When Your Scorpio Sun Is Square Jupiter

When your Scorpio Sun is square Jupiter, you’re an extremophile. You may or may not seem over the top – it would depend on your ascendant – but you’re automatically out-there in practically everything you do.

Visualize the prolific philosopher-writer and general iconoclast, Voltaire – easily the most flamboyantly modern person of his 18th-century era. He was the original “I may not agree with what you are saying but I will defend to the death your right to say it” guy.

He drank up to 70 cups of coffee a day to fuel his output of provocative literature, prolonged feuds, and public debates. Asked to renounce Satan on his deathbed, he evidently replied “no thank you, at this point, I need all the friends I can get.”Β 

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  1. It was my 30th birthday on thursday! Was Voltaire born on the 27th? Pleeeeaaase say yes… He was truly awesome, witty and nowhere near as turgid or morose as those other famous historical scorps.

  2. No one has commented on MM’s last 3 words that are tres tres scorp ‘horny for life” . Let me be the first to take it out of context and put my hand straight up and say YES like a evangelist of lust I am.
    and being a scorp moon i have a secret and it is powerful.

    Unfortunately i have told a person I thought was my friend but after a tirade of texts tonight( which i did not respond to with Leo dignity intact) I now realise is not. Secrets are much more powerful when you don’t tell any one true? i am only an L plate scorp being in Moon and eros but I love the positive scorp energy not the lo scorp it is stirring up in other idiots i thought were long gone from my life.

  3. Is anyone else funking like crzy during this moon??? or is it just me????
    Feeling wimpy myself….must get invincible!

  4. I’d go there for the brain alone, I adore Voltaire and Candide is my favourite book of all time!

    I’m a caffeine free zone though, I’m already anxious and jittery enough, I have to drink calming things like chamomile, rooibos and on days like today I chain drink Damiana (it’s like liquid valium!) really recommend that.

  5. Voltaire? OK, sure. Smart, funny, perceptive.

    But – and maybe it is my leftist leanings, or the fact that I seem to have this thing for fellow Lifepath 9’s, or the fact that I deeply admire his incredibly courageous auto-biographical tome Les Confessions – give me Rousseau anyday. Even if he lacked pretty Gemini wit, and even if he was dogmatic and clumsy and shy and retiring, Rousseau was more egalitarian and less elitist; he didn’t build a reputation as an Enlightenment philosopher by repeating the same few “truths” over and over; he plunged deeply and widely into a wider range of controversial topics, and exposed his deepest shameful secrets as an act of personal healing.

    OK, so I should love Voltaire more, given his Sagg merc and mars, and his Scorpness, but in spite of my own scorpness, which is equally suspicious of human nature, it is Rousseau I admire most: Rousseau was the idealist who had the guts to confess his OWN sins in excruciating detail – rather than project them on to other people – in a way that was absolutely scandalous and extraordinarily courageous at the time.

    Voltaire – Gemmy ascendant par excellence – prioritised the mind, but Rousseau – who, mind you, had Venus, Mars, Mercury and Dark Moon Lilith in Gem if I am correct – said, “trust your heart rather than your head”. He was also honest enough to admit that he had been burned by this: β€œAll my misfortunes come of having thought too well of my fellows.”

    So personally, I reckon this should be the Rousseau new moon: you can’t heal without being fearlessly honest (at least with yourself), nor can you fulfill the need for intimacy – the needs of the heart – without trusting; nor can you confess, or trust, or create true intimacy without risking getting burnt. Classic Scorpio stuff, even if he had no Scorpio or 8th house in his chart. He did have moon conjunct neptune trine pluto conjunct uranus, and ascendant in virgo exactly opposite chiron in pisces.

  6. Yay for Scorpios with Gemini Rising! \o/
    But yes, argumentative, provocative, witty people. And always have a smirk on our faces. Unless something has gone very wrong. Then it’s “stand up straight, assume battle stations, all weapons (stings) are ready to fire”.

    I’m not big on coffee, makes me too hectic, like anxiety attack crazy.
    On the other hand, during Voltaire’s time coffee was probably a lot weaker than it is now. So 70 coffees = 4 espressos…

  7. Cross and Lonely Me

    Bloody Ex-Weirdness

    Ironically, my hair has gone all romantic

    I had a copy of Candide around forever and never read it!
    Now I can’t find it!
    Salt to the wound.

  8. Yay! My birthday is on the Voltaire Moon. Well, the 26th here in the US even though it’s already the 27th in the southern hemisphere. But I love Voltaire’s writings so it’s close enough. πŸ™‚

  9. Soz to do this, but was too cute. Fave Voltaire Moon moment today from a really amusing little 4 year old Virgo, Toro Moon, Cappy Rising niece of mine.

    She stayed the night and we had ‘Om’ chants to calm her down at night. The next morning she told her mum,
    “You know what that sound is? (Om) It’s God!
    And, He’s so big He’s as big as a Planet! AND he’s the BIGGEST fairy in the Universe!!!!”.

    My sister just looked at me like, ‘you told her what?’. πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m surprised he had a liver left after that much coffee. I’m shocking after 4 cups and I am scorp gem rising. Im kind of impressed he invited that on himself though. heh.

  11. dazedandconfused

    ‘Candide’ one of my fave books as well I had, until my boyfriend stole it from me when we broke up claiming it was his, as if…..would love to live in a world where boulders of gems are plentiful and tossed aside like stones. The one bum cheek girlfriend, lol

  12. December 17, 1706 is the guess I got from the Internet, as far as Emilie’s birthday. Saggo! Her translation of Newton into French is still the definitive version. Love Voltaire, too. Odd, that I was just reading all about him yesterday. Something about the new moon in Scorp combined with my own Gem rising made me uber-mouthy today! πŸ™‚

  13. Wow! My dream combination for a man. I’ve had close to perfection: Aquarian with Scorpio moon and Gemini Ascendant. Just a fascinating mix to me!

  14. Curious Cancerian

    If it’s less scary, I think she was just severely mentally ill and unfortunately couldn’t get the right kind of support.

    1. It’s going Holloween and things sit on Scorp. I just wanted to share things I saw here. You guys-pretty meanly responding. If you’re not interested, just ignore. So exposing your standard!

      1. Curious Cancerian

        I wasn’t criticizing you or being snarky, just trying to offer an alternative reason for the creepiness. Sometimes I get scared by things like that (demonic possession, the Catholic church, etc) and so was trying to offer some reassurance. But you’re right, it’s Halloween, so I’ll try and find some true ghost stories on youtube πŸ™‚

      2. “wasn’t criticizing you or being snarky” You did, coward.
        You are the typical bully in everywhere dragging every excuses to harass anybody who’s annoying to you. you guys r allergic to religion? Get some vaccine. I did and I have no problem reading whatever ‘Father’ thing there.

        only you 2 girls, here…

  15. AH, thank you for reminding me why the Enlightenment is still one of my favorite periods. LOVE this guy. <3 But 70 cups of coffee? Holy shiite, even ONE cup makes me sick to my stomach…LOL.

  16. Awesome, I love, love, love this! My Moon in Scorp and Gem Rising is zinging at the thought of him frankly.

    My fave Voltaire quote “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.”
    It’s true, life itself is just the most bizarre occurrence!!
    Love that as a deathbed statement though re Satan, cute.

  17. Sorry, totally off the topic, but is there anywhere you know of that can help decipher dreams? I had two horrific ones last night, both different but with the same theme. Hell disturbed that my mind could even come up with this stuff. Wondering if there is a deeper meaning. Is there an indepth site on it or anything?

    1. Curious Cancerian

      Hi Girl… I’ve never had much luck with dream dictionary sites… I read the relevant entries, and am just like ‘nup, that’s definitely not it’. But from a number of threads I’ve seen here, there are a few peeps around who are quite adept at interpretations… or they might know a better site than I do.
      Btw, sorry that your dreams were so awful. Nightmares can really stay with you; I had a terrible one about a week ago that threw me so off kilter the next day.

    2. The Leo Socialite

      honestly, dreams like that are to do with your digestion, my naturopath told me that and i betcha had some junk food that day or msg. msg nighmares are terrible.

    3. Best thing, Girl, is to work out what it all means for you as fixed ideas of symbols aren’t really much help. Write down your dreams and read them out loud. Sometimes it’s surprising what smacks you in the forehead when you hear the words out loud. If that doesn’t help, break them down into parts. ie, First, this happened. Then, something else happens, then… and so on. Try jotting down words that you associate with each part or person. What does each symbol mean to you because symbols have different meanings for each person. If it’s a person, it could well be an aspect of yourself and the figure is showing you what you see in the other person which applies to yourself. ie, If your grandmother’s in your dream and you see her as a loving woman, it could represent a loving part of you. If you see her as a miserable old tyrant, have a look at yourself, even if you don’t like the idea it might apply to you. Try the technique I mentioned elsewhere, it’s Gestalt: Pick a symbol (ie, wolf, or whatever), and say: “I am a wolf and I am …. ” and see what pops out when you do that. Do the same with th person, ie “I am my mother and I …..” And think about what’s going on in your life because all too often dreams are messages of inner wisdom which can illuminate your life and the problems or challenges you’re facing. And if all else fails, and you’re into Tarot, break the dream down into constituent parts and then draw a card for each section. Hope this helps, good luck.

      1. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. It was full of anguish, helplessness and empathy. But I was an onlooker which was weird, I didn’t even feature, like I was watching some sick film or something. I wasn’t even in my own dream.

        Honestly it wouldn’t have freaked me out so much if I hadn’t had two in the same night dealing with the same thing in another way.

        Anyway, thanks again

        1. If you weren’t part of it, consider that it was either a past life or a predictive dream about someone or something else. I had a dream like this, where I was on the other side of the river, detached from events, and I found out a few days later that it related to someone I thought was a complete stranger dying in a plane crash only he turned out to be a friend of my best friend’s daughter.

  18. Totally blew his chance with Louis 15th by being over-familiar, so flounced off to Sans Souci to suck up to Frederick the Great instead. Intense relationship with his niece. 20,000 letters… 2,000 books and pamphlets…. Too much coffee ? Ya reckon ?!

    I like him a lot. definitely one of my historical dinner party guests, along with his old friend the Marquise De Pompadour…

    Also, an excellent excuse not to give up the caffiene just yet…. having had my usual 3 double espressos and thinking hmmmmm… New Moon, maybe I should cut down…..

    NAH !! Off to write an inflammatory pamphlet about the CHOGM Police Powers πŸ™‚

    * Flourish. Exeunt *

  19. You know he of the β€œI may not agree with what you are saying but i will defend to your death the right to say it…” guy.

    That’s probably THE most mangled/reprised quote during drunken arguments of all times.

    Agree that it is overused and also note that he said it well before the existence of Fox News….

  20. im with you mystic – id definitely go there! and isnt it refreshing to see a ye olde portrait oozing mischieviousness instead of pompous-assness? and my first thought was that he was gemini..

  21. Not sure if he was physically hot– that face is really creepy–but totally adore him & his works! to the Voltaire Moon!

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