Cyber-Chiron has been in Aries since April 2018 and if you doubt the ‘cyber’ prefix, consider the etymology: ‘cyber’ comes from the Greek kybernetes – ‘the steersman.’

Despite the delays and fuqery of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction/pandemic era, you’re now far more in control of your own ‘ship’ than you were pre-2018.

Conjunct Chiron and aligned wth the Moon’s Node, the Aries New Moon Eclipse on April 8/9  dramatically affirms your navigational nous and inspires a matching fresh image or even new love.

The difference between relationships belonging to your past and the ones from your present or future is stark.

This is not an overheated Moon that zaps up a couple of days, it’s a beacon. And Mercury Retro in your sign from April 2-25 doesn’t indicate abnormal tech-glitches.

It means multiple hook-ups with Chiron: An illuminating eureka-flash, news and/or dialogue from around March 20 will develop over April and manifest to your advantage by May 9.


Lilith is still in Virgo and already in sweet renegade synergy with Uranus. Analytical or tech-minded viragos and genius grouchs bring new, unconventional resources.

Your regenerative momentum accelerates from mid-month as Mars, Lilith, Jupiter and Uranus form a fantastic – unprecedented – config.

Desires and ambitions held since 2018 come together at warp speed, via unexpected benefits or a surge of genius on your part. You could even, with your ruler Venus in the clandestine 12th house, have access to secret sources of money.

Your fellow Earth signs, Pisceans and any Aries who can handle you in the lead role will be enormously helpful.

The Sun is your sign from April 19/20 as per usual but this year it combines with the spectacular planetary config above, assuring a remarkably successful Taurus Season.

Hot: Expansive and innovative ventures/relationships. Not: Staying in a role you’ve outgrown. Try anyway and the whole racket will implode.


The Mercury Retrograde and action-planet Mars in your solar career sector for the month send a clear career directive: find the fast lane and stay in it. Let others putter around the cul de sacs or take scenic tourist detours.

Reject any roles that resemble ‘tour guide’ and hold out for boss status. Social, vocational or dating scenarios that need infinite analysis causes unnecessary cognitive fatigue, even if you are good at puzzles.

Mars is conjunct Saturn from April 10 to 12: while others are diverted by the dazzling Solar Eclipse, you can negotiate, hustle or data up to prosper in late April and beyond.

This month’s much-vaunted Jupiter-Uranus alignment helps to secure serenity chez Gemini and could contribute to a semi-miracle within your broader family circles.

But your most cool cosmic opportunity portal opens in late May, when Jupiter arrives in Gemini and immediately aligns with Pluto in Air Aquarius. Think romance and abundance, the destiny-choreographed variety.


April debuts with a visionary Venus-Neptune conjunction and ends with an equally far-seeing Mars-Neptune conjunction. A dreamy affinity or fervent artistic aspiration can become substantial in record time.

It’s that kind of a month. Shamanic Neptune evokes new geographic and intellectual destinations, with a surreal twist. Travel for work or wisdom and find love. Seek a soulmate abroad and score big in creativity or commerce.

In your mind you stroll through moonlit temple gardens, communing with owls or your 14th Century love interest. You have access to a secret library/esoteric laboratory in a luxuriously appointed mountain lair.

With the Galactic Center activated in your solar 6th sector, pace to wander around is your holy health grail and it’s achievable.

This transcendental trend competes with a daunting array in Aries. If work politics or career/biz admin merde call, you have to pick up. Direct dealings will bring far-distant true goals into stunning proximity.


Leo enthusiasm is easily dampened by mundane money scenarios and boring commercial algorithms.

But the ‘bright spark’ of Aries season re-ignites your inspo and Jupiter aligned with Uranus for the 2nd half of the month equates to more fans/funds for the latest ‘current thing.’

But what if it’s more than this? From 2025, Neptune in Aries will be a belle-epoque for free-style creativity akin to Hollywood’s ‘Golden Era’ when Neptune was in Leo (1915-1929) or the Seventies avant-garde of Neptune in Sagittarius.

April’s opportunities and ideas contribute to this coming paradigm. Affirm your most audacious resolutions around the Solar Eclipse on April 8/9 and then confidently await developments when Mars hits that exact degree in late May.

Caution: The Scorpio Full Moon on April 23/24 has its stinger out. Tip-toe around delicate yet obligatory social events or attend in full regalia, with prepared lines.


Mercury Retro spends most of April in your sexy, existential 8th house, arousing libidinal love affairs that don’t fit your current psyche but which still exert a certain sensual tug.

You know it – they know it but hello, you’re the Virgo – have a protocol in place for when they reach out.

This phenom also evokes primal money insights – you’re one sharp realization or fantastic development away from a liberating restructure.

To discern follies from genuinely ground-breaking concepts, recall the rage from your most outrageous rip-off to date and how ludicrously nice you were to that person/company.

Perhaps you used to squander your mercurial gifts – analytical genius, chic discernment, eloquence etc – but rebel Moon Goddess Lilith in Virgo has wrecked that racket since last October. Next up, not that you need to explain anything, the ‘silence all detractors’ radically obvious revamp from mid-April.


Mars and sorceress Circe are aligned in your work/health sector until the 6th, elevating your everyday wiles and flirtation gambits. Weird yet ultra-effective wellness tips have amazing results but are too metaphysical to share.

Zoom out and consider your entire work/health rhythm since 2011 for a productive realization that you can action around April 28-30.

Your natural rationale corrects any delusions within your mind or psyche but you’re often too polite to question/criticize the daffy concepts of others.

Directness rules this month, ready or not. The Solar Eclipse on April 8/9 represents a new relationship attitude and Mercury Retrograde from April 2 means that it may come via muckraking or revelations.

Or, if you’re in love and enthralled, that the situation could take a while to flourish.

Whatever occurs, remain discreet and stay in command of shared $$$ or debt situations, with a modicum of focus, you can zap them into sensational shape by May.


Mercury Retro for most of April probably doesn’t bother you. In fact it’s sure to bring a stream of penitents to your door or in-box. They’re sorry or they have a long-winded apology in draft form – you can’t quite recall their name, let alone the misdemeanour they’re on about.

Few appreciate the extent of your post-relationship amnesia, particularly if the person breached your borders: You become their Shangri-La, a possibly imaginary realm that they’re forever barred from.

Still, slow on the uptake types try it on and Mercury Retrograde may bust out in weird ways around the Solar Eclipse on April 8/9.

Mitigate this by thinking of your top five technological or systemic/bureaucratic Grudge Flashpoints – unless you’re literally addicted to grumbling, this is the month to proactively improve the situation.

Mid-April sees the Jupiter-Uranian love/high-end alliance astro evolve into something super-tangible: solid working relationships and/or budding sensual attractions become formidable, extraordinary new life constructs.


Jupiter is your ruling planet, the astrological wellspring of your inexhaustible faith and insouciant presence.

Although this month’s Jupiter-Uranus alignment springs undoubted benefits – especially in everyday working vibe – the late May launch of Jupiter into Gemini will really razz things up.

Think regenerated partnerships and money, as in actual, real, money. Stay on track, without trying to revive zombie romance, to maximize this legit love potential.

If you’re already happily hooked up, consider your business relationships – are any of them essentially stupifying in an un-Sagittarian fashion?

This astro may also evoke vague memories of vexations – unrequited love, regrettable loyalties, merde advice etc – from approximately eight to nine years ago.

If so, engage objectivity and pull the narrative into the now – eg: what the episode taught you etc. That way you’ll feel better if you hear that that the prime suspects of that debacle are a little less cocky these days.


Pluto has one more stint in Capricorn – ten weeks from late September – and that’s it for centuries.

The more you reflect on the phase since January 2008 until recently, the more you realize the profound nature of your metamorphosis.

Others, annoyingly, are less perceptive and they’re your concern over April. To what extent should you preen or prevaricate, just to get/retain a desirable gig? Or to remain in a relationship that just may belong to a different era?

The answer flies in during the Dark Moon of April 5-7, lucid like lightning and punctuated by people’s conduct around the Solar Eclipse on April 8/9.

Your humility is not a gauge of anything and it’s unlikely to be realistic or accurate – it may even be a barrier.

Obeying your hunches and doing your own hustle no matter what the Hiss Squad says is never easy.

But April’s lesson is that locking yourself into a rigid inherited or assumed construct would be harder in the long term.


Technically, Aquarians don’t care about instability because they’re so naturally anarchic and anti-fragile. But you know that ever since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 and the consequent fuqery, you’ve been far more aware of space + foundation.

The Solar Eclipse on April 8/9 will add more ideas, words or deadlines to your whirring vortex of a brain/schedule – profitably and as a reflection of your success.

But Jupiter-Uranus is your key astro du jour: Could it be time to psychically reconnect with the genius locii of places you revered as a child or that your ancestors did?

Yes, absolutely. This is the metaphysical angle of this month’s rare astro and if you address it authentically, the more mundane aspects – real estate, domestic security, family scenarios – will sort themselves out.

Magic is the new first line of response and if you think that’s weird, wait till shamanic Neptune arrives in your solar communications sector next year. Prophecy is coming back.


In terms of Eclipse strategy, think about how all of your boot-strapped workarounds are suddenly starting to look like ahead-of-the-zeitgeist innovative strategy.

April 8/9 is a Solar Eclipse with a dramatic backdrop and a likely reward for your continued service to the cause of originality.

Nobody needs to know you actually can’t help it and that at least half your achievements come out of not liking to be told what do do. Take the money or accolades and put them into your emerging biz/money paradigm.

It’s infuriating but you may not have the financial ease you desire until this time in 2025 – but stay on your current spiritual/self-development path and the worldly rewards will be way more than you’ve envisaged.

Mars is in Pisces all month so you’re good at riling people up via your mere presence – if this is not the desired result, advance fluffy diplomatic overtures now.

Or, think about why you might equate lack of clout or resources with ‘niceness.’