Leo Preview For The Year Ahead

Leo, it’s time to rediscover your magical dimensions. Your zodiac sign is invariably associated with the Sun, AKA Apollo, the cosmic ruler of Leo.

Its dazzling role as the source of heat, light, and life can shadow the Sun’s mystical elements. But think about this: If you noted the position of the Sun at the same time every day, over the course of the year, it makes a gigantic figure Eight in the sky. It’s called the Analemma*and yes, it is same as the infinity symbol. Forget whatever else you heard: Eight is the Leo lucky number.

The Sun’s position at each Equinox of the year, when it rises and sets at exact East/West, aligns with the Galactic Poles. The Solstice syncs to the Ecliptic North and South Poles. Vegvisirs, Medicine Wheels, the I-Ching – practically every esoteric circle you can think of – they’re all heliocentric.

Helio-Anything Is Good For Leos

Helio-anything is good for Leos: Solar plexus chakra visuals, yogic Sun Salutes, taking “halo” as your hair cue, dawn rising, the color yellow, gold, sunflowers and Sun deity emblems.

Astrologically, you’re adjusting to Jupiter + Saturn in Aquarius, your opposite sign. Whatever your attitude toward partnerships is, you’re altering it. Current Status? Subject to fluctuations, in your head if not in reality. Jupiter is the archetypal creative visualizer and Saturn more akin to an engineer: Jupiter dominates until mid-year and then Saturn steps up. Outsized expectations could come off by then but if not, June-August works for a restructure.

Both these planetary influences are mild in comparison to the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, from 2023. Plutonic relationships are high-Qi transformative power-alliances, a heady blend of sensual attraction and evolutionary spiritual forces. This new Aquarius emphasis also inspires fantastic collaborations and business duos. Just subtract the ‘sensual attraction’ factor.

But if you’re drifting, Pluto opposite can tend toward soul-sucking control dramas that require immense focus to uncouple from. Use the optimized, growth-centric relationship astro of 2021/2022 to establish what you really want. Saturn compels you to examine your part in relationship dysfunction, past and present. Guess who suddenly appreciates the chilled-out Aquarian objectivity?

Refuse Rigidity

Uranus in your solar career sector – symbolically, high noon – makes Taureans and Taurus-style business super-fortunate. Track toward a combo of contemporary and ancient – Uranus innovates but Taurus rules things that are substantial or which endure: Trades, Plants, Trees, Art, Land, Ancient Coins, Classic Techniques re-imagined for a new century, Physical books.

June and December repeat January’s Saturn-Uranus square: If you adjusted or found a workaround to early 2021 obstacles, June = triumph, albeit in a turbulent atmosphere. If you are still swept up questioning change or you haven’t altered a thing, June is tricky. Happily, there are no big-deal Saturn astro-passages in 2022 – Jupiter syncs to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It will be particularly beneficial for neo-Leo metaphysics, money and public profile.

2021’s Fixed emphasis is tedious if you respond to it by doubling down on your fixed position. Rather, tune back into the solar cycle and your innate rhythm. The moment you rigidify or let others define you, you’re dimming your own light. Ineffable creativity and a sunny temperament are Leo gifts. Shine those you will always prevail.

*Analemma is Latin for sundial.

9 thoughts on “Leo Preview For The Year Ahead”

  1. Leo Rising here and good to know about 8’s. I’ve connected with 8 and multiple 8’s, for years now. The unexpected changes that are coming up in my life plans (read: job, move o/seas in June) now may be setting me up in a better life position long term. It’s just that I’m changing my mind about something that I was dead-set fixed on for the past 12 months, and it’s frustrating, surprising and conflicting to adjust. But if I don’t, I’m going to be in a stalemate, stuck in a rut that is a cozy cage of same old, day after day for years on end. Taurus Moon wants everything to remain the same. But that’s impossible when externally, things around me are ever changing. Thank goodness for Mars in Gemini. Good post.

  2. Thank you, June is duly noted. What a beautiful pic of a solar analemma!
    My Leo Moon compels me to add that the moon also does a figure 8 every lunation. But each month the curve is different.
    Love the thought of the sun & moon doing an 88 in our sky.
    Been wondering if this is the esoteric basis for the Chinese placing such huge importance on the number 8 (& not just coz 8 sounds similar to their word for “prosper” & “wealth”) 88 is even more auspicious & they use it as their symbol for “double happiness” and hung on the threshold of newlyweds.
    For yrs i was wary of the number 8 because in Vedic astro & most numerology schools it is associated with Saturn & Karma (hiss & boo), i prefer it’s association to the Sun – as in the 8th tarot card in the Waite deck: Strength – associated with Leo & also features an infinity sign over the woman (unlimited potential) like in The Fool in the 1st card…. much to muse on the number 8… “To infinity & beyond!”

  3. Love the Analemma connection! Will embrace the 8. To be honest, I can’t connect to the Sun as easy as say, to Mercury via my Mercury Chart Ruler. The Sun is too immense, like God, incomprehensible to the conscious mind. Horus, Apollo, Ra, Helios confuse me being such youthful energy and I can’t help finding the Sun fatherly in nature.
    Anyway, I look forward to the Uranus in Taurus reveal. I have Sun in the 2nd, I love trees, land, houses, renovations, coins, strength, values. Yes I know, I also like breathing! Though I have had struggles with that of late. Bought a lovely L’Occitaine perfume meant to bring Provence at dawn to mind, but my chemical sensitivity reacted like it was smog at dusk over Beijing. Seems like the fixed energy of the year will be a challenge for Leo, creativity in the performing arts arena has certainly been capped by COVID, I do hope we can gather this year and appreciate our artists and musicians like never before. Apollo bless your artistic children, singers, musicians, creatives, all!!

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    My sun progressed into Leo a few years ago. It was a welcome change. I am a natal Pisces Rising and a progressed Cancer sun made me even more sensitive. I am a natal Gemini sun.

    I have natal Jupiter in Leo conjunct Venus and Ceres 5th house. My Jupiter in Leo is part of two grand trines.
    I also have Juno in Leo but in 6th house.

    So I would say I have some Leo influence.

    Can anyone elaborate more on these placements please?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Also Dionysius and Sappho in Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo 5th house.

      Also Karma in Leo but 6th house.

  5. The plight of the Leo is a complicated one, I must admit. You want the spotlight, but not like that lol. Being very comfortable with an audience but extremely sensitive to the feedback you receive at the same time. It definitely can be misconstrued for diva-ish behavior and as a woman who has had another Leo woman as her close friend, there have been some seriously catty battles over attention from men especially in group environments lol. Libra moon thankfully has kept me quite balanced ⌛️
    Mystic you always seem to write these blogs at the perfect time.
    Thank you for your wisdom always 🤍

  6. Corduroy jeans

    This is *so* awesome and I don’t have anything bar Saturn in Leo in my chart!! 🌞
    Also did anyone else read that archeologists uncovered a ceremonial chariot in Pompeii last week/month..? Apollo’ s mythological ride. (I didn’t dare look at the pics but I can imagine ..)🌄

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