Haute Pisces – Low Pisces

“When genius interacts with mediocre minds, expect violent opposition.”

Albert Einstein


AMAZING Pisceans pull off the miraculous every day. Whether it be something spectacular, turning water into wine like Jesus Christ whom scholars think was more likely to be Pisces (that is, born in March) than a Capricorn (who would have become chief carpenter to Pontius Pilate rather than have himself crucified), turning around their own life or brightening that of another, their presence can be a constant reminder that miracles are all around us. French tightrope walker Charles Blondin was the first (and last) person to successfully cross Niagara falls on stilts.

ALLURING Their charm is supernatural. They tune into the subtle needs of people around them, providing whatever is required at that moment. They effortlessly project sensual innocence, a trait capable of making certain types fall instantly in love with them. In others, Pisces induces a besotted state by emphasizing their bawdy hedonism or in-depth take on the human psyche.

COSMIC Pisceans don’t believe in the universe. They believe in a “multiverse.” Pisceans aren’t futuristic like Aquarius. They are past, present, and future concurrently. Pisceans are said to be big on forgiveness and this gentle aura can confuse the more predatory people around them. They think Pisces looks like a walkover. Pisces smiles and says “I forgive you,” and they do! What the predator doesn’t get is that the cosmos doesn’t forgive. Pisces knows how to “register” the insult at a higher level and walk away.

COMPASSIONATE Piscean kindness is legendary. They can be utterly saint-like in their gracious taking in of the lost or lovelorn. Expecting no thanks, they give, give and give again without weirdo motives. It’s like they think it’s their duty. Maybe it is?

EMPATHETIC Unlike Virgos who can’t resist a quick little “told you so”, Pisceans do not sit in judgement. Other signs pretend to listen with lots of little coos but butt in with a “something like that happened to me once!” Pisceans get it. Their eerie sympathy shines out in the Fishy aura with the result that people start telling them stuff even when the poor Pisces is a child. The Fish kid is the one picked out by the tipsy adult to hear all about the failed marriage, desire for liposuction, fear of mortality…whatever. And the desire to confess to Pisceans never stops. Fish folk grow up thinking this is normal. Naturally, it can be a blight on Pisces’ life. When it’s all too much they need to channel cousin Capricorn and learn how to snarl “it’s not convenient”.

A MAGICAL-REALIST Even as children, so many Pisceans believe they have been here before. While other kids are busy acting out the latest juvenile pop-culture thing, Pisces is doodling hieroglyphics or interpreting their dreams. They see the enchantment in everyday life, scrying the white noise in between-channel moments of the television for cosmic clues, divining oracles in birds or graffiti, or seeing the beauty of the flowering weed pushing up through the footpath. Whether they consciously know it or not, they are aligned with the occult (aka unseen powers) of the worlds around us.

“F**k them. Remember, this is the shortest prayer in the world. F**k them.
Gary Oldman


IMPOSSIBLE One moment Pisces is playing worldly wise citizen of the world. The next, they’ve tuned into their always-close-to-the-surface inner teen and are consulting the I-Ching for insight into some hopeless crush they’ve managed to develop, or seeing how their kissing style feels on the inside of their arm. Or, if forced out of their bedroom and into attending a social function, muttering angrily into their mobile. Pisceans are perfectly happy to sit there chain-smoking and sculling gin while bitching about the evils of white flour.

Their seedy state the following morning is quite clearly due to a food sensitivity, you understand. Probably from something you cooked them. If a Pisces manages to vaguely eschew their preferred lifestyle of feckless hedonism for five minutes, they’re enormously self-congratulatory. A Pisces who conducts a civilised relationship for three weeks, buys new clothes without a hyperventilating anxiety attack in the middle of the store, or speaks to an authority figure without dissolving into hysterical giggles is a Pisces on the verge of organising a lecture tour to share the secrets of their success.

SNEAKY Pisceans go online and offline but nobody ever notices. If your energy doesn’t vibe with theirs, they are offline but the hype and gush continues unabated. Then, if believing it, you call to ask the Pisces to a dinner party or something, they accuse you of stalking them. Their need to be all things to all people can turn ugly. Even mega-pagan Pisces still wants the priest to be impressed at the Piscean’s innate holiness. Trying to pin them down on some moral issue is almost impossible. Pisces simply figures on which character they are supposed to be playing and goes within to find their motivation. For people who ostensibly believe so much in beauty and truth, they are horrifyingly good liars, embellishing everything to suit their agenda. But the agenda slides around and only Pisces has any hope of keeping track of it.

SLEAZY Yes, the Pisces is non-judgmental. But that’s partly because they elicit so much more juicier info that way. Beneath that Fishy “I’m okay, you’re okay” smirk is a Rolodex brain rifling through all the possible connections and ramifications, flipping out with glee. They adore interfering in other people’s lives. Should Pisces decide your lover is beneath you, Pisces will helpfully – in their mind – start looking for your true soul mate as well as doing their best to undermine the apparently inferior scenario. Pisceans believe in freedom of choice and that nobody should ever, ever interfere in another’s right to live their life how they choose. Unless it’s the Fish who’s doing the interfering. That’s okay, of course, because Pisces is such a blissed-out cosmic child of the “multiverse”. The Pisces “do what thou wilt” theories evaporate the second it doesn’t suit them – that is if it’s you doing what thou wilt.

UNREALISTIC This lot can be so not into reality that they wind up as utter cadgers, sponging off the “straights” they expect to look after them while honouring the Piscean genius. For Pisces to be able to create, they need a clean and serene environment. Someone – not the Pisces, obviously – needs to rise at dawn to perform space-cleansing in preparation for Pisces (who has been in a lengthy dream-analysis session, aka sleeping in) to be the graciously living creative person. Pisces wants a towering pile of glossy magazines to trigger the brilliance, and Pisces gets. Or else. Ditto, the jag of throwing out all the music to start again. Or, the special trip away so that Pisces doesn’t need to think about boring old bills. If anyone made a sci-fi film about a Pisces, it would be called The Procrastinator and feature a time-travelling droid with red eyes gliding around telling people its spaced-out excuses for not completing…anything. Pisceans believe in everything in moderation, including – obviously – moderation itself.

64 thoughts on “Haute Pisces – Low Pisces”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Oh my God is that where the procrastination comes from. Neptune is my chart ruler. What’s the remedy?

  2. Love this Hi/Low stuff, so entertaining and so true! My Cap Sun, Moon, and 2 other planets are totally grateful to my Pisces rising for watering down the earth… although sometimes I’ve felt it’s just created mud, for the most part it’s quite groovy having that dreamy thing happening. Don’t get a lot done sometimes, tho…! And I understand the addiction thing too – whether it’s a serious vice like too much alcohol, or simply a particular meal, can certainly become hooked very quickly.

    Happy Birthday Mystic, many blessings to you! XO

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday, Mystic. Always v.insightful and informative, I feel like I know so much more about astrology and myself since joining this blog. And it has been a real joy, talking with other people who get astrology and know how important it is.

    Could never figure out why I sometimes seemed so Piscean at times, then discovered that my Neptune was conjunct my Sun and I had Pisces on my Midheaven. Now am working to express the positive sides of those placements ie. no more daydreaming about the perfect career- I’m going to go out there and get it!

    Happy Birthday to everyone who’s having a birthday this month- there seems to be so many of you lovely Pisces peeps on here!

  4. You know we all have some of the low traits as well, all signs.
    The lesson is to KNOW them, be aware of them & modify the
    off-putting ones (& some of the hi as well) so to create le balance.

    The closest Pisces to me, a brilliant musician-artist, frustrates his
    associates by never finishes or completes whatever he is constantly
    working on…. a piece of music, poetry or photography. It’s almost
    a Fear-of- Success mindset going on. A madly creative Dilettante.

  5. Happy B-Day Month to you Hi-Mystic Medusa.
    May all your wishes, all your dreams & goals be
    drawn to you & QUICKLY.
    I wish you excellent health, prosperity & contentment-
    in all that you do.
    You really are a GIVER in your Multi-Verse Universe.
    And i thank you from deep in my heart for allowing me the
    fabulous contacts-friends & allies to share with on this very
    generous, educational & fun site. Have had so many laughs 🙂
    Who lerves ya, baby.

    1. Yay!!…!!

      Happy Birthday Mystic!!

      You ARE…


      Three cheers & a crate of champers for Mystic!!!

        1. You’re right davidl 🙂
          I am a little concerned Saturn Girl will come after me if a crate of champers goes within a 500m radius of Mystic… although I do have some kickboxing moves that may impress SG.. or maybe I could do some interpretive dance to distract her while the crate is being loaded off the truck… 😀

    2. We love you Mystic – thank you for constant and amazing posts, insights, explanations, curiosities, challenges and multi-verse perspective of the world!!! Celebrations abound! Cumpleanos feliz mi amor!

    3. Huh. I thought this was a state secret but indeed, the Happiest Birthday darling. May your path be littered with many Hot Men falling to do your bidding, if you can deign to take a break from work et gym long enough to give them a glance. And failing that you shall have my Sapphic Devotion forevah!

      Oh Wise, Oh Witty, Oh Wondrously Hot One!

      1. scorpalicious robot

        it is a secret and i think keeping her sign hidden can only be a good thing, otherwise peeps would be too quick to call her biased and she’s clearly not.

        I’m sure she’s secretly enjoying our well wishes. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this. As a Pisces rising, I find I have such haute fishy reactions in dealing with people.. Drives me crazy though because I’m a virgo..

  7. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear fishies, happy birthday to you! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

  8. Ahhhh, Happy Solar return Mystic..is it the 9th or 11th, those dates are usually tapped into some higher conscious, just guessing (a bit of a numerology student).
    Some reason thought you were Virgo, some cryptic post about your mars and sun being conjunct? So Sun-Venus conjunct then.


  9. Mystic! I knew you were either Aquarian or Piscean!
    my ‘otherworldy’ suspicions were correct!
    your pisces insight is soooooo true.
    About having multiple personalities (and never completely knowing ourselves)
    and being starry eyed and never finishing things! sooooo pisces!

  10. Trying to give up Piscean lovers. I am a sucker for pisces energy. Love fishing!

    But honestly some of you are so dodgy. Naughty. No other sign handballs blame and plays victim like pisces. But I still love you .

      1. UP that wasn’t at you 😛
        glad you owning that though.

        Nat: Yes pisces victim act , seen that movie waay to many times. Invoke a messy love fantasy or takeover plot, bail when it manifests, blame everyone else and be the victim at the end. nada responsibility

        “refuse to play the victim” great saying.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      learning to take complete responsibility for one’s life was a long lesson for me but it was a lightbulb moment when it happened! so much more power available to me once i realised that “I alone am completely responsible for my happiness”

    2. Ms., “dodgy…handballs blame & plays victim…” nicely put! Playing the victim is soooo dull and limiting, for ourselves & others. I know a gorgeous Taurus girl with Pisces rising. Something truly terrible happened to her but she coped with it & got on with her life. When I asked her how did she deal with it/what did she do, she said “I refused to play the victim”. I’ve never forgotten it.

      UP, you have it right there – responsibility for our own lives & own happiness. It is such a simple concept and requires such a subtle shift in perspective but the power, space & freedom that comes with it is enormous & wonderful. Many happy solar returns to you UP for this month. Are you still enjoying your adventures abroad? x

      1. unpredictable pisces

        hi nat. thank you 🙂 yes i am moving countries tomorrow, to Italy… no luck with the Parisian Leo…I decided to instead get to know him better in a no-pressure environment – dinner with my other new friend so it was a very convivial, stress- and confusion-free environment…i still think he is adorable but at the same time i am glad i didn’t push the envelope as he has come complications in his heart and mind at the moment (i learnt from our conversation).

        all’s well that ends well…

      1. OMG, I know her moon is in Libra, but I was sure she was a Libran! How come all the intuitives I know are Aquarian/Piscean? Happy Birthday Mystic Medusa, you rock!

  11. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Mystic, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for gracing our lives with your amazing blog & insights, and I LOVE the images you pick to go on this blog! 😀

    P.S.: Some of the descriptions for this Hi-Lo Pisces fit my Pisces moon, too, good stuff.

  12. Love you Hi-Fish peeps.
    I would add photography & day-dreaming to the list of Hi traits.
    And addiction & day-dreaming to the list of Low traits.

  13. Scary.

    I can tell this is written by a fellow-Fish. So many get us wrong.

    The only thing that keeps me even vaguely in reality is the Aqua rising!

    I keep trying to explain to people who think I’m inscrutable – I hide nothing – you’re just not asking the right questions!

    Also, we’re not wishy-washy fence sitters – most people just don’t understand that what’s important to THEM isn’t necessarily something important to US, and we only bother really defining those things we care about. That stuff I’ll defend to the death…

    We are absurdly good liars though – it’s only a matter of choice that keeps me from that path.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      PM – agree with all of that. i dont hide stuff, i just can’t be bothered voicing every little thing that I think…. surely people can’t care THAT much about my opinion, which is one of ~7,000,000,000 in the world

      1. unpredictable pisces

        well that’s not quite true (LOL). some people i can’t be bothered being completely truthful to because i know they’re going to be a all judgemental or not understand my motivations etc etc…*roll eyes* so i am only totally straight with my closest circle who KNOW me and understand who I am. usually virgos, aquas…

        1. I think aquas get pisces well…

          I had a convo with the Dr Aqua today went something like this….

          Pisces rising: ‘honey, i am going to do *insert mad/genius idea here*, what do you think?
          Dr Aqua: ‘oh that’s genius, was actually thinking about that the other day’


  14. Keep the drawbridge high AAC – it must be nearly 12 months since your baby’s dad passed on? Hope that you both weather this time with strength, courage, and faith!

  15. An ex-boyfriend back in Uni days was a Pisces….guitar playing,dreamy-eyed, chick-magnet….the low side was that he was ridiculously promiscuous ( un-apologetically so) and with a serious drug problem that he managed to keep fairly well hidden…..bit of a flake….but strangely adorable.

  16. OMG soooo true. Ex-Fish ticked all those boxes, and I still think he’s a terribly nice person even though he’s with someone else now. He always means well and definitely tries to help … just a pity he tried to help a number of wastrel waifs as well…

    ” They can be utterly saint-like in their gracious taking in of the lost or lovelorn ”

    yes – mostly they were lost younger women starstruck with him and loverlorn about him… 😀
    i can laugh now.
    He’s still a very good friend. He certainly does the “start looking for your true soul mate as well as doing their best to undermine the apparently inferior scenario” – and he has lots of opinions on lots of things too … well at least he’s interesting. (And no longer in the same city.)
    He had Mars Aries and Moon in Leo, so perhaps accounts for the more controlling (but well-meaning) behaviour, and the many girlies …

    My mum is also a Pisces. But she has a Cap Moon and a couple planets in Taurus so a lot more grounded. In fact you never know what is going on from the outside but inside she is a maelstrom of (very quiet)emotions. It is all a bit exhausting to deal with as it means you have to guess what is going on …. She’s certainly kind, very duty-focused (could be that Cap moon and of course her generation as well) and non-judgmental to a fault – it can be hard to get an opinion out of her, especially about what she wants – she just won’t say and you have to guess…

  17. I too thought I was more of a firey person and less of a wet fish, but lol I am Pisces to a T.
    It is eerie reading Mystic’s Hi-Lo insights, it is like she has unlocked my diary and peered inside my mind.

    1. Just lerve Gary Oldman, one very fine actor.
      When asked about his marriage to Uma Thurmann, he declined
      to comment only to say ‘it sometimes wasn’t easy to be married
      to an Angel’.
      Arky must have thought it wouldn’t be either.

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