I’m back in touch with her. But she definitely has issues!

  11. just a thought, but i’ve noticed that when it comes to astrology and sun signs, some sexes have an easier time expressing the positive traits and and the opposite sex shows the negative.

    virgo women rock! they have the balance of know how and optimism, are hands on, and have enough sense to pick their battles wisely.

    but wth happens to virgo men that makes them bitch, nag, complain, criticize, critique, bemoan, kvetch, nitpick, whine, and instruct without drawing a single breath? virtually every virgo man i’ve met is felix unger trying to fix what ain’t broken!

      1. omg, cute ! first time my ex had me over for dinner he shoved all the other junk to the corner of the table and cleaned a little spot for us ~ all done up with placemats, shiny soldier straight flatware ~that one spot (in the whole place) was *sparkly* 😀 heehee

        1. LOL !!! First time I kissed my Virgo husband, he’d just vacuumed the house. Luckily my Virgo rising understands him, or I’d have killed him by now. He only nags when he’s anxious….

    1. All the Virgo men I know are very clever and career-oriented but otherwise chaotic and fun. Not a single nagger among them. Perhaps I’ve been lucky?

  12. Yup – agree with Virgotigress. My Virgo rising is tapping me on the shoulder whispering “Make To-Do lists”….

    I shall go and sit in the sun and do so 🙂

    I love it when we all synchronise !

    PS: And have just gone out and got 6 tiny arty pretty notebooks for doing just this with 🙂 🙂

  13. Thanks Mystic – opened this up just as I had come in from the backyard after making just such a list – the broad brushstrokes of things accomplished and to-be-accomplished. Nice synchronicity.

  14. Virgos with grounded confidence are the sexiest of all the signs. Ample intelligence coupled with earthy sensuality , and wildly fascinated with emo responses without getting muddy in them. These virgos are the bomb!!

  15. I love my Virgoan best friend… for years she was anguished by descriptions of Virgos as practical, seemingly humourless neat-freaks (common misconceptions in the popular psyche, I think)… The wise, earthy goddess image suits her much better (though she is also organised, tactful, and forever elegant.

    1. Sorry, beg to differ. She’s not plump. She’s a normal-sized woman who was well-respected in previous times for being sexy and gorgeous. No-one ever said she was plump, it’s the different standards of today which has been obsessed with unrealistic body images for women.

    2. Not plump at all!! Not photoshopped into some grotesque disfigured unreal misogynistic figment of some herd-following moronic stylist.

      1. I noticed her curves in that pic too, in a good way. Maybe it’s a culteral thing because the other Italian actress/sex symbol that springs to mind is Monica Bellucci. She is stunning and curvy. I’m thinking of moving to Italy!

          1. PLUMP? *whack*

            WELL ROUNDED? *whack*

            You make her sound like Sunday roast.

            She’s bloody gorgeous and hot AND within the bounds of obtainabley normal and what should be on the cover of every magazine.

            1. Thank you feisty-one. I moved everytime you swung for the whack. But – Well-Rounded – can also mean that of her inner-qualities… i.e Grace, kindness, nurturing devotion.. etc.

              I find it ironic that the adjective of ‘well-rounded’ could also pertain to her curves and supple areas. Not seeing the humor in that is not much fun.

      2. *figment of some herd-following moronic stylist’s imagination. I was foaming at the mouth so much I couldn’t finish my sentence.

      3. I agree. I prefer real women. When women looked like women not strung out scarecrows half starved in American Apparel, Victoria Secret ads.
        I have always had a boyish figure but, would prefer to look like a pin-up like Sophia Loren.

  16. what a gorgeous lady in oh so many ways! Inner and outer beauty – I love that taking stock idea; something for this virgo loaded lady to take on, I believe.

  17. 😯

    I agree! My mum was a Virgo and even though she has passed, I have always felt a strong connection to her, which is also very grounding. I once had a medium – didn’t realise the tarot reader was one as I have never actively wanted to go to one – say to me that my mum wanted me to know that I was much bigger than her. And she made a gesture to show the difference in height, I am the same height as my mother was, so I’m not really sure what she meant. 😯

    Plus I was born on her Saturn Return! Not sure how she felt about that… 😯

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