When You’re A Scorpio Sun with Sagittarius Moon

When you’re a Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon person, you have two modes: Ancient Sphinx and Stream-Of-Consciousness Wild Thing. One moment you’re guarded, an enigma. Your persona is so mysterious that people wonder who the hell you are. They make up strange rumors about you.

Scorpios can be at home in bed with lavender tea reading a guide to bio-hacking their ferritin levels and people will swear they saw them behind a police barricade or at a secret club. They don’t follow conspiracy theories because they are a conspiracy theory.

Scorpios Are A Conspiracy Theory

Scorpio Sun people are fanatical about their privacy. They shield themselves with heavy dark sunglasses, aided by spirits of indeterminate origin. But when their Moon is in Sagittarius, well, it’s cognitive dissonance.

Sagittarius Moon people like to share, over-share and share again. They share personal info (theirs, yours, the neighbors,) like it’s a slam poetry competition. Sharing and being candid about themselves is vital for the emotional wellbeing of this Moon sign.

Scorpio Suns tell the truth about who they are to themselves, every night at whatever witching hour they deem appropriate. Sagittarius Moons live-beam it to the world, anytime. They feel it is their spiritual obligation to transmit their essence. They’re allergic to artifice and feel that with-holding is manipulative. Scorpio? They see it as strategic.

Are they conflicted? No. But they sure as Pluto scramble the synapses of people around them. One moment they’re vibing intense, maybe too emotionally invested. The next? They’re, well, they’re gone.

When you’re a Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon, you handle things by making sudden, sharp, and rapid withdrawals from scenes that seem too heavy. This is the case even if you were the one applying the pressure in the first place.

The upside? Off-the-scale charisma levels and high-end espionage skills.

Image: Jackie Magazine 1970s

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m not much into current music, I’m a bit of an old fogey.

    But alas I am incredibly surprised by Billie Eilish: super PLUTONIC hints of Neptune. Amazing voice. It sounds like sex.

    Yes she has incredibly polished videos. But I like her studio videos, one being Bellyache, like a version.

    What an artist and songstress.

    Listen to her during this Scorpio Full Moon.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    How bizarre. I just asked google to play me a random song. It played Mystics Pluto meditation.

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    Is anyone experiencing uncomfortable hormones with this upcoming Scorpio full moon?

    My left ovary is telling me stories.

  4. My partner has Scorpio rising & Sag Moon. This is pretty apt for him (add in a no-nonsense, lush-lovin’, all-knowing Taurus Sun). So charismatic and always has something to share, though often with a hidden agenda. He sometimes divulges to me, but often not until he’s observed the energy play out. He can befriend everyone! He’s very intense, though. Sensitive to power dynamics and likes to empower people with esoteric truths.

  5. I just realized I can kinda relate to this. I’m a Libra sun, Sag rising, Cancer moon. So much Pluto though, it’s off the charts, because chart ruler Jupiter is conjunct solar ruler Venus in Scorpio, sun is conjunct Pluto on the MC, moon is in the 8th in exact sextile to Pluto/Sun/MC, yadda yadda, there’s more but essentially, I’m like a secret Scorp. Lots of years of reading Libra stuff and going “Huh? That’s so not me” but then understanding the rest of my chart helped me grok why. So yeah the “whoo/ happy go lucky/ let’s partay, while simultaneously philosophizing about the universe” vs. “enigmatic hermit/sorceress casting tarot and reading astro charts by candlelight while publishing erotica under a pseudonym” struggle is real. It’s not really a struggle for me, I just roll with the thunder. I’m quite sure others don’t really know what to do with me though. [shrugs] Pretty sure my witch vibe is stronger than my centaur vibe (Circe/Urania exact on my Sag ascendant) but there’s definitely a blend there. Sometimes my mouth gets to galloping. Sometimes I completely withdraw. Interesting because when I first read this article I glossed over it.

  6. Great mystic!! I’m Sagittarius Sun (+Mercury, Lilith, Ceres), moon in the 9th in Leo and Scorpio rising (+Pluto, Mars, Athena) … different mix but it feels very similar… totally intense and totally running away at the same time! Definitely get that withholding feels the same as lying too!

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    I was at the local library today on the computer when I saw Doris Day’s vibrant face and learnt that she died today.

    Tears welled up and I told the ladies about it. Shifted my focus as I had scanning to do. Thought to self: I will cry tonite.

    But on the walk home I played Q Sera Sera on you tube. I remember my mum singing this to me as a child when I asked her about my future. My Gemini mind just thought she was a bit slow and just didn’t know the answer, but I knew my mother was strong despite my precocious, inquisitive mindset.

    So there were no tears. that girl is gone. Replaced with a knowingness and optimism. If I survived what I went through I have an even keel. I had rich, grounded, realistic feelings and images on the walk home.

    As I closed the door behind me I heard my Cap moon mum in spirit say in a grounded, warm even tone ; “Now you understand.!”

    Gee I miss her earthiness. I was lucky to have experienced it.

  8. The Moon Horse

    Hello all – Scorpio sun (and Mercury and Neptune) and Sag moon here. Not sure about the “off-the-scale charisma” part, and I like to think I’m discreet about other people’s info, but all the rest is right spot on. It feels good to be understood, and I have to say that I think this is one way to tell the good astrologers from the less so: whether or not they “get” Scorpio. Thanks for this, Mystic!

  9. Eldest is Virgo Sun Saggo Mmon/Pluto/Jupiter. Won national poetry slam with a savvy political piece which made hisGrandmother gasp. LOL!

  10. My aunt had this combo and she was such a charmer. She seemed to have lived volumes, she was talented at everything and held conversations deftly. Our Sag moons were close and her sun near my ascendant, we had a special connection. Her Scorpio Mercury and Venus were conjunct my ascendant and perhaps that is why she would spill family secrets to me in hospices and funeral homes.

    All was not what we thought when after my uncle’s death and then hers, crazy secrets came to light. She took some bold liberties and then took her own life. Without a farewell letter of course. I still wonder what things she divulged were real and what may have been part of a long lived, well devised plan. This lady was dear to me but at the same time I am well aware she was not innocently sipping tea in bed.

    1. Sad she passed as she did, but also epic and intriguing the way you describe her. Would love to read more!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I like the sound of your aunt because she was a woman who dared to push the envelope despite her demons. And to me that is MONUMENTAL.

        That is my short and sweet answer. To elaborate any more would dilute the meaning much like the woman in question. Which sums her up : UNDILUTED.

        There you go. You got blood out of a stone.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Just reread the last initial 1st paragraph and my last comment sounds a bit inappropriate.

          But I will leave it as I feel your trickster aunt was coming through in that message
          She obviously did not want to dwell on the negative. Like she is covering my eyes.

          She seems a strong, complicated woman. She seems happy now and wants to be remembered in a positive way. I am sorry if I have intruded. And if I have please let me know.

          1. Oh, you’re fine. I hadn’t sat down and really thought about her and the stories for a while. There’s always a place for trickster energy in my book. Also, the things I was referring to affected her immediate family, not really me. I don’t really need to know the whole story, all I know is my relationship with her and also how much she loved my uncle. He was her rock and she was his shining light. From the rest of the extended family it’s more confusion about certain choices than harboring bad feelings.

      2. She was the aunt that taught me to sew, I used to post about her. I never met anyone else like her, she always kept things interesting.

  11. My Sag Moon in 1st House wants to spill all the beans about how accurate this observation is. But my Scorp Ascendent conj Uranus says Shhh let me hide in plain sight wearing the gothic punk ensemble to the office today.

  12. Scorpio Rising, Sag Moon here. I definitely find the Sag Moon helpful in bringing levity to the X-ray level reveals I don’t always want to see… also, black sequins.

  13. Mystic, I just love your grasp of all things Scorpionic. Like Liz Taylor, you’d be the Pisces allowed into an exclusive Scorpio party (provided you’ve got your sequinned Scorpio symbol dress, or whatever that amazing get up she had was!). Not a Sagg moon here, but Sagg in Mercury and Mars conjunct, and yep, I vacillate between guarded enigmatic sphinx and rampant raving oversharer!
    But I would never just disappear like a Sagg moon from a situation due to heaviness. No way. Heavy is my terrain (there’s my Cap moon coming out.)

  14. My mom’s a Sag sun, Scorpio moon. She’s complex. Super witty and up-to-date (Gemini rising and mercury also in Sag), a big reader, loves gossip, loves to talk, loves to be irreverent and laugh about everything, but also super private about family and hates people talking about her or knowing her business. She can go from jovial to moody quickly and it took me a long time to figure out that both sides are her and she’s not trying to be difficult, it’s like her sun wants to laugh and party and the moon needs so much privacy.

    1. Oh this is helpful – my 20 yr old daughter is Sag sun, Scorpio moon, Sag mercury, Aries rising. Her swings from chatty, open, hilarious life of the party to moody, secretive and highly sensitive can be challenging. I’ve learnt to assess the terrain and if she’s not in the mood to talk, I leave her well alone.

      1. Glad it was helpful – I don’t think you can get away from the needs of your moon, I’m also a scorpio moon and I need my alone time. My son is a super chatty gemini sun but he’s scorpio rising so I build in days where we can just stay home and relax to keep us both in balance.

  15. This is me too! Leo Sun, Gem Asc, but.. Scorpio Moon. A psych once said that a wall built out of words is still a wall, lol.

  16. “Scorpio Sun people are fanatical about their privacy. They shield themselves with heavy dark sunglasses, aided by spirits of indeterminate origin. But when their Moon is in Sagittarius, well, it’s cognitive dissonance. Sagittarius Moon people like to share, over-share and share again”

    This also applies to Libra Sun Scorpio Moon. I’d know…

  17. Crystallised future

    Lol! It’s like the last few posts are about my two youngest children. My son is Scorpio sun and ascendant with a Taurus moon. My daughter is sag stellium. They’re exact opposites. They’re only just starting to figure each other out – at 17 and 20.

  18. EXTREMELY accurate. I love my Sag moon but my Scorpio sun sure as hell wants it to shut up 80% of the time.

    1. Me too! Since I am one …. How on earth to cross a home loving, creative lunar creature with something as Yang as Sagittarius??

  19. Would you consider Sadge Venus as valid in this matrix too, Mystic?
    I get that moon is auto-habit and emotional need though, compared to Venus high-vibe happiness and the rest.

    I do tread warily around people who gossip a little too freely!

    Thankful for my Capricorn bits applying a thick layer of reticence to my air/water style, although I’ll say that it really muffles things at all the wrong moments.

  20. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a friend who was a Sag moon with a cancer Sun. What a combo. She was a magnetic person. Very funny and generous. Very loyal to loved ones.

    But she had no sense of privacy. Nothing was off limits. I am a naturally private person and when I knew her I was quite nebulous. So my identity was weak.

    I doubted my need for privacy and boundaries.

    But that was then. And now I don’t doubt.

  21. Wow! This nails my Sagg moon (in the 7th) to a tee! I also get a lot of help from a well aspected Mercury. When something upsets my sense of fairness/justice/the Sagg moon way boy do I rant. Oh well at least I can spell.

    Alas no Scorpio Sun to give me any enigmatic psychic shielding.

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