Break-Up Advice For A Spurned Cancerian

Hi Mystic, 

Break-Ups are super hard. I HATE THIS TRANSIT. 

I am pretty sure you receive dozens of emails asking for help, especially with the Transition Zone in action, but I must ask you for help. It would be great if you could answer this on the blog, as your work has been such solace to me in these incredibly trying times.

The love of my life has just broken up with me because of a promise that he has made to stay with another. Nothing I say or do, nothing can change his mind. We had a whirlwind romance where neither one of us was expecting much of anything but now I am just stuck. Deep in love with a person I cannot have, a person who loves me deeply, too.

My Sun is in Cancer, with Ascendant in Scorpio and a Taurean Moon and his Mars, Venus conjuncts my Chiron exactly. He is a Leo Sun. 

How do I get over this, Mystic? What if I don’t want to get over him – ever. Granted I am only in my 20’s but I feel so devastated. A little guidance, please?


Spurned Lunar Babe


See this in a broad, sweeping perspective of vast tracts of time and life. Is this Leo logically going to be the “love of your life”?  This “whirlwind romance” of yours with low expectations delivered as promised – not much of anything except his bulls**t excuse.

Where was his “promise to another” when the pheromones were flying, huh? #HimToo.

Time to regain your footing post-whirlwind. Fuq him. Pity the poor woman he is promised to as chances are another little tornado will come along. Reap the wind or just more of his bullshit ‘deep’ patter. 


Five minutes later. “I’m sorry, WHO? I don’t know a Leo…” *Thinks about Leonardo Di Caprio when he was with Gisele then Titanic, looks up last hymn sung on ship as it was…gets distracted by scare article about catnip, opens 1900th browser tab…invents chatbot for online dating…

Frankly, you have APPS on your phone more interesting than thingie.


Channel the grief-rage-inferiority-vulnerability into martial arts, loving yourself back into full vitality with incredible nutrition, agility, Bikram, basketball whatever.

Who the fuq says spite can’t be epic motivation? And in fact, who the hell dumps you without regretting it? He will suffer the pangs of knowing he made an idiotic decision and you will go on to thrive. He will become an anecdote. 


Never mind the Leo. Holy Harlots, there is now an Aquarius, Adonis personified.  You are almost in tears of lust infused gratitude that the Leo who “loved you deeply” could not express it via an actual relationship.

You begin an epic albeit erratic romance with the Aquarius and the moment you cut the mental connection to Leo, he starts sending you stupid text messages. Guaranteed.

You go away for a retreat to clear your mind and experience immense chemistry with one of the instructors. This really IS like no rapport you have experienced before but then…


Understand that logically or not, you have sustained an emotional injury via this scenario and that your psyche requires time for the healing process.

Take to your bed, eat what you like, read over all his messages and protestations of deep love, fantasise, listen to sad love songs, goo-goo with animals and friends who will listen.

When you feel better, take a bath, buy some new undies and go to an art gallery or get a massage. Give the dreams you had re you and the Leo a kind release and seek the wisdom within this experience. Trust that your emotions will right themselves. 


You were meant to meet this guy to arouse deep plutonic life force energies. This break-up is not hurting because he has made whatever choice he has made, it is hurting because it is bringing up an older, more complicated bereavement.

The relationship fulfilled its purpose – a vehicle for soul evolution and now you get to find out what this is really all about. What or who does this Leo remind you of?  Leaving aside surface characteristics, did your rapport or the vibe between you feel familiar? Optional Extras: Reading Nietzsche, insomniac diary entries, therapy, a revenge makeover.


Recognising that you don’t want to get over him because this is more like an addiction than a relationship. Dispel all denial and admit that you have a Love Zombie problem. Twelve-Step it or consult your druid, accepting that your compulsive yearnings for this man are unable to be managed.

Understanding you are projecting a vast array of spiritual emotions and mythical utopias onto an attraction or dalliance that is too flimsy to hold it IS the opening to a transcendental spiritual awakening. You could even light a stick of Jungle Gardenia incense to honor the Leo’s spiritual journey.


Throw a party, go on a trip and/or sign up for a super-amazing series of lessons. Nobody breaks your stride and your personal resilience-immunity-natural high is reliant on being able to let things like this fall off you. Growth is great – Leo flakes are not. 

Once you’ve put the episode into a gigantic, broad perspective – political, sagacious etc  – it occurs to you that this could be a book – The Something Syndrome. You do the outline and chapter list in the departure lounge, marvelling yet again at the largeness of life. 


You turn your break-up into a break-out. You radicalise. You read a book about how your gut is a garden and that the Vagus nerve can connect you to alien dimensions, order a high-end vibrator and some heirloom hemp seeds.

Your notes on the geopolitical and sociocultural implications of the billion-dollar aesthetic neurotoxin industry are scrambled via a solar storm induced computer glitch, leaving only an algorithm.

Your hunch that it may help you make significant gains in commodity markets is correct. 

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  1. Crystallised future

    Lol! Mystic, your way with words is inimitable. I’m considering making this a poster on my wall

  2. I really do recommend at least a solid attempt at venus or jupiter style. it is much more fun re putting smile on face and thing-ette in her rightful place in history:)

  3. Ok I will chime in here as your Old Aunty Saturn. I will first run you a bath, make you some soup and chamomile tea and let you cry until you are cried out. Then for some gentle words.
    Remember that he has had many choice points along the way also, don’t try to do his heavy lifting for him by taking all the emotional burden of the situation. At times when you are feeling low remind yourself of this. You won’t want to hear it in the beginning because you are so busy defending his ‘noble’ attitude. But keep reminding yourself that he had many choice points. He made a connection with you while committed elsewhere. It was acceptable to him to leave you behind with all the pain. I know, he cried. He felt bad. He doesn’t have to be a ‘bad person’ for you to get over it. But keep looking only to his actions and your perspective will gently shift over time, as you take care of yourself in any of Mystic’s genius ways.
    To your astro… if you are in your 20s are you the Neptune/Uranus conj in Cap generation? If you are Pluto in Scorp and you have Scorp rising, you can regenerate at will. Moon opp Pluto will always want intense, transformative love. Where is Pisces in your chart – which house? I am interested to know what Neptune has been doing here. Pluto must also have been opposing your sun during this time? Again, transformation…
    It can be so hard when they leave us for another while declaring they love us. It keeps us in a cage, all the more devastating because we willingly go in and allow ourselves to be locked up. You are too young to be locked away and deprive the world of your beautiful self. In time you will wave your magic wand and turn this into a story of self-transformation and empowerment that will delight your granddaughters: “and from that moment on, I vowed only to give myself to someone who truly deserved me.” xxx

    1. Yes, I am of the Uranus/Neptune conj in Cap generation. And super Plutonian too, with both Moon and Mars Opposite Pluto and all of these Planets square my Leo Venus in 10th House.

      Becoming obsessive about something is, unfortunately, a de facto response for me but I am finally feeling like I can accept that this is all this relationship could amount to. I have to, as trying to maintain some semblance of hope would be even worse.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words. It means a lot :*.

  4. milleunanotte

    Love the Planetary/Asteroid Break Up styles! Not the same type of break up im having as Lunar Babe but a break up, or break away and refresh nonetheless.

    Lunar Babe, after reading some of your replies, i see it’s complex. There are the cultures of commitment to marriage and the cultures of love, but just for YOU, the woman you are and the one you want to step into, re-read the Saturn Style.

    All Katakan-Scorpion-Taurean warmth and compassion for him aside, you need to gather your Self in dignity and grace while feeling the anger at his not-commitment to You, the Woman of Love. I know anger doesn’t seem so graceful, but it can be a great tool. Think of it as indignance. It can be a great second stage of grieving, as you get to truly feel exactly where it hurts, and lick those wounds, nurture your little curled in self back to strength.

    1. I agree! Thank you for the lovely words, I do feel like I finally have the strength to get past this mess.

  5. Brilliant post Mystic – have done most of those in my time. Mars-Pluto rocks.

    Spurned Lunar Babe – narrow escape on the unevolved Leo, you’d be dealing with that man-baby for the rest of your life and it’s always going to be about his drama. You’re just the audience.

    Go find yourself a Scorpio to take your mind of it… it’ll be ‘Leo who?’ in no time

    1. milleunanotte

      Mars sq Pluto here, and even that struggle rocks its socks off in effecting a Holy Fq U for the ones that diminish my light even more than i can internally.

      Lunar Babe is a young woman, but Leo is a young man, and i totally agree that it’s his drama for the feels, though he is not consciously doing it. Hiding behind family commitment, even though he currently feels restrained by it and the status packs that come with. Well, blessings to them both for growth.

  6. I love the brilliance with which you responded through the channeling of each planet!
    And it was absolutely perfect!
    In response though to the broken hearted one.
    I could almost guarantee that you’ve not seen or heard the last of him.
    Women are actually a little more adept at moving on..,
    And yes i know
    This is a Vast generalization!
    But ive found it to be particularly true,
    That when following the pain
    Chiron is the one to connect with!

    But agree that the best revenge is always complete and total self love & success!

  7. Jupiter and Mars-Pluto was my default given that I’m a Sag sun and my Jupiter is retro on my rising Taurus, opposite my Venus in Scorp (plus Aries Mars in 12th!). But trust the guy whose Venus is bang on my Chiron to prompt a series of all the above, painting my Saturn return thus

  8. Brilliant as ever Mystic and a joy to read. I have definitely chosen all of those responses at different times over the years, and in one particular break-up in my 20s I think I tried every single one of them from Capricorn through to Uranus. 30 years later I see his posts on FB and I realize I was saved by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.

    I don’t dip my toes into those limbic waters anymore, but for some reason, women close to e seek my advice when they are over the heads in it. I shall refer them to this post. Good luck SLB. It might be hard to believe this now, but you will be fine, you ARE fine xxx

  9. This post could not have come at a more opportune moment. Needed to read this. Thanks & heartfelt healing to Spurned Luna Babe for posing the question. As ever thank you Mystic for the sage advice!

  10. ThisIntuitiveLife

    OOOH, This is so good! Having just gone through a break up with a Leo, I can attest that, the unevolved ones ARE overly dramatic players in a Greek Tragedy. All show and NO soul. Once they evolve though – they are magnetic and soulful. I think this article is perfection and completely brilliant. I’ve done them all. <3

  11. Oh Mystic, this is so good! I am in the midst of wallowing the end of a long term but not-quite-right relationship. Did the Venus fling thing. Was all Mars-Pluto for a while (hot yoga, hiking, constant working out, I’m an Aries Sun.) Then onto the eating and wallowing in bed (Cancer rising.) My moon and Saturn are in Cap and going Saturn Style is sounding gooood right now. Thank you xx

  12. LiberatingVenus

    LOL, (low) Pluto style is when you calmly and coolly – with full awareness of what you are doing and why you’re doing it – flick a match to burn the bridge behind you so you’ll never go back to the poisoned well for another drink again. I may or may not have done this a time or two in my youth 😉 😮 Not saying I recommend it, but it’s……effective. By contrast, I believe haute Pluto style involves getting your ass into therapy to deconstruct what went wrong, why it went wrong, and figuring out what dysfunctional operating script in your psyche needs to be deleted/overwritten. I think by now I can just about qualify as an expert at this one :-p

    I digress, though – my radar tells me this fella is full of it. IMO, he just wants the drama of saying “Oh I love you SO much but can’t be with you because (insert lame-ass reason)” – he’s an actor in a Greek tragedy. And you were a prop to make him look good and puff up his ego with adoration. Through no fault of your own, his attentions/affections drifted. This “I made a solemn vow” crap – theatrical as it is – IMO is just his (albeit creative) way of saving face so he doesn’t have to man the fuq up and say “I want out”. Which you probably could have accepted – his current tactic, however, conveniently leaves your heart on a string so you always carry a torch for him. Probably so he can still hit you up for a booty call at a later juncture. *gag* Ugh, this has got to be one of the biggest heaps of BS I’ve ever heard – I would actually allow this to enrage you to the point that it helps you break the lovesick spell. He’s toying with your emotions like a cat with a string; now it’s up to you to take your dignity back by force – grrr!

    1. Yes, very important to take our awareness for a swim in the bracing icy waters of reality to ensure that one is not being led around by the nose. What that looks like is different for each person, but if one person is lost in what-if land, and the other one is all “oh, hey” via IM (reply only or after a fight with the SO , for example) from say the other side of the country…
      Not saying that were not allowed to feel intensely blue and overwhelmed. If Chiron is in the equation here, it’s kind of a given. As long as the solution we seek is anywhere but within ourselves, then in my humble experience, the same thing keeps happening. Full disclosure, I’ve also been – the stringer-along (a long time past, now, older and wiser etc) as well as the strung, and the guys who made a point of not responding in an overly lovestruck way to my Pisces vibes seem to have done ok: not only that, but they did ME a favour by passively bringing to my awareness when I was being a little bit self absorbed and zomb-ing on them too. Win-win.

    2. I like that distinction of the Plutos, Lo and Hi. I would add, though, the vertical Lo and Hi implies a judgment we might not be ready for in early twenties. We might strive to be Hi when we need to explore Lo, just so we really know it, have lived it and truly understand the corollaries of each type of behaviour.

      Mind you, I’m agreeing with you:
      “I would actually allow this to enrage you to the point that it helps you break the lovesick spell. He’s toying with your emotions like a cat with a string; now it’s up to you to take your dignity back by force – grrr!”

      Just re-orienting the axis of the metaphor 😀 Only because sometimes i feel i must always be Haute, Hi, best shiny best, and am still at my age and stage in life kind of learning that every way is ok, if it’s what you’re learning though experience, and natural native emoting/thinking.

      1. maybe like, “learned pluto” and “unlearned pluto” but pronounced ‘learn-ed’ as in ye-olde english. “my learned friends, esteemed associates, ” etc. hehe

  13. Wow! Just broke up from a 2 year relationship myself and doing the moon style now. Shooting for Jupiter style in a couple weeks for my 30th bday and then gonna try out Saturn style (hello return) after that. Spurned Lunar Babe you are not alone!!

    1. Love that you’re owning the Moon Style in recognition of the next phases. Truly Gem in that way: you’ll move on completely knowing there’s nothing left behind that is going to zing back unprocessed. And if the Lib of your name is the Moon sign, then it’ll keep all the feels and all the practical needs in checks and balance. Best wishes for healing of the heart and clearing of the mind.

  14. Arienaquancer

    Yup. Mystic, brilliant. Although I could have really used this astrological break-up style information earlier in life. Like it should have been issued in high school, or at least upon graduation from high school.

  15. As a Pisces I do the Neptune thing too, so something like “if we’re not meant to be we can be friends and true friendship is a truer love than romantic love, so actually even though this is painful right now it’s for the best” (big goodbye hug), then I do a moon wallow for a couple days, followed by a swift return to dating/crushing (thank you venus/mars in Aries), and getting back into whatever I neglected while seeing the person, including some revenge style maintenance. I do keep tabs though as a Scorpio moon haha.

  16. I would say that I align more with the Saturn view and a couple more notes. First of all, where is his Venus placement, Gemini? LOL. Secondly, if you look at it like this, it will help. This is what the universe wants for me right now, the universe is helping me to not make a mistake because if I am with this man it would prevent me from meeting my twin flame!

  17. Kristi Lunn-Canard

    Damn, these are GOLD! Although I’d prefer not to have too many breakdowns in relationships, I’d actually love to give each and every one of these a real crack – you know, determine which is the best course of action for this Scorpio

      1. Toxic workplace is my issue du jour and I read it for that, and have taken a huge prompt from Mystic’s Mars/Pluto rave

  18. This is brilliant. I’m determined to laugh out loud about this so after I get through the sookiegoo goo wahh of my own I’m going to reread it and laugh and laugh and laugh. It will make the people around me either uncomfortable or need to know.
    I need laughter

  19. Spurned Lunar Babe, I feel you! I’ve been in a similar position and I wish I had this guide in my 20s. Honestly, fuck this guy. You’ll see. I feel like the Saturn approach is the one I most often got from my girls when I was in a similar situation. I appreciate it, it’s 100% true but did not work on me lol.

    When I broke up with someone, it was Jupiter style and I barely noticed because I was too busy with my Pluto reset romance. When Pluto reset dude broke up with me (for basically the same reason as Lunar babe) it was non stop lunar wallow, then Mars Pluto (but not this high vibing version Mystic describes here) until I did a Jupiter-Venus thing, which led to meeting my husband. Obviously Pluto reset dude immediately became interested in me again as soon as I moved on.

  20. I don’t have any breakup to take under consideration, but I love it when you go all astro-school in the answers. This is gold. I can recognize myself in some past break ups. Don’t plan to use this in the future with someone new, but it certainly can help to clear the guts with what’s left of the Uranus 7 years cycle before jumping in the new era of Uranus in Taurus.

  21. this is so timely-me too!
    the biggest think that sucks for me is the physical-i have this ball of anxiety in my chest, feel v on edge the whole time.
    magnesium is gd, im drinking chamomile…any other suggestions peeps. such a hortible feeling.
    doesnt help when ur working with a gemini who likes to create noise and kerfuffle…grrr fuq off.
    i will re read this post later, thanks mystic x

    1. I like flower essences. Rescue Remedy. Star of Bethlehem. Find one that matches your condition.

    2. In the movement category, you could try dancing by yourself! This helps me get out of my head and into my body and feelings so I can process. You can even put on sad, slow songs and just sway.

      1. SD, I communed with nature – a lot. Country walks, lake sitting, sunset watching, wildlife admiring. And I took lots of long, luxurious baths with combinations of sea salt, ylang ylang, rose, vetiver & copaiba. Candles, good music, great wine. Returned to community services, made a gratitude/goals altar.
        “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest & thickest mud.” You won’t merely survive, you will thrive, love. xx

  22. Squared Virgo

    This could (should?) be a book – brilliant DIY break-up healing advice!
    And Spurned Lunar Babe – all the best getting on and rolling into a fablous future. Years from now you will feel better, Saturn knows.

  23. Thannk you Mystic. I love how you responded to my question – will probably refer to this for the rest of my life!

  24. Brilliant and hilarious. Great compendium of the different astrological modalities! Thank you, Mystic.
    And to the Spurned Lunar Babe: who is this other person he must “stay” with- and WHY? That makes all the difference.

    1. An ex he met years ago. It’s long distance with no love remaining – just the promise of a commitment made long ago. Sigh .

      1. A dead promise he made once upon a time,
        to a person he has no feelings for?

        Sounds like misplaced chivalry to me.

      2. I get the honesty he wants to keep up but it makes no sense. I agree with @Mystic: where was his promise when YOU were together? And you are in your 20s and we are in 2018 it’s not like he has a combined marriage and he does not want to go against his family.

        1. Oh believe me – India (where I am from) is still pretty complicated when it comes to marriage and family and where you come from. Sigh.

          1. So it is a combined marriage. It sounded like that. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful: if it is a combined marriage it is really complicated.

        2. What is combined marriage? Or do you mean arranged marriage?
          If so, then that’s a shame.
          But could it also be a ruse that allows him boundless philandering without committing?

          1. No he isn’t married yet, but they are planning for it. I would love to be able to demonize him over this but I know how painful this is for him as well – he is a pretty stoic man and seeing him weep did break my heart. It has been a devastating time for both of us.

            1. I am sorry to hear that, Lady Pluto. Sympathies to you. Just wanted to be clear on the WHY of the story.

      3. you know, all this stuff about marriage got me onto wikipedia and quora to read about what marriage actually… is. The concept alone still bamboozles me. paternity, maternity, social status, access to resources and people, inheritance and land, … it was refreshing to read about its variations in a more anthropological (?) context. there are some models that aren’t a complete affront. thanks lady pluto for the inspiration. I feel that this isn’t the last of the Leo anyway, for you.

        1. Marriage is an incredibly strange institution. What I find even more baffling is how its prevalent all across the world.

          I hope we can reach a point in time where we can be friends. After-all, I still do wish him well.

  25. Gah! I could’ve used this post in my 20’s . . . and my 30’s.

    So far I’ve only done the full tilt Neptunian version (7th house Pisces stellium). But as a few mentioned already, the options are fantastic!

    Saving this post in case of future need although I am happily off the Love Zombie sauce and have no intentions of falling off this wagon any time soon.

  26. This is amazing and so on time for me as well. His sun was on my Chiron and his Neptune was on my Venus. Moving on… Chiron style.

  27. Lol I Mars-Pluto’d a year ago and I’m still going, like a Phoenix out of ashes…ditched him and an entire coagulating social scene.

  28. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Neptune Life Coaching 101.

    I had this happen to me, in 2009 – just when Michael Jackson died. I’d had a dream about MJ only a few weeks earlier, in the dream MJ and I were underwater and he had come to my special underwater house/submarine, ala Octopus’s Garden. He was sad, and had things to tell me, except there was a giant whale after him. He had to get going, as he didn’t want the whale to destroy my beautiful hideaway. He said he would try to visit again.

    Back in the physical world (because both realms are real) The BF was having a Jupiter transit to natal venus, and I wasn’t his venus. He had hidden the fact there was even another venus to start with, and had ‘pretended’ to go and ‘visit some friends’ on his way from QLD to NSW to see his Dad.

    Short story – life got way more interesting afterwards, but it did hurt. What was it that hurt? That he lied to my face. Everything else I could accept, I even encouraged him to ‘go to her’. But I don’t accept the lies. You don’t have to lie, you need to own your decisions.

    Now, having experienced so many breakups in my life, I’ve come to learn that you ‘grieve’ around 1 month for every year you were together, give or take. So, plot that into your 2018 calendar, and work out what your cut-off date is for being morose and moping. Anything after that date, and you’re just carrying it on because you haven’t quite worked out who you are yet.

    You are a Scorp rising – divert your wasted attention into… TANTRA! Yes You’ll love it, and you’ll find something in the process.

  29. Holy fuq, mystic.
    This is awesome. Neptunian life coaching services just got a new chapter? “Planetary management strategies for various important life moments”
    my mutable self likes the OPTIONS.

    You know the thing that sometimes our natal astrology or transits are brought to us in the form of people? To me, this guy sounds like a Chiron activation first of all. Irrespective of his “commitment to X” (huh??? Just checking in here, is this a major Asshole Alert?!?!?!??) Ifhe now ‘deeply loves you’, i think we can guess how that’s going to end? Was that a temporary separation arrangement for this guy? *Narrows eyes like Clint Eastwood* Anybody else smell an ego-boosting…)
    Maybe with your Chiron synastry and squishy cancerian sun you also inadvertently offered some spiritually healing vibes to him too.

    But also as a cancer, with a fixed asc and moon, letting go of what seemed to be a Good Thing might be tricky…

    Chiron is mean, but Super Deep. You have to cut to the bone to get to the thing and then shitloads of existential antiseptic, but the scars are really cool hahahahahahaha
    there’s a lot of reintegration and letting go

    But I mean sheeyit, you’re a yummy gorgeous cancerian , with a fuqing sexy Scorpio rising, you’re in your 20s… You’ve got this. Seriously. Xxx

    1. I love this insight: “Chiron is mean, but Super Deep. You have to cut to the bone to get to the thing and then shitloads of existential antiseptic, but the scars are really cool hahahahahahaha
      there’s a lot of reintegration and letting go”

      1. Hey firetryin! I was thinking more about this. Based on Chiron experi nces. I was wondering if it was kind of a thing where we do the ‘cutting into’ and go deeper and deeper and … Then there’s nowhere further to go, we’ve hit the perceived limit with nothing to see and find but our own flesh and blood, nerve cells and bones. It’s us. So if this (non physical) pain is in me, is me, what does this mean? I accept this and work with what is, expand my awareness of what and who I think I am made from? My composition. So there’s a kind of alchemy. Or a transcendence of what we thought we were. I’m just kind of free associating here..?! X

        (And if pain persists, please see your doctor..)

    2. So on the money there Pi, just gold. I hope you do go and blaze your light, Lady Pluto. x

      You just described how I got together with my late husband, Pi. He told me he had broken up with someone, she later returns and informs me they were on a trial separation. I should have run, because those sort of lies are a measure of character and of course he cheated on me too. But I was 21 when we met and maturity never comes easily or painlessly.

      1. Ah, wow. Yes. And 21 is SO young (wistful sigh, haha). Of course we’d assume the best.. anyone would 🙂 and you’re so right. Maturity isn’t something we get gifted at age 25 or something hahaha.. maybe it’s for the best? Being young and / or cosmically new is so nice. While we’re 21 (or whatever) only once, I think we can definitely access the psychological freedom ongoing, it – to me – just takes kind of spiritual work to keep the windscreen of our lives free of smudges and grime, for best heart-happiness and liberty vision.. forgiveness is a big part of that.. also Chiron? Hmm. Thanks for the reminder too syrynx xx

    3. I was thinking too that if this guy is a Leo, he would genuinely (fixed fire) be having call-of-duty, kind of noblesse oblige (not in a catty way but the other way) to stick with the other commitment(?)
      I mean if the transition zone is touching everyone , then he is being transition zoned too. maybe *his* seven-years-ago chickens are also coming home to roost, for … better or worse? What advice would he give himself of seven years ago? Or longer, maybe, if there was a house cusp thing or a personal transit or a zap zone . He’d also be facing a north node calling to his Sun, and a Jupiter square, and oohhhhhh hey, looky there a Uranus square to sun at some point in the next 8 years… Hmmmm .. ch-ch-ch-changes

        1. The contract, mutual obligation. But it’s locked in (?) from the past. A return of responsibility. Saturn, square? Also 7 years. Pluto though, fear: I mean what does this Leo have to fear? Why so bound? Maybe maybe he has the courage to talk to the long ago ex , maybe maybe she feels the same?? With some blinding honesty and courage, maybe this could look completely different… I don’t know how the extended family etc would view this, but.. if the 3 people at the very heart of this are all on the same page, then….. I dunno. Anyway. Still. Numero Uno is to keep your heart from being punted over the fence to an indifferent crowd, for now.

  30. Leo-Scorp Grrrl

    Love this!! I’m usually Mars-Pluto and don’t look back. but my last one was more Chiron. And . . . I’m a fan of the new undies.(reference: moon style, above) I get rid of the last beau’s favorites. Must have been my last mistake- I liked them too and did not clear that Qi. I allowed him to come back and I got burned. Again. I’ll blame the undies. They are gone now. And do is he.

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