Discrimination Against Capricorns Is A Thing?

This message reminds me of a post from a while back where someone was (bizarrely) refusing to hire Virgos — but not wanting to live with Capricorns? Yes, discrimination against the Capricorn Sun Sign is a thing, according to this article. 

It’s not just them. The other person quoted in the article as suspecting he was knocked back for a house share due to his sign was an Aries. AKA another Cardinal sign. So, thoughts. Do Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) tend to toward ‘domming’ the household?

Could Mutable signs realistically be described as “soft”?And which sign would you bar from sharing your hypothetical shared household?

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  1. Amen! Getting a solo space with my little one has saved (cryogenically frozen?) my verge-of-death marriage….to a Cap sun/SN Leo rising. I’m Pisces sun/merc, Sagg rising. So glad to have a beautiful, inspiring space not dominated by work-from-home tech equipment & meetings 😛

  2. Well have to say Mea Culpa. As a multiple Capricorn with Sun Moon Jupiter and Saturn in my 4th House, also with Libra ascendant….and childhood spent as eldest of 8 children…Oh Yeah! I definately try to dominate a household, and fiercely resist attempts by others who try to impose their ways on mine. I understand how this has lead to friction on the homefront at times. But funnily enough, housemates are often fine about my efforts to rule the roost and I have had happy, fun experiences, and good memories of living in shared houses. Go figure. I guess I have been lucky with the housemates i have had.

  3. Now that I live alone I absolutely love it. My home is my sanctuary (Neptune on the IC finally manifesting in a good way). I would hate sharing space with someone again and in fact this is looming as an issue in my current relationship.

  4. One share house I lived in in the 1980s: we two females were air signs, the guy was Leo. He never did anything around the house. He’d go to the pub on a Thursday night and come home, pissed as, cook spag bol for himself and his drinking buddies, and check if spag was al dente by throwing it onto the ceiling of the kitchen. Wouldn’t remove the stuck bits.
    We got fed up pretty quickly and asked him to do some cleaning (Okay, ‘asked’ may be a bit inaccurate. Try communicated telepathically), and his response was to mop the cement leading up to the front door, all while having a lit cigarette dropping ash.
    I do remember the bottle of champagne and nice meal we air signs shared when he left.
    I shared with a fellow Gemini at one stage. It was brilliant! One of us would take care of things as and when they arose, telling the other about it (not so as to keep score, but you know, communicating).

  5. my only planet NOT in a Cardinal sign is Venus in Gem

    this post is funny because in my experience I was the only roommate who ever cleaned up after myself, not to mention cleaned up after others. The only one who’s down to mow the lawn, shovel the snow, take out the garbage, clean the toilets, deep clean the fridge, etc… Cardinal signs get important shit done when it needs to be done quickly and efficiently. I guess they’re good if they’ve got a Virgo tho LOL

    Anyway crazy/lazy people come in all signs… I ban all roommates forever birthcharts be damned, been there done that

  6. This is hilarious. I live alone & will never have a room mate but i have had both a gemini and a virgo neighbor (same apartment but separate tenancies) and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to live with either though both *could* be fairly decent as neighbors (more the virgo -genuinely helpful, often without even being asked). I am Aqua/Aqua/Pisces, btw.

  7. I’m a Cap (Sag rising/Taurus moon) and pretty easy going…I on the other hand could not live with any Virgos/Gem’s I know! 😉

  8. This is strange but I am a Sag Sun, Leo Moon, Cap Rising, Mars in Cap and I am a total loner and thank Gawd that I don’t have to live with anyone else except my child now that I am divorced. I have total privacy and space and I want it that way. I find having to cater to someone else as in a roomate or relationship is such a distraction and energy waste. Now that my ex is out of the picture (surprise… Cancer sun!) I am able to do what I want with my home, I can do whatever I want my way and I like it this way. Lord have mercy on my next relationship, I have turned into such a loner I want it that way now…

      1. I actually start immediately feeling the pressure of being trapped/boxed in now once things start to escalate in a relationship and I don’t want to be tied down OR give up my routines in order “to be with” someone else on a Tuesday night or whatever for example LOL. I rather not miss my workout and want to eat my dinner alone dammit, I don’t want to eat and talk about useless things and I don’t want to watch what they want to watch on tv LOL. Just let me do my thing, free and carefree.

      2. It is a really well-kept secret lol. There is a post in the archives, an Ask Mystic from a self-described blissfully happy Libra who is having problems with people assuming she is “looking” for a man or somehow bereft by being single.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Live in a small town and it’s magnified.
        Being a Gemini with Uranus aspects its not easy. Suburbia and 4wds, mowing the lawn, niceties. Fuq I’ve had enough.

      4. I’m so done with Suburbia… reminds me of the Lego Movie. Pre-programmed sheep. Living in the cookie cutter house in a neighborhood full of other cookie cutter houses, in debt, new cars, landscaped lawns, boring married life OR in kid mode, daycare, working to support all that debt. I want to live out on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere where I can just walk out and be in nature. Sit by a stream next to the 400 year old tree and listen to the crows.

  9. I enjoy living with saggitarians ( though alllll the legitimate cleaning would fall on me.. as a Scorpio w Jupiter in Virgo in 3rd house, that micro control really does appeal to me.. I do wonder why the socks can NEVER find their own way to the laundry basket lol) , Gemini would probably be least appealing since I am pretty private and minimally tech dependent, don’t want to hear chit chat all day or have various people coming thru. I really can’t see myself living with a Muggle Capricorn based on the ones I know personally, for some reason their usual agenda mode(even if it is simply wanting to come across as “better”- that is a constant agenda I’ve dealt with in these “types”- really exhausting for me to be around) doesn’t mesh well with my genuine desire to get to know and help people help themselves with no expectation except seeing someone do well and evolve themselves. But alone with my dogs is ideal!! And of course this is all based on sun signs in their pure essence, I am always willing to see the exception! I like this topic. And funny I was actually looking at Capricorn Mel Gibson’s birth chart— and all I can say is with MOST of his planetary placements at the anaretic degree, no wonder the drama and extreme personality. Would make an interesting case study, but definitely sounds like a mess to live with.

  10. Unicorn Sparkles

    My best and worst housemates have both been Leos.
    I’d be discriminating based on lifestyle over starsign.

  11. Ha ha well as a ‘soft mutable’ gem, but also an Aries rising and Taurus moon, mercury and mars, my fave housemate is myself. I do like Saggos but get on with Aries… love the Aries down to earth frankness (which I share). No time for screwing around, we make our preferences and likes/dislikes very clear. Honest communication is a plus. I find drama queens tres exhausting, also loud ppl. My home is a haven of candles, houseplants, incense, and reasonably clean and tidy. Hate clutter and junk. Bathroom must be clean and dishes done at least once daily… My spa bath is currently my favourite retreat space… Also like most Virgos, I like organised neat freaks. My Aries rising and Taurus Mars doesn’t take any shit — I’m the boss of me!

    My mother is a Cap and a control freak, also very critical… we push each other’s buttons… but have developed a more forgiving relationship in the past 10 years or so.

  12. I’ve shared space with fixed signs the first 25 yrs of my life. But I love living alone sans (much) stuff mutably

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Well anyone who thinks sun signs are enough of an indicator. I’d need to see the whole chart lol

  14. I’m currently living with a Cancer Sun/Cap Rising..and she’s a yoga teacher! (funniest thing I ever read about “yoga teachers”…that they are ‘raging control freaks, trying to keep it in check’!)
    Anyway, yes…the domming is there with the double Cardinal placing …she sweeps the house 3 times a day etc…however, vastly preferable to living with hedonists or slobs…xxx

    1. The father of a friend at college in the 1980s said that people who obsessively clean are sexually frustrated. Always think of that when I hear/ see someone doing this and sweeping three times/day if there are just a couple of you, sans fur babies or children, is perilously close to the obsessive cleaning.
      Of course, she could be doing this as some kind of spiritual practice: maybe she is House Witching.

      1. That’s a heavily gendered assumption, I’d argue… i know a few people, of each gender, and various sun signs and ages, who are clean freaks and definitely not sexually frustrated lol. I wouldn’t know about the obsessive bit though. I suppose at that level, you’d have to be at home all day every day, to have the time to be obsessive about it… if that were me, maybe I’d be sexually frustrated and bored shtless to boot, too!

      2. Not your comment, but the friends dad comment. I was coming from the idea that in the 80s, cleaning was largely a woman thing, and also the unnervingly facile connection of something as mundane as cleaning with someone’s sexuality. Since we seem(ed) as a society to paint women as either frustrated and crazy or slutty and crazy, your friends father’s comment led me to make that connection w gender etc. That’s all I guess

  15. That’s funny. I’m a Cap Sun and I’ve gradually become more resistant to revealing my sun sign especially since I’d hate for people to automatically pin me as the most uncool zodiacal personification. And most people tend to do just that because they don’t realize how much more intricate and complex it really is.
    Not only that, I admit I not that fond of the Capricorn persona either and perhaps it is because of the Mutable emphasis in my own chart. Aside from that I tend to enjoy the company of other cardinal signs quite a bit, all of them except for Cap lol.

      1. Agree. Anything a Capricorn does will become a lowkey long term trend in the next 2 years. They’re the ultimate proto-hipster.

  16. I’m a Capricorn and I won’t live with soft mutable signs any longer for the very reason that energetically, somehow, by default, I am lumbered with the responsibilities of the household. And not because I want them. They (the responsibilities and leadership) are attracted to me. I am a Taurus moon and a Pisces rising, and I would much rather not end up with the bills in my name, or be the main leaseholder, but I do! And I’ve never lost a job without another one landing in my lap. But when I live with soft mutable signs, they end up somehow losing jobs and/or are unable to keep employment around me. I don’t try and dominate a room.
    Aries (doesn’t dom Cap, but the intensity of the energy is a similar match) and Sag also usually matches my energy in terms of being conscientious and responsible, but they also exhaust me and are difficult reads emotionally speaking. I know they’re fierce for me but please express that with actual words and softness. Possible?
    Cap with a bleeding heart over here. But I do feel a natural tendency to attract responsibilities. “The Cap will sort it out.”

    1. My gemini bf has the same problem – he has a Libra moon and some Virgo and Capricorn in his chart as well as Hasta nakshatra so he’s a master woodworker/very handy around the house/fantastic with firearms and engines. So literally everything ends up in his name and every small thing that breaks or dies (or in the case of our fence, gets run over by his roommate) he ends up being responsible for. We know your pain!

    2. Fire signs – OMG YES THIS thank you for putting this into words .. I share space with a triple fire sign with an air moon…
      ” they also exhaust me and are difficult reads emotionally speaking. I know they’re fierce for me but please express that with actual words and softness. Possible?”

  17. I read this online too and immediately thought about you MM. So glad you posted this. I did have a laugh to myself about the cardinals comment.
    I guess that’s why I dig the groove of Cappys.
    Aqua hoarders, Piscean abusive alcoholic, Gemini unmediated hypersexual bipolar and Scorpio wife unsure about relationship status with said Gemini and paranoid AF regarding his online persona.

  18. Crystallised future

    Oh I grew up with two Libran parents and a Libran sister and I’m a multiple Pisces/Virgo. Relationships with all three consists of me pushing back on their ‘advice’ all the time. All three drive me crazy and go to great lengths to tell me about my flaws. Difficult? Hell yeah!!!! I’d never want to live with one again and interestingly, I can’t think of a single Libran that has been a consistent in my life. I must subconsciously avoid them, lol!!!

  19. As a fairly heavy Cardinal person (cap midheaven, Aries rising, Mars/Saturn cancer, Pluto/ moon libra) my first response is: thanks for the heads up mutable, you guys drive me crazy, I’ll keep looking, thanks. Secondly, I’ve lived with mutables – Gemini brother, sag mother, Gemini flatmate – and dominating them would be like trying to herd cats. Frustrating and pointless. I wouldn’t discriminate on the basis of an astrology sign, because one placement doesn’t tell you much, but scorpios and Leos do need careful handling…

  20. I would consider the Moon sign more than the Sun sign when it comes to sharing my private abode. That being said, my favorite would probably be my fellow Earth sign, Moon in Virgo (I’m Moon in Taurus).

    I would probably stay away from Moon in Scorpios.
    I grew up with 3 of them and there are just too much.. emotions.

  21. Wish Upon a Star

    Oh God, I had a dream last night that I was sharing house with 5 people and it was good. What the fuq ?

    I’m a 52 Taurus Moon, Gemini Sun, Pisces Rising. Merc and Venus in Cancer. My idea of an ideal home is a small castle with a drawbridge and just me and a lover inside it.

    Oh and 3 cats and a dog.

  22. Domming the household? DOMMING THE HOUSEHOLD????? Screw you Virgo mind fuqing dominatrixes. If ever I’ve known anyone to “dom” anyone it’s Virgo. And they seem to gravitate to anyone within a three second radius because HEY. There’s always some to fix, argue with, prove wrong with logic that puts one to sleep. Who needs valium when you’ve got Virgos in your life?? So don’t even pretend to be all flux and mutable …. WE. SEE. YOU

    Aries are usually too busy to give a shit. Unless you’ve shat them off.
    Librans will only get upset if you upset their equilibrium, sense of propriety, flagrantly display bad fashion sense on a regular basis or ya know smell wrong.
    Capricorns??? Hahahahaha we are mere surfs. Follow the structure and you’ll be fine.
    Cancerians will DOM THE DOMMIEST of even Virgo. How DARE YOU FUCK UP MY SACRED SPACE …. damn, don’t piss of a Cancerian at home. NOT EVER. Ok that’s me, I kinda go rabid (Moon Sag 7th, Merc Leo 3rd). My Cap has recently started to saying “yes ma’am” and “of course M’lday”. Sometimes he even says “absolutely Your Honor”. As it freakin should be.

    1. Here, here. I was also wondering WTF with this post and that it said Cap and NOT VIRGO. Virgo is NOT SOFT AND MUTABLE.

    2. I did live with a Virgo in college that was great and it was a rare moment for me. She was unbelievably neat, but if you looked under her bed, there were dishes from days ago. It was super weird.

      1. I used to live a Virgo who obsessively straightened up pictures and mirrors. Except I think his eyesight was off because he’d “unstraighten” them …. which drove me nuts. When he moved out the cupboard that belonged to the house was filled with disposable latex hospital gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like HUNDREDS of them.

  23. In my younger days I had many many roommates. For the most part, the young men were slobs, but the shining exception was the Virgo I lived with in college. In that instance, I was the slob!

  24. The question would be “which sign wouldn’t I bar?’!! With an Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, and a truckload of Taurus, sharing space is usually a source of conflict in my life. My best matches have been with Scorpios and Sagittarians – or with those whose charts strongly carry these energies. Scorpios are able to appreciate another’s need for privacy, and are very loyal, as long as you don’t trigger their ‘spider sense’. Sags are not homebodies, so I never feel crowded by them, and they’re amazing conversationalists. It doesn’t surprise me with a natal Pluto conjunct IC, and Sag DSC. I also use derivative houses: Scorpio is the 3H from my natal 4H, and with natal Jupiter there, it means communication is not a problem; and Sag is the derivative 4H from my natal 4H.

  25. My multi-Cancer ex (Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, with Pisces moon and late Sag rising) was a complete NIGHTMARE to live with. Extremely domineering, nitpicky, controlling, and bossy. The house was never clean enough, food could never be served quickly enough, everything had to be his way. I think his Saturn in Aries square his Mars/Sun/Venus and his Virgo Pluto opposite his moon had the most to do with it though. In short – it’s way more than just the sun sign, you have to see their full chart to really know what you’re dealing with. And some people you never can tell until you’ve spent enough time with them and the walls come down.

    1. Yeah I put my hand up as a Cancer for being domineering, nitpicky, controlling and bossy. I’m really weird about bed linen, soft furnishings and the “correct” arrangement of objects of art. My Cap is so MESSY and he’s a tech head with a squillion fuqing gadgets that basically do fuq all. He has his own room … actually two rooms of what I call “random junk”.

      1. Crystallised future

        Lol!!! I am loving your ‘take’ on things. The wording is funny and so true.

      2. Lol. Glad you enjoy ….. but since we’re bitching about Caps here. Ok a Cap with Libra Asc and Aqua Venus (MUST have the latest coolest gadgets) – we literally had a brawl about his Hey Google thingo. I said if you ask that goddam thing “hey Google, what’s the weather tomorrow” one more time I’ll smash that friggin thing into a million pieces. Look up the weather on your phone like normal people!!!!! He doesn’t talk to Google much when I’m in the room these days … HAHAHA

      3. If ever I wanted to mess with my multi-Cap ex-hub I changed all the clocks in the house to read different times within five minutes of each other. He would look at the oven, the microwave and back again and explode. He also had a shed full of crap that he had specifically bought for Y2K or other apocalyptic scenarios.

    2. as a multi cancer I don’t relate to the thing about needing the house to be super clean. I like a clean house for sure, but it’s also very lived in and I can be pretty untidy. Cancer’s like to be cozy and comfortable and that’s not always compatible with stringent household cleanliness standards. Our homes can be very messy but it’s OUR messy and it makes sense to us. My partner and I have made a deal that my dedicated room in the house is where I can be as messy as I need to be and they’re not allowed to comment…they’re scorpio but raised by a strict Virgo school teacher whose home reminds me of a funeral home and NOTHING is EVER out of place…the TV remotes sit in a little box that sits on a fucking doily.). My room goes through ebbs and flows of cluttered-ness, but I know exactly where everything is.. That said, I do have some *ahem” particularities about my home and there are a few certain people that I will not have in my space. My turfiness about my space is only amped up by my mars conj pluto in libra/4th, square my sun etc. …don’t mess with me in my house or else.. lol.

  26. I think those mutable housemates are overlooking the middle ground. The fixed signs are really the enforcers; the ones who take the cardinal energy and make it happen. I’ve lived with a few Cardinal signs and I know to just listen to their ideas. Sooner or later, without enthusiasm or buy-in, they abandon their domineering idea.

  27. Those Capricorns probably dodged a bullet. Chances are those people are slobs who don’t like to be told about themselves….

    I’m a Cancer Sun/Cap Rising/Virgo Moon. I currently live alone. Are we cardinals dons? I dunno, but I will say my worst roommate was an Aries Sun, Sag Moon, unknown rising….mostly because she was a slob, a kleptomaniac, and a psychopath.

  28. My favorite roommate was a Gemini but the most fun were Libra. My husband has been my only roommate for years and he’s one of those unfortunate messy Virgos. My least favorite roommates were my family growing up, haha. Two male Cancers and a multi Aqua conjunct Pisces mom.

    1. Electro, what is it with messy male Virgos? I lived with two long term as boyfriends, and neither of them had any concept of what a trashcan was. And yet, we think of Virgos as neat freaks, control freaks – including me as Virgo rising. What’s up with that? Do they just go feral with it?

      1. I wish I had the answer! I used to wish the leaf would turn but I’m over that. My virgo’s parents were slobs and he has no regulation feature for cleanliness BUT he is a germaphobe. He does have good taste though and we have beautiful light fixtures and he planned and executed a marvelous kitchen remodel.

  29. I’m a Libra sun, and my best/most compatible roommate was an Aquarius. We roomed together (platonically) for eight years, which is probably my longest non-family relationship. I’m pretty sure I didn’t “dom” her. If anything, Madam Aqua had the final say in many to most things.

    My worst roommate was a Cancer. My other most difficult relationship (although not as roommates—thank Gaia) was with a Pisces. So I suspect it’s more of a water vs. air issue for me than cardinal-mutable-fixed.

    (P.S. Love me some earth signs! I have a ton of planets in Virgo, so I have a semi-secret affinity for them.)

  30. The only placement I find I have issues with is Gemini Rising. I can handle everything else, but the multitude of lies the Gem Rising’s tend to spew drives this multi-Sag to madness!!!

  31. Of the 5 adult Caps I know (including myself), 2 utterly dominate their households with their efficiency and advanced strategies, and want it that way. 2 of us (incl. me) fight Not to be made head, to maintain a power balance where Everything doesn’t become our responsibility and we all have autonomy. And the last blows my mind in that he keeps marrying dominant motherly women so he can rebel against them. He’s separated from #3 now. He’s got a lot of other Cap traits, though.

    All but one of these are family (other is former long-time friend), so I did/do get to see these scenarios play out long term.

  32. I would say that absolutely Cancer is the #1 most “domming” of the household! I do think this person has their astrology perceptions misaligned, like most people do. They are judging based on Sun sign only and there are as you all know so much more than the one Sun Sign. Based on the “one” sign only, I am surprised they don’t have an issue with Virgo being majorly OCD about cleaning OR maybe that is why the like Virgo but with Gemini being in the mix give it a day and they will change their mind, then change it back, then change it again LOL

  33. Saturn in Pisces

    Taurus Sun/Aries Moon/Cap Rising. I am by my own admission a tyrannical household figure and no one who isn’t bound to me by blood or extremely deep friendship/romantic bond would really want to live with me, nor I with them! I would strongly recommend not living with someone with this astrological combination as I’m both extremely dominating and extremely inflexible and “sensory,” without Libra-Venus’ need for relational harmony – Taurus is selfishly Venusian, you know? Also Neptune rising so a lot of allergies and my “daily routines” are absolutely sacrosanct.

  34. Hahaha, this post and comments are awesome. I’m Sun in Cancer, Cap rising and I would totally not live with me. Dominate the household seems too gentle a description. Everyone absolutely eats well though, and we always have a spare everything ready to go.

  35. I’m a Libra. Yes I’m soft. Yes I will dominate you. Or as Linda Goodman, bless her soul, said “iron fist in a velvet glove”. But I’ll be pretty while I do it and you WILL LIKE IT.

    1. I would bar Cancers, though. That’s where my South Node is and anyone with even a minor asteroid there just…cannot deal, especially the women. Their feelings are always hurt, they watch too much Netflix and stock the kitchen with what Ayurveda would call “unctuous” fattening food.

  36. Do Cardinal signs dominate the households? Well my Libra ex-MIL certainly does! She keeps a lovely home but is all over her Gemini husband (who escapes by going shopping for groceries but he goes to several places to stretch it out and I’m pretty sure invents reasons to go for drives).
    I’m a Cap-rising and my IC is Aries and yes, I’m quite controlling of how I want things, but it’s because I’m sensitive and bad vibes from messy homes scramble me (Pisces sun with Neptune rising). My partner is a Libra and lets me do what I want mostly if it reduces conflict, but he has strong feelings about certain things (wall colors, the lawn, the yard, the garage, he really wants a bigger shed), so we have our areas of agreed upon rulership and we pick our battles.
    Also I could never live with my Cancer-rising/moon sister (Leo sun!) haha, we had huge power struggles growing up and even divided a room up with tape at one point.

  37. I am loving these comments lol. I also like how the message above conjures the vision of Virgo and Gemini running ‘untethered’ – have they never seen these two sending one another nuts? I have seen a Virgo short-circuit over the ‘creative mess’ of a Gemini and a Gemini nearly implode at having their M.O. dissected by a Virgo.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hey Mystic I’m a Gemini with Pisces Rising and lived with double Virgo.

      Yes we drove each other nuts.

      The worst thing I remember is her trying to make me take shorter showers and using buckets in the tiny shower to catch the water. We were on mains water for god sake.

      Yes I was a slob but I was also very vulnerable and depressed.

      Oh and the incident with the steak. It was so off it was green. I nearly threw up when I saw her washing it under water and scraping it so she could eat it.

      She had a grasping, holding onto things mentality and also an old hippy that used stupid new age affirmations about abundance. Mmmm huge blind spot.

      And religion was a sore point, another born again Buddhist banging on about karma. She used to make fun of Jesus to try to get at me. She was a very manipulative person. She even claimed she was and in doing that I felt like she was giving herself free reign to continue with this behavior. Another blind spot.

      Her Libra Moon didn’t bode well with my Taurus Moon. Out in the real world as opposed to her spiritual world confined to her cronies I found her clueless.

      And the final blow was when I was soon to move out she suggested we sleep together, what a dog.

      I suppose the silver lining in the cloud was she earlier gave me an ultimatum. When I first lived there my moods were bad due to PTSD. See a pshycologist or move out. I did find a good psychologist and started my healing journey.

      This was a strange phase. I was younger and a bit niave. She was my body work teacher who took me in because I was not happy in my previous accommodation.
      She had no boundaries, she could not draw the line with her clients and students. Very unprofessional, a predator.

      Oh well with age comes wisdom. I now know I can’t live in suburbia or small towns.

      I did heal and grow a lot with that bodywork I was learning and receiving.
      And I’ve learnt a lot about boundaries and taking people with a grain of salt.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        When I was in my 20s I did live with a Virgo and Gemini. It was good. They were both interesting and intelligent.

        I got along great with the Virgo. I found him very thoughtful and sensitive. We had greet conversations. After a while I found the Gemini too egotistical and shallow.

  38. I think the Capricorn dodged a flipping house share bullet here. I once lived with yoga teachers, who turned out to be a) a bully and b) a self-responsibility wash out. Namaste does not a nice person make. Neither do planets. You can lead some ppl to open mindedness but you can’t make them think. We all have our prejudices but we can at least try to work them out, rather than advertise them right? Also, go where the love is re houseshares. The odd crab maybe emotionally tyrannical but at least after the fight, everyone will eat well, for forks sake. Aren’t you always saying there are pros and cons to every sun sign mystic?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes I shared with a Cancer friend. Yes she was domineering but I felt like part of the family with her sweet teenage son and adorable Sag daughter who I was very close too. I didn’t realise at the time but this family vibe was like salve to my broken heart. Me Venus and Mercury in Cancer.

      She was a very loyal, caring and very giving. And she was hilarious.

      A good cook too but I had to cook for myself. What a bummer.

  39. Ok ok so casually I do end up being a subtle but superb dominatrix of a household. But this made me laugh as before I ever got pregnant I always stated absolutely that I didn’t want a cappi girl Anything else but not that. Of course I ended up with a cappi girl cancer rising!! Oooofffft our household was hell for a while. She went to boarding school pretty soon. She’s now in the yacht industry and amazing at taking control and dominating even the captains!!! Go girl
    I reckon we need the elements in balance in a house so a bit of Earth a touch of air and of course what ever your own Venus demands !!!
    Ok so next time I hire staff or need a house mate I’ll definitely go for the full synestry chart

    1. Cap sun cancer rising here and your story resonates… I dom households do hard that I only want to live with my partner. No roommates please!

  40. Bastets daughter

    Yeah Cancerians, they do my head in, in domestic situations. So moody, and will rule the house with passive aggressive mind games!

  41. Water signs to freely, sookinggggg, emotional. Aries asc, sun Leo Gemini moon. So need fire signs n air signs. But also need water signs to learn from. But listening to them for to long is a soap opera. Just get over the problem n move on, NEXT.

  42. Omg this is great. Totally I would discriminate against me! So much great irony here. I think the only thing most capricorns would object to here is being considered martyrs. They are scheming, always. Have crazy agendas. About what though you will never understand. They campaign. On everything. But it could be as simple as having fresh bread for toast. Guilty as charged. But being a martyr about it goes against the Capricorn code. I think most caps would view discriminating against them perfectly sensible. They’d probably congratulate you for exercising sound strategic judgement
    Being a martyr about it? Leave that to the Virgos

  43. I would love to live with a Capricorn. They’re compulsive fixer-upperers – the good ones will mend the broken chair, re-hinge the door, make batches of their Actually Famous chilli sauce, help to sort your web design, bring home a randomly cool bench for the back verandah, won’t bitch and emote about you behind your back like some fuqing signs, etc.

      1. I think most times this is due to afflicted planets in that sign. I met a bald Leo once and he was the very definition of anxious depression – turns out his Leo sun was very badly aspected by a bunch of squares from every other thing on his chart.

  44. I have to agree, lived with a Libra and a Cap and both tried to dominate me in their own ways. Would never date either sign, again.

  45. Totally. Cap=Capitain Strategique. Always manoeuvring to get their way, they simply love to dominate. I am Virgo Sun/ Taurus rising/ Aqua Moon and have Venus conj.Uranus and I seriously could not consider one as a partner. The Cardinal signs are not for me. I don’t think of mutable as being soft, but love the notion of “running free, untethered by cardinal authorities”, that line really strikes a chord. I do admit to having Mars on the horizon at birth, so maybe that could also be a factor in my resistance.

  46. I think living with an Aquarian would drive me bonkers and Geminis too. Probably best on my own with my dogs.

    1. Hey, I’m Aqua–but I have something (do not know what) that makes me Virgo nitpicky…I’ve just now woken up 3 hours before everyone else and decided to wash all bathroom hand towels and bathmats so they are nice, clean and warm before everyone wakes up to go to work.

  47. I grew up in an all-Cardinal household: two Libras (my mother and myself), a Capricorn (my sister), and a Cancer (my father).

    I figure I can probably live with just about anyone after that… but really I’d rather not share my living space with anyone else, except maybe an intimate partner.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yeah I couldn’t share my space with some one unless it was an intimate partner.

      But wouldn’t it be great to have a pet for each astrological sign.

      There are gaps: what would you fill them with?


      Aries ?

      Taurus : milking cow

      Gemini: bird

      Cancer : Hermit Crab

      Leo cat

      Virgo ?

      Libra : peacock

      Scorpio: ?

      Sag Horse

      Capricorn Goat

      Aquarian ?

      Pisces Fish

      Or just Mix them up.

    2. Currently I live in a house with a cappi a Leo a Gemini and a taurus and possibly a Virgo but I haven’t found out yet and one other who again I’m not sure about The Gemini is an attention whore the taurus is cuss’ed and hostile, the cappi simply has their own agenda, the Leo was oddly being crushed, thankfully he left today and I’m pleased as he’ll do well away from the environment. The Virgo is young and has yet to prove himself as anything. Shared living is an art and I don’t know that many are truly capable !! Cancer here so um yes I’m good just running things !!

      1. I really like it It’s like being back in a chaotic family house with too many children and grumpy men and food every where at any hour and washing constantly ongoing and showers that are cold because SOMEONES HAD ALL THE HOT WATER ! And there’s tons of laughs and loads of discussions and arguments but we have to work together also so cross words can’t linger as that guy or girl could be saving your life any minute. It makes for great company and knocks your hard edges off. Even mycaptain is now reading ‘the art of not giving a fuck’ it’s helping with his OCD !

  48. This is funny. I’m cancer with a Gemini husband. I’m definitely the “boss” but not really . He derails everything and we basically live in a proverbial “tangent”. Lol

  49. I have to confess to never hiring a Sagitrarius or Leo….I’m afraid J offer no apologies!!
    But then I am a cardinal sign..

  50. actually, this opens the way for an astrological commune! Fire signs only, Sagittarius hangs, Pisceans buying up derelict motels and making them magic.

    1. that would be possible, but not ideal. From the Fire Signs Only place: each flatmate has to be the boss but they don’t naturally think ‘collegiate’, not to mention the issue of bathroom hogging if there would be several Leos in need of mirror for styling purposes. Mind you, any problems with the rental would be sorted quickly

    2. Pisces. Have always fantasized about buying a motel and renting to artist friends. Now that I’m old, it would have to be senior housing.

    3. Ohh a new project…I live in an apartment block that is very community minded…now that I’ve been here long enough to begin to understand how its dynamics and the politics, how it works, I must start to collect astro info.

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