Haute Libra – Low Libra

HAUTE LIBRA IS SWEET: Everyone falls in love with Libra. Some never recover. People on public transport feel compelled to compliment Libran eyes. Children like Librans. Cats like Librans. Even parking police like Librans. Birds fly around the Libran so that they can excrete on someone else’s head. Librans are often only dimly aware that not everyone lives like this. They wonder why people are so mean about banks, when the manager is always so charming and helpful. They attract admiration and envy in equal measure. Libran men can evoke doting service from the surliest waitress. Libra smiles and suggests that grouchier types should put lavender oil in their bath like the Libran does.

HAUTE LIBRA IS REASONABLE: Librans specialise in unbiased counsel, a huge boon for everyone lucky enough to be in their orbit. Should a situation requiring mediation arise, Libra’s already there, ready and able to hear and grasp the other person’s point of view. Okay, so they do also agree with Irish playwright Oscar Wilde that “nothing annoys an enemy more than forgiveness”.

HAUTE LIBRA IS BEAUTIFUL: As is fitting for a sign that’s all about balance, Librans tend toward pleasing symmetrical features. A mind-boggling stat is that 54 percent of Playboy magazine playmates are Libran. So are a disproportionate number of official beauties. Libran men are total smoothies who look as if they’re wearing make-up even when they are not.

HAUTE LIBRA IS TACTFUL: Librans find undue intensity in social encounters odious and are skilled at bringing hot-air-fuelled conversations back to a bubbly and light level. If someone is midway through an interminable yarn about how someone nobody know thought they had a disease and then didn’t, Libra can be relied upon to deftly direct the topic away from the tedious. They are also master of the social euphemism. For example, someone slept around until the other person broke if off? Libra says they drifted apart. The relationship was vile but with fabulous make-up sex? Libra says a passionate affair. Obese? Libra says generously built. Promiscuity? Libra says very socially active. A cocaine addict? Libra says very vibrant.

HAUTE LIBRA IS LOVING: Love really is like oxygen to our Libra. They are in love with love and with being coupled. All Librans want to have a soul mate. A Taurus prefers to be in a relationship but would make do with rutting around their entire life, if necessary. A Leo could be left alone with some Champagne and a Belgian-glass mirror and probably end up proposing. Loving is Libra’s core competency. They believe life is most happily lived in tandem with another.

HAUTE LIBRA IS CHARMING: When Libra turns it on, nobody can resist. They excel at making someone else feel as if they are the most important person in the world of Libra. When British novelist P. G. Wodehouse discovered an author he admired, he would immediately shout the person to lunch at a swank eatery.

LOW LIBRA IS SLEAZY: Librans are grotesquely capable of almost knocking people over in their quest to stand beside the most famous and/or desirable being in the room. This is only slightly more healthy than the Leo tendency to assume that they always are that person. Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias branded a perfume called Only, “for all that women have given me, I wanted to give them something in return, something that would speak intimately to each and every woman the world over.” Yes, they fancy themselves as the world’s greatest lovers. British rocker Sting boasted about his all-night Tantric love making techniques. The Libran woman doesn’t have Call Waiting. She has Cad Waiting, just in case the current beau fails to completely fulfill.

LOW LIBRA IS HYPOCRITICAL: Just do it…later. Librans procrastinate but they turn it into a strength-of-character issue. One moment they’re raving on about their new carbohydrate-free diet, the next they’re eating chips, sipping chablis, and citing moderation. The material known as pornography becomes erotica should a Libran find it of interest. Really pretentious Librans upgrade their smut to art: British novelist P. G. Wodehouse was living in the south of France when Germany invaded in 1940. He was never interested in what he called “keeping up with the news” so he continued to write, oblivious to what was going on in the world. Then the Germans found out he was British and locked him up. To score a better standard of living, P. G. agreed to make funny radio shows for the Nazis about the lighter side of internment. As a result, he was imprisoned in a comfortable home and his show was broadcast to the U.S. and Britain. When journalist Malcolm Muggeridge was sent to spy on P. G., he came back with the conclusion that “the broadcasts are neither anti nor pro-German, just pro-Wodehousian. He is a man singularly ill-fitted to live in a time of ideological conflict, having no feelings of hatred about anyone, and no very strong views about anything”. Traitor”? Or just very Libran?

LOW LIBRA IS TYRANNICAL: Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets TV show, was said to have a “whim of steel”. Anyone who thinks that Libra is more of a lifestyle concept than an actual person should shack up with one some time. If a Libra decides that a sofa, say, is suddenly unsuitable, it will be instantly redefined as trash. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because Librans have superior aesthetic instincts. Libra doesn’t care if the offending item is the household oven. Libra doesn’t care what you say because Libra listens selectively. Certainly, they demonstrate a plausible appearance of hearing – eyes focused on yours in tender bemusement, tennis-club smile plastered across their pretty little face – but really, they’re planning their next little aesthetic improvement. One moment the Libra is unleashing a tornado of invective about how disgusting the venetian blinds are, the next moment they’re answering the telephone with that special, probably patented, Libran “company” voice – a dulcet croon designed to utterly disarm new acquaintances and potentially grumpy shop assistants.

LOW LIBRA IS A SOCIAL CLIMBER: Moth-like, Libra flutters toward the light of what they imagine to be a higher form of society. To avoid offending touchy Librans, the term “social moth” was changed to social butterfly. It is also more appropriate as anyone who has seen our Libran emerging from the dysfunctional cocoon of home to attend a glittering event will attest. Librans love the idea of fiercely protective bodyguards hustling them through the adoring crowds.  A Libra is capable of over-reaching and trying to invite minor royalty or a celebrity to some boring suburban barbecue. They can neglect their family for decades – “too tedious, darling” – only to experience a sudden surge of affection when it transpires that cousin Thing is now terribly important.

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  1. I keep returning to these haute-low gems of yours, Mystic. As a muliple Gemini they help me understand the world of people through linguistic prowess. Which is kind of like therapy for me. Thanks.

  2. So, How does one effectively get rid of one without causing damage. Mine is a super leech, cling on and insecure. Is not allowing us to part ways amicable and is threatening to create a lot of legalese and stink. I am scared for my children as they are young but want to run away from this day-to-day madness-unleashed on me. Past several years has been a trememdous effort to remain composed and stay solid for kids-sake. There is practically no love, no nothing between us but when it suits and is convenient for him he fancies that he still loves me (WITH NOT ONE SINGLE GESTURE towards that even accidentally! not a gift, not a cup of tea not a thoughtful gesture ever..but proclaims profuse love whenever the topic of parting ways comes up and threatens harms to self, legal action , and yes threatens that he loves!!! that’s the scariest part as no one will ever suspect him of all the crazy behaviour, notions about everything on the planet, extreme argumentativeness about practically everything and anything…as he manages to hide all that in front of others with smiles! Fed UP with life.

  3. i’m actually kind of shocked by all these comments, but i haven’t known many libran males. the ones i have known have mostly been haute, but i was never terribly close to them, so i can’t say for sure. i’m a libra female and i have never been a social climber or have cared to stand next to the “most desirable person” in a room. i’m drawn to people b/c of their energy but i also rarely approach people before they approach me. i have an extroverted, sociable side and a reserved side and i think i am both ways quite often, it just depends on my surroundings. i have a sagg rising & leo moon so even though i’m mostly and obviously airy, i think all that fire helps me be more outwardly passionate than a lot of air signs who are more afraid to show their emotions.

  4. Geez all this talk of Libra bashing…I am a Libra woman and I have meet few Libra men but…. I sure do feel sorry for them now. There is only one comment in their favor! Surely there is NO biased opinons here!? What are the descriptions..Angry..drug/alcohol addict…hmmm..I know that trait can run in ALL signs! AMEN! Here is sexy healthy vibrant Libra men!

  5. Hi everyone, a libra/leo rising/aries moon here. I am a subscriber and have been reading the blog for a few months and finally feel like I can’t hold back any longer! Some things HAVE to be mentioned.

    First things first.. Mystic, oh the wise one, no offence, but.. not all librans are pink-worshipping sweet social butterflies.. I HATE pink! The thought of a pink cupcake as a cheer-up gesture makes me sick with rage lol Of course I am referring to If You Want to Cheer up a Libra in Your Life post. Perhaps it is my aries moon that wants to throw the cupcake in the face of the giver but a passive aggressive diplomat within ( aka libran ) would once again act as a saving grace and simply throw the said cupcake in the bin. Yes I would keep the rock ( leo ascendant is nodding in approval ) but to be honest, I am not obssessed with them either..

    Yes to almost all Haute traits ( optimistic of me! ) except maybe sweet. And birds crap on me all the time.. It is supposed to be a sign of good fortune so I am still waiting for it to manifest.

    Yes to sleazy.. Guilty as charged!
    “Librans are grotesquely capable of almost knocking people over in their quest to stand beside the most famous and/or desirable being in the room. This is only slightly more healthy than the Leo tendency to assume that they always are that person”…
    The combination of libra and leo kinda justifies the quest, don’t you think? It’s only fair to stand beside the hottest person in the room since they are OBVIOUSLY the best, no, the only match 😉

    Yes to ‘the whim of steel’. My mother, a libran, ALWAYS rearranges my furniture every time she visits ( once a year since we are on different continents ) and always with a sweet ‘you-can’t-get-angry-with-me’ smile..

    And finally.. Just a thought – I guess, not many peeps realize that most of us librans have their progressed sun in scorpio ( for many many years..), so there’s even more than meets the eye!

  6. I’ve dated a Libra man who was two timing his girlfriend with me. (What was the silly man thinking dating 2 Scorpios at the same time?! Lol!) They are very charming and artistically inclined and all but they are also very two-faced. We are though still friends 25 years later.

    And the second I know is my husband’s ex. A real pro of a con artist. But again all very charming and “nice”. Yeah….

    But I have now stumbled upon a great group of Libras — Very fair-minded, overs of all things beautiful, fighters for social justice. All honorable folks.

  7. wow!….this explains alot. My ex boyfriend has Libra rising. Never put much thought into it cause his sag stellium and scorpio sun were so raging obvious. But HIS ARTWORK dominated so much….painted what he wanted wherever he wanted….the walls, my kids door, my other kids wall….never asking. FUQ. Has taken some time to remove the evidence and it isn’t all gone. Beautiful, charming, sweet, yes, but sleazy, hypocritical, and tyranical.
    only dated a libra sun once, he was so gorgeous and full of himself.
    One of my two best friends is an amazing libra sun RN…she definately adds balance to my life. I have no clue what I would have done without her….yesterday was her bday.

    “Librans are grotesquely capable of almost knocking people over in their quest to stand beside the most famous and/or desirable being in the room. This is only slightly more healthy than the Leo tendency to assume that they always are that person”….
    LOLLLLLL this made my entire day! love it.

  8. I had a 4 year bitter high school emnity with the lowest one I’ve ever met. ……We’re now friends on facebook. LOL Should I also mention that I’m a 7th house sun?

    I don’t tend to do good with EXCESS Libran energy even though I have a Libra MC, but I know the ones I do get along with are the September ones, who would technically sextile my own Sun. One of them is my co-worker and she is HILARIOUS. She has a Virgo Moon/Mercury/and another planet I forget and she’s just so much more earthy and real with no frilly shallowness that usually gets me P.O.’d about the low Libras I’ve known. Another September one was a highschool friend who was a total hippy….we used to talk endlessly about old school music and city-life….haha. I wish I knew where she was now. I believe she had a Pisces Moon.

  9. I haven’t met a Libran yet who wasn’t in some form of profound denial.

    My Virgo . . . ex . . . has Libra rising. Yes he’s pretty, but he also has an awesome tolerance for filth, decay, rubbish and tolerance of other people’s bad behaviour. I think I embarrass him with my take no shit from no-one assertiveness.

  10. I had a Libra tell me today (male) that I need to get out more, be more sociable, and he got my email address in what I presume an effort to accomplish just that. I’ve only known him a few weeks and he seems like a genuinely good guy, so I didn’t take offense. But I WILL if he honestly thinks he can make me adhere to social obligations. I don’t care if I’m a Leo sun, I have an Aqua moon and a Scorp asc and I actually LIKE being solitary. The majority of the world seems to have a hard time understanding that… But I am not part of the sheeple, sorry.

    I asked him jokingly if I was his charity case, and he hurriedly assured “No! No! I’m not trying to change you into anything you aren’t.”

    Whether he is or isn’t it will be a failed mission regardless. 🙂

  11. Well, as a Libran I admit I snorted with laughter at the above. Been there, done pretty much all of the description except for the social climbing. Don’t like that at all. I’ve always considered that people – regardless of what they do – should be treated with dignity and respect (except for social climbers 😆 ) Yes, I’ve always been in relationships but now would be happy to live on my own if anything happened to my husband, men are bloody hard work. Librans can grow up though. BUT my husband still howls: “There you go AGAIN, you have to BALANCE everything”. And it’s true. With Libran Rising, I can see both sides of an issue, or a person. The funny thing is my friend moved into a relationship with a Libran man who was One Nation, gun-toting, and I could see as soon as he climbed out of his car that he was a complete sleazebag, hubster agreed. What a complete jerk he was. He’s the only Libran man I know so I can’t extrapolate this to other Libran men.

  12. I hate to break it to you guys, but Angus is indeed a man, and he was just schooled in statistics by a girl- so enough with the sexist banter about anyone being “too masculine”. Geezus.

    Unfortunately, the result of his schooling is that based on his dataset which encompassed 130 individuals of known birthdate (after deleting repeated playmates, and individuals born on the cusp) is this- the libran presence is not statistically significant. In fact, a simple 2 tailed t-test showed that there is an 87% likelihood that this frequency of libran nudity could be attributed to chance. The 5% magic number he mentioned refers to a given outcome being 5% or less due to simple chance, which is what statistics tries to reflect. If you want to argue data set size, please go ahead.

  13. Oscar Wilde that “nothing annoys an enemy more than forgiveness”.
    Well duh – he’s a Libran – October 16, 1854
    But it’s true, hee hee hee, especially when delivered with a special Libran smile 😉

  14. Curious (as I’m a taurus dating a libra, well, leaving him at the airport on my way to ill father and possibly not coming back from home country to see him ever again, with the aide of an ill father excuse) as to what “rutting around” refers to in this post. I sort of love it. Wondering precisely what it means…any thoughts? Am I doing it?

  15. Been feeling a little bad for the Libra men reading all the comments…
    For what it’s worth, if you’ve ever seen Battlestar Galactica, I always thought Lee Adama was a perfect example of a haute Libra man – gorgeous, compassionate, sensitive, diplomatic and obsessed with justice.

  16. ‘A mind-boggling stat is that 54 percent of Playboy magazine playmates are Libran.’

    Where did you get this statistic from?

    I am tallying all the playmates right now. I am over one tenth of the way though all 670+. And guess what – Libra is coming up on average ONE IN TWELVE TIMES.

      1. At 20% of all birth dates analysed, this is how it is:

        – One assumes that with a one in twelve chance, signs should come up around 9.23% of the time.

        – At the highest so far there are Virgo and Libra on 13.07%.

        – At the lowest, Taurus on 4.61%

        I have next-to-no understanding of statistical theory, but I hear that a level of 5% is often chosen to represent significance, and all the zodiac signs, including the highest and the lowest, fall within this 5% margin, so none of the zodiac signs can be considered statically significant in representing ‘pleasing symmetrical features’ as represented through playmates of Playboy magazine.

        I challenge any of you to find statistical significance in any data of a large enough sample size related to astrology.

      2. scorpalicious robot

        thanks for that Angus Stirling. Do you have any Virgo in your chart? That’s an awful lot of magazines to wade through for those stats.

        I love statistical data (mars in Virgo) 🙂

      3. 99% of people visiting astrology sites, say this one for example, believe there is meaning in planetary alignments based on time of birth. Next.

      4. SWOON I’m Libran angus stirling and I think I love you!!!! – are you an aries – you have balls and don’t mind throwing down when you are so obviously outnumbered – that’s entirely virile – or maybe a virgo – you like to count and compartmentalise…. so efficient and tidy. Your name sounds scottish – are you a red? I don’t do reds soz, but I will befriend them – they’re dying out don’t you know – statistically its true – I read it in Scientific American. Yes, I believe in astrology AND I can read. Nothing is sexier than statistics – how are you with reducing large numbers to their prime factors? – am I exuding haute or low libra right now…? What are the chances of either? OOOH go on, indulge me – you know you want to – tell me what the chances are that I will either exude high or low… And when you’re done with the erotica I’d love a look at that playboy issue andy warhol did – now that’s art….

      5. OH and let’s talk about size – what is the size of the sample deemed large enough to prove or disprove something? WHAT IF….. we had enough peeps here to do something “scientific” here? OH MY GOD I’ve just realised the soupdragons song I’m free is actually a rolling stones cover – who knew? Ooops soz distracted – where were we… oh science – yeah you gotta love it, it’s so ummm empirical. Lose much super in the GFC meltdown Angus? No-one at my house did because we use astrology (based on the rises and falls in silver and gold prices since records began in concert with astrological data) to forecast and alter our investment strategy. When the mighty fall around you and you emerge fiscally unscathed you have no reason to disbelieve.

  17. Ram Tormented by Librans

    My pen name says it all – tormented, tormented, tormented by 2 Libran parents.

    Now, blessed with a Libran daughter whom I adore but who must have a bit of pit bull stubbornness in her DNA!

    1. Could be nuture over nature RTbL with your Libran daughter….I think children of Aries mother’s get a special hefty stubborn badge just so we can manage around our Mums.

      1. Ram Tormented by Librans

        I concede this could be the case – are we Aries mums really such a tough bunch? I just thought we were clear about how much we love our kids but also clear about what we expect from them – damn that whole doubled edged sword!

      2. RTbyL, I think I’m lucky to have had an Aries mum. I know I never doubted that she loved me…my bit about the children of aries needing a bit of stubborn is more that when an Aries goes all can do Ramzilla style , a little bit of stubborn helps us stand our ground when discovering our own individual (not always aries approved, at least at first) self.

      1. Well my poor mum has me with my trifecta of stubborn [leo sun, scorp moon, taurus rising]…but I think we both needed to have some tenacity to survive my teenage years.

        Before knowing the asto behind our relationship I would of thought I’d developed stubborness as a survival tactic…

  18. scorpalicious robot

    Aeris, i think you’re right – ignoring or not complimenting a Libran is the way to go. My extremely low Libran boss gets all narky if i don’t grovel or compliment her 20 times.

    The other day she got a new hairstyle….. She walks in, i notice the hideous perm but don’t say anything, 10 mins goes by… she walks around to my desk
    Libran: You didn’t notice my hair
    Me: I did actually
    Libran Why didn’t you say anything?!!!
    Me: Dunno… *shrug* never got around to i suppose
    Libran: YOU always expect people to comment on YOUR hair!!!!

    Pfffft. Vile creature she is. I think she has a Narcissistic personality disorder

      1. scorpalicious robot

        Oh…. i plan to do that too!!!!! She keeps dropping hints. Thank goddess she won’t be in the office during her b’day but she’ll be expecting a text from me for sure. Peeps are planning on having a party to celebrate her absence for 2 weeks! She has managed to piss of just about everybody in the office.

        No offence to the haute Librans on this site of course RLP. It’s just this one particular Libran that i cannot stand!

      2. HAPPY B’DAY rlp !!!

        I hope you have a wonderful fun filled day….or at least one you can laugh about.

  19. Interesting about angry Libran men. All of the lovely Libra guys I know are either gay and/or very comfortable with ‘feminine’ side and mostly artists of some sort. Not much anger apparent there. Perhaps some of the anger is caused by men, particularly those of certain generations, not being supported by society in expressing those Libran qualities which are traditionally feminine – aesthetic, charming, sweet, etc.

    I can identify with all of the haute and low points. Re: Social Climbing – doesn’t everyone want to stand next to the most desirable being in the room? It goes with the love of beauty! I happen to like moths. The pretty, patterned ones, of course, not those the ugly little dusty ones. And isn’t a bit of sleaziness ok, if it’s all in good fun? 😉

    1. Libra Lou, I’ve been thinking the same thing. It’s an extremely feminine sign (in the traditional definition of “feminine”) and we all know how friendly society is to feminine men. (not)

  20. taurean with the HMBOTS

    i’ve got a male friend who is a libran, pretty much the haute variety most of the time, LOL! the description above is soooo spot on it’s eerie!

    if they’re all like that, i reckon librans make awesomely good friends! interested, generous, calm, balanced, attractive, intuitive, should i go on??

  21. i had three best friends through school and they were all libran. the last one i had for 3 years, we planned moving in together and going to university together and i really loved her and then one day – she decided she doesnt like me anymore. she did it gracefully, just stopped talking to me and moved away. no explanation.

    all three of them were very atractive, charming, beautiful voice and always coupled.

    and once i met this libran guy and i instantly knew it was trouble but i went for it anyway… got burned like hell, he had the most amazing voice ever, i could listen to him for hours. and he was so pretty, but a drug addict of course and he would say the most awful things.

  22. Wasn’t going to reply to Libran Men as have only had one BF & one male aquaintance.
    The latter blames the world for EVERYTHING wrong with him, is very emotional & angry
    at society, but has the most charming seductive voice iv’e come across.
    Thinks all his problems would be solved if he had a woman but they won’t go near him as he’s
    so sleazy & gross his his living habits plus a total drug addict………..a lowlife like i have never met before.
    The ex BF was a handsome male model, now dead from o/dose of deadly drugs.
    So QED.

    1. Both Libran artists I dated had serious problems with alcohol and drugs.
      The graffiti/tattoo artist lived a wild life, but took too many recreational drugs it wore me out.
      One was angry at the world bitterly and too violent with me especially the other one was too wild. I was trying to finish my art degree and he wanted to go on LSD trips for days on end.
      I don’t speak to the angry, angsty Libran anymore after he cut up his hands then pulled a butcher knife on me in a drunken rant that I did not understand his art or his need to drink every night until he blacked out. He still is angry and a bitter, drunk and alone.
      But, I still chat with the crazy LSD eater. He mellowed out but still very inspirational to me.

  23. Female libra, here. Gosh, I had no idea I was so beloved, beautiful, manipulative and status-obsessed. Makes you think.

    My closest friend is another female libra (double-libra, actually – ascendent, too) – she is trustworthy, kind, gentle, generous, creative, sensitive, beautiful & spiritual. I love her like a sister.

    The worst guy I ever dated – who turned out to be a serious drug addict & is probably dead or in jail now, was a libra born on the SAME DAY as my best friend. Weird, huh?
    I wonder if Libra is just a difficult sign for guys to be. Almost every complaint here seems to be about libra guys.

    XOX, you’re right about the strange mutual libra code – but I’ve noticed that Scorpios have it too. (OH, you’re a SCORPIO! They slyly grin at each other).

  24. my ex husband is a libran. many good qualities, but frightingly insecure, angry and bitter about many many things. self pitying beyond belief when the whole world didnt rush up to embrace him. shockingly self absorbed with his own feelings. and could be cold as ice when he didnt feel he was getting enough ‘love’ (which involved intimate discussions about our marriage with his too-many-to-count ‘girl friends’.)

    i am happy to be free of the low-brow mind/heart games.
    a tres low-libran, unfortunately. But i tell you what, man was he charming, funny, gorgeous and smooth when he wanted to be….

    never again.

    1. The insecurity seems to drive low-Librans into strange sleazy affairs. It’s sad.
      Why I couldn’t date a low-artist Libran.

  25. To low Libra I would add: pathological liars, extremely vain and shallow. The original Bridezilla must have been a low Libra.

    I define haute Libra as those who have managed to transcend their own massive egos and have learned to not take themselves so seriously. One of my best friends is one of these and I know a few others who’ve managed it. They are excellent at seeing the best in others, particularly their talents and awesome at bringing people together in wonderful social environments in order for the mutual benefit of all. Librans are at their best when they are helping themselves via helping others.

    I’ve noticed Librans are seriously affected in a negative way by drug and alcohol use – more so than other signs. It so mucks with their mojo man and brings up their worst character traits. I don’t mean a couple of glasses of Pinot Gris with their artfully arranged tapas platter – I mean getting wasted.

    As for Libran men … urgghh. Honestly I’ve only met one that I had any respect for and even he was not above the odd sleazy comment after a few too many boutique lagers. Generally they’re far too vain for my tastes and generally not terribly bright unless, they are hiding their intelligence really, really well. I had this spate of fancying Libra Moon men because yes it lends such an attractive aura – but unfortunately that’s all it leant. Once I got past that there wasn’t a whole lot of anything else interesting going on.

    1. So sad. Never paid much attention to this post way back when as had never been involved with one romantically or friendship, only colleagues/aquaintances. True – the vanity, the drug/alcohol abuse spiral into unspeakable. But I don’t agree about sleaziness – my Plutonic Libra was not that at least BUT he has a heap of planets in Virgo (including NN, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter) and Venus/Merc/Uranus in Scorp – very faithful and possessive even. But Mystic’s Haute/Lo descriptions are so very apt in his case (except for the social butterfly – he’s got too much Virgo/Scorp for that plus Toro rising). But he is beautiful (and vain, but in an obvious funny way – I’d tease him for changing clothes three times a day and mirrors 🙄 ). I miss his beauty, gazing upon him, and his Libran attentiveness – I miss it every day. He is physical perfection – so hard to give up – like a drug – but because he’s an addict, I had to let go. He still texts me to tell me how much he misses and loves me. Librans are a drug. And I’ve only experienced one.

  26. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    Librans have this strange mutual code.
    Gender aside – ‘oh you’re libran’ – *insert nodding, dual comprehension* translating to ‘no wonder we automatically get along’!! a phenomonem I dont see with other signs….

    the thread here features Male Libra!!
    the angry man comments above reek of age / era thing – of the less evolved variety….grumpy old man has many guises….try grumpy Aries if your brave!!
    Never having been out Libran Man, cant say what the love things like – but have LOADS male Lib mates & they totally rock!! their partneers think so also.

    as for Libby Femme – what a pain in the arse when it comes to DECISION MAKING!!
    um / ar / um / ar etc driving those close MENTAL. but when said decision is FINALLY made, Lib is unstoppable.

    GUILTY as charged re SLEAZY ‘grotesquely capable of almost knocking people over in their quest to stand’ front row (ie IN FRONT OF) un rock god / goddess!!!

    GUILTY also for inherent need of aesthetic balance / being coupled – am not good in ugly enviroments & loathe being single and that ‘dating game’. URGH. will retreat & wait til the next Mr Me appears…..!!

  27. ohmgosh, have recently fallen in LOVE with a Libran, he is as you say…. yes he thinks he is gods gift to women in the bedroom…. with good reason, HE IS : )

  28. unpredictable pisces

    ooh all ths talk of angry libran men reminds me of an ex – libran moon and One Angry Man. we had almost identical astro, altho one year apart (same asc, venus) he had mars in pisces near sun tho, and saturn in cancer. whereas i had mars in aqua and venus in aries – quite a different vibe. we CLASHED and it eventually devolved into emotional abuse.

    I wonder if it because some (many) men are socialised to be tough, decisive, non-beauty-oriented? more Aries than Libra? so is the anger a mis-developed libran thing, or are all of the above men just dickheads regardless

    1. we are a pretty confused lot right now. Men are being torn asunder in so many ways. maybe the libran male is a good reflection of whats going on with a lot of men of all signs. Saturn there for a couple of years should straighten out a few though.

      1. unpredictable pisces

        davo l, just in case so you know i’m not being all man-hating, i said the ‘above’ men not all men – in case you thought was a broad swipe at Men (wasn’t) 🙂

        but yes i do feel for men…. some do pretty well, others are realy sitting on the fence and they are getting splinters i expect…ur right maybe saturn in libra will sort that out…

      2. Oh gawd davidl! That’s exactly what I was saying to the Libran ex, in fact, I’ve bought popcorn to sit and watch :). Agree with the angry Libran, the 2 I orbit around can be awfully nasty when it takes them but with a syrupy voice. Nice to you to get something then totally offhand.

      3. That’s an interesting observation – Libran men as the most visible examples of a universal masculine struggle.

        I wonder if there have been specific eras in history when Libran men were at their best & most conflict-free.

    2. I dated a extremely angsty, existentialist, nihilist, atheist, tortured alcoholic Libran artist once. He was older and met him in art school. He fancied himself a man of his hands and hard work. He hated all forms of new technology and computer art.
      He did work hard and was good with sculpture and frame making. He hated all things corporate and anything fake.
      But, he drank until he blacked out, went home with skanky women he met at a bar after 5 minutes. Was sleazy, but not good in bed, way too serious and angry about everything in life. His intensity and lack of humor depressed me because, I was young and happy only 18. The drinking, womanizing, violence and suicide attempts only caused me to stay the hell away.
      He had talent and was smart but, too depressed, obsessed with self loathing and violent to stay with.

  29. Had a stunning and quite life altering affair with a divinely beautiful Libran man… and will Never Go There Again. He was a brilliant artist, unfailingly kind, generous, gorgeous, thoughtful. He was also crippled by his inabaility to make a decision and his anger turned inward manifested as an all consuming depression, which tended to flare when focus was shifting away from him.
    It was singularly a steeper learning curve than my marriage, shorter but far more intense. To this day I am grateful it happened but soooooooo glad its over.

  30. Hmm the libran sailor man had an underlying angry man thing going on. 3/4 angry, 1/4 able to empathise and take the sting out of his own anger…except it never really moved much beyond this…like watching a dodgy old washing machine try to shift out of the wash, rinse…with no real release of the emotions…just lots of churning.

    1. Yeah surprising commonalities.

      I must also note that for some reason it was at the time of our relationship very important to him that he be the best eva…and well actually that sort of focus is good…

      Also he was logically intelligent, just not terribly emotionally intelligent. It did make for some great conversations and debates. I’ve got Libra in Mars, so we would discuss things in surround sound. With distance I remember most of his good points fondly.

      1. PF it’s relatively easy for me now, as some time last year we talked and he told me some of the stuff he’d been up to since we parted.

        He has this impossible for mere mortals expectation that they will ALWAYS work at their physical appearance as anything less is showing they don’t care about either themselves or him. So when the latest gf put on a little weight he started cheating on with prossies in foreign ports.

        It’s just easier to focus on the good stuff and not go back for more of the other.

  31. My Dad a Libran too…he was a bank manager too. Totally devoted to my mum, socially smooth, charming & a relentless micro-managing tyrant. He was angry too.

  32. YUCK massive mercury retro flashbacks to my ex libran. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. i could write a diatribe about his hypocrisy, laziness, mendacity, and profound, concerted and purposeful bequeathing of any decision of consequence to me, with no care of the implications of this responsibility for moi….. or i could go and get a cofffee and spare you all


    1. oh exactly like my ex-libra. he broke up with me just 4 months ago with insulting ease to find love with a pisces woman who didnt return his love. so glad of it.

      i gathered all my strength to tell him to leave my house in which he was very comfortable in. almost gave in to him when he kept giving excuses to extend his stay and kept giving me reason that he wants to stay. i said no firmly all the time. im a cap. i dnt want to hurt anymore. now he is in his hometown which is almost an equivalent of no man’s land. im still hurting but i know i’ll do fine. thanks to all the angels here and to mystic for her wonderful site

      1. tnx cba. it’s really hard. im still hurting. i still love him. somehow i know this will be over and the best is yet to come

      2. two libran exes…one should be in jail for all manner of fraud (including against his mother)…the other just blessed with the ability to love one day professing all manner hopes re future plans and then walk away the next… selfish heartless. and clueless. them mean? never. and yes…there’s the “i like you’ voice…and the ‘i’m only being polite’ voice.

        I always found that they could be bitchy and judgemental as hell about others, but you so much as dare say one critical word about another and they tune out or smooth over…or worse, put it back on you for being a horrible bitchy or judgemental person.

        but that’s just these two. unfortunately they’ve biased me against any future libra liasons….i get too mad…cause they believe their own spin…
        i’ve relegated then to “i will never understand you” life column…

        and good on you delilah…he shouldnt be your burden…

      3. scorpalicious robot

        Have to agree with there aquaphobe – bitchy and judgemental as hell… the low ones anyway.

        My ambitious-as-stink low Libran boss sent me a play she wrote and asked me for some feedback – “and please be honest” she said. The play was AWFUL. I said it was okaaaay… was just being polite. You should have seen the look on her face! Absolutely shocked that i would even DARE say it was less than brilliant.

        And she’s always so angry and annoyed with everything, incredibly uptight!

        Thank my lucky stars i don’t have to work with her much longer.

      4. i’ve relegated them to my shit list aquaphobe. thank you for reminding me of how low my libra ex is. he is all what you have just wrote. i’m glad im out of it but not yet totally in how i feel for him. we have been living together for almost 7 years and yes professed all manner of hopes of living together forever and having future plans of living in aussie and just one day walked away with INSULTING ease and would talk to me like nothing happened like i wasnt hurtng , like we didnt have almost 7 years behind us. i just couldn’t get how cold he is. so thick, selfish and arrogant.

        i pity the next girl after me

  33. Libran dad – yes to Haute and Low…. Libran friend – totally yes to the low,with smatterings of the haute… Oh, she def cannot exist uncoupled – there is no framework for her to understand singledom…. One query? I know several ANGRY librans – incl my dad. Its usually men, but is that normal? Or is it because they’re men of a certain generation? Boomers to be exact…?
    Never been in love with a Libran – I think I was cured early on – they shit me to tears with all the balancing. Make a decision and get on with it already…

  34. Taurean Love Expert

    I had a long distance thing with a low Libran – young & hunky, pretty eyes, but oh so selfish. Social climber? You bet! I gave him the flick.

    I have a divine haute-Libran male friend though… and yes, I was secretly in love with him for quite a while!

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